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Read the text carefully. Complete these sentences by using the words in the box.

Write them
Mr Kartolo is very down in your exercise book.
happy. The rainy season of this
year makes the farm beautiful. Carpenter receptionist electrician tailor
flight attendant photographer pilot
It is planting time! Rice fields
become fresh and green during
this season and by the end of
this season Mr Kartolo is ready 1. A person who flies an aeroplane is a . . . .
to harvest his crops. 2. A person who sets electric systems is an . . . .
Mr Kartolo ploughs the 3. A person who takes pictures is a . . . .
land at the beginning of the rainy season. Then, he usually works early 4. A person who drives for someone else is a . . . .
and finishes at noon. Milking the cows, feeding the livestock, and 5. A person who answers the phone and receives guests in a hotel or in an
cleaning the barns are among Mr Kartolos duties before breakfast. He office is a . . . .
does most of the hardoutdoor work by himself. 6. A person who serves passengers on a flight is . . . .
7. A person who makes furniture is a . . . .
Answer the following questions. 8. A person who makes our clothes is a . . . .
1. What is a farm like during the rainy season?
2. What is the colour of the rice field in the rainy season? Match the professions in column A with their correct duties in column B.
3. When does Mr Kartolos workday end? A B
4. When does Mr Kartolo plough the land? 1. a doctor a. to keep or inspect financial accounts
2. a pilot b. to catch fishes for living
Decide whether the statements are true or false. 3. a fisherman c. to examine sick people in a hospital
1. Farmers work on the farm. 4. a manager d. to serve guests in a restaurant
2. A pilot flies a plane. 5. a police officer e. to make mens clothes
3. Doctors find jobs at schools. 6. an accountant f. to take care of sick people
4. Teachers teach at schools. 7. a chef g. to cook in a restaurant
5. Engine drivers drive buses. 8. a nurse h. to prevent and investigate crimes
6. Pearl-divers cannot swim. 9. a tailor i. to manage staff or an organization
7. Sailors work on land. 10. a waiter j. to fly an airplane
8. Miners must have good stamina.
9. Taxi drivers usually own their taxis.
10. Chefs work in an office.

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