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Aesops Fables

Page 18

Luckily, just at that moment, a friendly dove flew by.

/laquili, shast at dat moument, a frendli dav flu bai)
Por suerte, en ese momento, una amigable paloma pas volando

She saw that the tiny ant was drowning and quickly flew by to a nearby
/shi so dat de taini ant was drounin an cuikli flu bay tu a niarbay tri/
Ella vio que la pequea hormiga se estaba ahogando y rpidamente vol a un rbol

Page 19

She pulled of a leaf and let it glide down to the ant.

/shi puld of a lif and let it glaid daun to di ant/
Ella arranc una hoja y dej que planeara hasta la hormiga.

Here you are, she cooed, and flew away.

/hia iu ar, shi cuud, and flu awei/
Aqu tienes, ella arrullo, y se fue volando.

Page 20

The ant struggled onto the leaf.

/di ant stragld ontu da lif/
La hormiga subi con esfuerzo a la hoja.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he floated by to safety.

/ji britid a sai of rilif as ji flouted bai tu seifti/
El dio un suspiro de alivio mientras flotaba a un lugar seguro

Page 21

The following day he saw his rescuer in a field.

/da folouin dei ji so jis reskiuer in a fild/
El da siguiente, l vio a su salvador en un campo.

The dove was out looking for worms and she wasnt alone.
/da dav wuas aut lukin for worms and shi wasnt aloun/
La paloma estaba buscando gusanos Y no estaba sola.

The ant knew the dove was in trouble, but what could he do?
/di ant niu da dav wuas in trabl, bat what cud ji do/
La hormiga saba que la paloma estaba en problemas pero qu poda hacer?