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To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Alecia Juhasz. Alecia was a practicum student
that started in my classroom in October 2010 and finished in April 2011. She came full and half
days as her schedule permitted. The classroom consists of five students and three staff (one
Teacher, two Educational Assistants). The program is called TASC and it stands for Teaching of
Attitudes, Social Skills and Communication. The TASC Program is for Elementary school aged
students with severe cognitive and developmental disabilities.
Alecia was familiar with the classroom before she started her practicum as her sister is one of the
students. This was a very important aspect that impressed me the most because Alecia adapted
quickly to the expectation the classroom had on her sister and the other students and she carried
out these behavior plans with no issue. I did not hesitate to send her one-on-one with any student
as I had every confidence in her ability. She fit in as one of the team very quickly.
I was very impressed with her professionalism and ability to work in a team setting. She was
punctual and stayed longer than she was required to. If she needed to miss a day or was going to
be late she gave sufficient notice so I could plan to her absence. Her duties consisted of Morning
Circle routine assisting students as needed. She was flexible throughout the day in assisting all
students in the various activities that took place. Alecia motivated and guided each student
during Physical Education and helped with therapeutic swimming once a week. Throughout her
time in the classroom Alecia was enthusiastic and was not afraid to ask questions concerning
programming or behavior plans. Patience is key to working in the TASC environment and Alecia
possesses this virtue.
Alecia connected with each student and we all looked forward to the days she was there. Any
organization would benefit with the addition of her. If you have any questions to further clarify
Alecias time at Capitol Hill School please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (403) 990-
7780 or by email at


Nicole S. Rigo, BEd.

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