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Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas-ESPEL

Department of Languages
Name: ______________________________________ Unit: 1 (1 – 4)
Date: _______________________________ Level: V - VI
Text: English Result (Intermediate) Teacher: Lic. Luis P
Gonzalez R

READING. (20 marks) 6. The text was written to advertise.
a. Read the text. Choose a title for ___
each paragraph. 7. Members introduce people on
1. Advice for making friends ___ Facebook. ___
2. Other ways to meet people on the 8. Discussion groups are good way to
Internet ___ find old friends. ___
3. Making friends – the old way and 9. “one” (line 14) refers to a
the new way ___ discussion group. ___
4. Don’t forget the real world ___ 10.“they” (line 20) refers to topics.
5. Using Internet websites to meet ___
friends ___ 11.You can only make friends by going
to clubs. ___

c. A travel story Look at these
paragraphs topics. How would you
organize them in a travel story
bellow? Write 1-4.
a seeing the sights b
getting there
c food and accommodation
d a transport problem

d. Complete the text in a travel story
bellow putting these phrases in the
correct places.
a we were having a drink
b while we were waiting there
c when we were going to the
b. Read the text again. Write T (true) or
d when we were crossing the bridge
F (false) for sentences 1 - 5.
e who were staying there too

What ____________ (you/do) when I ____________ (call) you last night? reflexive pronouns and each other complete the dialogues with a reflexive time expressions Complete the pronoun or each other. 8. My brother’s talking to two extra. ______________________ again! ago after when while 10. ______ Lake Titicaca is in ______ Andes mountains adverbs of frequency Rewrite the sentences using the adverb of frequency 6. David takes photos on holiday. (hardly ever) _______________________________________ _ Phrases + preposition /adverbs Complete the sentences with these phrases. 5. Who sent Russia /did Russia send Chinese and Japanese food. There are 3. There is one extra. sentences with these words. the correct answer for each question. DVDs ___________ CDs. simple past 2. but you can subject and object questions Underline stores more information on a DVD.He lived here ten years ______. into the space in 1957? Past simple and past continuous Put wh-questions Underline the correct the verb into the past continuous or question word. 4. . present simple and continuous Put the verbs in the present simple or the present continuous. look like covered with used for GRAMMAR. want /touch the before geographical names. Where /When do your parents live? 9. Write the or Ø (no article) in the gaps. Fabian _______ to wake the dog – he _________ it with his foot. (20 marks) 7. Chopsticks are ___________ eating 1.

Few styles of music are _______ _______ _______________________________________ _______ heavy metal. Listen to a description of an object carry on and answer the questions. Defining relative clauses Join the two 14. correct form of the adjectives in brackets.11. Add any other necessary words.For me opera is _______ _______ _______ used to Rewrite the sentences using a kind of music to listen to than pop suitable form of used to. in my opinion. After the phone call.You bought a new pair of jeans on 1 Where in Brazil do they use these Saturday and you wore them that maté cups? evening.I was overtaking a truck ______ I heard Complete the sentences with the a loud thump.I ______________ a summer holiday last 19. 17.It’s a story about a poor boy. (10 marks) put on turn up a. _ (boring) present perfect and past simple Put the verbs in the present perfect or past -ed and – ing adjectives Underline the simple. correct word. (difficult) 12. What did you do? ____________________________________ _______________________________________ 2 What did Elaine first think the metal _______________________________________ straw was for? __ ____________________________________ 16. He falls in love with a rich girl. music. 18. LISTENING. 15.Have a had they today lesson maths ? sentences using relative pronouns to _______________________________________ make one longer sentence. _ 20.You were reading a book when the 3 What happens if you drink maté phone rang. phrasal verbs Answer the questions _______________________________________ using the correct form of one of these phrasal verbs. time expressions Order the words to make sentences. not have the mountain was amazed /amazing. There is one extra.I didn’t like the journey in winter.The view as we climbed to the top of year. what directly from the cup? did you do? ____________________________________ _______________________________________ 4 What happens if you put the cup _______________________________________ directly on a table? __ ____________________________________ 5 What do people do when they’ve finished the drink? . 13.

I passed my Maths exam. Max or V for Vanessa. 1 enjoyed part of the concert. e to finish his homework. usually awarded after a three-year course. A person whose husband or wife has died ______________ Education Match these UK qualifications 2. Not the science faculty. .or two-year course. Write M for _ _ _ _ education. Someone who works in the same place 17 Degree as you ______________ 18 Doctorate 4. A person you know. but 4 wanted to hear the band’s 14 We’re all in a hurry! vocals. Your husband or wife’s with the definitions a-e. but not very well 19 GCSE ______________ 20 Master’s degree 5. before Tim managed 5 thinks rain is worse than cold at a concert. b_ _ _ _ d The highest qualification you can 8. e This is the basic university qualification. brother______________ 16 “A” level 3. which you receive after a 7.m. 6. Time between lessons in the school one. a give up now? b failed Physics VOCABULARY. Listen to two people talking about 10. day. qualification. Achievement words Match the sentence 2 thinks Hate your Love is the halves band’s best song. 13. five years of secondary school. The a_ _ _ receive from a university faculty. 15 It was 11 p. A person you share a flat with ______________ a You do these exams after a sixth and seventh year at secondary school. 11 How many times have you given up 3 prefers the rock songs to the 12 Come on! You mustn’t slow songs. m_ _ _ _ b. ____________________________________ 9. f_ _ the Skitsoid Kids’ concert. A school subject with a lot of numbers. A history lecturer works in the history c This is a second-level university d_ _ _ _ _m_ _ _ of the university. Education Write the words for these b You take this exam after the minimum definitions. (2O marks) c smoking? The people in my life Write the people’s d Can you keep moving? relationship to these definitions. 1.Studies after leaving school.

(20 marks) Think of a film you have seen recently or a book you have read.WRITING. (120 words) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ . Write a description of the story.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ GOOD LUCK!    .