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Time: 03 hrs PCB Marks : 720

1. Dimensions of charge are 6 ms 1collides with a 30 kg ball initially at rest

a) 0 0 1 1 b) 1 .if both of them coalesce ,then final velocity of
1 d) the combined mass is
2. The unit of self-inductance is a) 6 1 b) 5 1
a) Weber ampere b) Weber 1 ampere c) 3.6 1 d) 2.4 1
c) Ohm second d) Farad 9. A cylinder rolls down an inclined plane of
3. A body moves with initial velocity 10 1 . If inclination 30, the acceleration of cylinder is
it covers a distance of 20 in 2, then a) g/3 b) g c) g/2 d) 2g/3
acceleration of the body is 10. Two discs of moment of inertia 1 and 2 and
a) Zero b) 10 2 c) 5 2 d) 2 2 angular speeds 1 and 2 are rotating along
4. A stone thrown at an angle to the horizontal collinear axes passing through their centre of
a projectile makes an angle /4 with the mass and perpendicular to their plane. If the
horizontal, then its initial velocity and angle of two are made to rotate combindly along the
projection are, respectively same axis the rotational of system will be
2 sin 22 sin 1 1 + 2 2 ( + 2 )(1 + 2 )2
a) b) a) b) 1
g g 2(1 + 2 ) 2
(1 1 + 2 2 )2 d) None of these
2 2 c)
c) 2 d) 2(1 + 2 )
g g
11. For a body lying on the equator to appear
5. If the resultant of A and B makes angle with weightless, what should be the angular speed
and with B
A then of the earth?(Take g = 10ms 2 ; radius of earth
a) < always = 6400 km)
b) < , if < a) 0.125 rads1 b) 1.25 rads1
c) < , if > c) 1.25 103 rads1 d) 1.25 102 rads1
d) < , if = 12. When a rubber cord is stretched, the change in
6. Mass of 3 kg descending vertically downward volume with respect to change in its linear
supports a mass of 2 kg by means the end of 5 dimensions is negligible. The Poissons ratio
s, the string breaks. How much higher the 2 kg for rubber is
mass will go further? a) 1 b) 0.25 c) 0.5 d) 0.75

13. Water is moving with a speed of 5.18 ms 1

through a pipe with a cross-sectional area of
4.20 cm2 . The water gradually descend 9.66 m
as the pipe increase in area to 7.60 cm2 . The
a) 4.9 m b) 9.8 m c) 19.6 m d) 2.45 m speed of flow at the lower level is
7. A shell of rest at the origin explodes into three a) 3.0 ms1 b) 5.7 ms1
fragments of masses 1 kg, 2 kg and kg. The 1 c) 3.82 ms1 d) 2.86 ms1
kg and 2 kg pieces fly off with speed of 5 ms1 14. A body of density 1 is counterpoised by of
along -axis and 6 ms 1 along -axis weights of density 2 in air of density . Then
respectively. If the kg piece flies off with the true mass of the body is
speed of 6.5 ms1 , the total mass of the shell
a) b) (1 )
must be 2
a) 4 kg b) 5 kg c) 3.5 kg d) 4.5 kg (1 /2 )
c) (1 ) d)
8. A 20 kg ball moving with a velocity 1 (1 /1 )

P a g e |1
15. An experiment takes 10 min to raise c) 1000 Hz, 1m d) 1500 Hz, 1.5m
temperature of water from 0 and 100 22. Two spheres of radii and respectively are
and another 55 min to convert it totally charged and joined by a wire. The ratio of
into steam by a stabilized heater. The electric field of the spheres is
a) / b) / c) 2 / 2 d) 2 /2
latent heat of vaporization comes out to be
23. Which of the following plots represents the
a) 530 calg 1 b) 540 calg 1
variation of the electric field with distance
c) 550 calg 1 d) 560 calg 1
from the centre of a uniformly charged non-
16. In an adiabatic change, the pressure and conducting sphere of radius ?
temperature of monoatomic gas are related
with relation ,where is equal to
a) 5 b) 5 c) 5 d) 3
4 3 2 5 a) b)
17. Which of the following is true in the case of an
adiabatic process, where = / ?
a) 1 = constant b) 1 = constant
c) = constant d) = constant
18. Air inside a closed container is saturated
c) d)
with water vapour. The air pressure is
and the saturated vapour pressure of
water is . If the mixture is compressed to
24. Two conducting sphere of radii r1and r2 are at
one half of its volume by maintaining
the same potential. The ratio of their charges is
temperature constant, the pressure
a) 12 / 22 b) 22 / 12 c) 1 / 2 d) 2 / 1
25. If in a voltaic cell, 5 g of zinc is consumed, we
a) 2( + ) b) (2 + )
will get how many ampere hour (given that
c) ( + 2 d) + 2 ECE of zinc is 3.38 107 kgC 1)
19. A particle of mass is hanging vertically by an a) 2.05 b) 8.2
ideal spring of force constant . If the mas is c) 4.1 d) 5 3.338 107
made to oscillate vertically, its total energy is 26. A wire of resistance is elongated fold to
a) Maximum at extreme position make a new uniform wire. The resistance of
b) Maximum at mean position new wire
c) Minimum at mean position a) b) 2 c) 2 d) 22
d) Same at all position 27. What is the ratio of heat generated in and 2
20. A simple pendulum of length L and mass of bob
M is oscillating in a plane about a vertical line
between angular limits and + . For an E
angular displacement|| < . the tension in
the string and the velocity of the bob are T and
respectively. Which of the following relation
a) 2 :1 b) 1 :2 c) 4 :1 d) 1 :4
holds good under the above conditions?
28. A proton and an -particle are projected
a) cos =
normally into a magnetic field. What will be
b) Mg cos = 2 /
the ratio of radii of the trajectories of the
c) + Mg cos = 2 / proton and -particle?
d) = cos a) 2 : 1 b) 1 : 2 c) 4 : 1 d) 1 : 4
21. A 1000 Hz sound wave in air strikes the 29. Tangent galvanometer measures
surface of a lake and penetrates into water. If a) Capacitance b) Current
speed of sound in water is 1500ms1,the c) Resistance d) Potential difference
frequency and wavelength of waves in water 30. Water is
are a) Diamagnetic b) Paramagnetic
a) 1500 Hz, 1m b) 1000 Hz, 1.5m c) Ferromagnetic d) None of these
P a g e |2
31. A square loop of wire, side length 10 cm is a) 3.09 eV b) 1.42 eV c) 151 eV d) 1.68 eV
placed at angle of 45 with a magnetic field 40. In an atom, the two electrons move round the
that changes uniformly from 0.1 T to zero in nucleus in circular orbits of radii and 4.
0.7 s. The induced current in the loop (its The ratio of the times taken by them to
resistance is 1 )is complete one revolution is
a) 1.0 mA b) 2.5 mA c) 3.5 mA d) 4.0 mA a) 1/4 b) 4/1 c) 8/1 d) 1/8
32. adsf 41. The decay constant of radium is 4.28
a) 122 104 . Its half life will be
b) 3 a) 2000 b) 1240
c) 4 c) 63 d) 1620
d) 5 42. When a sample of solid lithium is placed in a
33. A coil of wire of certain radius has 100 turns flask of hydrogen gas then following reaction
and a self inductance of 15 mH. The self happened
inductance of a second similar coil of 500 turns 1 7 4 4
1 + 3 2 + 2
will be This statement is
a) 75 mH
b) 375 mH
c) 15 mH H2
d) None of these Li

34. Velocity of Electromagnetic Waves in a

medium depends upon a) True
a) Thermal properties of medium b) False
b) Mechanical and electrical properties of c) May be true at a particular pressure
medium d) None of these
c) electrical and magnetic properties of the 43. In the presence of space charge in the diode
medium valve the plate current is 10mA at the plate
d) Mechanical and magnetic properties of the voltage 50V. Then the plate current at plate
medium voltage 200 V will be
35. At what distance from a convex lens of focal a) 20 mA b) 40 mA
length 30 cm, an object should be placed, so c) 80 mA d) None of these
that the size of the image be2th of the object? 44. In an amplitude modulated wave for audio
a) 30 cm b) 60 cm c) 15 cm d) 90 cm frequency of 500 /, the
36. An object is placed at a distance of 10 from appropriate carrier frequency will be
a convex lens of power 5. Find the position of a) 50 / b) 100 /
the image c) 500 / d) 50,000 /
a) 20 b) 30 c) 20 d) 30 45. Which of the following is correct?
37. The idea of the quantum nature of light has a) A single geostationary satellite can cover the
emerged in an attempt to explain whole part of the earth for microwave
a) Interference communication
b) Diffraction b) Atleast three geostationary satellites in the
c) Radiation spectrum of a black body same orbit around earths can cover the
d) Polarization whole part of the earth for microwave
38. Positive rays were discovered by communication
a) Thomson b) Goldstein c) The first Indian communication satellite is
c) W. Crookes d) Rutherford Apple
39. The surface of a metal is illuminated with the d) The satellite communication is not like the
light of 400 nm. The kinetic energy of the line of sight microwave communication.
ejected photoelectrons was found to be 1.68 46. Number of atoms in 560 g of Fe
eV. The work function of the metal is ( = (atomic mass 56 g mol1 ) is
1240 nm) a) Twice that of 70 g N b) Half that of 20 g H

P a g e |3
c) Both are correct d) None of these c) Directly proportional to square of
47. 100 tons of 2 3 containing 20% impurities temperature
will give iron by reduction with 2 equal to d) Directly proportional to square root of
a) 112 tons b) 80 tons c) 160 tons d) 56 tons temperature
48. The ionisation energy of hydrogen atom is 54. A schematic plot of In inverse of
13.6 eV. What will be the ionisation energy of temperature for a reaction is shown below
He+ ?
a) 13.6 eV b) 54.4 eV c) 122.4 eV d) Zero
49. An electronic transition in hydrogen atom
results in the formation of H line of hydrogen
in Lyman series, the energies associated with
the electron in each of the orbits involved in
the transition (in kcal mol1 ) are
a) 313.6, 34.84 b) 313.6, 78.4
c) 78.4, 34.84 d) 78.4, 19.6 The reaction must be
50. In which of the following arrangements, the a) Exothermic
sequence is not strictly according to the b) Endothermic
property written against it? c) One with negligible enthalpy change
CO < O2 < O2 < O2 : increasing d) Highly spontaneous at ordinary temperature
a) 2 55. Internal energy is
oxidising power
HF < < < : increasing acid a) Partly potential and partly kinetic
b) b) Totally kinetic
NH3 > H3 < H3 < H3 : increasing c) Totally potential
c) d) None of the above
basic strength
B < < < : increasing first ionisation 56. For the reaction,
enthalpy 2HI(g) H2 (g) + I2 (g) Q kJ , the
51. In the anion HCOO the two carbon-oxygen equilibrium constant depends upon
bonds are found to be of equal length. What is a) Temperature b) Pressure
the reason for it? c) Catalyst d) Volume
a) b) c) d) The 57. Which of the following is not a redox reaction?
anion is a) 2Na + Cl2 2NaCl
Electron obtained b) C + O2 CO2
The C=O anion
ic orbits by c) AgNO3 + NaCl AgCl + NaNO3
bond is HCOO
of removal d) Zn + H2 SO4 ZnSO4 + H2
weaker has two
carbon of a 58. Which quantities are conserved in all
than the resonati
atom are proton oxidation-reduction reactions?
CO ng
hybridis from the a) Charge only
bond structur
ed acid b) Mass only
molecul c) Both charge and mass
e d) Neither charge nor mass
52. The molecule having zero dipole moment is 59. Moist hydrogen peroxide cannot be dried over
a) CH2 Cl2 conc. H2 SO4 because
b) BF3 a) It can catch fire
c) NF3 b) It is reduced by H2 SO4
d) ClF3 c) It is oxidised by H2 SO4
53. The molecular velocity of any gas is d) It is decomposed by H2 SO4
a) Inversely proportional to the square root of 60. Complex forming tendency is more for
temperature a) Na+ b) K + c) Li+ d) Rb+
b) Inversely proportional to absolute 61. When sand is heated with hydrofluoric acid
temperature and a wet rod is brought in contact with

P a g e |4
vapours evolving a white deposit is due to 0.216than that of the pure solvent, the
a) SiF4 b) SiF2 molecular weight of the substance is (molal
c) H4 SiO4 d) None of these elevation constant for the solvent is 2.16)
62. Suppose you have to determine the percentage a) 100 b) 102 c) 104 d) 1.02
of carbon dioxide in a sample of a gas available 70. Choose the correct statement.
in a container. Which is the best absorbing When concentration of a salt solution is
material for the carbon dioxide? increased
a) Heated copper oxide a) Boiling point increases while vapour
b) Cold, solid calcium chloride pressure decreases.
c) Cold, solid calcium hydroxide b) Boiling point decreases while vapour
d) Heated charcoal pressure increases.
63. Stability of which intermediate is not governed c) Freezing point decreases while vapour
by hyperconjugation? pressure increases.
a) Carbon cation b) Carbon anion d) Freezing point increases while vapour
c) Carbon free radical d) None of these pressure decreases.
64. The Markownikoffs rule is the best 71. MnO +
4 + 8H + 5 Mn
+ 4H2 O;
applicable to the reaction between = 1.51 V
a) C2 H4 + HCl b) C3 H6 + Br2 MnO4 + 4H + 2 Mn2++ 2H2 O;

c) C3 H6 + HBr d) C3 H8 + Cl2 = 1.23 V

65. The major product P in the following MnO4 |MnO2 is
reaction is a) 1.70 V b) 0.91 V
HI c) 1.37 V d) 0.548 V
CH3 CH = CH2 72. Rate of a reaction can be expressed by
a) CH3 CH2 CH2 I Arrhenius equation as
CH3 CH CH3 = /
b) | In this equation, represents
a) The energy above which all the colliding
molecules will react
CH2 CH = CH2
b) The energy below which colliding molecules
c) |
will not react
I The total energy of the reacting molecules at
CH2 CH2 c)
a temperature,
d) | | d) The fraction of molecules with energy
II greater than the activation energy of the
66. The total amount of oxygen (in ppm), reaction
consumed by a pollutant in a water sample is 73. For a gaseous reaction, the units of rate of rate
termed as of reaction are
a) Dissolved oxygen (DO) a) L atm s 1 b) atm s 1
b) Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) c) atm mol1 s1 d) mol s1
c) Chemical oxygen demand (COD) 74. Sulphur colloid is prepared by
d) None of the above a) Mechanical dispersion
67. In CsCl type structure the coordination b) Oxidation
number ofCs +and Cl are c) Electrical dispersion
a) 6, 6 b) 6, 8 c) 8, 8 d) 8, 6 d) Reduction
68. The elements commonly used for making 75. Flux is used to remove
transistors are a) Acidic impurities
a) C and Si b) Ga and In b) Basic impurities
c) P and As d) Si and Ge c) All impurities from ores
69. If 0.15 g of a solute dissolved in 15 g of solvent d) From ores
is boiled at a temperature higher by 76. Calamine is

P a g e |5
a) CaCO3 reaction is known as
b) MgCO3 a) Curtius b) Cope elimination
c) ZnCO3 c) Mannich reaction d) Hofmann
d) CaCO3 + CaO elimination
77. Which one is the strongest reducing agent? 86. Aliphatic nitriles are prepared by the
a) NH3 b) AsH3 c) SbH3 d) PH3 treatment of alkyl halides with
78. Identify the incorrect statement among the a) Sodium cyanide b) Sodium isocyanide
following c) Sodium isocyanate d) Cyanamide
-block elements show irregular and erratic 87. Fats, on alkaline hydrolysis, gives
chemical properties among themselves. a) Oils b) Soaps
La and Lu have partially filled -orbitals and c) Detergents d) Glycol+ acid
no other partially filled orbital. 88. PVC is prepared by the polymerization of
c) The chemistry of various lanthanoids is very a) Ethylene b) 1-chloropropene
similar. c) Propene d) 1-chloroethene
d) 4 and 5-orbitals are equally shielded. 89. With increase in which of the following factors,
79. K Cr O
K CrO + O + . In the above tensile strength of a polymer increases?
2 2 7 2 4 2
reaction is a) Crystallinity b) Melting point
a) CrO3 b) Cr2 O7 c) Cr2 O3 d) CrO5 c) Molecular weight d) All of these
80. Which of the following statements is correct? 90. Which of the following is not antiseptic drug?
InK 3 [Fe(CN)6 , the ligand has satisfied both a) Iodoform b) Dettol
a) primary and secondary valencies of ferric c) Lindane d) Gention violet
ion 91. Which one of the following is the feature of
In (Cu(NH3 )4 SO4 , the ligand has satisfied phylum-Chordata is also exhibited by adult
b) tunicate?
only the secondary valency of copper
In K 3 [Fe(CN)6 , the ligand has satisfied only a) Possession of visceral slits
c) b) Possession of a ventral chord
the secondary valency of ferric ion
d) Both (b) and (c) c) Possession of closed vascular system
81. + d) Possession of ventral tubular nervous system
A is 92. Distinction of prokaryota and eukaryote is based
a) AgCN b) KCN c) NaCN d) HCN on
82. When phenolic ether is heated with HI, it yields a) Cell organelles only
a) Alkyl halide + aryl halide + water b) Chromosome only
c) Nucleus only
b) d) All of these
93. Family placed between
a) Genus and species b) Order and class
c) Alcohol +aryl halide
c) Class and genus d) Order and genus
d) None of the above
94. Multinucleated filament of is
a) Coenocytic b) Conidia
c) Heterothallus d) Homothallus
95. Chromosomes in a bacterial cell can be 1-3 in
This reaction is called number and
a) Reimer-Tiemann reaction a) Can be either circular or linear, but never
b) Liebermanns nitroso reaction both within the same cell
c) Dakin reaction b) Can be circular as well linear within the
d) Lederer -Manasse reaction same cell
84. The most acidic of the following is c) Are always circular
a) ClCH2 COOH b) C6 H5 COOH d) Are always linear
c) CD3 COOH d) CH3 CH2 COOH 96. Which of the following plants produces seeds
85. Amine oxide, when heated froms alkene. The but not flowers?

P a g e |6
a) Maize b) Mint c) Peepal d) chromosomes in their respective endosperm?
97. The unique feature of bryophytes compared to a) Oryza-Allium-Saccharum-Nicotiana
other green plant group is that b) Allium-Oryza-Nicotiana-Saccharum
a) They produce spores b) They lack vascular c) Nicotiana-Saccharum-Oryza-Allium
tissue d) Saccharum-Oryza-Nicotiana-Allium
c) They lack roots d) There sporophytes 105. Complex tissues are
is attached to the a) Made up of more than one kind of cells
gametophyte b) Xylem and phloem
98. The main nitrogenous waste of Hydra, is c) Both (a) and (b)
a) Ammonia only b) Urea only d) None of the above
c) Uric acid only d) Both (a) and (c) 106. Examples for lateral meristems are
99. In earthworm, the characteristic internal a) Phellogen and procambium
median fold of dorsal wall of the intestine b) Fascicular cambium and procambium
called typhlosole is present in c) Procambium and dermatogen
a) 5 to 9 segments b) 9 to 14 segments d) Fascicular cambium and cork cambium
c) 26 to 35 segments d) 15 to last segment 107. You are required to draw blood from patient
100. Which one is absent in frog? and to keep it in a test tube for analysis of
a) Phrenic nerve b) Renal portal vein blood corpuscles and plasma. You are also
c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of these provided with the following four types of test
101. Identify the order of plants showing alternate, tubes, which of them will you not use for the
opposite and whorled phyllotaxy. purpose?
a) China rose, and a) Test tube containing calcium bicarbonate
b) China rose, and b) Chilled test tube
c) , China rose and c) Test tube containing heparin
d) , and China rose d) Test tube containing sodium oxalate
102. Observe the given floral diagram and choose 108. In female cockroach, the 7th sternum together
the suitable floral formula from the followings with the 8th and 9th sterna forms a
a) Collater b) Gonopor c) Genital d) Anal
al gland e pouch cercus
109. Ribosomes that occur exclusively in mitochondria
a) 70 S b) 55 S c) 30 S d) 50 S
110. Which of the following is a part of
endomembrane system of eukaryotic cell?
a) Peroxisomes b) Chloroplasts
a) c) Mitochondria d) Golgi complex
b) 111. Pick the odd statement out
Removal of CO2 from b) All the biomolecules
c) amino acids converts have a turnover
d) an amino acid into
103. The most advanced family is an amine
a) Cruciferae b) Cucurbitaceae c) Metabolic pathway d) Metabolic pathways
c) Compositae d) Euphorbiaceae are termed as always follows a
104. The triploid number of chromosomes of the transformation linear route
first taxon in 10 times more than the haploid reactions
number of chromosomes of the second taxon, 112. Which kinds of structures of proteins are
while the diploid number of the third taxon is shown in the figures given below
six time more than the haploid number of the
fourth taxon. Which one of the following shows
the ascending order of the number of

P a g e |7
d) Chemically bound water
117. Water potential of a solution is denoted by
a) X b) P
c) d)
118. Which of the given options are correct for
A = 1 structure, B = 2 structure, C = 3 hydroponics? Select the correct pair
a) I. Hydroponics technique is useful in areas
structure, D = 4 structure
A = 4 structure, B = 2 structure, C = 3 having infertile and dry soils
b) II. Hydroponics can regulate pH optimum for a
structure, D = 1 structure
A = 1 structure, B = 4 sstructure, C = 3 particular crop
c) III. It increases the labour cost
structure, D = 2 structure
A = 4 structure, B = 3 structure, C = 2 IV. It increases the problem of weeding
d) a) I and IV b) I and II c) I and III d) Only I
structure, D = 1 structure
113. After the separation of centromeres during 119. Fe can be taken by plants in the form of
mitosis, the chromatids move towards a) Ferrous ion b) Ferrous sulphate
opposite poles of the spindle. Name the term c) Ferric ions d) Either (a) or (c)
used for these chromatids 120. Which of the following elements are essential
a) Daughter b) Kinetochores for the photolysis of water?
chromosomes a) Ca and CI
c) Half spindles d) Centrosomes b) Mn and CI
114. Recombination is involved in the process c) Zn and I
of d) Cu and Fe
a) Cytokinesis 121. Cyclic-photophosphorylation results in the
formation of
b) Spindle formation
c) Crossing over
b) ATP and NADPH
d) Chromosome duplication
c) ATP, NADPH and oxygen
115. Which of the following statements is/are d) ATP
not true? 122. In which of the following reactions of
I.In CAM plants, stomata open during dark glycolysis, oxidation takes place?
and remain closed during the day. a) Glucose 6-PO4 to fructose 6-PO4
II.Role of Na+ in stomatal opening is now b) Glyceraldehydes 3-phosphate to 1, 3-
universally accepted. diphosphoglycerate
III.The water potential of root cells is c) 1,3-diphosphoglycerate to 3-
higher than the water potential of soil.
d) 2-phosphoglycerate to phosphoglycerate
IV.Capillarity theory is the most accepted
123. RQ is always less than one in
theory of water movement through plants.
a) Wheat b) Millets
V.The walls of xylem vessels made up of c) Bean d) Castor
lingo-cellulose have strong affinity for 124. Member of auxin, which is widely used to kill
water molecules. the dicotyledonous weed is
a) II, III and V a) IAA b) IBA c) NAA d) 2-4-D
b) II, III and IV 125. Which of the following movement in plants is
c) I, II and III not related to change in auxin level?
d) II and III a) Nyctinastic leaf movement
116. The water available to plants for b) Movement of root towards soil
c) Movement of sunflower, tracking the
absorption is
direction of sun
a) Gravitational water
d) Movement of shoot towards light
b) Hygroscopic water
126. Name the process when dedifferentiated cells
c) Capillary water

P a g e |8
again loss the ability to divide and get mature? 133. Select the right option
a) Cell-enlargement b) Redifferentiation a) Nitrogenous excretory products are
c) Dedifferentiation d) Differentiation synthesised in kidney and eliminated in liver
127. Which one of the following elements is b) Nitrogenous excretory products are
essential for the life of animal and not for synthesised in kidney, and eliminated also
plants? c) Nitrogenous excretory products are
a) Calcium b) Iodine synthesised in liver, and eliminated via bile
c) Phosphorus d) Potassium juice
128. Continued consumption of a diet rich in butter, d) Nitrogenous excretory products are
red meat and eggs for a long period may lead synthesised in liver eliminated by kidney
to 134. A portion of uric acid is converted to urea and
a) Vitamin-A toxicity ammonia by intestinal
b) Kidney stones a) Urogenolysis b) Ureolysis
c) Hypercholesterolemia c) Uricolysis d) Ureotolysis
d) Urine laden with ketone bodies 135. Physiologically urea is produced by the action
129. Oxygen (O2 ) is utilised by an organism to of an enzyme
a) Directly breakdown the nutrient molecules a) Arginase b) Urease
b) Indirectly breakdown the nutrient molecules c) Uricase d) None of these
c) Obtain nourishment from the food 136. Study the following sentense .
d) Burn the organic compounds indirectly 1. The accumulation of pyruvic acid in the
130. Dissociation curve of haemoglobin is muscle causes fatigue
a) Sigmoid b) Parabolic 2. ATP is resynthesized in the muscle by
c) Straight line d) Hyperbolic the phosphorylation of ADP by a
131. Identify to in the given diagram of human phosphogen.
heart and choose the correct option 3. Cori and coris cycle occurs in the
4. The phosphogen in the vertebrate
muscle is arginine phosphate.
The correct set of answers for
muscle contraction is
a) I and II b) II and IV
c) III and IV d) II and III
a) A-Vena cava, B-Right atrium, C-Left atrium, 137. Pick out the correct match.
D-Right ventricle, E-Left ventricle, F- a) Sternum-14 b) Pelvis-3
Interventricular septum c) Ribs-20 d) Face-5
b) A-Vena cava, B-Right atrium, C-Right 138. Where the saddle joints are presents in
ventricle, D-Left ventricle, E-Left auricle, F- humans?
Interventricular septum a) Between carpals and matacarpals
c) A-Vena cava, B-Right atrium, C-Right b) Atlas and axis
ventricle, D-Left atrium, E-Left ventricle, F- c) Radius and ulna
Interventricular septum d) Carpals and phallanges
d) A-Vena cava, B-Left atrium, C-Right 139. Sensation of stomach pain is due to
ventricle, D-Left ventricle, E-Right atrium, F- a) Interoceptors b) Exteroceptors
Interventricular septum c) Proprioceptors d) Teloceptors
132. The low pressure below the arterial O2 results 140. Choose the odd pair out in the following.
in a) Areolar connective tissue-Collagen
a) Release of CO2 from the cell b) Epithelium-Keratin
b) Formation of haemoglobin c) Neuron-Melanin
c) Production of bicarbonate d) Muscle fibre-Actin
d) Formation of carbonic acid 141. A ten year old child, in whom anterior pituitary

