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Questions 1 – 4
Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1. A _________ grow s fruits and vegetables.
A teacher
B farmer
C electrician
D doctor

2. Lindan is eating a bowl of _______.
A bananas
B pineapples
C strawberries
D durians

3. Puan Maimun is cooking in the ____________.
A kitchen
B bedroom
C bathroom
D living room

4. The _________ has black and white stripes.
A lion
B bird
C kangaroo
D zebra

Questions 5 – 7
Read the text and choose the best phrase based on the
pictures given.

Encik Ramlee is a (5) . He works at

the (6) .

014/1©2013 ehm-SKNE

A ship 5. 014/1©2013 ehm-SKNE SULIT . He likes to treat his patients. he drives his (7) to work.SULIT 3 Every day. 6. A school B lorry A farmer B hospital C car B doctor C market D C teacher D cinema D butcher helicopter 7.

Questions 8 – 10 Based on the pictures given. D The dog is sitting. A Mimi is smiling. D Mimi is angry. 8. A The cat is on the tree. C The cat is running. D Lim is jumping. C Mimi is sleeping. 7. 9. B The dog is on the tree. . C Lim is watching television. B Lim is singing. choose the best answer. A Lim is drawing a picture. B Mimi is crying.

13. C You are welcome. C Come and sit. B You look cute. A My blouse is tight. C I am Amir. 11. D I go to school. . The monkey is ___________ the tree. please? B Hello. 10. A How are you? B What is your name? C How much is the ticket? D Where can I buy a pencil? SECTION C Questions 15-19 Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 12. A May I speak to Aiman. 14. B Thank you. D Happy birthday. D I will mend it later. Section B Question 11 – 14 Look at the picture carefully. A Goodbye. Choose the best sentences to fit the picture.

________ helps her mother to clean the house. 19. They wanted to play football _____ the field was closed. Fresh pineapple is _________ and __________. smelly D sweet. A in B on C behind D in front of 15. Angela is a helpful girl. A How B What C When D Why Questions 20 – 22 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. A He B It C She D They 16. small B thorny. A mangosteen B mengosteen C maengoestin D mengustin . rough C long. A and B or C because D but 17. juicy 18. The ___________ fruit has white flesh and sweet. A square. Tim : ___________ do you use a rice cooker for? Lee : I use a rice cooker to cook rice.

food. we need exercise food water and fresh air. 23. A To be healthy. we need exercise. C victoria Likes to sing. exercise. D Victoria likes to sing. 22. SECTION D . B Victoria Likes to sing. food water. A victoria likes to sing. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tandabaca yang betul. 24. A My friend. C My friend. B My friend riana likes to eat cereal for breakfast. A naif B knife C kenaif D knaef 21. food water and fresh air. Riana likes to eat cereal for breakfast. The chef has a sharp ______________. for breakfast. riana likes to eat cereal for breakfast. D To be healthy. C To be healthy we need exercise. D my friend Riana likes to eat cereal.20. and fresh air. water and fresh air. A ____________draws cartoons. A kartunis B cartoniece C cartoonist D kartwonis Questions 23 – 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. B To be healthy we need.

A and C fish 28. They sat down and enjoyed the scenery. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. Mr. Last Saturday.Questions 26 – 30 Based on the picture. A insect C big 29. Bean pointed at a zookeeper. They were amazed because they had never seen a (30) ostrich before. They enjoyed themselves very much during weekend. Bella bought three bottles of orange juice (28) a cup of tea. They spent few hours in the zoo. He was feeding a large (29) . They (27) by at the cafeteria. Rodny and (26) family went to Malacca Zoo. 25. In the evening. they went home. A cried C but 27. A thorny D his B her D looked B D so D cat stopped D juicy B or B bird B small C our . Mrs. A them C fried 26.

The word venue means A place held B time C date D admission fee .m B 7. 33.m C 7. SECTION E Questions 31 – 35 Read the poster below and answer the questions. 30. Baca poster di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut.m D 7. What time is the concert starts? A 7.30 p. Which school held an annual concert? A Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Mertajam B Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Rendah C Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Bengunan D Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Sentosa 31. When is the annual concert held? A 15th October 2013 B 19th October 2013 C 24th October 2013 D 37th October 2013 32.m.20 p.30 a.20 a.

We wash fruits to ___________________. B Easy to hold. D Baking biscuits. B Put in the refrigerator.40 Read the diagram below and answer the questions that follow. 38. What is the poster about? A School’s competition B School’s rules C School holiday D School’s annual concert Questions 36 . C Easy to chew. 34. B remove all dirt. C Making ice cream. What we have to do after washing the fruits? A Eat the fruits. C remove bacteria. D remove any dirt or chemicals. B Making fruit salad. 37. What is the diagram about? A Baking a cake. D Easy to keep. 35. A remove the colour. Why do we use ripe fruit? A Easy to cut. 36. .

C Cut the fruits into dice or small slices. 39. The word ‘chew’ can be replaced with _______. D Mix with honey. A eat B drink C cut D keep KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT .