Much Ado About Cake – Creating Random Parties

Scenario Rules for Players (IE What to bring to Oldhammer for this special Zombies of Karr-
Keel Scenario)
The following information can be given to the players before they begin the scenario, so that
they can gather the right “party” to join the fun. The scenario uses stats and rules from
Warhammer Fantasy Battles Third Edition and Warhammer Armies.
The basic start of your character is to choose the race. In the written scenario this will be
limited to specific characters (Like the campaign sets Blood at Orc’s Drift, etc). But since this
is occurring at the Oldhammer weekend, and to include the most people we can, we are
opening it up to any race from the books that you have miniatures for. Realize that not all races
and heroes are equal, but you will all be working together.
After race we need to select the contingent you are trying to take. You first select one of the
following options:
2 Level 5 hero with 2 rolls on the retinue table and one on the hero chart (Only one hero is your leader).
1 Level 10 hero with one roll on the retinue table and one on the hero chart
Or one Level 15 hero with no rolls on the retinue table and two rolls on the hero chart (rerolling tens
dice of 1-2 (IE only range is 31-66 on chart below)
Once you have the race and hero level you may roll on the retinue or hero chart if you can by
your selections: