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CLIENT: The New Mom Project (TNMP)
CAMPAIG Annual Campaign, 3 Year Fundraising Plan
To: Gwen Broda
CC: Ibrahim Inayatali
From: Chelsea Dowson
Alex MacDougall
Holly Groeneveld
Colleen Edwards
Sarah Law
Re: Benchmarking
Date: March 16, 2017


The New Mom Project (TNMP) is a registered Canadian charity based in
Toronto that aims to provide new mothers and low-income families with basic
baby necessities including clothes, toys, and educational material. As a
young organization with little growth and a lot of potential, a comparative
analysis between similar organizations is beneficial moving forward. Five
organizations, four non-profits, and one government program, that share a
similar mission and vision to TNMP have been identified and analyzed below.
These organizations include: Single Mothers In Progress, Cradles to Crayons,
Moms Canada, Stork and Company, and Kela (the Finnish Baby Box Program).
This comparative technique is known as benchmarking and it is used to
identify weaknesses in TNMP’s current policies, projects, and strategies, and
analyze areas of success for similar organizations, this knowledge can be
used to improve TNMP’s performance1. This benchmarking analysis will focus
on fundraising and how the organizations listed above manage and diversify
their fundraising portfolios, staff, volunteers, and overall operations.

Single Mothers in Progress
Brampton, ON

Organization Summary
Single Mothers In Progress (SMIP) is a charity, located in Brampton,
Ontario aiming to provide support for single mothers in the Greater Toronto
Area. SMIP provides a wide array of programing for single mothers including
educational workshops, counselling and support services, assistance finding
employment, summer camps for children of single mothers, a private chat
room for single mothers, an adopt-a-family program at Christmas time, and

Back to School support2. They also distribute necessities such as clothing,
food and toiletries as needed. SMIP offers a specialized version of their
programming for women leaving the criminal justice system in order to help
them reestablish connections with their children, and find employment.
The organization was established in 2011, by Sherril Downer, whose
own experiences as a single mother of four, inspired her to start SMIP. In
2013 SMIP received registered charity status. Currently SMIP is assisting 108
families, and 198 children in the GTA3.
SMIP’s fundraising efforts focus on monthly giving and sponsorship.
Their monthly giving program has a minimum donation amount of
$20/month, and donors can decide whether their donations are directed
towards specific programming, or to the overall operations. SMIP has two
sponsorship programs, one to sponsor children of single mothers to go to
SMIP’s summer camp, and another called “Adopt a Family” (different from the
Christmas Adopt a Family program). The Adopt a Family fundraising appeal
pairs a donor with a family, and the donor provides the funding for the
family’s participation in the SMIP programming. SMIP also has some
partnerships with corporate sponsors including: Nu Age Promotions, Express
Business Services, GIJ Accounting, High End Group, Eh Team, Zilian Group,
and Group of 1. SMIP receives financial and in kind support from these
companies, and the companies also provide their services to the clients of
SMIP at a reduced cost3.

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Board Profiles4

4 profiles based on 2014 CRA T3010, no recent board profiles available, http://www.cra-
Sherril Downer, Executive Director
Trudi-Ann Johnson, President
Ricardo Smith, Director
Sandra Levin, Treasurer
Nicole Jones, Secretary

Cradles to Crayons
United States

Organization Summary
Founded in 2002, Cradles to Crayons (C2C) is a U.S. based NPO that
provides low-income children ages 0 to 12 years with basic necessities
needed for home, school, and play5. Based on need, C2C currently operates
in 3 states (Boston, Chicago, and Pennsylvania) with plans to expand to be a
five-site organization by 20186. The items are provided to families in need,
free of charge. The organization collects new and gently used children’s
items through community drives and corporate donations. The items are
then distributed to children in need through a collaborative network of social
service agencies and school partners. The items include new and gently used
clothing, school supplies, and toys.
Through collaborative efforts, C2C encourages children, families, and
corporations to get involved and take part in leadership opportunities by
organizing a local clothing drive, hosting a fundraiser, or working in one of
the warehouses. This collaborative relationship is attractive to potential
volunteers, donors, and or sponsors because it is positioned in way that
highlights the direct impact of their efforts. As a result, the more people and
institutions that volunteer their time, treasures, and talents, the more
children will be helped. Cradles to Crayons provides a unique, hands-on
experience for volunteers and community members. Besides in-kind
donations, third-party events, and corporate sponsorships, C2C also solicits
donations through their website. There is an option to leave a one-time gift
or sign up as a monthly donor.
Lastly, an important characteristic that differentiates C2C from similar
NPO’s is their transparency and efficiency. Charity Navigator—an
independent group that rates charities on their capacity and efficiency—
recently awarded C2C their highest ranking. C2C provides stakeholders with
their tax return and audited financials from the past 4 years. The financial
reports are detailed and straightforward.

