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(10 Marks)

Read and group the types of food in the correct categories.

papaya beef jelly rambutan cabbage

prawn lettuce cauliflower ice cream

cupcake banana squid

Fruit Vegetable Meat Dessert

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.cupcake

9.banana 10. 11. 12.


( 5 marks)

Read Kamals schedule for Saturday and fill in the blanks.

Saturday morning afternoon evening

- goes for - clean the -cycles in the

karate rabbit park
practice cage -goes to the
- plays the temble


On Saturday morning, Kamal _______________ for karate practice.

In the afternoon, he _________________________________________________.

He also ______________________________________________________________

In the evening, he _____________________________________________________.

Then, he ___________________________________________________________.
Underline the correct words in the brackets.

( 7 marks )

Animals give us food. ( Cow, Cows ) give us milk and meat. Seafood like crab and ( prawn,

prawns ) have protein. Protein helps us to grow.

( Tree,Trees ) also give us food. ( Mango, Mangoes ) and ( jackfruit , jackfruits ) grow

on trees. Fruits like ( apple , apples ) and ( cherry , cherries ) have vitamins. Vitamins keeps

us healthy and strong.

Study the picture below. Number the sentences correctly. Write the sentences in a

(8 marks)

Salim plays football with his friends on Sundays.

On Mondays, he surfs the Internet.

Salim and his parents watch television on Saturdays.

He does his homework on Fridays.






Read and complete.

(10 marks)

Paven wants to be healthy. He eats balance meals and he exercises. He drinks

plenty of water and gets enough sleep. He usually eats bread or boiled eggs for breakfast.

He eats rice, fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Paven also eats a lot of fruits such

as apples, papayas and strawberries.

Paven wants to be (1)___________________________________________.

He eats (2)____________________________________ and (3)____________________.

He drinks (4)________________________________ and gets (5)___________________

__________________________. For (6) _______________________________, he eats

bread or boiled eggs. He eats rice, vegetables and

(7)_______________________________ for lunch and (8)

_________________________. Paven also eats a lot of (9)_________________________

such as strawberries, (10)___________________________________ and papayas.