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Slow Scan Adjustment

(SW 1.231.15)
Note : Must be used only if customer complaint about
The specification. Slow scan Spec print mode is +-0,4%.
Pre request : Machine must be at level 1.231.15 minimum
Questions :
1) Can I set my machine
Adjustable or Not Adjustable depends on M/C. ???
Note : In some cases, you have to replace the ROS Assy.
2) How to identify Unadjustable M/C and how to handle
are described later.
Slow Scan Adjustment Range 0.4%(0.025% increment)
Slow Scan Adjustment Procedure :
1) Be sure the machine is working perfectly, no issue,no fault code, DFE (external
and embedded are OK).
2) Check / Upgrade to IOT software 1.231.15.
Note : If you have a FC42-326
Perform an IOT NVM reset through the UI Diagnostic.
Then proceed with the step 3.
3) Set Diag NVM 760-252 : PM Switch to 1:Enable.
4) Execute DC675:RegiConSetUp(Using your Laptop)
5) Check the value of NVM 760-249 : Slow Scan Judge.
1Enable with high risk
2Enable with low risk
Please turn the page how to identify Unadjustable M/C and how to handle :
How to identify Unadjustable M/C and how to handle :
You can identify by checking the value of 760-249 :
Slow Scan Judge after implementing DC675.
0 : Disable
1 : Risk is high: Cannot make RegiCon Adj.and IReCT image quality
defect may occur.
2 : Risk is low: Cannot make RegiCon Adj. and IReCT image quality
defect may occur.
3 : Enable
3 above is recommendable for Slow Scan Adjustable M/C.
2 above would also be recommendable if absolute value of K color Skew correction
quantity after DC675 implementation is 100 or less and that of K color Bow
correction quantity is 40 or less.
For 0 or 1 above, need to replace ROS. Check Skew/Bow correction
quantity of DC675. Look for a pair of values (close each other) of YMCK.
Replace the ROS other than such pair.
6) Set adjusted value within 16 range (Default should be 0)
in Side 1: 760-250
and Side 2: 760-251.
7) Print the customer file and check the result.