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A high performance concrete superplasticiser based on modified polycarboxylic ether

Description Typical applications

GLENIUM 110M has been primarily developed The excellent dispersion properties of GLENIUM
for applications in the ready mixed and precast 110M make it the ideal admixture for precast and
concrete industries where the highest durability readymixed concrete where low water cement
and performance is required. ratios are required. This property allows the
GLENIUM 110M is free from chlorides and production of very high early and high ultimate
complies with ASTM C494 Types B, D and G. strength concrete with minimal voids and
GLENIUM 110M is compatible with all Portland therefore optimum density. Due to the strength
cements that meet recognised international development characteristics the elimination or
standards. reduction of steam curing in precast works may
be considered as an economical option.
Chemistry and mechanism of action of
GLENIUM 110M high workability without segregation or
Conventional superplasticisers , such as those bleeding
based on sulphonated melamine and naphthalene less vibration required
formaldehyde condensates, at the time of mixing, can be placed and compacted in congested
become absorbed onto the surface of the cement reinforcement
particles. This absorption takes place at a very reduced labour requirement
early stage in the hydration process. The improved surface finish
sulphonic groups of the polymer chains increase
the negative charge on the surface of the cement Packaging
particle and dispersion of the cement occurs by GLENIUM 110M is available in 210 litre drums
electrostatic repulsion. and in bulk tanks upon request.

GLENIUM 110M is differentiated from Effect on hardened concrete properties

conventional superplasticisers in that it is based increased early and ultimate compressive
on a unique carboxylic ether polymer with long strengths
lateral chains. This greatly improves cement increased flexural strength
dispersion. At the start of the mixing process the higher E modulus
same electrostatic dispersion occurs as described improved adhesion to reinforcing and
previously but the presence of the lateral chains, stressing steel
linked to the polymer backbone, generate a steric better resistance to carbonation
hindrance which stabilises the cement particles lower permeability
capacity to separate and disperse. better resistance to aggressive atmospheric
This mechanism provides flowable concrete with conditions
greatly reduced water demand. reduced shrinkage and creep
increased durability

Compatibility of GLENIUM 110M gradually thaw and agitate until completely
GLENIUM 110M must not be used in conjunction reconstituted.
with any other admixture unless prior approval is
received from BASF Technical Services. Failure to comply with the recommended storage
conditions may result in premature deterioration of
GLENIUM 110M is suitable for mixes containing: the product or packaging. For specific storage
advice consult BASF's Technical Services
microsilica Department.
pulverised fuel ash
Safety precautions
ground granulated blast furnace slag cement
GLENIUM 110M contains no hazardous
Dosage substances requiring labelling. For further
The normal dosage for GLENIUM 110M is information refer to the Material Safety Data
between 0.5 and 1.5 litres per 100 kg of cement Sheet.
(cementitious material).
Dosages outside this range are permissible
Field service, where provided, does not constitute
subject to trial mixes.
supervisory responsibility. For additional
Directions for use information contact your local BASF
GLENIUM 110M is a ready to use admixture that representative.
is added to the concrete at the time of batching.
BASF reserves the right to have the true cause of
The maximum effect is achieved when the any difficulty determined by accepted test
GLENIUM 110M is added after the addition of 50 methods.
to 70 % of the water. GLENIUM 110M must not
Quality and care
be added to the dry materials.
All products originating from BASFs Dubai, UAE
facility are manufactured under a management
Thorough mixing is essential and a minimum
system independently certified to conform to the
mixing cycle, after the addition of the GLENIUM
requirements of the quality, environmental and
110M, of 60 seconds for forced action mixers is
occupational health & safety standards ISO 9001,
ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Storage 11/2000 BASF_CC-revised 04/2004

GLENIUM 110M should be stored in original
containers and at above 5 Centigrade. If frozen

Whilst any information contained herein is true, accurate and represents our best knowledge and experience, no warranty is given or implied with
any recommendations made by us, our representatives or distributors, as the conditions of use and the competence of any labour involved in the
application are beyond our control.

As all BASF technical datasheets are updated on a regular basis it is the user's responsibility to obtain the most recent issue.

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