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14 October 2016


Re: Unsettled Account with

Dear Sir/Madam:

We write in behalf of our client, ______________________, with regard to your
outstanding obligations with it arising from your Promissory Note dated
________________, wherein you promised to pay the amount of Philippine Currency:
__________ Pesos (P00.00) on or before _________________.

Our client’s records show that, as of ___________________, you still have an
outstanding balance on the principal amounting to Philippine Currency:
__________________ (P.00), which amount is exclusive of stipulated interest, penalties
and attorney’s fees. Despite numerous demands made by our client, oral and
written, you have failed and still refuse to pay either the principal or the interest on
the above-stated obligations.

In view thereof, we make a final demand that you settle your obligations to our
client by paying the amount of Philippine Currency: _________________________ (P)
which amount is inclusive of stipulated interest, penalties, plus attorney’s fees.
Should you fail to comply with the above demand within five (5) days from receipt
of this letter, we shall be constrained, much to our regret, to advice our client to file
the necessary court action to enforce compliance.

We hope that you will give this matter your preferential attention.

Very truly yours,

For the Firm