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S: 20-year-old athlete was tumbling during practice and says he inverted his Left ankle
on a landing. Pt. complains of a small sharp pain when weight bearing. Pt. also says that
he’s never sprained an ankle or has never had surgery on either foot. On a scale from 1-10
he says he is at a 2 when pressure is applied while walking.

O: Slight Ecchymosis, most discoloration around lateral side. No observable blood or
head trauma. Palpation of four lateral ankle ligaments showed they were all intact.
Bilateral comparison showed no obvious deformities other than the Ecchymosis. Special
tests done: Anterior Drawer test: Negative. Talar tilt: Negative. Squeeze Test: Negative.
Intermetatarsal glide test: Negative. ROM: Passive was good w/ slight pain with
inversion. Active was full w/ slight pain with inversion on affected ankle. Resistive was
also only slightly painful with resisted eversion. Left ankle weak when doing resisted
eversion and inversion. Weight bearing allowed depending on tolerance of athlete.

A: DD: Grade 1 Lateral Ankle Sprain, Metatarsal Fracture, High Ankle Sprain
WD: Grade 1 Lateral Ankle Sprain

P: Will stretch athlete, work on 4-way band exercises and ice for 20 minutes. Plan on
giving athlete a compression sleeve to reduce a little of the swelling. Athlete was told to
do 20 minutes of R.I.C.E. every day when he gets home. Should come back in a week to
check progress and strength of ankle.

_Omar Ramos, ATS_