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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation


Math Reasoning, Reading

Data Interpretation
Goalfinder Classes: CBSE NET 2016 - Paper 1
Total number of Pages: 208
Portion covered till CBSE NET December 2015

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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation

Mathematical Reasoning ____________________________________________________________ 4

Number Series __________________________________________________________________________ 5
Problem Number Series ___________________________________________________________________________ 6
Solution Number Series ___________________________________________________________________________ 8

Letter and Symbol Series __________________________________________________________________ 9

Example Problems in letter series ___________________________________________________________________ 9
Solution Example Problems Letter and symbol series __________________________________________________ 11
Problems 1-11 Letter series _______________________________________________________________________ 13
Answer 1-11 Letter series ________________________________________________________________________ 13
Problems 12 -21 Letter series _____________________________________________________________________ 14
Answers 12-21 Letter series _______________________________________________________________________ 14
Solution 1-21 Letter series ________________________________________________________________________ 15
Problems Symbol series __________________________________________________________________________ 18
Solution Symbol series ___________________________________________________________________________ 19

Coding and Decoding ____________________________________________________________________ 21

Example problems in Coding Decoding ______________________________________________________________ 21
Solution Example Coding Problems _________________________________________________________________ 22
Problems Coding and Decoding ____________________________________________________________________ 23
Answers and Solutions Coding and Decoding _________________________________________________________ 24

Classification: Odd Man Out ______________________________________________________________ 29

Example problems in Classification _________________________________________________________________ 29
Solution to Example Problem in Classification ________________________________________________________ 31
Problems in Classification Odd Man Out ___________________________________________________________ 32
Solution to Problems in Classification _______________________________________________________________ 35

Blood Relations ________________________________________________________________________ 38

Blood Relations Example Problems _________________________________________________________________ 39
Solution to Blood Relations Example Problems _______________________________________________________ 41
Blood Relation Problems _________________________________________________________________________ 43
Answers and Solutions to blood relation problems ____________________________________________________ 44

Analogies _____________________________________________________________________________ 48
Example Analogies Problem _______________________________________________________________________ 50
Solution to Example Analogy Problems ______________________________________________________________ 52
Problems on Analogy ____________________________________________________________________________ 53
Answers to Analogy _____________________________________________________________________________ 54

Direction and Senses ____________________________________________________________________ 55

Direction Senses example Problems ________________________________________________________________ 55
Solution to Example Direction Senses Problems _______________________________________________________ 57
Problems on Direction and Sense Test ______________________________________________________________ 59
Answers and Solutions to Direction and Sense Test ____________________________________________________ 59

Artificial Language ______________________________________________________________________ 64

Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation
Problems on Artificial Language ___________________________________________________________________ 64
Answers to Artificial Language Problems ____________________________________________________________ 66

Permutation and Combination ____________________________________________________________ 67

Example problems on Permutation & Combination ____________________________________________________ 69
Solution to example problems _____________________________________________________________________ 72
Problems on Permutation and Combination __________________________________________________________ 74
Answers and Solutions to Problems on Permutation and Combination ____________________________________ 75

Logical Deductions - Syllogism ____________________________________________________________ 80

Example Problems on syllogism ____________________________________________________________________ 81
Solution to example problems on syllogism _________________________________________________________ 83
Problems on Syllogism ___________________________________________________________________________ 85
Answers and Solutions to problems on syllogism ______________________________________________________ 88

Averages ______________________________________________________________________________ 95
Example Problems on Averages ____________________________________________________________________ 97
Solution Example Problems Averages _______________________________________________________________ 98
Problems Averages ______________________________________________________________________________ 99
Solution Averages ______________________________________________________________________________ 100

Seating Arrangement ___________________________________________________________________ 106

Examples Seating Arrangement ___________________________________________________________________ 109
Solution Example Seating Arrangement ____________________________________________________________ 110
Problems - Seating Arrangement __________________________________________________________________ 111
Solutions Seating Arrangement _________________________________________________________________ 117

Venn Diagrams ________________________________________________________________________ 128

Problems on Venn Diagram ______________________________________________________________________ 132
Solution Venn Diagrams _________________________________________________________________________ 138

Problem on Ages ______________________________________________________________________ 147

Exercise on Ages _______________________________________________________________________________ 148
Solution Problem on Ages _______________________________________________________________________ 149

Reading Comprehension ___________________________________________________________ 153

Reading Comprehension________________________________________________________________ 154
Example Problems _____________________________________________________________________________ 154
Example Problem Solutions ______________________________________________________________________ 157
Reading Comprehension Problems ________________________________________________________________ 158
Answers______________________________________________________________________________________ 160

Data Interpretation _______________________________________________________________ 161

Data Interpretation ____________________________________________________________________ 162
Speed Solving Tricks ___________________________________________________________________________ 162
Addition : __________________________________________________________________________________ 162
Subtraction: ________________________________________________________________________________ 163
Multiplication: ______________________________________________________________________________ 163
Division ____________________________________________________________________________________ 166
Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation
Comparing Ratios ____________________________________________________________________________ 166
Computational Speed ________________________________________________________________________ 166
Calculating (Approximating) Fractions ___________________________________________________________ 167
Comparing Fractions _________________________________________________________________________ 167
Develop a Sense of Approximation ______________________________________________________________ 168
Example Problems in Data Interpretation __________________________________________________________ 168
Numeric Data Tables _________________________________________________________________________ 169
Bar Chart___________________________________________________________________________________ 172
Pie Chart ___________________________________________________________________________________ 175
Line Graphs_________________________________________________________________________________ 180
Solution to Data interpretation __________________________________________________________________ 183
Numeric Data Tables _________________________________________________________________________ 183
Bar Chart___________________________________________________________________________________ 190
Pie Chart ___________________________________________________________________________________ 196
Line Graph _________________________________________________________________________________ 203

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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation
Sample: Math Reasoning

Letter and Symbol Series


Letter series questions checks your ability to examine a series of alphabets and recognize a pattern in that
series. These questions use the alphabetical order as a base. To answer these questions, you must determine
the pattern in the occurrence of alphabets in each series before choosing which letter comes next. Sometimes
simple number series are also inserted between the terms of alphabet series.

