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City of Fairfax, Virginia Parks and Recreation

Vision: “Amazing Experiences”
Mission: The City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to developing and
maintaining beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly open spaces for the public to use and
Through affordable, comprehensive and amazing experiences, we build a sense of community,
enrich peoples lives and contribute to total development of the individual, family, and the City of
We excel to meet the needs of our customers and residents and the needs of the City of Fairfax
through activities, special events, cultural arts and parks that are representative of the best
practices of our profession.
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Short description:
The Parks and Recreation department of Fairfax, Virginia has over 220 acres of park land
which covers 25 parks with amenities. The PARD also has 28 miles of trails that they maintain
year round for their residents and many recreation areas.
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Community Demographics
Total Population: 22,565
Age Groups:
<5 (Children): 1,279
5-9(Elementary Age): 1,253
10-19 (Youth): 2,515
20-54 (Adults): 11,625
55 and over (Seniors): 5,893
Female: 50.7%
Male: 49.3%
Median household income (2014): $100,584
Per capita income (2014): $44,747
Persons in poverty: 7.8%
White, not Hispanic or Latino: 69.6%
Hispanic of Latino: 15.8%
Asian alone: 15.2%
African American alone: 4.7%
Native American or Native Alaskan alone: 0.5%
Native Hawaiian or othe Pacific Islander:0.1%
2 or more races: 4.0%
Information collected from: