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Oral Language Website Resource List for Practicing Listening and Speaking Skills Listening to
Learn document shared on Curriculum Canada’s Transforming FSL site helps teachers think
more about listening for students ESL video web site provides resources/videos for student and
teachers to improved listening and speaking skills The
Listening Guide found on the Edugains web site provides practical tips for teachers
Let’s Talk About Listening from the Capacity Building Series talks about effective listening
English educator blog with tons of posts about effective strategies you can easily integrate into
your classroom. Has over 130 podcasts and covers a variety of subjects for students to
listen to. You can search Culips in the App Store or visit their website This website provides many videos with interactive quizzes and
vocabulary support. Videos cover a wide range of topics. This website allows you to convert your text to speech. You
can listen to the text in a variety of voices. It can be used to help you decide if the text you have
written follows proper English speech patterns. This website has different Levels (sadly not matching the
ones we know) where students can do different interactive tasks (listen and write the whole
statement, correct a given statement, fill in the blank, etc) This site has a huge amount of little listening clips at different levels.
There are pre-and post-listening activities for each task. It outlines the topic and the type of
conversation. There are many casual conversations. You can listen to different exercises on various
topics. It provides vocabulary and a quiz to check for comprehension. This website has
a lot of great additional links for listening and oral skill development: Great video that uses visuals for teaching
basic mathematics skills. You could use these videos for students to review concepts, or you
could show them in the classroom and have students discuss them in small groups. Often, it is hard to find listening activities that
include the exact vocabulary and target language that you want the students to learn, hear and
practice. All you have to do on this site is input the text into the box, select the desired
language, select the type of voice you want and you can even adjust the speed. (The accent is
great too!) The learning
chocolate website has numerous images of common everyday phrases and when you highlight
the image it says what it is. Some of the links allow students to type the words that were said
out-loud. ESL Listening Lessons: Basic, Beginner
Intermediate and Advanced Listening as well as Inference Listening and Listening with Real
Conversations Lessons for Teachers as
well as activities for students. Includes reading, listening, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary
etc. Several short video clips with questions embedded
in the video. Software to easily create your own video lesson with questions using any video
from YouTube. Simply cut and paste the url and insert your own questions at desired intervals Activities to help develop more ‘natural’ conversations
activity.pdf?sfvrsn=0 Provides different strategies to plan and implement listening activities There are numerous print out and
suggested lesson plan ideas available. This site not only provides an array of listening material
such as concept from Alice in Wonderland but it also provides the transcripts for the videos.
Also this site has articles and how to building memory and confidence if a student is looking for
some tips. This is more unorthodox but this website provides students with the
opportunity to listen to lyrics and reproduce what they hear. Parts of the lyrics in a karaoke are
missing in which the students must reproduce.


Listen & Speak (Google Play) : "Listen & Speak's software uses an advanced learning technique
where short language patterns are read, understood and pronounced in sequence. The
application then analyzes your pronunciation, telling you how well you have done. You can also
directly compare your recording to the reference version. By going through the set of such
patterns, you quickly build up the necessary skills and become proficient in speaking freely the
language of your choice."

Pronunciation Power (IOS): "Pronunciation power is the ultimate in new English language
learning technology for beginner and intermediate learners. This app translates into 12
different languages and uniquely features hours of exercise for practicing Stress, Timing,
Articulation, Intonation and Rhythm (S.T.A.I.R).


Apple dictation or google doc voice voice typing.

Photobooth & imovie Students could film themselves speaking. They could then use imovie to
layer their audio on top pictures.