Honorable Chen Jining ID: LFG-2017-0004

Ministry of Environmental Protection
No.115 Xizhimennei Nanxiaojie,
Xicheng District, Beijing, 100035
People’s Republic of China
Sent via: Mail
April 17th, 2017
Re: Climate Change
Honorable Chen Jining,

I am sending you this letter out of serious concern as to the climate change1 issue that is
occurring in the People’s Republic of China. I do not like the fact that there is a large number of
individuals in the People’s Republic of China that have to wear masks to help them breathe due
to the air pollution that is occurring in your country. I hope that you are aware that climate
change and air pollution are a direct result as to activities in which humans have engaged in and
are currently engaging in on Earth. Therefore, I would respectfully request the government of
the People’s Republic of China to addresses those issues by being involved in the following:
1. Investing in social programs and organizations that are involved in helping tackle
Earth’s pollution at all levels;2
2. Making sure that politics does not interfere with the addressal of the climate change
situation in the People’s Republic of China;3
3. Urging countries at the United Nations to tackle pollution issues that is occurring in
their country in which is contributing to climate change on Earth;
4. Following up on countries that have made promises as to addressing pollution issues
in their country that is contributing to climate change on Earth;4
5. Establish carbon taxes;
6. Funding research into capturing carbon emissions from vehicles and other types of

1 People often refer to climate change as global warming. Global warming is an incorrect and a
misused term.
2 This includes social ad commercials that are designed to educate the public as to the things

that they can do to improve the climate.
3 This includes making sure that the government of the People’s Republic of China does not

allow politicians to be bought by entities that are harming the climate.
4 Making sure that countries keep their word as to addressing air pollution and climate change

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7. Invest in nuclear power;
8. Establish and enforce smoke-free laws throughout the People’s Republic of China;5
9. Protect the Ocean by establishing and enforcing laws that criminalize and penalize
individuals and entities that are responsible for contributing for the pollution of the
10. Use biodiesel renewable fuels as a subsidy as for regular gasoline;6
11. Use electric and even solar powered vehicles instead of regular gasoline vehicles;7

I sincerely hope that the government of the People’s Republic of China is aware that climate
change and air pollution are huge threats to Earth. Even though this is true, many countries are
not doing enough as to addressing climate change or the air pollution issue. Some
representatives of countries around our world are extremely good at giving speeches while
some other countries have politics interfere as with their country addressing air pollution or
climate change issues. Enough is not being doing as to addressing air pollution or the climate
change issue. Regardless as to that, I urge the government of the People’s Republic to tackle
the air pollution and the climate change issue.

Isaiah X. Smith
Isaiah Smith Campaign
P.O Box 163411
Fort Worth, Texas, 76161

5 Smoking can cause second hand exposures in which is extremely harmful and even deadly.
Such laws should apply to areas in which schools, business, and hospitals conduct business.
Establish smoke free laws can also help make sure that people stop becoming addicted to
smoking and can help protect children, the sick and workers from harm.
6 For example, E85 is ethanol fuel blend of 5 percent denatured ethanol fuel and fifteen percent

gasoline or some other type of hydrocarbon by volume. The fuel helps decrease greenhouse gas
emissions in comparison to petroleum-derived gasoline.
7 Electric vehicles produce fewer greenhouse gases and can help reduce the amount of smog

forming pollutants in which is produced by normal vehicles.
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