P a g e |9
function is deficient, is likely to 150. Process of delivery of the foetus is called
a) Develop acromegaly a) Parturition b) Implantation
b) Be short stature but have relatively normal c) Fertilization d) Lactation
body proportions 151. Fleshy folds of tissue which extends down the
c) Be in constant danger of becoming mons pubis and surrounds the vaginal opening
dehydrated is called
d) Have a high basal metabolic rate a) Labia minora
142. Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly b) Labia majora
matched? c) Hymen
a) Glucagon - Beta cells (source) d) Clitoris
b) Somatostatin - Delta cells (source) 152. Indicators of the improved reproductive health
c) Corpus luteum - Relaxin (secretion) of the society are
d) Insulin - Diabetes mellitus a) Better detection and b) Improved medical
(disease) cure of STD facilities
143. A scion is grafted to stock. The quality of fruits c) Decreased maternal d) All of the above
produced will be determined by the genotype and infant morality
of: rates
a) Stock 153. In male sterilization A is cut and tied. This
b) Scion process is called .B .
c) Both stock and scion Fill correct option for A and B
d) Neither stock nor scion a) A-vas deferens; B- b) A-vas deferens; B-
144. Which of the following is wrongly matched tubectomy vasectomy
pair? c) A-vas efferentia; B- d) A-vas efferentia; B-
a) Tuber-Potato b) Rhizome-Ginger tubectomy vasectomy
c) Bulbil-Agave d) Leaf buds-Banana 154. XO type of sex determination is seen in
145. A scion is grafted to a stock. The quality of a) Man b) Grasshopper
fruits produced will be determined by the c) d) Birds
genotype of 155. Law based on fact that the characters dont
a) Stock b) Scion show any blending and both the characters are
c) Both (a) and (b) d) Neither (a) nor (b) recovered as such in F2 -generation although
146. What would be the number of chromosomes of one character was absent in F1 -progeny, is
the aleurone cell of a plant with 42 a) Law of purity of b) Law of independent
chromosomes in its root tip cells? gametes assortment
a) 63 b) 84 c) 21 d) 42 c) Law of incomplete d) Law of dominance
147. Parthenogenesis is a type of dominance
a) Sexual reproduction 156. Which of the following is true regarding human
b) Asexual reproduction genetics?
c) Budding a) Most characters are b) Same characters are
d) Regeneration controlled by one controlled by more
148. Name the parts and organelles of the sperms gene then two genes
which are important in zygotes first cleavage, c) Same characters are d) All of the above
after syngamy not inherited
a) Neck b) c) d) according to
Neck Neck
and Neck Mendels law
and and
mitocho and tail 157. One strand of DNA (non-template) has base
centriole head
ndria sequence CAG, TCG, GAT. What will be the
149. Region outside the seminiferous tubules is sequence of bases in mRNA?
called a) AGC CTA CTA b) GTC AGC CTC
a) Inter b) c) d) c) CAG UCG GAU d) GAC TAG CTA
Inter Interstiti Blind
digital 158. RNA polymerase contains multiple polypeptide
space al space space
space units. For initiating RNA synthesis, it requires
P a g e |10
a) subunit b) subunit d) Penicillium notatum
c) factor d) spliceosome 167. The plant of Triticum aestivum is
159. Primitive man was originated during a) b) c) Tetraplo d) Hexaploi
Haploid Diploid
a) Miocene b) Holocene id d
c) Pleistocene d) Pliocene 168. Ability to absorb foreign DNA is:
160. Select the incorrect statements a) Sexduction b) Competence
I. Natural selection is essential for evolution c) Hfr d) Transduction
II. Natural selection do not include variations 169. Study the given diagram and identify the
III. Concept of natural selection was given by enzymes A and B involves in steps I and II
Hugo de Vries
IV. Mutation is the sudden inheritable change
V. Synthetic theory is also called Neo-
Darwinism theory of evolution
The correct combination is a
a) I, II and III b) II, III and IV
c) III, IV and V d) II and III
161. Which of the following vaccines are injected to
1 1 1
babies at age of 1 2 , 2 2 and 3 2 months?
a) DPT-Hib and polio
b) Polio and BCG Step I Step II
c) BCG and DPT-Hib a) Eco RI DNA ligase
d) BCG and hepatitis-B b) Alu I DNA ligase
162. The complexes formed during immune c) Hind II DNA polymerase
complex mediated hypersensitivity are d) Restriction endonuclease DNA polymerase
removed by 170. Manipulation of DNA in genetic engineering
a) Eosinophils andTc cells became possible due to the discovery of
b) Monocytes and B-lymopocytes a) Restriction endonuclease
c) Eosinophils and monocytes b) DNA ligase
d) Eosinophils and basophils c) Transcriptase
163. Secondary lymphoid organs include d) Primase
a) Spleen b) Tonsils 171. Somaclonal variation is seen in
c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of these a) Tissue culture grown plants
164. Sugars extracted from sugarcane and sugar b) Apomicts
beet differ in: c) Polyploids
a) Taste d) Vegetatively propagated plants
b) Colour 172. Treatment of a genetic disorder by
c) C13 /C12 ratio manipulating genes is called
d) The one extracted from sugarcane is sucrose a) Gene therapy b) Gene replacement
is while from sugarbeet is fructose therapy
165. Breeding of crops with higher levels of c) Bone marrow d) Enzyme
vitamins and minerals or higher protein and transplantation replacement
healthier fats is called therapy
a) Plant breeding b) Biofortification 173. Ecologist say that niche is like a species A,
c) Both (a) and (b) d) Crop protection while habitat is like a B there A and B
166. Which of the following organisms is used in the indicate
production of beverages like wine, beer, a) A-education; B-occupation
whisky brandy or rum? b) A-appearance; B-physiology
a) Clostridium butylicum c) A-occupation; B-address
b) Aspergillus niger d) A-physiology; B-anatomy
c) Saccharomyces cerevisiae 174. The basic unit of study in ecology is

P a g e |11
a) Population b) Organism 178. The least porous soil among the following is a
c) Community d) species a) Loamy soil b) Silty soil
175. The term homeostasis in an ecosystem refers c) Clayey soil d) Peaty soil
to 179. The term biomagnification refers to the
a) Feedback mechanism a) Growth of organisms due to food
b) Self regulatory mechanism consumption
c) Influence of production b) Increase in population size
d) State of equilibrium c) Blowing up of environmental issues by man
176. Green plants and green sulphur bacteria, d) Increasing in the concentration of non-
prepare their organic food themselves with the degradable pollutants as they pass through
help of sunlight, are known as food chain
a) Chemoautotrophs b) Photoautotrophs 180. Undesirable changes in soil profile, affecting its
c) Heterotrophs d) Chemotrophs productivity is called
177. Biodiversity Act of India was passed by the a) Soil erosion b) Soil conservation
Parliament in the year c) Soil pollution d) Soil degradation
a) 1996 b) 1992 c) 2002 d) 2000

P a g e |12
Mukesh Sir's Group Tuitions

Time: 03 hrs PCB Marks : 720

1) d 2) c 3) a 4) c 5) c 6) a 7) b
8) d 9) a 10) c 11) c 12) c 13) d 14) d
15) c 16) c 17) a 18) b 19) d 20) b 21) b
22) b 23) d 24) c 25) c 26) b 27) a 28) b
29) b 30) a 31) a 32) c 33) b 34) c 35) d
36) a 37) c 38) b 39) b 40) d 41) d 42) b
43) c 44) d 45) b 46) c 47) d 48) b 49) b
50) c 51) c 52) b 53) d 54) a 55) a 56) a
57) c 58) a 59) d 60) c 61) c 62) c 63) b
64) c 65) b 66) c 67) c 68) d 69) a 70) a
71) a 72) b 73) b 74) b 75) d 76) c 77) c
78) d 79) c 80) c 81) a 82) b 83) c 84) a
85) b 86) a 87) b 88) d 89) d 90) c 91) a
92) d 93) d 94) a 95) c 96) d 97) d 98) a
99) c 100) a 101) a 102) d 103) c 104) b 105) c
106) d 107) a 108) c 109) b 110) d 111) d 112) c
113) a 114) c 115) b 116) c 117) d 118) b 119) c
120) b 121) d 122) b 123) d 124) d 125) a 126) b
127) b 128) c 129) b 130) a 131) c 132) a 133) d
134) c 135) a 136) d 137) b 138) a 139) a 140) c
141) b 142) a 143) b 144) d 145) b 146) a 147) b
148) c 149) a 150) a 151) b 152) d 153) b 154) b
155) a 156) d 157) c 158) a 159) c 160) d 161) a
162) a 163) c 164) c 165) b 166) c 167) d 168) b
169) a 170) a 171) c 172) a 173) c 174) b 175) d
176) b 177) c 178) a 179) d 180) c


1 (d) 2 sin2 2 sin
Here, = or =
Charge = Current Time = [] 2g g

2 (c) 2sin 2
Time of flight, = g
= 2 g
The magnitude of induced is
|| 5 (c)
|| = or =
< if B < A or <
volt second
= = second
3 (a)
Here, = 10 1 , = 2, = 20
Using = + 2 2
20 = 10 2 + 22 6 (a)
0 = 2 = 0 Acceleration of combined system,
4 (c)
P a g e |13
1 2 g sin 2
= .g = = g sin 30
1 + 2 2 3
32 ( 2 )
1+ 2
= 9.8 = 1.96 ms2
3+2 g
Vertically upward velocity of 2 kg mass at the =
time breaking of string, 10 (c)
= = 5 1.96 = 9.8 ms2 Conservation of angular momentum
After breaking of string, mass 2 moves under 1 1 + 2 2 = (1 + 2 )
gravity and go further higher through a height , Angular velocity of system = 1 1 2 2
1 +2
where final velocity is zero. Hence 1
(0)2 (9.8)2 = 2 (9.8) or = 4.9 m Rotational kinetic energy = 2 (1 + 2 )2
7 (b) 1 1 1 + 2 2 (1 1 + 2 2 )2
= (1 + 2 ) ( )=
We can realize the situation as shown in figure. 2 1 + 2 2(1 + 2 )
Let the direction of mass makes angle with 11 (c)
the -axis. Resolve momentum 6.5 along x and y At equator, g = g 2 = 0 or = g/
axis and equate.
or = 10/(6.4 106 ) = 1.25 103 rads 1
12 (c)
= 2
( 2 ) 2 + 2
= or =
2 2
= +

/ /
But = = = 0.5

13 (d)
1 1 = 2 2
Therefore, 6.5 cos = 5 1 4.20 5.18 = 7.60 2
and 6.5 sin = 6 2 2 = 2.86 ms1
or (6.5)2 = (5)2 + (12)2 = (13)2 14 (d)
13 Let 0 = mass of body in vacuum
or = = 2 kg
6.5 Apparent weight of the body in air = Apparent
therefore, total mass of the shell
weight of standard weight in air
= 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 kg
Actual weight upthrust due to displaced air
8 (d) 0
From conservation of momentum. 0 ( ) = ( ) 0
1 2
Momentum before collision =Momentum after
[1 ]
collision 2
1 1 + 2 2 = 1 1 + 2 2 [1 ]
20 6 + 30 0 = 20 + 30
15 (c)
20 6 = 50
120 Heat given for raising the temperature of W g
Or = = 2.4 1
50 of water from
0 to 100 = 1 100 cal
9 (a) Time taken = 10 60s.
Let a plane be inclined at an angle and a cylinder 1100
rolls down then the acceleration of the cylinder of Heat given per second = cal
mass , radius , and Heat given out to convert W g to steam =
as moment of inertia is given by
g sin This is the heat supplied in 55 60s
(1 + 2 ) 55 60
Heat given = 100 =
2 10 60
Moment of inertia () of a cylinder = 2

P a g e |14
100 55 60 kinetic to potential and potential to kinetic but the
= = 100 5.5
10 60 sum of two always remains constant
= 550 calg 1 20 (b)
16 (c) cos will provide the required centripetal
For adiabatic process, Poissons equation is given force,
by So, cos = 2 /
21 (b)
= constant ---(i) Frequency remains the same
1000 Hzwavelength chances
Ideal gas relation is
pV=RT = = = 1.5 m

---(ii) 22 (b)
Joined by a wire means they are at the same
From Eqs. (i) and (ii), we get potential
1 2 1
For same potential = =
1 2 2
( ) = constant

Further, the electric field at the surface of the

= constant ---(iii) sphere having radius and charge is 2

Where is ratio of specific heats of the gas. 1 1 /2 1 2

= = =
2 2 / 2 2 2
Given, ---(iv)
23 (d)
On comparing with Eq. (iii), we have The electric field intensity at a point lying outside
the sphere (non-conducting) is
1 1
5 40 2
For a monoatomic gas =
Where is the distance of that point from centre
We have of sphere.
3 5 1
= = . ()
1 2 2
17 (a) The electric field intensity at surface of sphere
For adiabatic change equation of state is

= constant 40 2

It can also be re-written as Or

1 = [ = ] . (ii)

R, being the radius of sphere.

and 1 = constant [ =
18 (b) The electric field intensity at a point lying inside
= 2 + the sphere is
Saturated vapour pressure will not change if
temperature remains constant. =
40 3
19 (d)
In simple harmonic motion, energy changes from
P a g e |15
Or . (iii) 1 2
2 4
Also at the centre of sphere r=0.
1 1
Hence, =
2 2
The graphical distribution is shown below 29 (b)
When a current is passed through the
galvanometer coil, then a magnetic field Bis
produced at right angles to the plane of the coil, ie,
at right angles to the horizontal component of
earths magnetic field . Under the influence of
two crossed magnetic fields Band , the
magnetic needle of galvanometer undergoes a
deflection which is given by the tangent law.
24 (c) Using tangent law, we can find a relation
As 1 = 2
1 2 tan
40 1 40 2
1 1 Which clearly indicates that tangent galvanometer
2 2 is an instrument used for detection of electric
25 (c) current in a circuit.
5 103
= = 30 (a)
3.387 107
5104 Water is dia-magnetic.
= Ah = 4.1 Ah
3.3876060 31 (a)
26 (b) Initial magnetic flux linked with the loop

Resistance of the wire, = = 1 1 cos
When the wire is enlongated to fold, its length = 0.1 (10 102 )2 cos 45
becomes L = nL 0.1 102 1 103
= =
As the volume of the wire remains constant 2 2
Final magnetic flux linked with the loop,2 = 2
= = =
Now, induced emf in the loop , =

New resistance, = = = 2 = 2 103
[ ]
27 (a) 2
Both and 2 are in parallel [ constant]
= 103 V
2 2
So using = 1 = 2 1 = 2 = 1 103
2 1 2 1 Induced current = = 1
= 1 mA
28 (b) 32 (c)
In perpendicular magnetic field Adff sdaf sdfsdf dsf
Magnetic force = centripetal force 33 (b)
2 22
2 1 12
= =
2 500 2
2 = 1 22 = 1.5 (100) = 375 mH
For proton1 = , 1 = 35 (d)
The image formation by a convex lens is as
For -particle2 = 2, 2 = 4
1 1 2 Image formed is diminished, when objects lies
= between 2 and infinity.
2 1 2

