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This is the accrual plane for annual leave have two elements

1. Annual Leave Adjustment Add : this will increase (Add) the accumulated balance for
annual leave
2. Annual Leave Adjustment Subtract : this will Subtract (decrease) the accumulated
balance for annual leave
Case Example:
If we need to adjust the balance for specific employee and he is not manager we will do as the
1. View accruals
2. Select employee

3. Modify the effective date as of the balance date , in this case the balance date is
His net balance is 3.5 till 31/03/2017 and we want to modify it to 10.6 days in 31/03/2017 , so
we will do the following
4. Go to enter employee information and select the employee and go to assignment and
element entries
5. We add 7.1 in the days field and the effective date is 31/03/2017

Then press save

6. Go to view accrual
And if you want to subtracts (reduce ) from employee accumulated balance , you have to do
the same thing but use the element name (Annual Leave Adjustment Subtract).

Thank You