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Unit 5 Quiz Law and order 1. Conservative a The city where the main
Name: ________________________ Date: _____________ political buildings are.
2. president b A country with no king or queen.
3. Socialist c A head of state who is not a king
a. the or no article in names of institutions Write the or Ø
or queen.
(no article) in the gaps. 4. elections d The event when people vote to
Example Sheikh Khalifa is the President of the
choose people in government.
United Arabs Emigrates. 5. republic e A right-wing political party.
1. _______ Indira Ghandi was The Prime Minister of 6. Capital f A left-wing political party.
India for fifteen years.
e. Crime verbs Choose the correct word to complete the
2. When will Prince William be _______ British King?
3. Who is the leader of _______ Liberal Party? text.
4. The King of Spain is _______ King Juan Carlos I. Yesterday two men _robbed_ a bank in the city centre.
5. Who is the Secretary General of _______ United
They 1____________ the security guard and
Nations? 2
____________ one of the bank workers in the leg. The
b. Active and passive Rewrite the news in the passive. thieves 3____________ more than £10,000. Police have
____________ one man who they believe is connected
with the crime. One bank worker said afterwards. “I was
terrified. I thought they were going to 5____________
Example a stole b robbed c attacked d shot
1. a stole b hijacked c arrested d attacked
2. a kidnapped b killed c murdered d shot
3. a robbed b stole c shot d hijacked
4. a arrested b attacked c hijacked d kidnapped
5. a steal b arrest c kill d rob

f. Stress in two-syllable nouns and verbs Think about the
sound of these words. Underline the stressed syllable.
Example power
c. Modals of obligation Underline the correct word or 1. complete 3. battle 5. return
2. shoulder 4. Happen
phrase to complete the text.
Why do laws exist?
All societies have laws – but why do different laws exist?
Most of laws are made to keep people safe. For example,
you mustn’t /don’t have to /can kill or hurt another Reading and Narrating a story
person. On the road, you don’t have /can’t drive too fast. g. Read the webpage and choose the best answer.
There are also many laws to organize society. You 2have
to /mustn’t /can drive on the same side of the road. You
have to /mustn’t /can steal or damage another person’s
Other laws educate people to do the right thing. In some
countries, everybody 4can /must /doesn’t have to vote in
the election.
And finally, most countries give people “freedom of
speech” – people 5must /have to /can say or write their
opinions freely.

d. Countries and government Match the definitions 1-6
with words a-f.
v-vi LG

How many colours has the Olympic flag? l. The flags of Indonesia and Monaco are the same _________. Don’t leave things where people can see them. b In 1913. Never leave your keys in the car. 2. Jenny’s story. The United Nations flag is _________. Know the history of a car when you buy it. Read the text and match the titles to the sections. Listening j. a blue b white c blue and white k. A Example This text is about _________. 2. When did thieves steal Beverly’s stereo? _______ 5. 4. 9. When was the Olympic flag designed? more exciting way. Check your car is locked when you park. Complete the table with the American and British a four b five c six equivalent. The writer wrote this text to _________. Listen to a conversation and complete the text. When two national flags are flown together they must be the same _________. Write 80-100 words. Why did Jenny have to buy a new car? _______ 3. a yellow b orange c black Example Whose car was stolen? _Jenny’s_ 1. 4. Read the text again and answer the questions. a size b colour c design 7. a About 50 years ago. i. Where did Karen put her handbag? _______ a green b light and dark green 5. Choose one of the four stories. 5. The Libyan flag is _________. a tell the story b give information c give an opinion 2. What was the problem with Adrian’s car? _______ 4. What was Jim doing when someone stole his car? c green and white _______ 6. a colour b design c colour and design 6. 3. or another one. What two problems did she have with her new car? a square b round c rectangular _______ and _______ 3. Tell it in a 8. h. UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS-ESPEL DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES 1. National flags DON’T often use colour _________. The Swiss and Vatican City flags are _________. AMERICAN BRITISH AMERICAN BRITISH v-vi LG . a countries b history c flags 1. c In 1945.

Complete the table with the appropriate verb. PAST INFINITIVE PAST PARTICIPLE forgave forbade flung hung froze fought went fit v-vi LG . UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS-ESPEL DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES pharmacist show (n) be in ill hospital purse timetable chemist’s neighbor m.