P a g e |16
The given reaction is a nuclear reaction, which
() =
can take place only if a proton (a hydrogen
1 nucleus) comes into contact with a lithium
= = . ()
2 nucleus. If the hydrogen is in the atomic from, the
From lens formula interaction between its electron cloud and the
1 1 1 electron cloud of a lithium atom keeps the two
= . ()
nuclei from getting close to each other. Even if
Where, is focal length, the image distance and isolated protons are used, they must be fired at
the object distance. the atom with enough kinetic energy to
From eqs. (i) and (ii), we get overcome the electric repulsion between the
1 1 2
= + proton and atom
43 (c)
As = 90
2 3/2 200 3/2
1 3 2 = 1 ( ) = 10 ( ) = 80 mA
= 1 50
= 90 44 (d)
36 (a) Carrier frequency > audio frequency
The focal length of the convex lens 45 (b)
1 1 Atleast three geostationary satellite in the same
= = 100 orbit around the earth can cover the whole part of
= 20 , = 10 the earth for microwave communication
1 1 1 1 1 1 46 (c)
= = 560
20 20 Moles of Fe= 56 = 10
= 20 70
Moles of N=14 = 5
Therefore, the image will be formed at a distance
of 20 on the behind the object Moles of H= = 20
37 (c) Equal number of moles have equal number of
According to Plancks hypothesis, black bodies atoms.
emit radiations in the form of photons Hence, number of atoms in 560 g of Fe is twice
38 (b) that of 70 g N and is half that of 20 g of H.
Positive rays were discovered by Goldstein 47 (d)
39 (b) In 100 tons of Fe2 O3 , pure Fe2 O3
1 100 20
2 = 0 = 1.68 eV = 100
2 100
1240 eV nm = 80 tons
= =
400 nm Fe2 O3 + 3H2 2Fe2 + 3H2 O
= 3.1 = eV 2 56 + 482 56
160 2 56
3.1 eV = 0 + 1.6eV 160 g Fe2 O3 gives Fe = 2 56 g
0 = 1.42eV 25680
80 tons Fe2 O3 will give Fe =
40 (d) 160

1 12 1 1 1 = 56 tons
= = = 48 (b)
2 22 4 2 2
Ionisation energy of He+ = 13.6 2 eV
1 1 3 1 3 1 = 13.6 (2)2 eV
=( ) =( ) = = 13.6 4 eV = 54.4 eV
2 2 2 8
49 (b)
41 (d) Energy of an electron in th orbit,
0.6931 1 0.6931 2 2 2 2 4
= = =
4.28 104 2 2
= 1620 On submitting the values of , , and , we get
42 (b)

P a g e |17
2.172 1018 2 2
= J atom1 most probable velocity =
1311.8 2
or = kJ mol1 In all cases molecular velocity
313.52 2
or = kcal mol1 [ 1 kcal = 4.184 kJ] 54 (a)
For H-atom, = 1 For exothermic reactions, eq varies inversely
For Lyman series, 1 = 1, 2 = 2 with while in case of endothermic reactions, eq
Energy of electron in 1 orbit varies directly with
313.52 (1)2 55 (a)
= kcal mol1 The exact value of internal energy is not known as
= 313.52 kcal mol1 it includes all type of energies of molecules
313.6 kcal mol1 constituting the given mass of matter such as
Energy of electron in 2 orbit translational, vibrational and rotational. The
313.52 (1)2 kinetic and potential energy of the nuclei and
= kcal mol1 electron with in the individual molecules and the
313.52 manner in which the molecule are linked
= kcal mol1 together, are
= 78.38 kcal mol1 = translational + rotational + vibrational
50 (c) Thus, we can say that internal energy is partly
The correct increasing basic strength: potential ad partly kinetic
SbH3 < H3 < H3 < H3 56 (a)
NH3 is the most basic because of its small size, the 2HI(g) H2 (g) + I2 (g); kJ
electron density of electron pair is concentrated
over small region. As the size increases, the No. of moles of gaseous products No. of
electron density gets diffused over a large surface moles of gaseous reactants
area and hence the ability to donate the electron
pair (basicity) decreases. 22 0
52 (b)
As the number of moles of products and
A symmetrical molecule have zero dipole
reactants are equal, so equilibrium constant is
moment. The dipole moment of BF3 molecule is
zero due to its symmetrical (triangular planar) not affected by any change in pressure and
structure. volume. Catalyst also does not affect the
The three fluoride atoms lie at the corners of an equilibrium constant. It is an endothermic
equilateral triangle with boron at the centre. reaction, hence equilibrium constant depends
Thus, the vectorial addition of the dipole only upon the temperature.
moments of the three bonds gives a net sum of
zero. 57 (c)
None of elements in reaction (c) undergoes a
change in oxidation number, therefore reaction
(c) is not a redox reaction

53 (d)
Molecular velocity can be It is a double decomposition reaction
58 (a)
8 Oxidation involves loss of electrons and reduction
average velocity =
involves gain of electrons, hence in case of
oxidation-reduction reactions(redox
root mean square velocity = reactions)charge remains conserved

59 (d)
Moist H2 O2 cannot be dried over conc. H2 SO4
P a g e |18
because it is decomposed by H2 SO4 . 70 (a)
On increasing the concentration of a salt solution,
60 (c) the boiling point of salt solution increases while
The complex forming tendency is more in Li+ due vapour pressure of the solution decreases.
to its small size. The tendency of complex 71 (a)
formation decreases as the size increases. MnO + 2+
+ 4H2 O = 1.51 V
4 + 8H + 5 Mn

61 (c) 1 = 5(1.51)F = 7.55F

Sand, on heating with HF, give silicon
tetrafluoride vapours, which form silicic acid MnO2 + 4H + + 2 Mn2+ + 2H2 O = 1.23 V
(H4 SiO4 ), on coming in contact with water.
SiO2 + 4HF SiF4 + 2H2 O 2 = 2(1.23)F = 2.46 V
3SiF4 + 4H2 O 2H2 SiF6 + H4 SiO4
On substrating
62 (c) MnO +
4 + 4H + 3 MnO2 + 2H2 O 3
CO2 get absorbed by Ca(OH)2 to form insoluble = 5.09 F
63 (b) 3 5.09
MnO | MnO = = = 1.70 V
Stability of carbanion is not governed by
4 2 3
hyperconjugation. Its stability depends on the +
72 (b)
or group = /
64 (c) is activation energy, it is that energy, which
According to Markownikoffs rule, the molecule must have to give the product.
addition of a unsymmetrical reagent (HX) to 74 (b)
an unsymmetric alkene takes place in such a Sulphur sol is prepared by the oxidation of H2 S by
way that the negative part of the reagent will bromine.
be attached to the carbon atom which Br2 + H2 S 2HBr + S
containing lesser number of H-atom. Hence, it sol
is best applicable to the reaction between 75 (d)
Flux is used to fuse non-fusible impurities (both
C3 H6 and HBr.
acidic and basic) present in the ore
CH3 CH = CH2 + HBr CH3 CH CH3
76 (c)
Calamine is the carbonate ore zinc (ZnCO3 )
Br 78 (d)
65 (b) 4 and 5-belongs to different shell, experience
The product of give reaction will be different amount of shielding.
according to Markownikoffs rule, this is 79 (c)
because peroxide effect is applicable only in Potassium dichromate, on heating give oxygen
case of HBr and not effective in case of HI. and chromic oxide(Cr2 O3 )
CH3 CH = CH2 CH3 CH CH3 4K 2 Cr2 O7 4K 2 Cr2 O4 + 3O2 + 2Cr2 O3
80 (c)
| In K 3 [Fe(CN)6 ], the ligands are negative which is
I present in coordination spheres shows a dual
67 (c) behavior. It may satisfied both primary and
The coordination number is 8 : 8 in Cs + Cl secondary valencies while, neutral ligand satisfied
The coordination number is 6 : 6 in Na+ Cl only secondary valencies
68 (d) 81 (a)
Si and Ge are used for making transistors. + AgCN NC + Ag
69 (a) alkyl isocyanide
1000 2.16 0.15 1000 When alkyl halide reacts with silver cyanide,
= = = 100
0.216 15 isocyanides are obtained. It is due to nucleophilic

P a g e |19
substitution in presence of Ag + . crystallinity, melting point etc increase
82 (b)
When phenolic ether is heated with HI, it gives 91 (a)
alkyl halide and phenol Presence of visceral slits is exhibited by both
Chordata and adult Tunicata members
92 (d)
Prokaryote can be distinguished from eukaryotes on
83 (c) basis of the absence of cell organelles like
chloroplast mitochondria, chromosome, nucleus and
Conversion of CHO group present in phenol ring
nuclear membrane
into OH in the presence of H2 O2 is called Darkin
93 (d)
The categories in taxonomic hierarchy are
Kingdom Division/Phylum Class Order
Family Genus Species.

