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Technical leaflet

Issue 08/2007

Special admixture for the preparation of cementitious mixtures for grouts

Field of application: Dosing:

It is used as an addition to cementitious mixtures
intended for grouting. It facilitates achievement of self- Eksmal-K is added to the dry mix (cement and
flowing and spreading, high early and final aggregate) of the cementitious mixture which is well
compressive and bending strengths and shrinkage mixed prior to the addition of water. The quantity of
compensation. water should be reduced by some 15% in relation to the
water required for preparation of the same cement


mixture without admixture.
Properties: Eksmal-K dosing amounts to 20 gr/kg cement i.e. 2% of
the cement quantity.
Conduces to attainment of high physical and
mechanical properties;
Compensates shrinkage of cement mixtures; Effect due to overdosing:
Does not contain chlorides;
Significantly improves workability; In case of overdosing, it is possible to impair
Enables reduction of water up to 25%; homogeneity of the mixture and delay setting.

Technical features: Compatibility:

Type: Naphtalene condensate and Natron bags: 5, 10 and 25 kg
Appearance: Grey powder Compatibility:
Bulk density: 1,3 kg/dm3
In original closed packing, dry premises, at a
Chlorides content: none temperature from 5 to 35. Shelf life 12 months.
Alkali content: none

Health hazard:
It is necessary to avoid contact of the product with skin (use protective gloves). The material is not toxical, however, in case of accidental contact, in
case when areas of the skin have been contaminated, those spots should immediately be washed with water and soap. If the material has been
splashed into eyes, they should immediately be rinsed with a lot of water and medical assistance should be asked for.
Eksmal-K is a non-flammable powder.
Cleaning and discarding:
Loose residues of Eksmal-K are cleaned with water. The old and used packing should be discarded in accordance with the local relevant regulations for
that kind of waste.

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