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Put Down


A silent scene

By David Ibarra

David Ibarra
Ball State University
Park Hall, Rm. 249
Muncie, IN 47306

BLAKE enters the house in his school attire and MARSHA reacts by looking for a response. She sniffles here and there. dining room and kitchen. GRACE goes straight for the stairs with no hesitation and goes for her room and slams her door upon entrance. she goes to the living room and collects all the dog toys on the floor. There are crumpled tissues on the dining room table with a kleenex box next to it. He takes out his phone and starts texting while taking swigs of the orange juice. . MARSHA sighs and slowly walks to the kitchen with great sadness. She goes back to the box and takes her time looking at each one as if looking at a memory. He goes for the fridge in the kitchen and retrieves an orange juice carton. She then takes the orange juice out of BLAKE’s hands. a living room. She puts away the orange juice and takes out a cardboard box and sets it down on the dining room table so that the word “Donate” is seen. She is middle aged and fair looking. passing his mom and sits down. GRACE enters the front door in her backpack and school clothes with a determined walk. After setting the box down. MARSHA is cleaning two dog bowls in the sink.SCENE 1 Lights reveal a quaint looking open house with stairs. There are family pictures hanging on the walls and numerous dog toys strewn across the carpeted floor in the living room. MARSHA finishes cleaning off the table with a wet wipe. He retreats to the living room couch. She gets none. He jolts up and immediately heads to the second room upstairs slamming the door behind him. MARSHA finishes up drying her hands and goes to clean off the dining room table. When she enters MARSHA looks around the kitchen wall to see who just entered the house.

Putting the last toy in the box is overwhelming and she exits via the kitchen door. 2. . There is the possibility of crying but it is not necessary.