Board Profiles7
Dean Athanasia, National Board Chair
Stuart Davies, Managing Director
Jack M. Greenberg, Chairman
Jordan Hitch, Senior Advisor
Lynn Margherio, Founder & CEO, Cradles to Crayons
Bill Matson, Retired Senior Vice President
Neil Nicoll, President
Phyllis Yale, Advisory Partner
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MOMS Canada
Parkland, Alberta

Organization Summary
MOMS Canada is a Christian based organization serving the Parkland
area of Alberta. Their mission is to assist single moms to achieve success in
their lives. Furthermore, MOMS Canada assists single moms in attaining
spiritual, educational, personal growth and economic stability though
Christian mentoring and other programs to promote the well-being of
The organization was founded in 2009 by Meda Weir and is modelled
after an American organization, MOMS Minnesota, that operates in a similar
way. MOMS Canada was created in order to help women achieve success in
their lives9.
Although MOMS Canada primarily serves the Parkland area of Alberta,
it does try to help other areas in Canada as best as it can by answering
phone calls and providing resource information. In 2015, it launched a pilot

program in West Edmonton after realizing a great need for the organization
the area.
MOMS Canada has three main programs and hosts annual events
including MOMS Gala, Children’s Christmas Party and MOMS Night Out. The
three programs are the Mentorship program, Empowered MOMs program and
Moms Connect program. The Mentorship program offers single moms with
extra support through encouragement and love. The Empowered MOMs
program is open to any mom and the event offers education and support to
those who attend. The facilitator covers topics such as budgeting, parenting
and healthy cooking. Finally, the MOMs Connect program is an event where
single mothers come together for a group visit where they can connect with
other single mothers. It is also an event that welcomes children so that they
too can connect and play together.

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Board Profiles
Allyson Relf, MA, Executive Director
Brenda Hankinson, Chairperson of the Board
[Vacant], Vice Chairperson of the Board
Ralph Berke, Treasurer
Len Lewin, Secretary
Don Billey, Board Member
Melissa Parsons, Mentor Liaison

Stork & Company Inc.
United States

Organization Summary
Stork & Company is a registered charity based in Milwaukee serving
both Milwaukee and the surrounding area. The Stork & Company focuses on
providing and distributing free baby supplies to families in need. This charity
is linked with and follows The Baby Box Co. guidelines to provide diapers and
boxes to clients, with the goal of lowering the infant mortality rate, similar to
S&C was established in 2014. In 2016 they provided over 1900 packs
of diapers to clients, and distributed 567 baby boxes10. Clients are referred to
Stork & Company through 67 community partners such as pregnancy
support services, community health centers, and women centers10. Their

clients’ average reported household income ranged from $10, 000 – $26,000
USD, showing that many clients lived below the American poverty line10.
S&C relies heavily on in-kind donations and community partners 10. As well,
they have set up a Fundly account (a crowdfunding website) with a goal of
$10,000 USD11. Fundly is S7C’s main source of financial revenue12.
Examination of S&C’s IRS submission showed they did not included any
information regarding their fundraising dollars and or their expenses.

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Board Profiles10
Meena Nutbeam, Director & Founder
Tracy Buss, Co-Founder & President
Alexandria Zielinski, Fundraising & Delivery Volunteer
Fiona Nutbeam, Volunteer Coordinator
Chrissy Ramakrishnan, Secretary & Head Coordinator
Jamie Bang, Delivery & Madison Student Coordinator

Kela Maternity Package (The Finnish Baby Box) 13

The Finnish Maternity Grant was created after the enactment of the
Maternity Grants Act of 1937. In 1938, the grants were introduced to low-
income mothers only. Finland at that time was an impoverished country with
a very high infant mortality rate. With access to the grants, previously
marginalized new mothers were able to access to public health services. The
grants were made available to all new mothers in 1949.

The maternity grant scheme has been provided by the National
Institute for Health and Welfare (previously The National Board of Social
Welfare). Kela is a government agency which is the branch of the National
Institute for Health and Welfare responsible for administering the maternity
grants since 1994.

Nearly all new mothers have the option of choosing a maternity
package, the “baby box”, or choose a cash grant of €140. A majority of
mothers opt for the maternity package as it is deemed to be of greater value

than the grant. Kela distributes approximately 40,000 baby boxes and 20,000
cash grants each year.

The Maternity package includes over 50 items including a baby box
that also functions as a bed for the baby (it is the same type of box that
TNMP distributes). The box is fitted with a baby-safe mattress and can
function as a safe sleeping space for a newborn. The package also includes
baby products, a snowsuit, mittens etc. All clothes are new clothes that are
gender neutral. The package is environmentally friendly and includes
reusable diapers. The contents of the maternity package are locally sourced
and are not commercially available. The package is only available through

There is no fundraising for the maternity package, as it is a social
service and is funded by taxpayers.

This program is the only one of its kind, offered by any government,
worldwide. Since its introduction Finland has seen a reduction of infant
mortality rates to 2.5 deaths per thousand – one of the lowest in the world.
The New Single Stork and Kela
Cradles to MOMS
Mom Mothers in Company Maternity
Crayons16 Canada17
Project14 Progress15 Inc.18 Package19
Gross Revenue $62, 525 $27, 735 $13, $32, 631 N/A Gov’t
793,648 Program
Expenses $27, 103 $59, 335 $13, 420, $29, 216 N/A €8, 400, 000
Net Revenue $35, 422 ($31 600) $372, 916 $3, 415 N/A N/A
Cost of $18, 337 $23 600 $830, 546 $3, 131 N/A N/A
Fundraising (estimated) (estimated)
# Fundraising 1 full-time, 8 full-time Approx. 20 1 part-time N/A N/A
Staff executive staff, full-time
director unclear how nationwide
(also many are
responsible involved
for with
programing) fundraising

14 based on Assignment 2: History calculations
18 No IRS Form 990 Filed