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Position description for your ideal practice

a. Type of practice: Family

b. Location: United States

c. Population served: My DNP Scholarly Project focuses on the Shared
Decision Making (SDM) model and its application at the Southeastern Idaho
Public Health (SIPH) clinics for public health nurses during nurse-patient
interactions during women wellness visits to support informed decision
making related to same-day screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea. My DNP
clinical rotations have included public health, women’s health, pediatric care,
student health, family practice, urgent care, and gerontology. I am interested
in healthcare across the lifespan.
d. Position title: Family Nurse Practitioner. My ideal position would be some
kind of Nurse Practitioner Residency Program.
e. General Job Description: I would like to strengthen my clinical and scholarly
skills. I am excited to gain knowledge from multiple disciplines. I have always
been an advocate for the patient centered approach and would like to improve
my skills and confidence in managing and caring for complex chronically ill
patients. I am also looking forward to the interprofessional collaboration as well
as the performance improvement projects.
f. Benefits Requirements: The benefits of health care insurance, paid federal
holidays, vacation time, and not having to be on call or work weekend shifts are
attractive to me.