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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Pedagogy Content Knowledge


Grade Level Fourth Grade

Learning Objective 4.7 The student will investigate and understand the
organization of the solar system.

Activity This learning activity will get the students to

recognize the planets of the solar system. The
class will begin by having the teacher go over
what the solar system is, what early astronomers
believed about the solar system, and how many
planets are in our solar system. The teacher will
then have the kids do a worksheet on the solar
system. Relating to the SOL standards, the
Technology The Technology that the students will be used in this
lesson is a website called this
allows the students to make a presentation online for
Technology Directions for Use 1. First open the internet
2. Then type in the URL:
3. When you get to the website, click Log in on
the upper right side of the screen and log in.
The username is: redwa003 and the
password is 3smile44
4. From there you are going to click create a
new Prezi
5. From there you can choose your template
6. Now you will click on the boxes on the left
side of the screen to start your presentation.
7. You are going to name your Prezi your name
plus the name of your planet.
Ex. The Planet Mars by Robyn Roberson
8. In each of these boxes or circles you should
write a sentence responding to the statement
and customize the page according to your
9. You should create a page for the three
different topics you need to talk about in
your Prezi
10. You can add a picture in each box that
relates to your planet.
11. When you are finished you should press
finish and save your work
Link to the example product
Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).