Conversion of amino acids into methyl - Hierarchy of categories is also called as Linnaean
acetamide ketones, when heated with acetic hierarchy.
anhydride in pyridine solution is often referred to
as the Darkin west reaction. 94 (a)
The species of may be heterothallic or
homothallic. The mycelium is aseptate and
multinucleate called coenocytic.
84 (a) 95 (c)
Any electron withdrawing group increases the Bacterial chromosomes are circular DNA
acidity due to I effect. The I effect of chlorine is molecules.
greater than phenyl group. Hence, ClCH2 COOH is 96 (d)
the most acidic compound among these. is a gymnospermic plant. Ovulves of
86 (a) are uncovered, which lie on the megasporophyll,
+ NaCN CN + Na hence this plant does not have flowers. However
Alkyl halide aliphatic cyanide it produces seeds (from ovule after fertilization)
87 (b) like other three plants mentioned, all of the other
Fats are esters of higher fatty acids with glycerol, three are angiosperms.
hence on alkaline hydrolysis, they give back
glycerol and sodium or potassium salt of acid 97 (d)
(this is called soap). The haploid gametophyte is dominant, long lived,
CH2 OCOCH2 OH green and independent whereas the diploid
| | sporophyte is short lived and dependent upon the
CHOCO + 3NaOH CHOH + 3COONa gametophyte
| | 98 (a)
CH2 OCOCH2 OH Nitrogenous Waste - Example
fat Ammonia Hydra
88 (d) UreaMammals like rabbit
PVC is polyvinyl chloride, a polymer of vinyl Uric acid Reptiles and insects
chloride. 99 (c)
Typhlosolar region in earthworm is from 27
segments onwards and continue upto last 23-25
segments in front of anus. Typhlosole increases
the absorptive surface area.
89 (d) 100 (a)
With increase in molecular weight of a polymer, Three slender branches one each from the ventral
other properties such as tensile strength, rami of third, fourth and fifth cervical nerves on
each side constitute a phrenic nerve to innervate
P a g e |20
the diaphragm (diaphragm is absent in frog). 107 (a)
101 (a) Clotting of collected blood can be prevented by
Phyllotaxy is the arrangement of leaves on the coating the test tubes with silicon or adding
stem or its branches, e.g. spiral or alternate in chelating agents. Heparin is an anticoagulant and
China rose, opposite decussate in Calotropis and is not suitable for blood counts as it alters the
whorled in Nerium. shape of RBCS andWBCS, which affects blood
102 (d) testing.
108 (c)
Genital pouch.
In females, the 7th sternum is boat-shaped and
together with 8th and 9th sterna it forms a genital
C1+2+(2) 5 petals arranged freely as one larger, pouch whose anterior part contains it female
posterior petal called vexillum overlapping two gonopore, spermathecal pores and collateral
smaller lateral petals called wings, the latter glands
overlap a boat shaped structure called kell or 109 (b)
carina, formed by two anterior petals fused lightly Besides DNA, a mitochondrion has RNA and its
on anterior side. ribosomes also. Thus, a complete protein
Aestivation is called as vexillary imbricate, synthesising machinery is present in
papilonaceous (butterfly shaped). mitochondria. The ribosomes of mitochondria are
A(9)+1 10, diadelphous anthers dehiscing small, . ., 55-60 S type, with a large subunit of 40
longitudinally. S and a small subunit of 30 S. The large subunit
G(1) Monocarpellary, superior ovary, unilocular, contain 16-17 S and 5S RNA and the small
marginal placentation. subunit 12-13 S RNA.
103 (c) 110 (d)
Some taxonomists believed that Compositae is Golgi complexes or Golgi bodies and ER form the
most advanced family. endomembranous system of eukaryotic cell. Golgi
104 (b) bodies are made up of various membranous
Allium, 2=16 then endosperm has 24 systems, . ., cisternae, vesicles and vacuoles.
chromosomes. 111 (d)
Oryza, 2=24 then endosperm has 36 Metabolic pathways not always follow linear
chromosomes. routes. They are circular sometimes. These
Nicotiana, 2=48 then endosperm has 72 pathways criss-cross each other
chromosomes. 112 (c)
Saccharum 2=82-124 (Indian cane) then A = 1 structure B = 4 sstructure
endosperm has 123-186 chromosomes. C = 3 structure D = 2 structure
105 (c) 113 (a)
Complete Tissue They are permanent tissue which Chromosomes that results from the separation of
contains more than one type of cells. All type of sister chromatids during cell division are called
cells of a complex tissue work as a unit. The daughter chromosomes. During anaphase of
common complex permanent tissues are mitosis, paired chromosomes (sister chromatids)
conducting tissue, xylem and phloem separates to form daughter chromosomes.
106 (d) Each daughter chromosome migrates to
Lateral meristems occur laterally in the axis, centromere, toward the opposite ends of the cell.
parallel to the sides of stems and roots. This At the end of cell division, two distinct daughter
meristem consists of initials, which divide mainly cells are formed from a single cell
in one plane (periclinal) and results in increase in 114 (c)
the diameter of an organ, e.g., cambium of During pachytene substage of prophase-I of
vascular bundles (fascicular, interfascicular and meiosis, the non-sister chromatids of
extrastelar cambium), cork cambium or homologues exchange segments between
phellogen. themselves. This exchange of chromatid

P a g e |21
segments is called crossing over, which thus established is responsible for forming ATP (2
involves proper breakage and then fusion of molecules). But no reduction of NADP to
broken ends oppositely and hence, results in NADPH+H + takes place.
the recombination. 122 (b)
115 (b) In glycolytic pathway, 3PGAL is converted into 1,
3-diphosphoglyceric acid by an oxidation and
Sodium, which is essential for animals is not
phosphorylation reaction, which occurs in
required by most of the plants.
presence of H3PO4 and coenzyme NAD.
Water potential is the difference between the
3-phosphoglyceraldehyde + NAD+ + Pi2 3-
free energy of water in a system and free phosphoglyceraldehyde dehydrogenase 1, 3-
energy of pure water at atmospheric diphosphplyceric acid + NADH +H +
pressure. The water potential of root cells is 123 (d)
lower than the water potential of soil. When the fats respire, the value of RQ is less than
Cohesion-tension or transpiration pull theory one.
is the most accepted theory of water 124 (d)
movement in plants. Auxins are widely used as herbicides, 2-4-D is
116 (c) widely used to kill dicotyledonous weeds. It does
Capillary water is the water present in not affect mature monocotyledonous plants
narrow spaces or microspores of the soil. It is 125 (a)
Nyctinastic or sleep movement is brought about
held in the soil by capillary force and
by the alternation of day and night. These are also
therefore, does not fall down to water level.
caused by the presence or absence of light
Capillary water is absorbed by plant roots. (photonastic) as well as by the changes in
117 (d) temperature of the surrounding atmosphere
118 (b)
Hydroponics technique is useful in areas having 126 (b)
infertile and dry soils and can regulate pH Redifferentiation.
optimum for a particular crop Redifferentiation as the name suggest indicates
119 (c) again differentiation. When dedifferentiated cell
Plants obtains iron in the form of ferric ions again get differentiated, the phenomena is called
(Fe3+ ). It is required in larger amounts in redifferentiation. . ., secondary cortex
comparison to other micronutrients 127 (b)
120 (b) Iodine is essential for the life of animals. It is
Photolysis of water means breakdown of water in required for the formation of thyroxine hormone,
the presence of sun light. This generates oxygen. which controls basal metabolic rate (BMR). This
Photolysis of water takes place in light reaction hormone stimulates proteinsynthesis and
and it requires chloride and manganese ions as therefore, promote growth of body tissues.
catalyst. 128 (c)
121 (d) Excessive intake of saturated fats like butter,
Cyclic-photophosphorylation involves only ghee, vegetable oils, red meat and eggs in diet give
pigment system-I. When the photons activate PS-I, rise to increase in blood cholesterol level, . .,
a pair of electrons are raised to higher energy hypercholesterolemia. Symptoms of this disease
level. They are captured by primary acceptor, are rise in blood pressure and cardiac disorders.
which passes them on to ferredoxin, 129 (b)
plastoquinone, cytochrome complex, plastocyanin Oxygen (O2 ) is utilised by the living entities to
and finally back to reaction centre of PS-I, i.e.,P700. indirectly break down the nutrients like glucose,
At each step of electron transfer, the electrons to derive energy for performing various activities,
lose potential energy. Their trip down hill is etc.
caused by the transport chain to pump H + across CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is a harmful gas,
the thylakoids membrane. The proton gradient releases during the catabolic reactions. It is

