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ADAPT Lessons Report

-Teaching is a skill. Just because youre good at something doesnt mean you can
teach well enough to pass all your knowledge to others.
-Parkour, Freerunning, Art Du Deplacement, same thing. Foucans definition of FR is
closer to Parkours definition. The Parkour with flips thing is BS interpretation of the
misinformed. (Thought flips arent a bad thing)
-Use the environment as much as possible even with conditioning as it trains
students to be resourceful and it opens up their PK Vision
-When spotting be an invisible spotter; the student should be aware of your
presence but should not rely on your spotting too much.
-Always survey the area for potential risks and warn the students of said risks but
do not sanitize too much.
-When arranging a class, instructors must arrive 1hr-30mins before scheduled to
prepare and survey the scene and to check for missing equipment (when indoors)
-When warming up, use dynamic warm ups as much as possible. Avoid stretching
too long as it will relax the muscles.
-When cooling down, stretching for 30-40sec would yield optimal results.
-Do not spoon feed the students. Do not be too detailed. Let the students figure out
some of the technique as one of PKs core values is discovery
- KISS: Keep it simple and stupid. Not all beginners/practitioners will know what
glutes, pectorals, hamstring etc. are. Better to say the butt should be engaged and
tight while doing the squat than saying the glutes
-When coaching be authoritative, but not authoritarian.
-Always keep track of time during drills and exercises when teaching.
-Partner exercises are great ice breakers
-In lesson planning, one must have a clear goal in mind for the students i.e. their
precisions must be quieter after this session; their climb-ups should be faster, etc.

The rest will be on the documents I will be showing during our next meeting