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Vocabulary Book example is Book example is Example shows Example and

labeled with the labeled with the character change, labeled craft move
craft move and is craft move and is setting (place and dont match.
highlighted to show highlighted to show time), but doesnt
where the example where the example clarify what craft
is found on the is found on the the author used to
page. Example and page. Example and show that.
craft move make craft move make
sense together. It sense together.
includes a

Production and Development - Development - Development - Development -

Distribution of Writing has at least Writing uses Writing Writing
Writing one quote with examples from the communicates communicates
analysis to book (perhaps readers deep readers thinking
communicate the summary or thinking about the about the book.
readers deep paraphrasing) to book.
thinking about the communicate the Organization -
book. readers deep Organization - Writing is
thinking about the Writing includes unstructured.
Organization - book. some elements of
Writing is structured structure. Style - Writing is
in a way that helps Organization - either formal or
the reader Writing is structured Style - Writing is informal.
understand. clearly. either formal or
Style - Writing is a Style - Writing is
cross between either formal or
formal and informal. informal.
It feels like its
written to be read
by someone else,
but feels like a
unique voice.

Range of Writing Reader has a Reader has a Reader has Reader has few
variety of notes/jots variety of notes/jots notes/jots that are notes/jots.
that are varied in that are varied in mainly focused
content and make content. around one type of
sense upon thinking.
returning to them.