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Unit 6 Quiz Encounters
Name: ________________________ Date: _____________
a. so and such Underline the correct answer.
Example I’m _so_ sorry about that. (so)
1. He was so /such terrified that he couldn’t move.
2. It’s so /such a wonderful day that I think we should
all go for a picnic.
3. The kids were so /such tired that they all slept for 12
4. Veronica feels so /such bad that she’s going to the
5. Paola had so /such a brilliant idea that they gave her
a prize. 1 (adj) describes people who shout or talk loudly
b. Infinitive and gerund. Underline the correct words. 4 (n) person who uses pressure to control other people
5 (vb) if you ______, you use a lot of bad language
8 (adj) the opposite of “rude”
9 (adj) positive adjective from friend
1 (adj) describes people who asks a lot of questions
about other people
2 (adj) describes children who are good, and who do
what adults want them to
3 (adj) positive adjective from verb “help”
6 (vb) physically attack each other
c. Tenses in reported speech Complete the reported speech 7 (adj) describes children who don’t do what adults tell
sentences. them to
Example James took some flowers
from the neighbour’s Pronunciation
e. Spelling and pronunciation gh Think about the sound of
garden. He said to his
these words. Is gh not pronounced or is it pronounced as
mother, “I bought them
in a shop.” the consonant sound /f/? Write NP (not pronounced) or F.
He told his mother he _ Example naughty _NP_
1. rough _____ 4. daughter _____
had bought_ them in a shop. 2. neighbor _____ 5. enough _____
1. I told the doctor I felt ill. She said, “You’ll be fine.” 3. fight _____
She said I __________________ fine.
2. I met a man on the train yesterday. He said, “I’m a f. Complete the table with the American and British
famous actor.”
He told me he __________________ a famous actor. AMERICAN BRITISH AMERICAN BRITISH
3. Ryan said, “I don’t feel very well.” soda I don’t have
Ryan told me he __________________ very well. students realize
4. “I’ll help you paint the kitchen,” said Katy. trailer sneakers
Katy said she __________________ me paint the
sweater soccer
5.Mia said, “I got the job!” Reading and Writing
She told me she __________________ the job.
Vocabulary Exchanging news in a personal letter
d. Behaviour Complete the crossword. g. Read the article. Choose a title for each paragraph.
1 Take care of your home ___ 3 Be friendly ___
2 Polite parking ___ 4 Be quiet ___

v-vi LG

Complete the table with the appropriate verb. or B for both. A “community” (line 15) is a group of ___ in a town keep lay or city. T for Tom. a repair it b see who owns it c ask a neighbor to fix it h. 1 So what did you do? c gives the results of a survey 2 Hmm. Complete the letter with these connecting words. UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS-ESPEL DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES Find references to these things in Tom’s letter. ask if neighbours ___. 6 the children’s behavior 7 the holiday place 8 the nightlife 9 your last letter 10 room in the house 11 a new family member Read the article again and choose the best answer. The article gives advice about noise from ___. j. B. Before having a party. a offer help b find information c say hello 3. you should ___. lie a people b streets c houses left 6. 3 Didn’t you get them back later? 4 What a shame? a a good idea b a problem c safe 5 Uh-huh. Who knows about them? Write K for Kay. 1. PAST INFINITIVE PAST a children b animals c music PARTICIPLE heard 4. Listening Example This article ___. i. but although anyway by the way however v-vi LG . Listen to three conversations Match these expressions a tells funny stories b gives advice with conversations A. Ask about local things to ___. If a wall or fence near you is broken. or C. hewn a are happy about it b would like to come met c will be at home made 5. Being a good neighbor is ___. 2.