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Group of mercenary guns for hire.

They stole advanced miliatary equipment and pi

lotable constructs.
Amoral and completely merciless.
They are loyal to their contract, but will abandon mid-battle when it is complet
Guilotine (Andy Blake):
-suit has advanced sensors and comm gear.
-Enhanced strength and speed.
-Able to generate force field.
-More powerful jet boots (jump farther, longer)
-He is arrogant, but professional.
-Skilled tactician.
-Former military man, his squad was about to be arrested for their crimes, fled
and stole the equipment.
Assualt (Glen Walker & Clyde Moreno):
-Two sets of armor.
-Enhanced strength and speed.
-well rounded fighters, somewhat standard infantry.
-Heavily armed (assault rifle, grenade launcher, grenades, shotgun, pistols, kni
-One has explosives, the other has heavier armor.
-Both men are bullies.
-Both want to get rich.
-Radio communication, enhanced optics.
Blade (Keith Cortez):
-Armor is designed for speed.Capable of 5min "blur mode". Able to move super fas
-Lighter armor.
-Enhanced strength.
-Power blade, capable of cutting almost anything down. Blade is projected from s
word itself.
-Radio communication, enhanced optics.
-Sadistic speed junky.
Marksman (Hector West):
-Stealth suite.
-Super enhanced optics and targetting system.
-Sniper rifle capable of firing standard, EM pulse and poison bullets.
-Enhanced strength.
-Jump jets
Engineer(Roberto Neal):
-Enhanced strength and speed.
-Carries heavy rifle, capable of laying down suppression fire.
-Heavily armored.
-Carries multikit, able to produce needed tools
-Carries varitey of hacking tools as well.
-Jump jets
-EMP grenades
-Can repair mechs and other suits if damaged.
-Skilled technician, engineer.
-Dishonorably discharged for sabataguing a rivals equipment.
-Met __ and talked about stealing suits.
-Selfish and slef-centered, convinced he is smarter than everyone else.
Highly sophisticated walking tanks. Highly mobile and very deadly.
Longshot (Luis Wagner):
-Heavy artillery cannon.
-Machine gun.
-High energy shield.
-Primarily long range support.
-Heavily armored, slow.Biggest.
-Limited camoflauge. (doesn't work if it moves)
Guardian (Woodrow Clark):
-Heavy assault mech.
-high powered snub nosed rail gun.
-Vulcan cannons (dual heavy machine guns)
-Able to project powerful energy shield, but only covers front.
-Jump jets.
-designed to be a rally point on the field (able to provide shields, cover fire
and take out big targets)
Rapier (Marion Saunders):
-Hand to hand combat mech.
-Capable of immense speed.
-Energy blads on arms similiar to Blade infantry armor.
-Blur mode.
-Fires disorienting shock field around itself, diables vehicles and stuns foes.
Wolverine (Armando Jefferson):
-Medium assault mech.
-Fast, most nimble and advanced jump jets.
-Light rail gun. (has to be standing still to use)
-Heavy assault rifle (single and multi shot)
-Capabale of firing defenive smoke screen.
-Machin gun on front.
-Rotating machine gun on top useful for shooting down missiles and defending bac
k. (AI controlled)
-Communications scrambler.