P a g e |22
therefore, evident that O2 has to be continuously 139 (a)
provided to the cells and CO2 produced by the Interoceptors are receptors, which are
cells have to be released out sensitive to stimuli coming from internal
130 (a) body organs. These carry sensations of pain,
Dissociation curve of haemoglobin shows oxygen thirst, visceral pain, nausea as well as sexual
tension and % saturation of haemoglobin with
and circulatory sensations.
oxygen. Normally dissociation curve is sigmoid or
140 (c)
Areolar connective tissue contains collagen,
131 (c)
A-vena cava, B-left atrium, C-right ventricle, D-left
epithelium contains keratin and muscle fibres
ventricle, E-right atrium, F-interventricular contains actin but neuron does not contain
septum melanin. Neuron is the structural and
132 (a) functional unit of nervous system.
The partial pressure of oxygen in blood capillary 141 (b)
is higher (95 mm Hg) than that of the body cells Hyposecretion of growth hormone (GH) from
(40 mm Hg) and the partial pressure of carbon anterior pituitary causes dwarfismduring the
dioxide is lesser (40 mm Hg) than that of the body skeletal growth period (i.e. during childhood).
cells (45 mm Hg). Therefore, oxygen diffuses from The individual is of short stature but is will
the capillary blood to the body cells through proportioned and is without any mental
tissue fluid and carbon dioxide diffuses from the deficiency.
body cells of the capillary blood tissue fluid.142 (a)
133 (d) In pancreatic islets, alpha or -cells constitute
In humans, the principal nitrogenous excretory about 15% of pancreatic islets cells and secrete
compound (urea) is synthesised in liver by glucagon. Glucagon intensifies glycogenolysis
ornithine cycle. Urea is eliminated mostly through deamination and gluconeogenesis, and inhibits
kidney as excretory product glycogenesis in liver cells. It also intensifies
134 (c) lipolysis in adipose tissue. Thus, it is a promoter
Intestinal Uricolysis converts uric acid into urea of catabolic metabolism.
and ammonia. 145 (b)
In grafting technique, two parts of two related
135 (a) plants are joined, so as to form a composite plant
Urea cycle takes place in liver cells with the The quality of fruits is determined by the scion
hydrolytic enzyme arginase. Arginase splits (shoot part).
Arginine into urea and ornithine with the 146 (a)
elimination of a water molecule. The outermost cell later of the endosperm (3) of
seed is called aleurone layer. Since, the cells of
136 (d)
aleurone layer are triploid, the number of
The ATP is actively and continuously replenished
chromosomes would be = 63, as root tip cells
by energy rich muscle phosphogen, In muscles,
(2) has 42 chromosomes.
the pyruvic acid produced by glycolysis is
147 (b)
transformed into lactic acid in absence of oxygen.
Parthenogenesis is a type of asexual reproduction
Accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle causes
because it involves an unfertilized egg cell only.
fatigue. In the liver, 80% of lactic acid
148 (c)
resynthesized by a process called Coris cycle.
In the neck of human sperm there are pair of
137 (b)
centriole. They also eter with nucleus in the ovum.
Sternum -1
Rest of sperm left behind. The first division in
Pelvis -3
zygote takes place due to that centrioles. They
Ribs -24
form spindle fibre for first cell division
Face -14
149 (a)
138 (a)
Region outside the seminiferous tubules is called
Between carpals and matacarpals
interdigital space, which is lined by interstitial
P a g e |23
cells also called Leydig cells. Leydig cells secretes characters like ABO blood group and human stairs
testosterone and also called endocrine part of the colour are not inherited according to Mendel
testis inheritance pattern
150 (a) 157 (c)
The process of giving birth to a baby or delivery of The non-template strand of DNA double helix has
foetus is called parturition. It starts with rise in complementary base pair from template strand.
oestrogen/progesterone ratio, increase in the The non-template strand has same sequences as
level of oxytocin secretion by both mother and in mRNA but thymine is replaced by uracil here.
151 (b) 158 (a)
Labia majora,these are two large fleshy folds of RNA polymerase consists of a core enzyme, with
skin which form the boundary of vulva. They are subunits (, 1 , , 2 ) and a sigma()factor. The
partly covered by pubic hair and contain large sigma factor initiates transcription of mRNA on
number of sebaceous (oil) glands. The labia the DNA template and directs the binding of the
majora are considered homologous to the enzyme to the promoter region. The core enzyme
scrotum of the male continues transcription.
152 (d) 159 (c)
Medical facilities. Better awareness about sex- (first ape-man) lived from 4 to
related problems, prenatal care of the mother, 1.5 million years ago in cave during Pleistocene
medically assisted delivers, postnatal care of the period. It was erect posture, omnivorous and have
mother and infant, decrease maternal and infant cranial capacity of 500-700 cc.
morality, small families, better detection and cure
of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), 160 (d)
increased medical facilities for sex-related Theory of Natural selection This theory was given
problems, etc., indicates improved reproductive by Charles Darwin. This theory states that the
health of the society variations which are favourable to environment
153 (b) inheritable are the major cause of evolution
A-Vas deferens, B-Vasectomy 161 (a)
154 (b) Vaccination schedule for babies(for first six
Grasshopper is an example of XO type of sex months) comprises-
determination in which the males have only one Age Vaccination ThreeDos
X-chromosome besides the autosomes, whereas e
Birth- DTP- 1 2 1
females have a pair of X-chromosomes . 11,22,32
12 Hib(diphtheria,
155 (a) month whooping
Law of purity of gamete states characters s cough/pertussis
recovered in F2 -generation that was hiden F1 . and tetanus)and 1 1 1
Haemophilus 12,22,32
Principle of Law of Segregation This law is also influenzae type-B months
called the purity of gametes. This law states that Polio
the two factors of a character present in Hepatitis-B and A Birth, 1
individual keep their identity distinct separate at BCG against month, 6
the time of gametogenesis (meiosis) or TB(Bacillus months
sporogenesis, factors get randomly distributed to Calmette Guerin)
One dose
different gametes and then get paired again in
162 (a)
different offspring as per the principle of
Eosinophils are non-phagocytic and play a role in
probability. The principal of segregation can be
immune system. T-cytotoxic cells ( cells) are
deduced in Punnett square
responsible for destruction of host cells, which
156 (d)
are infected by pathogens thus, involve in cell
In human most characters are controlled by one
mediated immunity.
gene but some characters like human skin colour
163 (c)
is controlled by more than one gene and some

P a g e |24
Spleen and tonsils, are called secondary lymphoid body, may some day enable the medical
organs. biotechnologists to correct gene disorders in
Lymphoid organs are categorized as primary and humans. Treatment of a genetic disorder by
secondary lymphoid organs. The primary manipulating genes is called genetherapy
lymphoid organs are bone marrow and thymus 173 (c)
where immature lymphocytes differentiate into A-Occupation; B-Address
antigen-sensitive lymphocytes. After maturation 174 (b)
the lymphocytes migrate to secondary lymphoid Ecology is the study of interaction between living
organs like spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, Peyers organisms and their environment. The basic unit
patches of small intestine and appendix of study in ecology is organism.
165 (b) 175 (d)
Biofortification differs from ordinary fortification Homeostasis or state of equilibrium or balance of
because it focusses on making plant foods more nature is maintained through a number of
nutritious as the plants are growing rather than controls like carrying capacity self regulation and
nutrients added to the foods when they are being feedback system
processed 176 (b)
166 (c) Photoautotrophs are the green plants, some
Beverages are formed by fermenting malted protists, such as Euglena and certain bacteria,
cereals and fruit juices with Saccharomyces such as green sulphur bacteria. With the help of
cerevisiae or brewers yeast to produce ethanol their chlorophyll, they entrap the light energy of
167 (d) the sun and change it into the chemical energy in
The common bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) is the form of simple carbohydrate, glucose which
an allohexaploid, which has two copies each of the are produced by them from simple inorganic
genomes A, B and D. Its somatic complement is compounds, namely carbon dioxide and water.
represented by AABBDD. This process is called photosynthesis
170 (a) 177 (c)
Isolation of restriction endonucleases by Nathans Biodiversity Act of India was passed by the
and Smith (1970) made it possible to cut DNA at Parliament in the year2002.
specific sites. Restriction enzyme can cut both
strands of DNA when foreign nucleotides are 178 (a)
introduced in the cell. They cleave DNA to Clayey soils consist of hydrated silicates of
generate a nick with a 5 phosphoryl and 3 aluminium and the size of the soil particles is less
hydroxyl terminus. than 0.002 mm. Clayey soils are the least porous,
compact soils with good hydration but little
171 (c) aeration.
The genetic variability present among cultured
cells or plants derived from such cells or progeny 179 (d)
of such plants is called somaclonal variation. The phenomenon of increasing concentration of
Generally, the term somaclonal variation is used harmful substances inside the body of organism at
for genetic variability present among all kinds of successive trophic level is known as
cells/plants obtained from cells cultured in vitro. biomagnification. The pesticides, DDT, inorganic
nitrate and non-degradable pollutants enter into
172 (a) the body of plants and animals through food
Genetic engineering may one day enable the chain.
medical scientists to replace the defective genes 180 (c)
responsible for heredity diseases (haemophilia, Soil pollution is the alteration in soil caused by the
phenylketonuria) with the normal genes. removal or addition of substances and factors,
The improved techniques for gene manipulation which decreases its productivity, quality of plants
and deeper understanding of gene function in the and ground water

P a g e |25