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Hancock 1

Brooke Hancock

Dr. Orr

CIED 1003

1 February 2017

TeacherTube Assignment

My first video is called Haunted House, by Judy Schaad, and it is 1 minute and 1

second long. This video shows comic book pages while being narrated by the young

author of this short story. I will be using the Common Core Standard of CCSS.ELA-

LITERACY.W.K.6 which states: With guidance and support from adults, explore a

variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with

peers. This standard can be found at:

This video can be found at:

My use of this video in a lesson would be purely for example. This video is a

wonderful example to show before beginning the process of actually having the students

write their own short comic book story. Using an example such as this video can show

students that the project is very do-able and makes the final product look a lot more fun

than if I were to provide just an example of my own. Children love to make up stories,

and they also love picture books and superheroes. I will be using the comic book format

to teach story telling, while also teaching the use of online tools to create the comic book

to publish the writing.

Hancock 2

My second video is called Do You Know Your ABCs by elginjoe. It is 4 minutes

and 24 seconds long. This video contains a song that is supplemented by slides which

contains every lyric. I will be using the Common Core Standard of CCSS.ELA-

LITERACY.RF.K.3.A, which states: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-

sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent

sounds for each consonant. This standard can be found at:

This video can be found at:


As a teacher, I would plan to begin every morning with this video. This video is

perfect for not only reviewing the alphabet, but also for practicing the sounds that each

letter makes, and some words that can be associated with it. After playing this video

several times for my students, part of the lesson would become a sing along. Young

students and special education students are very interested and learn from songs like this,

and its a great opportunity to bond with your students! There is nothing much better than

a classroom of singing students with smiles on their faces!