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Never out of our depth!

Safety services for underwater technology

GL is helping clients in over 120 countries from a network of more than 175 offices all over the world . That adds up to around 140 years of know-how in pressure vessels! As long ago as 1971. GL is also actively involved in standardization groups such as the ASME-PVHO Diving. hyperbaric treatment chambers. . Medical Hyperbaric Systems. Furthermore. But what really makes GL different from other classification societies is our flexible and holistic view of underwater technology. Our specialists take an in-depth look at the functionality of an entire system . caisson works and the like.ensuring you are never out of your depth.with a particular emphasis on operational safety. GL chairs the European Standardisation Committee for Hyperbaric Treatment Chambers. diver pres- sure chambers. Submersibles. Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has unparalleled expertise and experience in underwater tech- nology. the only classification society to be a member of Europe's leading body in this field.always with the aim of protecting people. How is this holistic approach possible? GL ensures an on-going transfer of knowledge between underwater technology experts and specialists from related fields. GL was set up to guarantee the safety of steam boilers at sea. The quality of GL's certification services is underlined by our accreditation in 1994 as a Notified Body according to the EC Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 89/686/EEC. diving systems. preserving the marine environment and safeguar- ding your investment through innovative solutions. Today. Back in 1867. GL has an unparalleled breadth of expertise in pressure vessels and underwater technology. Broad-based expertise . high-altitude chambers. All this expertise serves a single purpose .Under pressure? Call the experts. remotely operated vehicles. For more than 30 years.a unique service no other society can match. GL issued Regulations for the Classification and Construction of Submersibles and GL is still the only class with separate rules for underwater equipment (since 1991) and naval submarines (since 2005) . Acrylic Viewports and Design/Piping Sub-Committees. diving simulators.holistically applied Nowadays. GL's underwater technology specialists have been approving and clas- sifying submersibles.

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