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Topic: Manufacturing and Industry

Title: What is the importance of industrial design for the growth of small
businesses in Colombia to meet the current and future demands of the
Literatura review
Source 1: 'Importancia del diseo industrial en la gestin estratgica de la empresa' by
Isabel Buil, Eva Martnez and Teresa Montaner. 2005
The industrial design is an asset to the companies can use to make more competitive.
But only a few companies are aware of this fact. Whit the purpose of show the
contributions of industrial design to the companies, that article show the perceptions of
many experts in the topic between directives and experts in industrial design.
Source 2: 'El diseo de la ingeniera de mquina y su evolucin histrica' by Oscar
Rondn Matheus. No publication date found
The design of the production machinery: It is a system network or subsystem of the Field
of engineering to establish action guidelines for the Future to materialize realities of
means of production, based on the universe Decision-making information to meet needs
and Solve technical engineering problems.
Source 3: Evaluating design performance by Bill Nixon. 1999
The paper is based on a review of the relevant literature, two case studies and extensive
discussions with design managers and consultants, highlights the need for a clear
understanding of the pervasiveness of the design activity that is being evaluated and an
appreciation of the many disparate roles that it plays from the idea generation stage
through to development, packaging, market positioning and promotion.
Source 4: 'How integrating industrial design in the product development process
impacts on company performance' by Gerda Gemser and Mark A. A. M. Leenders. 2001
The article is about study how the industrial design is beneficial to company perfomance.
In the study was found that the extent to which firms integrate industrial design in new
product development projects has a significant and positive influence on company
performance in particular when the strategy of investing in industrial design is relatively
new for the industry involved.
Previous work
Source 1: Industrial Design: A Competitive Strategy by Anna Grzecznowska and Emilia
Mostowicz. 2004
Analyzing a survey of Polish companies, Anna Grzecznowska and Emilia Mostowicz put
the value of design in the context of other needs. Their study reveals that design can
improve competitiveness and profitability but highlights how this depends on many
factors, including the size and type of business, its relationship with customers, and the
opportunities for international exposure and promotion.
Source 2: La innovacin tecnolgica en la industria colombiana. Un estudio en dos
cadenas industriales. Cadena metalrgica-metalmecnica y petroqumica-plsticos. El
caso de Icobandas S.A. de Popayn by Jorge Toms Jaramillo. 2003
The article talk about the characteristics in the process of innovation in 17 colombian
companies and describe the technological perfil of the colombian industry. The article
found speaks as the innovation process are a secuence of emergent decisions and their
beginings they do not come from planeates activities. The article describes behaviors of
the organizations facing new technologies. In general, the companies are not agree to
implement new technologies.
Source 3: El centro de diseo como motor de la promocin y su funcin de apoyo a la
empresa by Xenia Vilads. 1998
Design is a discipline wich contributes to the innovation politic and is impulsed by
gobernements to make more competitives the companies. Just like another sources in
the innovation camp, the design management means risk because the inverstor do not
know when he recover the investments. The center of design are specialized institutions
in the field that development activities to support the companies in their process to
incorporate the design to the company.
Source 4: 'The Impact of Product Aesthetics on the Evaluation of Industrial Products' by
M. Yamatomo y D.R. Lambert. 1994
The article provides evidence that the appearance of an industrial product may have an
impact on its evaluation. The autors find that industrial product appearance exerts an
influence, which in some cases exceeds the influence of certain product performance or
price attributes.
State of the art
Source 1: Encuestas, datos y descubrimiento de conocimiento sobre la innovacion en
Colombia by Jorge Robledo Velsquez, Florentino Malaver Rodri guez and Marisela
Vargas Prez. 2016
Exists a lot of forms to innovate due to the multiple actors that participate. For this
rason, the innovation is a complex phenomenon, contextualiced and dynamic. To take
all the characteristics in Colombia, Colombian people develop a project called 'Project
Discovery' to explore the techniques to develop knowledges in data base, with the
general purpose to contribute to develop in analysis of process of innovation in
Source 2: innovacin y emprendimiento en colombia: balance, perspectivas y
recomendaciones de poltica, 2014-2018 by Hernando Jos Gmez and Daniel Mitchell.
In the text, they show the expectatives to developments in Colombia and they say a
interesant paragraph: The innovation is one of the main motors of the development of
current economies. It is the main characteristic of emerging countries that pass the
poverty traps and pass to the progress.
Source 3: 'El talento humano y la innovacin empresarial en el contexto de las redes
empresariales: el clster de prendas de vestir en Caldas-Colombia' by Fredy Becerra
Rodrguez and Claudia Milena lvarez Giraldo. 2011
The article study the relation between level of training of people and links between
companies inside the confection guild in departament of Caldas, Colombia.
Source 4: 'Emprendimiento e innovacin en Colombia: Qu nos est haciendo falta?'
by Rafael Vesga. 2008
The impact of the entrepreneurship and innovation in business go in a fast way and have
a huge reach that makes it difficult to understand how to get results in a country as
Colombia. The international evidence confirms all biggest levels of development are in
a country with higgest levels of entrepreneurship in their economies. The less clear thing
is how make the nations without that, get that.
The problem is very complex because the entrepreneurship and innovation starts in
three levels: The macro level of the country and its environment, the intermedium level
of the companies and the basic level of the individuals. This three levels need work at
the same time. The author say: 'To make a entrepeneur society, is neccesary activate
the potential of people, companies and the macro context'