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Work for


Reading ☐ Math ☒
Lit. Circle Wk 2 page-Due Fri. 9.9 Estimate Sums and
AM. Differences-Due Tues. AM.

Writing Bible
☐ ☐
State Report Section VII 2 Kings 4:43
Notecard-Due Tues. AM.

Grammar History
☐ ☐

Spelling Science
☐ ☐
taxation, literature, representation,
proclamation, onomatopoeia,
indicate, burglar, tremble, needle,
Oral test Friday.

Absence Policy: If absent, today’s classwork is due on the 3rd morning. (Mon. work due Thur. AM)
We missed you! Here is the work that you are responsible for completing. If
you have any questions once you are back in class, first talk to (Student
Absence managers).