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Physics class

By: Heidy Francisco

Students were behave at third period class
“I love physics class because is funny,”
because some of students like the
Physics class. said Anthony Castellan, students at
Westbury high school.
“I like to know that physics class sometimes
is my favorite,” said Alexis Bird, a student at Some students don’t like physics class
Westbury High School. students said physics class were always
Teacher know how to teach to his students
when students get attention when teacher
was talking Mr. Coleman knows much about because,
Mr. Coleman study to be teacher of physics
Teacher were always talking about physics
because teacher said physics is good for
something Sometimes teacher get mad because some
of students contradict what teacher said

Physics was about power, power were good
for the humanity “Physics class is not good class
because is boring,” said Williams Spinal,
student at Westbury High School.