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Rylee Haugen

March 19, 2017

Angela Schoonover
Champaign Community Unit School District 4
306 W. Green St.
Champaign, IL 61820

Dear Angela Schoonover:

I am contacting you today with eagerness and excitement as I apply for the Middle School Science teaching position
at Edison Middle School. As my fianc begins a 6-year Ph.D. program, this opportunity in the Champaign
Community Unit School District 4, interests me greatly. In 2017, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education
and Human Sciences from South Dakota State University.
This degree was a co-op program that provided me with a certification in Early Childhood Education and
Elementary Education. Currently, I am student teaching in a middle school science classroom. Due to my proficient
knowledge in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, vast amount of experience I have obtained in
multiple classrooms and hours, I believe that my strengths and abilities are exactly what the district is looking for
to promote and foster a positive learning environment. I understand this opportunity works closely with students,
peers, guardians and administration. My proficient interpersonal, leadership and communication skills will
cultivate trusting and productive relationships with all those with whom I will work closely. A few of my strengths
include being a problem solver, having an ability to communicate with diverse population and learners, being
organized and thinking creatively.

Throughout my education at South Dakota State University I received over one thousand hours of field experience
in a multitude of classrooms. My experience in classrooms comprises of twelve-months to fifteen-years old. I have
taken many courses including emergent literacy and numeracy, early child curriculum and assessment, methods
and materials of early childhood education, foundations of American education, middle school science, and middle
school math. I have currently taken one hundred and forty-eight credits and achieved a major GPA of 3.9.
Additionally, I have received the honor of Deans List six semesters thus far. Through this time and experience, I
understand what makes a school district strong as well as, where my niche is within a school district. With these
achievements and many others enclosed in my resume, I believe I would be an outstanding asset to your team.

I enjoy the challenges of working with students, parents, and teachers to create the opportunities to make
education happen for each student. I will seek to provide positive staff professional development, teamwork, and
collaboration. I know that I can contribute to the positive atmosphere and culture of the Champaign Community
Unit School District 4, as an education teacher. I am eager to guide all students in the Champaign Community Unit
School District 4 to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to improve a diverse society and excel in a
changing world. I will promote a dynamic and rich learning environment in which all students participate in
lifelong learning.

Enclosed you will find my resume and additional information about previous work and experiences to aid in your
decision. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you to set up a possible interview at your
convenience. Please contact me via phone or email with any questions regarding this opportunity. My phone
number is (605) 545-0047 and my email is

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Rylee Haugen
Rylee Haugen (Enclosure)