In Symbol Series questions, you are given with some sequence of picture or symbols and you have to
understand the relationship or a particular pattern in the sequence to answer. Generally, the symbol or picture
is rotated in some way to obtain the next symbol or picture. Rotation may be left-right, top-bottom, clockwise
or anti-clockwise.

Tips for solving questions based on letter and symbol series

1. Before exam starts, write the alphabets in numerical form in ascending and descending way. For example, A-
1, B-2, ..., Z-26 and A-26, B-25, ..., Z-1.
2. Don't spend more than 30 sec on one question. If you are unable to recognize pattern, leave that question
and attempt that in spare time.
3. For Symbol series, if you see that next term is obtained by rotation then try rotating your question paper in
corresponding way.

Continuous Pattern Series:

This type of series usually consists of a small letters which follow a certain pattern.
But some letters will be missing from the series.
These missing letters are then given in a proper sequence as one of the choices.
You have to choose the correct alternative.

Letter and symbol series Problem 6

aab _ aaa _ bba _
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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation
1) baa 2) abb 3) bab 4) aab 5) bbb

Q10. Statements: No house is school. All colleges are schools. All schools are teachers.
Conclusions: Basic Complex
No house is teacher. Y X
All colleges are teachers. Y Y
Some teachers are not houses. Y Y
No college is house. Y Y

Answer: Option C
s House School
l Colleges House
College Complex

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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation

Sample: Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is generally designed to test your ability to read a passage and understand its contents
and your ability to draw inferences on the basis of what is read. In other words, your ability to grasp the
contents of the passage in a relatively short span of time is what is being tested.

Aspects to consider

Read the questions first, twice, then read the passage for answers to these questions
Keep on answering the questions as you come across them.
Mark the important part of the passage
Leave the question if its too difficult, remember time is precious

Other aspects
Read for Main Idea and Primary Purpose of the passage.
Write down the Main Idea and Primary purpose after each paragraph
The Main Idea of the passage is the repeated idea in each of the Main ideas (of the paragraphs)
The primary purpose is mostly the primary purpose of the concluding paragraph.
Classify the passages, such as
o Explanatory (Mostly Science passages, explain one theory/phenomenon in detail)
o Comparative (two or more point of views on a theory/topic. Doesn't go in much
o Argumentative (Subjective, opinionated. Mostly social science/business topics.)
Don't over read. Skip examples, dates, lengthy names, any details which can be referred in case
something is asked explicitly.
Don't go for choices which exaggerate the author's conclusion.
Don't fill in the blanks yourself. Use only as much is there in the passage.

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Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation

Sample: Data Interpretation

Data can be represented in the form of tables, graphs or even caselets. Data represented in the form of a table
is raw and usually is quite time consuming to process such data. Analyses such as trends, problem areas,
percentage distribution are quite difficult to perform when the data is represented in the form of a table.

Addition :

Learn to add 2 digit numbers by memory

Method 1 : Add the tens place and unit place separately and use carry over if any

48 +73 4 +7 = 11 8+3 = 11 11+1 = 12 120 +1 = 121

Method 2 : Round off to nearest 10 or 100s place

48 +73 50 +71 = 121

Case 2 - 57436 + 64123 + 44586 + 78304 + 84653 + 5836.

In order to do this, first add the thousands. 57 + 64 (=121) + 44 (=165) + 78 (=243) + 84 (=327) + 5
Thus: you have an interim answer of 332 thousands. At this stage you
know that your answer would be 332000 + a maximum of 6000 ( as there are 6
numbers whose last 3 digits you have neglected).
If a range of 332000 to 338000 suffices for you in the addition based on the closeness of the options, you
would be through with your calculation at this point. In the event that you need to get to a
closer answer than this, the next step would involve taking the 100s digit into account.

Thus for the above calculation: 57436+ 64123 +44586+78304+84653 +5836 when you add the hundreds, you
get 4+1+5+3+6+8 = 27 hundreds. Your answer gets refined to 334700 and at this point you also know that the
upper limit of the addition has to be a maximum of 600 more than 334700 i.e. the answer lies between 334700
to 335300. In case this accuracy level is still not sufficient you may then look at the last 2 digits of the numbers.

Goalfinder Classes Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation
Data can represented in the form of

1) Numeric Data Table : Data but with no trends

2) Line Graphs : Trends but difficult to read values

3) Bar Charts : Direct comparison of values is very easy

4) Pie Charts : Represents %

5) Caselet form : Most difficult form

(6) Geometrical diagram form : Knowledge of geometry is required

Categories of Data

Numeric Data Tables

1. Total number of candidates qualified from all the states together in 1997 is approximately what percentage
of the total number of candidates qualified from all the states together in 1998?

A. 72% B. 77% C. 75% D. 72%

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