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V.2. Palos of Mayombe pp.


IV.2 pp. 196-203 official palos of Mayombe

p. vernacular : Latin traits

Palo __

196 Algorrobo / Pithec-ellobium "rain tree is used in funeral rites"

Flecheo saman

Amargo Picramnia "to expel wichcraft"


Amarillo Bocconia "vermifuge"


Ayu`a / Alana Zanthoxylum "a 'savior' amongst trees ... often applied in ...
martinicense rompemientos, which is a form of exorcism."

Blanco Simarouba flauca "treats diabetes and dysentery."

Bobo / Annona glaubra "heals tuberculosis"


Bomba Xilopia glabra "internal bleeding"

197 Bronco [/ Monte Malpighia biflora "can be used against hair loss." {"Palo bronco de
(p. 200 infra)] monte" (GA-CH, p. 479)}

Caballero Phoran-dendron "great protector against the evil eye"


Caja Allophyllus "against high blood pressure"


Cuaba Amyris "confers the power of invisibility and can also be used to
balsamifera locate lost things. It is the treasure hunter among the

Cahchimba Aralia capitata "very protective against hostile spiritual influences"

Cafe` Amaioua "incense"


Caliente Copaiba "antifungal and is a fierce warrior against ... tumors."

198 Cambia Voz Schaefferia "use in works where you need someone to change their
frutescens mind"

Caimitillo Chryso-phyl[l]um "for ... stability. It can also treat diabetes"


Caimito Chryso-phyllum "tends to return bilongo[-]s back to their sender."


Cenizo Pithec-ellobium "is used to induce stability"

[p. 197 : "is used in works of balance"]

Clavo Eugenia caryo- "is used to expel ingested witchcraft" "sacred to

phyllata Zarabanda."

Cochino Tetra-gastris "against colics"


Curbana / Canella alba "to attract ... good fortune and prosperity." {tetanus
Malambo (GA-CH, p. 494)}

Diavolo Capparis "Jamaican caper tree" {"roots decoction ... against

cynophallo-phora herpes", EDT 1:1312, vol. 1, p. 150}

199 Dominador Sambucus {elder[berry], having its medicinal fungus sambucinus


Guaco Mikania "Climbing Hempweed"


Guairafe / Cupania cubensis {usually known as Cupania juglandifolia}


Guasima Guazuma "West Indian Elm" {"bastard cedar", used against

tomentosa elephantiasis ("Gu")} {Its "fruits have a cherry flavor"
{ulmifolia} ("WIE").}

Guayaca`n / Gaicum officinale {[when burning,] the same odor as the flesh of a
Yunkagua` Christian who will be braized ("P&Y")}

Guitarra Citharexylum "juniper"


Hediondo Cassia emarginata {medicinal uses "EB--CE"}

Jaguey Ficus crassinervia {strangler fig (VSD"J")}


200 Jeringa Moringa oleifera "can be used against ... vertigo"

Jicotea Castanea "the shield of palos." {Palo de Jicotea is more usually

Ludwigia erecta.} {"jicotea will stay within the snail"

Manga Mangifera "to secure shaky situations. This palo is 'the rock' of the
sticks." {mango tree}

Moro Psychotria {Browne's wild coffee}


Moruro Pithec- "is frequently used to make the Chicheriku` ... and to
[e]l[l]obium send nightmares." {wild tambran (GA-CH, p. 447)}
arbore[u]m {Cuban tamarind, Cojoba cubense (EDT 1:2010, vol. 1,
p. 238a)}

Mulato Exothea {inkwood (GA-CH, p. 496)} {ironwood (EDT 1:3100, vol.

paniculata 1, p. 353a)}

Papo Fagelia {papito, zapatico de la reina ("IP", p. 548)}


201 Ramon Trophis racemosa "to increase lactation in women."

Rayo Parkinsonia "to heal epilepsy"


Real Roys[t]onea regia {"the hand of the god Nsasi" ("PRRP", p. 46b); in
Yoruba myth, "numerous lizards covred the trunk of the
tree" ("PRRP", p. 47b). According to Penutian
mythology, the pattern for the human hand originated
from the Lizard-deity.} {According to Abakpa myth, the
corpse of Sika`n "was buried under the royal palm-tree,
the only witness" ("PRRP", p. 47b). [Therefore, a hand
must be raised by the witness in testifying.]}

Rojo Pterocarpus "African Coralwood" {"The wood has a high resonance

soyauxii quality as its damping of vibrations is low and formerly
large telegraph slit drums and war drums, as well as
xylophones, were made from it in DR Congo and
Gabon. ... The heartwood is the source of the so-called
true barwood dye. In Africa nowadays, the dye is still
used to colour red fabrics, fibres and clothes, including
the tail-like ornaments made from raffia fibre in
Cameroon and worn on the back by women of the Bulu
people." ("PST")}
Rompe-hueso Casearia arborea "gives relief from burns"

Santo Gilibertia arborea {"cacho de venado" (PG, p. 215)} {against fever (CRCE
12083, p. 376a)} {also known as Dendropanax arboreus}

Tengue Poeppigia procera {"to heal sores" (DT 2:126727, vol. 2, p. 517b)} {Palo
Tapavista "For amulets" (GA-CH, p. 502)}

202 Tosino / Torcido Mouriri "to twist someone's luck"


Tocino Acacia paniculata "removal of potency and lust"

Vencedor Zanthoxylum satinwood "attracts good fortune as it breaks down

arboreum difficulties."

Vence Batalla Bignonia bejuco/guaco "finding ways where there are none."

Verraco Hypericum {against toothache pain; is named "cochino" ('pig')

styphelio[i]des "because it hath the peculiarity of odor of this animal"
("IP", p. 377)}

Vencedor Zanthoxylum {also known as "pensador" ('thinker'), "PV"}

. term meaning
204 cascarilla powdred eggshell

fua` dead

fula gunpowdre

kalunga ocean0

kindiambazo practitioner of Palo Mayombe

kinyumba spectre

kiyumba skull

205 macuto talisman

mbele machete

mbomba boa

mpaka horn

mpungo qualities of the nganga

murumba Palo craft

mvumbi cadavre

ndoki impraedictable aspect

206 nfumbi dead one who hath agreed to the nganga

nfumo chief of the ritual

ngua mother of ritual

nkento woman

nkulo ancestre

nkutu bag

nsunsu bird

ndialongo rooster

nbiola hen
nsambi pigeon

nsuakara guinea-fowl

kiambico duck

207 ndamba owl

nzo home, house

V.2 pp. 208-9 Catholic aequivalents to Mayombe deities

p. Mayombe Catholic

208 C^ola Wenge Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

In~a N~aa`ba Nuestra Sen~ora de las Mercedes

209 nkuyo a`nima sola del purgatorio

Pandilanga JesuCristo

Pungu Mfu`tila San La`zaro

Sindaula San Silvestre

Watariamba San Norberto

Zarabanda San Miguel Arca`ngel