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FHS Acrylic Pop Art Rubric / Painting Class Name:__________________________

Student Section: Pop Artist You Chose __________________________________________

1. I am most proud of

2. The most helpful thing I learned was.

3. I wish I could change..

Points 5 4 3 2-1

Painting Skill Application of paint is Paint is applied in a Control is somewhat Student needs to work on
preplanned and done in a careful, logical manner. lacking. A few drips, controlling paint and
logical, sequential Colors remain sharp and ragged edges and failure preplanning paint
manner. Obvious base texture is evident. of certain areas of application. Muddy colors,
coat and layers. pattern/texture may be ragged edges, lack of
evident. Paint is too thin. texture, drips and/or blobs
are evident throughout
the painting.

Design/Composition Student clearly emulates Student does a good job Student needed to focus The student does not
a specific Pop Artists emulating Pop Art but on the artists style better. appear to be able to apply
Style by using 3 or more could have been clearer Its a good Pop art type the Pop Art style design.
characteristics. on what artist they were painting but the artist is
doing in their execution of not clear.
the style.

Color Choices Choice and application of Choice and application of Choice and application of Student needs to work on
color shows an advanced color shows knowledge of color shows knowledge of learning color
knowledge of color color relationships. Colors color relationships. Colors relationships and using
relationships. Color are appropriate for the are, however, NOT that knowledge in his/her
choice enhances the picture. appropriate for a pop Art work.
picture. picture.

Use of materials Student typically keeps Student typically Student adequately Student deliberately
painting materials and adequately cleans cleans and takes care of misuses materials
area clean and protected materials and work area materials if reminded. AND/OR does not
without reminders. The at the end of the session Occasional spills and adequately clean
student shows great without reminder, but the messy work area may be materials or area when
respect for the materials area may be messy seen. Shows some reminded. Shows little
and his fellow students. during the work session. respect for materials and respect for materials or
Student shows respect for fellow students. fellow students.
materials and fellow

Time/Effort Every minute of class Class time was used Class time was not Class time was not used
time was used wisely. wisely. Student could always used wisely. wisely and the student put
Much time and effort went have put in a little more Student could have put in in no additional effort.
into the planning and effort. more effort.
design of the drawing.

Total Points:____________ Teacher Comments: