My Two Stepbrothers Both Love Me, and Want to Share Me…With Each Other.

Written By: Samantha Bryson

PROLOGUE 10 months ago, Summer Yarison died leaving her husband and daughter behind. Her husband, Henry Yarison, has been seeing a woman named Hannah for a while and decided to marry the beautiful, middle aged woman. Hannah already had two fatherless boys of her own. Daimen, and Dustin. While the two were on their honeymoon, a few weeks later, Dustin and Daimen were sent to stay with their new stepsister at her apartment. Chapter One ~*Sapphire's POV*~ "I think she's hot." i heard a husky voice say. "SHH! Shut up! She'll wake up." a second one said. The first voice laughed. "So you dont think she's cute?" "No, i do! said to keep her asleep until she wants to wake up." i jumped awake upon hearing "mom and dad". I turned to see two of the sexiest guys ive ever seen. They jerked, startled when i jumped, but relaxed. I came to my senses and relized...hey! There are two strange boys in my house! My mini-apartment, but still! "Who the hell are you!?" i screamed. The first boy, who was very well built with dark brown hair and hazel eyes smiled at me. "Um...Sapphire...your father told you to call them as soon as you woke up." he said handing me a house phone. "And by the way, im Daimen. This is my brother Dustin." Daimen said pointing to the other boy. He seemed older but just as smexy. He had black tuggable hair that was slightly messy, gorgeous hazel eyes with grey flakes, and a small diamond stud in his left ear. I grabbed the phone and called my barely-there dad. My dad was never home and if they were, they never talked to me. They fill my bank account, buy me gifts and leave me alone. "Hello, Henry Yarison speaking." my dad answered "Hey dad...its me." i mumbled. "Oh! Hey Sapph, how are you?" "Confused. There are two guys in my house without an invite and they told me YOU said to call you..." "Oh, so you met Daimen and Dustin!" "Yeah" i answered. "who are they?" i heard my dad take a deep breath. "Umm...Sapph honey? I...i got married." i almost dropped the phone. "What! Already! Mom only died--" "Ten months ago! I need to move on, and i did. I married a woman named Hannah

Vemble. Daimen and Dustin are her sons. They will be living with you and will be your step-brothers!" i couldnt speak. My dad got married behind my back?! And sent two boys to me? "Are you ok?" Dustin asked with concern. I nodded my head and continued to talk to my dad. "Ok fine. I cant believe you didnt tell me! Anything! I'll host the two boys, but im not forgiving you." i said while hanging up. When i had set the phone down, i turned back to the boys. "So your my bros..." i said. "STEP bros." Daimen smiled. Dustin nudged him and coughed. Daimen looked at Dustin knowingly and smiled. "So how old are you babe?" Daimen asked "Babe? I'm 16 and 5/ both?" i said.They laughed at my "5/8ths" part. "I’m turning 17 in 5 weeks and Dustin is 17 and 7/9ths." Daimen snickered. Oh god, he had the hottest smile! Yet Dustin had those sexy dimples! I could see Daimen and Dustin both had fit bodies, but Dustin's was the sexiest. Lightly tan, 8-pack, huge biceps, and solid chest. Daimen had more of a healthy tan, lean sexy legs, toned arms and a muscular six-pack. I was drooling over these two hotties that were my new brothers. "Hey babe, i know we're hot...but i feel kinda violated" Dustin winked. I snapped out of it and rolled my eyes. "Ha! You wish i was staring a you. And why do you keep calling me babe? We're siblings." i said with a hint of sadness. Daimen and Dustin noticed this. Daimen reached to me and stroked my face. His touch sent tingles all through my body. "We call you babe...cause ur our babe." he whispered huskily into my ear. I melted and almost leaned onto him, but controlled myself. Damien's hand trailed from my cheek, down my neck, to the side of my breast. I shivered and held in a moan. ~*Dustin’s POV*~ I watched as Daimen began to test our new little sister. She was beautiful. Mid-length brown hair, brown eyes, cute small face, large round breasts, and long sexy legs that were shown by the bootie shorts she was wearing. Daimen’s hand trailed to her breast, rubbing the side softly. I growled inwardly with lust. I needed her in me! Daimen moved to her waist, then legs. He moved his hand to the inside of her legs and trailed upwards. Just as he was about to reach her probably wet center, he crept back down her leg. Sapphire was breathing sharply and heavily. I smiled as i knew what she was thinking. I took Daimen’s shoulder and pulled him back for a second. Daimen smiled and looked at his watch. "Its almost noon...lets go eat." he said turning around and heading out of the room. I offered my hand for Sapphire to take. She slowly took it and got out of her bed. Once she was on her feet, i smiled at her. "Ok, you should get dressed. When you're done, we will go out and you can give us a tour." i said sternly yet friendly. Sapphire nodded and let my hand go to find clothes. As i

was leaving the room she called to me. "Dustin?" "Yes?" "Isnt it wrong? I mean...i felt something i shouldnt have when Daimen touched me... Or when you look at me." i chuckled and walked up to her, snaking my arm around her waist, i leaned her back and set two of my fingers on one of her nipples, rubbing it lightly and teasingly. Sapphire started breathing heavily again, and a small moan escaped her lips. "Do you like this?" i asked. "Do you want more? From me? Daimen?....both?" Sapphire seemed to distracted to answer. Se kept moaning softly and gasping. My guess is that she's a virgin and hasnt had experience with males. I leant in and kissed her cheek quickly. "If you like it, its not wrong. Now babe, gwt dressed and meet us downstairs." i smirked leaving Sapphire sitting on the floor, dumbfouned and gasping softly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 2 ~* Daimen's POV*~ I sat in the small living room, waiting for Sapphire and Dustin. We tottaly hit the jackpot. Sapphire is beautiful, and innocent. I always thought that when people said "love at first sight", they were being stupid. That you cant love someone at first sight. But i take all that back! Sapphire is my love at first sight. And im sure she's Dustins too. Speak of the Devil... "Hey D." Dustin said coming from Sapphires room. I smiled "Haha. So whatcha think?" i asked casually. Dustin raised an eyebrow. "About Sapph?" "No idiot, about my ass!" "Just wondering, geez. She's perfect. I think...i might love her...already... And i barely know her."Dustin mused. I shook my head. "We know a bit about her. Her- i mean...OUR dad told us all he knew." "Which wasnt much. She's alone here. Almost all the time." i nodded at Dustin. "Yeah. But now, we're here to socialize and be big bros." i smiled. Big bros? I dont want to be her brother! I want to be her boyfriend! Apparently Dustin thought the same thing. "I wish we werent her brothers. Then i wouldnt feel so guilty about touching her." he whispered. "Well, im not guilty!" i chuckled, wondering why i felt so "open and happy" about this. The Sapphire came out of her room, in a not too fitted t-shirt, skinny jeans, and open toe heels. Her silky brown hair was in a loose ponytail, with a long peice of bangs on the right side of her face, framing it. She was even prettier than when she woke up! Dustin was checking her out as well. "Um...should we go? We can take my car.." Sapphire started, but I cut her off. "No, we'll take my car. A 2010 Infiniti g37 Convertable." i boasted. Dustin rolled his eyes, and Sapphire smiled. "Ok, we can go to Rubies Pancake House. I'll tell you how to get there." she said as we left the house. When we got into my hot car, Sapphire began backseat driving. "Left. LEFT. YOUR OTHER LEFT! Now turn at this light...OH GREAT! You missed it!

Now make a legal u-turn...LEGAL! LEGAL! Ugh!" she screamed the whole time. ~*Sapphire's POV*~ Why wont he just listen?! A say left, he goes right. I say stop, he speeds! When we got to Rubie's and were settled in our seats, we all stared at each other. "20 questions?" Dustin asked. Daimen and i nodded. "Ok, so Sapphire...have you ever been kissed?" Dustin asked. I looked up at them and nodded. "Yes. When i was a play. Romeo and Juliet." i blushed. Daimen raised an eyebrow. "You mean..,youve never been kissed outside of a play?" i shook my head. "No. Its my turn. Are you both virgins?" i asked stupidly. Dustin and Daimen laughed. "No we arent. not.." Daimen smirked. Dustin rolled his eyes. "I lost it when i was 13. And Daimen when he was 14." he said. " are gorgeous, why havent you been kissed?" i took a deep breath. " afraid of what it leads to." "Explain..." "When i was 12, i witnessed a girl being raped. I was walking in a theatre, and i passed by a backroom that had a 30ish old man, raping a girl my age. So at school, i wear ugly clothes and act boring and nerdy, so no one will want to kiss me. I even wear these ugly glasses and rip my clothes." Daimen gasped and grabbed my hand. "I'm sorry you saw that. But from now on you dont need to dress like that." he said. "Yeah. We'll keep guys away from you." Dustin agreed. I smiled at them and sat straighter. "Ok, so next question. How did your mom meet my dad?" "Well, she said that they met at work. She is a co-worker with your dad. Apparently...they even had sex a good number of times. She loves him, and talked about him for months! Its nausiating." Daimen laughed. I smiled, but then relized something.. "Wait...months? How long exactly has your mom been seeing my dad?" "Uh...i dont know" Dustin said, thinking. "a yearish...why?" i dropped my fork and started shaking, my eyes welling with tears. "Oh my god Sapphire, whats wrong?!" Dustin asked. I was still shaking when Daimen held both my hands and tried keeping me steady. I didnt answer. "Tell us! Are you mad your dad never told you?" Daimen asked. I shook my head. I couldnt believe it. "Then WHAT?!" both boys asked. I started crying. "My- my m-m-mom. Sh-she...died 10months ago.." i sobbed. Dustin's eyes widened. "That means..." He started. "That her dad was cheating on her mom." Daimen finished. (A/N: i was going to stop here..but i decided not to.) ~*Dustins POV*~ Oh God! How much should this girl endure! She saw a rape, her mom died, and her dad was cheating, then got married without telling her?! I got up from my seat, and took Sapphire's hand. She cried for 10 more minutes.

"Do you want to go?" i asked. She nodded, tears falling from her beautiful face. I nodded, then Daimen and i helped her get to the car. As we drove, Sapphire suddenly sat straight. "How could he?! My mom loved him more than she loved me! Which is a LOT! She died, thinking that she was my dad's only beloved!" She cried. "And now my stepmom will be the "other woman"?!" Daimen rubbed her shoulder, calming her down. "Hey,listen. I know for a fact that my mom didnt know your dad was married. She kept telling me and Dustin that 'she found the most wonderul single man at work'. She didnt know he was cheating. It'd break her heart if she knew now..." Sapphire smile sadly. "Im sorry. Im sure your mom will be an excellent stepmom. But maybe we shouldnt tell her about this..." she said. I nodded. "Good idea." i said. Once we were back at her apartment, Sapphire sat on the couch and turned on the tv. I sat next to her and stared at her. She noticed and looked at me. "Why do you keep looking at me?" she asked. I smirked. "For the same reason you look at my brother and i." "Whats that?" "You keep remembering when we touched you earlier. You enjoyed it, didnt you?" "I-i....i dont know." "You did. Its written all over your face." she blushed and shifted in her spot. "But...i shouldnt have enjoyed it. We are family." "Not really. We arent blood related. Its nothing to be ashamed of if you lust me. Or Daimen." she blushed again. "You...wouldnt like to do anything with me." "And why wouldnt we?" Daimen asked, as i remembered he was there. " a virgin. I would suck." she mumbled. Daimen laughed. "I bet you would...suck..." i hit the back of his head, as Sapphire smiled slightly amused. She stood up as i did. "But virgins are more fun. And you are hotter than any girl ever. You know what sex IS right?" "Of course i do! Im not a complete baby! But what makes you think i want to do anything with you?" Sapphire asked. Daimen walked up to her and stopped inches from her face. He leant in and kissed her neck slowly. She gasped and stopped breathing. Daimen starred sucking her neck, rubbing her back. She gasp/moaned and began to melt into him. He then backed away and smirked. "We know babe. We know." he smiled "we?" she asked, recovering. "Yes. Im sure you'd like Dustin too." Daimen said smiling at me. I smirked and rolled my eyes. Sapphire stared at us both. "too? Both of you? And you're not mad at the other?" She asked. I shook my head. "No. I love you, and my brother. I want him happy as well." i said. "Dont worry we're not gay or bi." Daimen smirked. "And we will make you beg for us both, by the end of the week." i smirked as well. Sapphire blinked a couple times, but i could tell she was happy and excited for me...and Daimen. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter 3 ~*Sapphire's POV*~ I stared up at Dustin. Is he serious? He doesnt mind that his brother likes the same girl he likes? In fact, he encourages it?! The next morning i woke at 7am to get ready for school. Daimen and Dustin had to sleep in the spare room. Daimen on the bed, and Dustin in a sleeping bag. Last night they brought there suitcases and luggage into their room. After i showered, i crept back into my room and ran to my closet to change. I put on a red sports bra that squeezed my breasts in, a large sweatshirt and baggy jeans. As i left my room, Daimen was just getting out of the bathroom. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "Why are you hiding your sexy body under THAT?" he asked. I blushed but frowned. "I told you why. I dont want to be noticed." " But i told you to not worry about them, because you have Dustin and me." Daimen smiled. I didnt answer, so i just stared. Daimen laughed and grabbes my hand and led me back to my room. He went to my closet and started picking me an outfit. "This." he said handing me a black lacy bra i bought 5 months ago for a fomal event. He didnt seem even the slightest bit embarassed. "Uh...oh! These." he gave me a red fitted, low dip v-neck top, and a pair of black almostbootie shorts. I gaped at him. "Are you kidding?!" i asked. "Nope. No dress up. Then take off those horrible glasses. Do you need glasses?" "No. I have perfect eyesight." "Then eww! Take those caveman eyesee-ers off!" i laughed at his reaction to my thick, square bifecals. I took my fake glasses off, and pushed Daimen out of the room. "I'll change and try an make myself look pretty. You shower and wakeup Dustin." i smiled. Daimen nodded and chuckled. "Caveman glasses.." he muttered to himself as he walked out. I rolled my eyes and changed. I think i might JUST make the dress code. After dressing, i took my hair down and styled it the way i would for a party. A little tugging here and pullin there. Then i put on some light makeup and grabbed red heels. All my shoes are heels. Ive always liked them, and they make me feel good about myself. Ten minutes later i left my room and went to the mainroom. There i saw two smexy boys in smexy outfits smexily staring at me. ~*Daimens POV*~ Holy Fucking Shazaam! Sapphire looked smokin sexy! Damn, i never knew i was such a good outfit picker! I looked at Dustin who was drooling as well. I felt my jeans tighten a bit. I looked down and..shit. She took me to my happy place. "Good morning! We should eat." Sapphire smiled walking to the small kitchen. Dustin glared at me, once she had left. "Damn! She looks..." "HAWT!" i finished. "Well...yeah! Haha." Dustin smiled. "Be aware, that we have to protect her at school." i warned. Dustin nodded, then began to

frown. "Aww! You will have class with her, and i wont!" i smiled and nodded at this. "Oh yeah! But dont worry. I wont try anything...without you." i said. Dustin smiled at me. "Thanks bro. But you will see her more, and should therefore be constantly on the lookout." he said. I nodded for the 100th time. Then we went to the kitchen and ate the Frosted sugary cereal that Sapphire had. Once we finished, we piled in the car, and listened to Sapphire give me directions to the school. Haha, that took forever. When we got there, all eyes turned to us. Sapphire seemed to shrink at all these people. I grabbd her hand and kissed her hair. "Anytime you feel too uncomfortable, we can leave." i whisperes to her. She shook her head. "I'm good." she smiled. I nodded as we went inside. Then the gossip started. "Damn! Is that Sapphire?!" "Yeah! She's sexy as hell!" "who are those guys with her?" "I dont care, im sooo tapping that!" "The taller one is CUTE!" "No, the one with the hazel eyes is!" "Uh, Lauren? They BOTH have hazel eyes!" and the talking continued. Sapph led us to the principles office to get our class schedules. "Ok, i have to go now. Bye Daimen." Dustin said. "Bye D." i said. Dustin leaned and quickly and pecked Sapph on the cheek. "Bye babe." he smiled. She blushed and whispered "Bye Dustin". Once he had left, i checked the schedule. I have 7 classes and 5 with Sapph. Oh darn! At least we have the first two together. We walked to English. When we got there, a blond chick ran to me with a flirty smile. "Hey. I'm Leanne." she smiled. I blinked causually. "Nice to meet you, i guess." "Whats your name?" she flirted. "Daimen Carter." i said, no emotion in my voice. Leanne smiled and reached out to touch my chest. "I like that name..." she said, trying to sound sexy. I nodded. "I like it too. Now excuse me. Come on Sapph." i said pulling Sapphire away with me. As we looked for a seat, a tall guy with dirty blond hair, slapped Sapph's ass. "Hey sexy, whereve you been all my life?" he asked. I sat Sapphire down and walked up to the guy. I was an almost an inch taller than him, but i bet i was stronger. "Leave Sapphire alone. Touch her, i'll break you. Hurt her, Dustin and i will kill you." "Who's Dustin?" "My brother who's a senior." i answered. The guy smirked but, backed up. I sat down by Sapph and smiled. She mouthed a "thank you" and grinned. ~*Dustins POV*~ Oh god! How many sluts are in this school! So far i met: Selene, Demetris, Carly, Chemile, Jade, Tanya, Mia, and Valerie. The cheersquad. Some where pretty, but Sapph's got them beat. I sure hope Daimens taking care of her! Bye 4th period, i was friends with the football jocks. Mike, Shawn, Aaron, and Joe.

During lunch, i spotted Sapphire and Daimen, one girl and three guys sitting at a table. I walked over for a moment. "Hey D, hey Sapph." i said. Sapphire smiled and waved. "Hi Dustin!" she said."This is Emma, Tristan, Daniel and Benny." she said pointing to the other people. I nodded to them greetingly. Emma seemed nice, and i think she would make a great friend for Sapph. Apparently Emma was the only girl that talked to Sapphire before and they were good friends. The three boys were the junior jock leaders. Daimens friends. After meeting them and i asked Sapphire to sit with me at the senior tables. She accepted and Daimen nodded saying. "Oh fine, you can take her for now." to me. Emma stayed to talk to the jocks. Once we got to the table, all the dudes stared at Sapphire. I snapped my fingers in front of their faces. "Hey! Snap out of it. I know, she's hot." i rolled my eyes. Sapph blushed and sat down by me. Aaron was the first to speak. " she your girlfriend?" he asked. I glared at him. "She's my step sister." i said, not denying her as my girlfriend. The guys all exhaled. "So you wouldnt mind if we--"Shawn started. "You touch her, itll be the last thing you ever do." i warned. Sapphire shifted in het seat and held my arm tighter. "Wait, you never answered my she your girl?" Aaron asked. "I just answered you! She's my step-sister." i said annoyed. Joe laughed. "That doesnt mean anything. You could still be. So are you?" he asked. Sapphire spoke up now. "No comment, please." she said. I smiled and set my hand on her bare leg. She stiffened. "Whaaatever." Mike smiled. "But id like to see what goes on in your house." Shawn laughed. "Why Mike? You into porn?" "I didnt mean it like THAT!" Mike said. I noticed Aaron randomly staring at Sapph. "what're you looking at?" i asked him. He looked at me smirking. "At Sapph's tits." he grinned, Sapph gasped and glared at Aaron. "Eyes are up here!" she said. Joe chuckled. "He knows that, but thats not what he's interested in..." Aaron rolled his eyes and continued to eat. I decided that now was a good time to have some fun. I set my hand on Sapphire's thigh and squeezed it gently. I could feel her stiffen to my touch. I traled my hand to the inside of her thighs, rubbing the skin softly. She gasped quietly as to not arrouse suspicion. One i reached the line of her shorts, i slid my hand underneath them, tickling her gently. I took my hand out and lightly touched her center over her shorts. She was already begining to orgasm on her clothes. I chuckled and took my hand out, and went back to eating like nothing happened. Theres a difference between Daimen and i. I have more of an old fashioned mind. I say breasts, he says tits. I say center, Daimen says pussy. I say orgasm, he says "cum". I say penis, he says dick. But apparently girls find my old style of talking attractive and "romantic". After lunch i returned Sapphire to Daimen who was talking to his friends. Daimen took her hand and smiled. Then he leant over to me and said, "Did you have a fun petting session back there?" he smiled.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4. ~*Daimen's POV*~ i laughed at Dustins face. He seeme annoyed, yet embarrasd. I caught him petting our little babe's pussy, and legs, and her gasping and moaning the entire time. I got hard just thinking about being in his place! But now...Dustin and i both want Sapph...but we have to make sure Sapphire wants us. "Shuttup. I cant have my fun?" Dustin grinned. I smiled and waved my hand dissmisivly. "Yes, yes, you can. Now we need Sapphire to beg for us. I mean we love het already, but i think she craves sex in general. Not us." i whispered to him. Dustin nodded and said. "No problem. We all stay in the same house. We'll find a way." he said. I smiled and held tighter to Sapphire, who was talking to Tristan, Benny and Emma. "Lets go to next class babe." i said. "See ya Dust." "Bye Dustin! See you after school!" Sapphire smiled. I was glad to see her so happy. She had friends, notice, and not guys were bothering her sexually. "Bye Daimen. Bye babe." Dustin smiled. As we walked to our class, Sapp turned to face me. "Hey Daimen?" "Yeah, babe?" "Thank you. I never could walk through school like this and have all the kids waving and smiling at me. And not have guys bothering me." she grinned. I nodded and kissed her hair. "No problem, Sapphire. Thats what were here for." i said. She chuckled quietly then went to her next class. I wasnt in this class with her. I spotted Benny and Daniel going in the class, i stopped them. "Dan, Benny!" i called. They saw me and smiled. "Hey D, whats up? You're doing Algebra2?" Benny asked. I shook my head. "No, i did Algebra2. Im in Geometry. Umm.. Im not gonna be here to watch out for Sapph, so i was wondering--" "If we could play big brother for this class?" Daniel cut me off, smiling. I nodded. "Sure we will! Who would mind watching over a sexy little--" Benny started. I inturrupted him. "And can i trust you NOT to try anything on her?" i asked. Dan laughed at Benny, but nodded. "Dont worry. You can trust us for today..but one day, im gnna get her!" he said. I rolled my eyes. "Not if im still breathing." i muttered quietly. Sapph was already in the class, when we heard a squealy voice...squeal. I turned and saw Leanne with three other girls, in flimsy tops and 3-inch skirts. Sapphire had short shorts on...but they were still 6-7inches long! "Well! This is like a hottie gathering! How are you boys doing?" she asked, batting her eyelashes. "Hey Leanne, and....Darlene?" Benny asked. "No, Charlene! How did you forget? You were moaning it three days ago." A red headed, busty chick said. Benny shrugged, and Dan laughed. "So Daimen, you did great at Geomtery!" another girl said with blond hair and long legs.

I grinned and nodded. "Thanks..." "Vanessa." "Oh ok. Thanks Vanessa." Leanne nudged Vanessa and whispered something to her. Vanessa frowned but stayed scilent. "You have Biology or Chemistry next?" Leanne asked. "Biology." i answered. "Great! Me too! Wow, we have almost all the classes together!" she squealed. I managed to smile. She disgusts me. "Cool. I gotta go now. Text me Benny and Dan about her ok?" i asked. Benny and Dan nodded, but went back to staring at Charlene's tits. I rolled my eyes and went to class, with Leanne and Vanessa following me. When we were in the room, Leanne ran to the teachers desk and flirted with him. The teacher was about 25 or so, but still...have your limits slut! Then suddenly Leanne squealed happily and thanked Mr...Kenoby? Like...OBI WAN KENOBI! I smiled to myself. "Now take your seet Leanne." Mr. Kenoby smiled. As class went on, i got my texts from Benny and Dan: Benny: So far so good. Dan: That wierd kid from the Drama club just winked at her! Benny: Dan just threw a pencilbag at a Drama club geek...but she's ok. Dan: She's fine...WAIT! Benny: LOL! When Mrs. Boring turned around, Dan punched Samuel Towerson for whispering that Sapphire's got good boobs! Dan: its all good now. Sapph does look pretty hot though. Woah... Benny: EWW! A lesbo girl just pinched Sapphs ass! Grossssss Dan: Rofl! Benny randomly yelled out "Felecity! Keep ur gay hands off the hottie please!" Benny: oh great. I have dont matter, i had detention for a week already for kissing in the halls. I rolled my eyes. Those guys were stupid. We had a pop quiz on Heredity..,and i aced it? better than i thought. Then Obi-wan walked up to me. "Why Mr.Carter, you did exceedingly well! Now...Ms. Welsh, you did horribly." he said looking at Leanne. Then he turned back to me. "Mr. Carter, im giving you the assignment of tutoring Ms. Leanne in Biology." he smiled. I glared at him. "No! I have things to do!" i whined. Mr. Obiwan raised an eyebrow. "Now, now. Dont pretend you dont want to spend time with this goddess, and get extra credit for it. We're studying reproduction, imagine what 'tutoring' you could do." he winked. I gaped at him. Is he seriousy telling me to go to Leannes house...and fuck her!? I looked over at Leanne, who winked at me. I gagged. "Do i have to?" i asked. "I'm afraid so. I expect to see some results from her. And you will get extra credit for every assignment you do." Obiwan smiled. I growled and went back to reading my book. After class, i ran to Social studies to meet Sapphire. I saw her talking to Emma, Dan, Benny, and Tristan. I waved to them. "How was class?" I asked Sapph. She smiled.

"Great. Including you sending me body gaurds." she laughed. I scoffed and smiled. Then i took her hand and led her down the hall and quickly into an empty room. "Whats wrong, Daimen?" Sapphire asked. I shook my head. "Nothing is. But i have something i want you to know." i whispered sexily into her ear. She shivered. " i-it?" she said. I set her against a wall and licked her earlobe. She immedietly melted in my arms. I nibbled it as i rubbed her waist. "Later on babe, we're gonna teach you all about sex. Real sex. Not the type you read in health class." i said, not bothering to whisper. Sapphire gasped, but i knew she was excited. Her steady heart had started up faster, and she was pressing her legs together. I smiled and backed away, taking her back to class. ~*Sapphire's POV*~ God i was wet! I think i orgasmed right through my shorts! Thank god the shorts were black. After we finished school, Dustin was waiting by the car. "Hey Dustin!" i smiled. Something about him made me happy. He came over and kissed my forehead. "Hi babe. I missed you, how was school?" "Good, much better than usual." i honestly stated. Daimen chuckled lightly, as we piled in the car. Dustin sat in the back next to me. As we drove on, Daimen kept blabbing about having to tutor Leanne, Benny and Dans texts, cream. Random boy. I laughed. I looked over at Dustin who was smiling at Daimen and i. When he caught me staring he smirked. "So Sapphire. Daimen told you about later? The sex lessons?" he asked. I blushed and nodded. He smiled and leant next to me. "Good. This will give us a chance to see what turns you on, and show you all the ways one could have fun in bed." he winked. I blushed even deeper. "Tell me now...what do YOU think turns you on? What do you want a guy to do to you?" Daimen asked. I blinked blankly. I dont know...everything thatthe boys have done so far, got me wet and horny. "i dont know..." i said. Dustin leaned so close, i could smell his breath, cologne and hair shampoo. All smelled wonderful. I looked from Dustins eyes, to his lips. They were full, moist and plump as ever. I ached to kiss them! But i held back, as Dustin kissed my neck. Over and over he placed hot kisses that we still burning when he left them. I gasped softly and held in my moans. Daimen continued driving, but laughing at my struggle to not moan. "Babe, give up. Dustin wont stop, untill you moan." Daimen smiled. I glared a him, but kept my mouth shut. Dustin moves lower to ny chest, and kissed me there as well. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Im not giving them the satisfaction. Dustin chuckled against my chest, and moved my shirt out of his way, as he licked the tip of my breasts. "Dustin..." i started, but couldnt finish. He had reached my nipples and was licking them, over my skimpy bra. I couldnt help it. I opened my mouth and moaned. Loudly and desperatly. Daimen cheered, and Dustin smiled against my nipple. Then...he sucked it! Ive heard of nipple sucking, but i never knew it would feel this good! Dustin teased and pulled, and lightly bit on them, making me moan and gasp louder than i ever had. Daimen just smiled and seemed proud of me for moaning.

I couldnt think straight anymore as Dustin sucked and bit, after removing my bra as well. I moaned, groaned and all i could feel was pleasure. Then i heard Dustin moan. Why was he moaning? Daimen looked at us both quickly and laughed. Dustin moaned even louder, but i didnt know why. Apparently Daimen noticed my confusion. "Look at your hand babe." he smirked. I looked down and gaped. My hand was on Dustins now erect dick, over his pants, rubbing and pulling it. I suddenly stopped as Dustin breathed heavily. "Damn, you'll be good in bed." he smiled. I blushed and put my clothes back on. Then i whispered. "I'm sorry about that. I didnt know i was--" "why the hell are you sorry? That was great!" Dustin cut me off. "You gave in and moaned, and even started petting on your own. You managed to make my penis get an erection, and you only touched it." he smiled. I blushed and smiled back. Then a question hit me. "Um..Dustin? If i ask you a weird question, do you promise you wont laugh?" i asked. He nodded and smiled. "Of course babe! What is it?" "um...when i touched your...uh...dick or penis...i..i just want to" i started. "Let it out babe! You can tell us anything." Daimen smirked. I gulped. "Um...i just wanted to know how big your dick is." i said quickly. Dustin smirkes but didnt laugh. "Thats a good girl! Let it out, haha. Lets see...last time i checked, id say mine is 8 inches long." Dustin said. I sharply drew in breath. GOD! I didnt know they got that big. "Wow...i never knew they could be more than 6inches." i said. Daimen laughed. "Well than cupcake, you'll be pleased to know, that i have a 9 incher." Daimen smiled. I gaped and looked over at Dustin. He snickered nodded. "He's not lying. My litle bro's got the bigger penis. Ive just got more muscle." He said. I laughed as Daimen scoffed. Then we were home. After we were settled, i went to the kitchen for a snack. I grabbed a banana, and sat at the table. Just as i was about to eat it, Daimen laughed. "Are you REALLY gonna be able to eat that? Even after our dick discussion?" he asked. I looked at the banana...and grimaced. It suddenly looked goss and somewhat like a dick... I handed Daimen the banana, and got an apple. He laughed and threw it away. Then we heard Dustin from the living room. "Oh Daimen! Sapph! Its time for the sex lesson." he called. I gulped and bit my lip, as Daimen dragged me to the living room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 5 ~*Dustins POV*~ "Ok kids. Time for the sex lesson." i said with a smile. Sapphire and Daimen sat down on the couch and smiled. Well..Daimen smiled. Sapph turned white and nervous. "Okeedoke cheif!" Daimen smiled. I chuckled and looked at Sapph. "Ok, babe, tell us what you know already about sex." i told Sapphire. She blinked a couple times, and once she found out i was dead serious, she started talking.

"Umm..well i know that sex is when a guys...penis goes into a girls vagina. Then in and out." Daimen snickerd and poked Sapph. "Is that all?" "No...i know theres kissing..and.....rubbing." she mumbled. Daimen cracked up and rolled on the floor. I smacked his head. "Whats your problem?" "She's soooo embarrased! Look at her when she said 'rubbing'! Hahaha!" he laughed. I looked at her and saw a red, sweating, hottie. I rubbed her arm. "Ignore Daimen. Now continue." i said. Daimen composed himself and sat down. Sapph took a deep breath. "Like what you guys keep doing to me. And...what i did to Dustin in the car by accident." she muttered. I smiled as i remembered it. Ive always been a 'hard to get'. I use to be a player, and only certain girls could succeed in making me erect. She did it in 10 seconds. "Yeah, i know! You owe me one now, babe." Daimen winked. Sapph blushed and continued. "Uh..besides touching and kissing...thats it. Right?" she asked. Daimen smiled and pushed her down onto the floor and layed on her, supporting his own weight on his arms (as to not crush her). "If you think 'thats it', then we are going to have a LOT of fun with you, babe." he smirked, while leaning forward. He licked her ear. She shivered and gulped loudly. Then D jumped off and sat down like nothing had happened. I rolled my eyes and told Daimen to get a banana. When he returned, i gave it to Sapph. She laughed and looked at me. "What do you want me to do with this?" she asked. I smiled and through her the contents of my pocket. A condom. "Do you know what condoms are?" i asked. She nodded. "You want...ME to put it on..the BANANA?!" she gasped. I nodded. She opened the packet and looked at the condom eyeingly. Then she rolled it onto the banana pefrectly. "Is this good?" she asked. Daimen and i smiled and nodded. She jumped up and glared at me. "Your not gonna make me--" "NO! No, no, no! You will not lose your virginity to a banana!" i laughed. She relaxed and sat down again. "Ok. Today im showing you Oral Sex. Tommorow...Anal sex. Next day, riding. And more after that." i said. And Daimen's eyes widened. "Oh yeah! We're doing oral NOW! Whoo!" he said happily. I rolled my eyes at my sex hungry brother and turned to Sapphire. "Now...lick the banana." she glared at me. " tongue?" "The only device used for licking, babe." i said smiling. She looke dat the banana. Then slowly brought it to her lips, she licked the top and worked down the sides. "Act like its a penis." i said. "Do whatever you would want to do." she nodded and licked harder, swirling her tongue around it. I looked at Daimen, who was staring at the banana with...jealousy? What a weirdo! "Can something else to it?" she asked. I raised and eyebrow and smirked. "Like what?" "Suck it?"

"Hell yeah!" Daimen shouted. She laughed and went back to the banana. She began sucking the tip of the banana, while rubbing the rest. Her hands were just beautiful doing their job. She sucked more of it in and soon almost all of the 7 inch banana was gone in her mouth. I looked down and my penis was sticking up and poking my jeans. I groaned and saw Daimen trying to hide his erection. "Ok, was that good?" she asked once she finished. I nodded. "Really good. Now you need to know the guys part in this." "Whats that?" "You just showed a girls part in oral sex. Now we'll tell you what a guy does." "Oh...ok." she said nervously. Daimen sat up straight and beamed. "I want to hear this!" he laughed. I smiled and turned to Sapphire. "Alright babe. So in oral sex, a guy works on your vagina. Suck, lick, nibble, or anything possible with the mouth. Theres also something called six-nine. Thats when A girl lays on a guy so that she can do his dick, while he does her vagina. Understand?" i said. Sapphire blinks a couple times but nodded slowly. Daimen laughed. "Ok! I think we've had enough lesson for today! No we test what uve learned." he smiled. I shook my head. "Not now. Later Daimen." i said sternly. Daimen pouted but agreed. "So what should we do now?" Sapph asked. ~*Daimens POV*~ HELL! She was sucking that banana like it was the last day on earth! I never got hard by watching a girl lick a banana! Oh lord, im getting weak! My watch beeped. Oh no. Time to visit Leanne to tutor. "Hey Dustin, i have to go tutor. I'll be back." i said. "Bye babe!" "Bye" both Sapph and Dustin said together. I smiled and left the house. I got into my car and drove to the address Leanne gave me earlier. When i got to the house, Leanne was sitting on the front porch waiting. She had a bellyshowing red top, jean miniskirt and leather heels. Desperate much? When she saw me she squealed. "Hey Daimen! C'mon in!" she said. When we were in her room, i took out my books. "Ok, so how do you want to do this? I can quiz you, then correct you..or we can jump right in and read all we've learned, or--" "Or we can make out..." she flirted. I put on a bored expression. "No. We have to study." i said seriously. Leanne whined "C'mon Daimen! Just a little--" "No Leanne! We have to work. Mr. kenoby said that he needs to see results from you." i said. "Pfft! I told him to say that so we could get alone time!" "What? You mean i dont need to be here?! Ugh! You probably banged him in the janitors closet afterwards right?" i chuckled to myself. She smiled. "Oh god, you did!" i gasped. She laughed and leaned over to me. "I did, so now you know we can be alone. You and I. Alone." she whispered sexily in my ear. But for some reason, i wasnt turned on. I turned away from her.

"No Leanne. Im not going to do anything with you." "Why not?! Cause of your little fuck buddy?" she said. I glared at her. "Who?" "You know who! Sapphire! You want her dont you!" "Thats not your business!" i yelled. Leanne crawled over to me and sat on my lap. "Just one go Daimen. You know you want me. Im sexy. Here." she said placing my and on her tit. "Im all yours. Fuck me!" i backed her off of me. "No Leanne! Back off, im leaving!" i said. Leanne jumped up and ran to her door. She took a key and quickly locked us in. She put the key in her bra. "Come and get it, babe." she smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Give it Leanne! Now!" "Not unless i get some action! I need you Daimen!" she said squishing her boobs against my chest. I sucked in my breath. Leanne kissdd my neck softly and rubbed my chest. "Leanne, get away." i said. Leanne shook her head and moved to my crotch. I groaned as she got hold of my dick and rubbed it. "Damn babe! Your dick is...huge! Now fill me up with it! Fuck me! Sex me! Wreck me! Im all you'll ever need Daimen! I'll do anything! I love you and you can love me too!" she said. The last part made me snap out of it. I pushed Leanne off and glared at her. "No! Stay away or else! Give me the damn key or ill break down the door!" i said with venom dripping from my mouth. Leanne stared blankly and handed me the key. I opened the door and as i went out i turned to Leanne. "And you're wrong. You dont love me. You lust me. But i dont even lust you. Theres only one girl i love and lust. Sapphire." i said as i shut the door. ~*Sapphire's POV*~ I was kinda worried with Daimen being at Leanne's house. She's a seducer. I know he's not my bf or anything...but i love Daimen....and...i love Dustin as well. I love and care for them both more than i do my father. I hope Daimens not sexing Leanne... I hope she doesnt even touch him! Daimens mine! Dustins mine! Theyre both for me. Leanna doesnt deserve them! If Daimen did fuck Leane... that..would be horrible! I cant let him get sexed by other women! He'll lose interest in me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 6 ~*Dustins POV*~ When Daimen came home, he looked nervous and guilty. I glared at him. "What'd you do?!" i yelled. Sapphire ran in from te kitchen and smiled at Daimen. Then frowned. "Wait...what did he do?" she asked softly. Daimen shook his head. "I didnt do anything." he said, turning away. I grabbed his shoulder and turned him back. "Then why are you so guilty? Did you..." i trailed of relizing what i was about to say. But Sapphire finished it. "Did you have sex with Leanne?" she asked with her eyes watering. Daimen quickly ran to her and hugged her. "No babe, i didnt. I found out she only wanted me as her tutor for sex, so i left." he said. I exhaled and smiled.

"Then why did you look so nervouse bro?" i asked. Daimen raised an eyebrow. "Well to begin with, i was almost raped by a girl!" he said sternly. Sapph and i gasped, but then cracked up. "Hahaha, Leanne almost raped you?! Depserate eh?" Sapph laughed. "You couldnt just run away D?" i giggled. Daimen glared at us both. "She locked the door and put the key between her tits." he said. Sapph and i broke into laughter again. "Oh my god! She's such, a slut!" Sapphire smiled, then hugged Daimen. "But im glad you didnt give in." she said. Daimen chuckled. "Oh? Why are you happy?" he asked smirking. Sapphire blushed and looked at her hands. "Uh...cause Leanne has STD's...and shes a slut..and...yeah." she said. I smiled. Awww, she was being protective and wanted Daimen for herself! Haha. "Are you sure thats all?" Daimen smirked. Sapph nodded. "Yeah im sure! Now, Dustin and i said that we are going to the mall. Want to go?" she asked. I never said any such thing. I'd rather die than go to the mall. "As long as we stop by a lingerie store..." he smoled. Sapphire hit his arm playfully and led us both to the car. She seemed unusually happy and high spirited. When we got to the ginormic mall, Daimen got a phone call. "You guys go on ahead, while i take this." he said, answering the phone. Sapphire and i went inside. God, this mall was HUGE! "So where do you want to go first, babe?" i said turning to her. She was staring at me, in thought. She didnt answer. "Sapph?" i asked. No answer. "Sapphire!" i said louder. She snapped out of it and looked at me. "Why are you shouting?" she asked. I smoled and put my arm around her shoulders. "Cause ive been calling you for the past couple minutes but you couldnt hear me. Too busy taking in my gorgeous looks eh?" i smiled. She blushed and said. "Anyway, what did you say?" "where do you want to go first?" "To a dark closet." i heard her mumble quietly. "Excuse me?" i asked smirking. She looked at me and hook her head. "i said to Cassie's footwear." she said. I nodded but looked at her sternly and instantly she knew that i had heard her. She bluhed hard and took my hand and led me to a shoe store. We walked around, with every 2 min Sapph saying "What about these?" or "Hot, or too fancy?". I always responded with "Nice" or "Looks good on you." Then Daimen got back and smiled like an idiot. "What are you smiling about?" i asked him. He looked at Saph and i and smirked. "Better choose out a smexy dreas babe, were going to a party tommorow." Sapph smiled and went back to shoes. I grabbed Daimen and glared at him. "Are you fucking nuts?!" i asked. Daimen smiled "I like to think so..." i smacked his head. "I was joking! No, why?" he said. "You want to take Sapph to a party? In a sexy dress? With tons of drunk perverts?" "It'll be ok! You dont drink! I do a little but i wont go crazy! We'll watch her Dustin. And look at her! She's happy! Let her live a little." he smirked. I nodded. "Ok fine. But what happened earlier with Leanne? You did fuck her didnt you." i said

sternly. Daimen groaned. "NO! I didnt!" "Then why were you so distant and thought?" i asked. Daimen blushed. He actually blushed. Daimen doesnt ever blush! But then again, since when do i get erections in 10seconds. "I..told Leanne i loved Sapphire." he mumbled. I relaxed and smiled. "Thats all?" "Yeah. It felt wierd saying it to her...but its true." he sighed. I smiled at Daimen and patted his back. "But it feels better to say it right?" "Yeah. Do you think she loves me?" "Yes i do. She was worried about you fucking Leanne, and was happy when she found out you didnt." "Haha, thanks. But she wants you. I think you should give her, her first real kiss." my heart leapt as Daimen said this. "Are you sure?" i asked quickly and eagerly. Daimen laughed, "Yes, im sure. Now where IS she?" he asked. I looked around and didnt see her. "Hey! Where'd she go?!" we scattered around and looked all over the shoe shop. No sign of her. "Oh great! We lost her!" Daimen scoffed. Then an idea hit me. "Uh Daimen...we just lost the love of our a mall...and she's dressed like...oh god!" i said. Daimens eyes widened, as we exited te shop hurried to the mall's main hallway. Then my cell phone buzzed. I looked at the caller ID and saw "Sapphire". I shook my head. Why hadnt we thought of calling before? I answered the phone. "Hey Sapph! Where are you?" "Me? Where are you? You both ditched me!" "No, i took Daimen to the other side of the store to talk to him." "Whyd you have to take him to the other side of the store Dustin!" "So i could speak to him privatly!" "Whats so secret that you couldnt tell me? I thought i could tell my secrets to you, and vise versa!" "We do! I just had to speak to Daimen about something!" "About what?" "Leanne--" "I knew it! Daimen lied to me! He DID have sex with Leanne!" she cried. Litterally, i heard a break in her voice. "No he didnt! Thats why i talked to him!" "Because you're wondering why he wouldnt have sex with a girl so perfect as Leanne! You encouraged him!" "No! I asked because i didnt believe he didnt have sex with her!" "How can you prove it! I thought you both cared for me! But im dressed like...THIS! And you take me to a MALL and leave me alone?! What the Eff!" "You left the Shoe store Sapphire, not us! You basically ran away!" "Because i thought you left me! I was looking for you!" "Of course you were Sapphire."

"Dont believe me? Well i dont care Dustin Carter! You and Daiment just used me and when you found out that i know nothing about sex, you take me to a mall and get rid of me?!" "Stop talking like that! Its not that way! We were only talking about you!" "So you were gossiping? Well i feel soo much better now!" "Shut up Sapphire! Youre not even trying to understand!" "Yes i am, but your trying to hide what you REALLY said--" "Damn! I wish you were quiet and shy like when we first met you! God!" "Oh yeah?! Well i wish you never came into my life! I was perfectly fine!" "Fine? You were a freak! Friendless! You had no friends, you lived alone, your mom died and your own fucking dad was cheating and deciving my and your mom at the same time! My life was better than yours will ever be! You are and always will be in a messed up world! No family and friends! I wish my mother didnt meet your whore of a father!" i yelled. I heard crying on the other line. No talking, but crying. Then on her line i heard some voices. 'Hey chica. Aww, you crying? One round at my place will make it all better. But maybe my place is too about we goes to the bathrooms babe.' the voice said. I tensed. ~*Daimens POV*~ I stared in shock at Dustin. Why the hell was he dissing Sapphire?! Telling her all her lowpoints? And troubles? Then i saw Dustin tense up. Then growl. "Sapph? Sapph?! SAPPH!" he yelled into the phone. Then he shut the cell and looked at me. "We gotta find her!" "Why what happened?" "A guy was talking dirty to her and then she suddenly was cut off!" "Shit no! Lets go!" I snarled. "Wait..where?" "Lets try the nearest bathrooms." Dustin ordered. I obeyed and we both ran to the closest restroom sign. No one was near it and it seemed pretty run down. Then we heard her beautiful voice, coming from a room that said 'Employees Only'. "Please! Leave me alone! Please!" she cried. "No ways babe. You too hot to be left alone. Now shut up!" a male voice said. "Please! I'll pay you!" "Nah, i like this better. If you dare scream, i swear ill beat you up!" that did it. Strike one, take Sapph away. Strike two, call her "babe". Strike three, threaten to hurt her? Thats it. Dustin and i opened the door quickly to find a guy in his mid-late teens grabbing onto a 1/2 naked Sapphire's arm. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 7 ~*Daimens POV*~ "Get the fuck off of her!" Dustin yelled at the guy. Sapphire jumped out of surprise but

sighed in relief when she saw us. The guy smiled and looked at us. "And what if i dont?" he smirked. "Then we'll beat the shit out of you." I stated harshly. Sapph tried to get out of his grip, but he held her arm tighter, and pulled her down. The guy seemed a bit older than me...maybe Dustin's age, with dirty blond hair, very pale skin, and a smoky smell. "Let go! She doesnt want you near her!" Dustin growled. "Oh yeah? i found her in a corner, crying, and helpless. Sexy body, sexy clothes....i just wanted to make her feel better." he smirked again. "Well you arent! So let go of me!" Sapph cried, wiggling out of the guys grip. He grabbed both her hands in one of his and pulled her against him. " No way babe." "Don't call her that!" I yelled. "Now seriously. Let her go, or else we will both kill you." The guy smiled and began to let go of Sapph. Just as we thought she was free, he reached out and grabbed one of her mid-large breasts and squeezed it roughly. Sapph screamed and Dustin took off. He punched the guy right in his jaw and the guy fell to the floor in seconds. Sapph ran to me and i hugged her tightly. "Get dressed Sapph, then Daimen, take her out to the main hall!" Dustin yelled while getting punched by the guy. Sapph quickly got dressed, and i ran her out of the room and to the center of the mall. "Are you okay?"I asked once we were there. She looked up at me and nodded. Then burst into tears. I hugged her and she soaked my shirt with her tears. "Shh, its ok babe. Dustin will be done with that guy in a moment." I calmed her. And as if on cue, Dustin came to us. He had a big bruise on his arm and his clothes and hair were messy. Sapph saw him and lunged herself at him, hugging for dear life. "I'm soo sorry Dustin! I didnt mean what i said on the phone, i swear! I'm sorry!" She cried. Dustin hugged her back and said, " No Sapphire, im sorry. I reminded you of things i shouldnt have and Daimen and i shouldve been more open with you." he replied. I just sat there smiling at them both, not knowing what the hell happened. "Am i chopped liver?" I asked jokingly. Sapph laughed and grabbed my hand and Dustins. "We sould go, its late." she said. I shook my head.

"But we didnt get your sexy dress yet!" i whined. Sapphire rolled her eyes. "I think i have SOMETHING at home. My mom loved parties." she said. ~*Sapphire's POV*~ The next morning, i woke up feeling watched. I sat straight in my bed and saw Dustin on my bedroom chair, staring at me. I smiled and motioned him over. "Good morning." I said. He smiled walked over to me and sat at the foot of my bed. " Good morning to you too, babe. How did you sleep?" "Very good, thank you. You?" "Good. Listen, im really sorry about yesterday." he said sincerly. i got up and hugged him. "I told you it was my fault. And you were right anyway. Thanks for beating up the guy for me." i told him. He smiled and looked into my eyes intensly. I looked from his beautiful hazel/grey eyes, to his lips. His full, pink, lush, moist, juicy lips. Out of reflex, i licked my own lips while staring at his. I heard Dustin chuckle lightly. I snapped out of it and stared at him. He smiled. "Yes. I saw that." he smirked. I blushed. "Do you want to kiss me?" he asked. I looked at him uneasily. Of cours i did! Will he kiss me already? "Well?" he asked again. I nodded lightly. He smirked. "Yes what?" "I want to kiss you." i mumbled. He smiled "i cant hear you..." "I want to kiss you Dustin!" i said. Dustin chuckled again. Then layed back on my bed. "Then go on ahead! Im not stopping you." he smiled, closing his eyes. I gulped loudly and leaned in. I leant in until i could feel his breath on me. I didnt hesitate. I brought my lips onto his and pressed with all i had in me. Dustins arms snaked around my waist and pulled me closer. I licked his bottom lip and he opened his mouth, sticking his tongue in my mouth quickly. I put my arms around his neck and played with his hair. He moaned in my mouth and rubbed my ass. I moaned in his mouth as our tongues danced. He was a slow, gentle kisser and the one way to describe his kissing was...beautiful. When we had finnaly pulled back, we heard clapping. We turned and sae Daimen smiling. I jumped off Dustin and blushed. Daimen sat by us. "So you've had your first real kiss, babe?" he asked. I blushe harder and nodded. Dustin smiled. "And she's damn good at it!" he said. Daimen looked at Dustin smirking.

"May i kiss her now?" he asked. Dustin laughed and nodded. "Yes. If she wants you to. I dont mind." i stared at them again. They were totally fine sharing me! Daimen looked at me. "May i kiss you Sapphire?" he asked sweetly. I nodded slowly. Daimen smiled and eagerly pressed his lips to mine. He layed me on the bed and put alot of force into the kiss. He sucked my lip, but i didnt open my mouth. I felt like teasing him, since he was so eager. He growled and sucked my lip harder, nibbling it. I opened to moan, but he took advantage of it and forced his tongue in. He tasted every part of my mouth and sucked my saliva. Everytime i tried putting my tongue in his mouth, he shoved it out forcefully, growling at me. If i were to sum up Daimens kiss into one word, id say "sexy". He sucked, nibbled and massaged my mouth and i was melting like butter into the bed. I wanted to lick his mouth though. I decided to try what i accidently did to Dustin. I reached my hand out from under Daimen and set it on his crotch. Daimen froze over me, his mouth still. I rubbed his dick gently, and in seconds it was hard. And it was BIG. 9inches all right! I grabbed it and pulled and stroked. I took my chance and sneaked my tongue into Daimens mouth. He moaned loudly as i groped him. Then i pulled back. Daimen was out of breath, as was i. So Dustin is slow, gentle and beautiful. Daimen is fast, rough and sexy. "God, that was amazing!" Daimen gasped. Duatin laughed. "So i saw. Sapph was really into it eh, babe?" he smirked. "He wouldnt let me put my tongue in, so i had to distract him." I whined. The boys looked at eachother and rolled their eyes. "Suuurrreee..." they said together. I groaned and got up. "Now, i gotta change. So out with boys!" i said. Daimen and Dustin frowned, but reluctantly left. I smiled. I really love them. Both. But they only lust me. I feel like...i have to tell them though. That..i love them ~*Dustins POV*~ God, that was awesome! She's a great kisser! I was hard when we pulled apart! Kissing never did that to me. I swear i have to tell her the truth. I love her. ~* Daimens POV*~ That girl is not a virgin! No virgin kisses like that! Then seduces me into letting her have her way?! Hell, no! Damn i had pre-cum after that! I dont care what she thinks, but im gonna tell her. I love her. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 8 ~*Daimens POV*~ Later when we got to school, Leanne was a bitch. She kept shooting me and Sapphire dirty looks and smirking. I got out of tutoring her when i threatend to tell the principal

about Mr. Kenoby and her sex session. I have blackmail against her already! When we were at Spanish Class, Sapph seemed in dreamland. She kept staring into space and smiling. Ben looked at me and motioned to my cellphone. i took it out and checked my texts. Benny: Hey man, wassup with ur GF? me: My GF? Benny: You cant fool me. I know your closer than step-syblings. me: Dont tell anyone! Benny: Of course not. So do u love her? me: Yes. Benny: Shiz! How are you gunna tell Dustin? me: Dustin knows Benny: And he's ok with it? me: more than you know. Benny: well, your lucky to get with her. Sapph's sexy. me: I know that. Benny: and cute and innocent. yesterday when she was in those hot shorts, i got horny looking at her. me: Hey! eyes off bud! Benny: Yeah, yeah. Can i have her when your done? Me: when im done? Hell no! I'll never be done! She's my only. Benny: seriously? Youll be with her forever? Me: yes. I wouldnt leave her. Benny: what if she got pregnant... Me: then i most definetly wouldnt leave her! Benny: your a good guy. Id force the girl to get an abortion. Me: well, you should use protection. Benny: haha, condoms are always breaking... Me: sucks for you. Benny: shuttup. Me: whatev. "Daimen Carter, are you listening? Or texting Leanne?" Mrs. Howards asked in her squeaky voice. Leanne scoffed. "No Miss. He's not texting me. He only has eyes for one girl. Which is stupid, but i respect it." Leanne said in a non-bitchy way. Leanne smiled at me and winked at Sapph. Hmm, maybe Leanne's not so bad. Sapph looked at me and smiled. I winked at her and grinned. After class we went to our lockers to get our books. Leanne and Charlene(i think thats her name), came over to us. "Hey Daimen, im sorry about the other day. I didnt know you were...well...yeah. I though you were a player." she said. I nodded. "Its ok, i guess. Thanks for backing off." i said. Leanne smiled and turned to Sapph. "Congrats on winning him. He will be good for you." she said. Sapphire smiled and said, "Thanks Leanne! I know he will be."

"Yep. I know because he told me." "He told you what?" i sucked in my breath. Here it comes. "He told me that he loved you." Leanne smiled as Charlene and her walked away. Sapph turned to me. I blushed...god! Whats wrong with me?! "Is that true?" Sapphire asked. I gazed in her brown eyes and nodded. "Yes. I love you Sapphire." i said calmly yet seriously. Sapphire's eyes welled with tears as she said, "I love you too, Daimen!" i couldnt control myself as i grabbed her waist and kissed her hard. She smiled on my lips and pressed into it. "No affectionate gestures in the school grounds!" a school staff member yelled at us. We broke apart, and stared at eachother. I loved her with all my heart. She's beautiful, innocent, sweet, funny, and 100 other things, i cant describe. "We should get to class." i said to a daydreaming Sapphire. She nodded lazily and followed me. ~*Dustins POV*~ Damn. Im horny. I just finished a class with 10 girls in 3 inch skirts, rubbing their breasts on me. Selene and Jade were the best. Size D cups, small curvy waists, sexy hips.....FOCUS! You love Sapphire! Cute, innocent, virgin Sapphire. Virgin. Virgin. That means that it might be a long time before we have sex. God! I used to be a player! I fucked every night! I was never longing for satisfaction "So Dustin babe...u going to Mike's party tonight?" Selene asked. I smiled and nodded. "Wouldnt miss it." i said seductivly. Selenenput on a flirty smile. "Will you dance a bit with me?" she asked. I groaned. My player self was coming. I love Sapph...but until she knows that, i can have my fun. "Of course i will." i winked. Selene smiled and touched my chest. "Can i talk to you after class?" she asked. I nodded. "Sure." After Trig, i met Selene by a back hall in the school. "What is it?" i asked her. Selene smiled. "Well...whens the last time you fucked?" "Three weeks ago." i mumbled. Selene chuckled. "Wow, that was a long time ago, huh?" "Yeah." "How about a round with me in the Science lab room?" i groaned thinkng about it. But not cheating! I can fuck Selene and still love Sapphire. She wouldnt mind. My needs arent being filled yet, and until they are, i'll fuck Selene. "How about a round right here." i winked. Selene giggled and shook her head. "No, we have to be somewhere private! Theres a closet, lets go." she said, leading me to the nearest Janitors Closet. Once we were both in there, she crashed her lips on mine. Finnaly! A girl with experience! In no time, we were both naked and i was sucking her breasts. She was moaning like mad. "Oh Dustin! Go Dustin! Damn, that feels good!" i smiled ond rubbed her pussy slowly. Then she began gasping my name. Just as i was about to enter her, the door swung open. Selene and i jumped in surprise and turned to see who it was. Daimen. He didnt look

surprised or shocked. Just disappointed. "Dustin. Get dressed an get out. Selene?" "Yes?" "Get dressed as well. And none of you let Sapphire know anything about this!" Daimen yelled the last part. I usually wouldnt listen to him, but i obediently got my clothes on and so did Selene. She seemed confused. "Dustin? Daimen? Whats wrong, i dont get it?" she said. Daimen looked at her sharply. "What do you think is the relationship between Sapphire and Dustin?" "I thought they were syblings, right? He never said otherwise... Oh my god! Was she his GF?!" she screeched. Daimen shook his head. "No, they are just syblings. Nothing is wrong...but Dustin was supposed to do something else right now, and we're in a hurry." he said. Selene nodded. "Oh ok. So i havent done any crime. Well...bye Dustin. Bye Daimen." she said as she hopped away. I groaned and looked at Daimen. Waiting for whats coming next. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 9 ~*Daimens POV*~ I swear im gonna kill him! He takes Sapphire's first kiss then fucks another girl? And i cant blame Selene. She didnt know. She thought Dustin was just another womanizing whore. When Selene had left, i turned to Dustin, who was wincing ready for me. "Why would you do that?" i asked calmly. "Do what?" Dustin asked stupidly. I crossed my arms and glared at him "You know what i mean. Why would you fuck Selene? I thought you loved Sapphire?" "I do love her. But i want some sex, and Sapphire isnt ready yet. So..." "So your going to fuck sluts until she's ready, then fuck her?" i aske angrily. Dustin smirkd. "Pretty much, yeah." he said. I growled angrily and said, "I know that you wont listen to what i say...but im telling you this. Do NOT hurt Sapphire. Physically or emotionally. Understand?" i said sternly. Dustin raised an eyebrow and turned away. "She wont get hurt Daimen. So leave me alone." he said walking away. I shook my head and walked back to the main hall. There i saw my sexy babe. When she saw me she waved and came to me. "Hey Daimen!" she smiled. I smiled back. "Hey babe, how are you?" "Good! Wheres Dustin?" "Oh, he's busy. Senior year is hard." i lied. Sapphire smiled and said, "Oh well, ill see him after school then!" After we finished school, Dustin was waiting for us by the car. Sapph ran and hugged him. "Hey Dustin!" she said. He smiled and kissed her cheek. "Hey babe, hows it going?" "Good, you?" "Good. Havent seen you today, much."

"I know babe, but now we should get ready fot the party. should. I just need to shower." he said. I rolled my eyes and got into the car. When we were home, Sapph and i went to her closet. "Show me your dresses babe." i smiled. Sapph giggles and reached in her large closet. She pulled out 5 dresses. All looked nice, but i couldnt be sure "Model em for me?" i asked. Sapphire laughed and pretended to think. "Hm...if i do...will you do something i tell you to?" she asked. I nodded eagerly. She grabbed the dresses and went into the bathroom. She first came out with a shiny blue dress that went to her knees and had one strap. She looked nice...but too formal. "Next." i said. The second dress was black. Enough said. "Next." the next dress made it hard for me to stay in my seat! It was blood red, came a few inches below her ass, no straps, tight waist and bust, and curvy lines. "Im guessing you like this are drooling." Sapphire said. I wasnt, but the sad thing is that i had to check. "That one's a winner babe." i smiled. She smiled as well. "Good. I'll find matching heels, Jewelry and makeup. Now as for your part..." she started. I nodded. "Yes babe, what would you like me to do?" i asked. She smirked. "I want to see you shirtless." she said, blushing. I smirked. "Really?" i asked. She nodded. I chuckled and said, "I dont mind. But if you want to see it, you unbutton my shirt." i ordered. She gulped and smiled shyly. Then slowly walked over to me until we were inches apart. She reached out to me and undid my top buttons. She slowly unbottoned while sucking in her breath with every move. Once my shirt was off, Sapphire examined me. She was wide eyed and her eyes were dancing. "Im guessing you like this are drooling." i said, repeating her words. She blushed and also checked to see if she was drooling. Her hand went out to my chest and she lightly brushed my chest. I instantly erected by her touch and sucked in my breath. Her hand trailed down to my 6-pack and she rubbed it as well. Then her face leaned down from looking at my eyes and she kissed my chest. I was breathing raspily now. Sapphire moved to my left nipple and licked it. I moaned loudly and rubbed her back and waist. She licked the other nipple and her hot, wet tongue made me cum. She then kissed my chest, down to my abs. By noe she was on her knees, and kissing hard and roughly on my abs. "God babe." i moaned. She smiled, and licked my pelvis. My cock was poking out visibly and pre-cum was wetting my jeans. I growled and picked Sapphire up and looked her in the eye. "Unless you want to lose your virginity right now, i suggest you cut it out." i said sternly and playfully. Sapphire giggled and pecked my lips. I lost control and kissed her with everything i had in me. In no time we were kissing, with our tongues, swallowing eachothers saliva, and grinding intensly. When we broke apart, i pecked her cheek. "I love you Sapphire." i whispered. She turned and kissed my neck. "I love you too Daimen." she said back. ~*Sapphires POV*~

And i meant it! I loved Daimen! And Dustin! Speaking of Dustin...i hould spend some time with him. At the party ill dance with him, and stuff. After another makeout session, i started to get ready for the party. I put on red shiny heels, red lipstick, blush, light mascara and i ironed and styled my boring brown hair. I walked to the main room as i heard Dustin wolf-whistle. "Your looking sexy, babe!" he smiled. I laughed and twirled around. "I told you i had a dress. This is my first real party. I went to a couple when i was a freshman, but those were stupid." i said. Dustin seemed annoyed? "Your first party?" "Yeah. Is that bad?" i asked. He shook his head. He was in a brown polo shirt and light jeans. He looked cuuuttteee! "No babe, its great. C'mon lets go. Daimen! Hurry up!" he yelled. Daimen groaned loudly and came out of his room. He was in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, dark jeans ans his dark hair was lightly gel(ed). 'Sexy boy' i thought. "Oh Sapph, quit drooling and lets go!" Daimen smirked. I rolled my eyes and walked to the car. "Can i drive?" i asked sweetly. Daimen glared at me. "No." "Please?" "No." "Please, please, please?" "No, no, no. Now sit down." he said, smirking. I rolled my eyes and sat in the back seat. Dustin sat in the passenger. Something seemed off about Dustin. He usually smiles at everything and makes me laugh and happy. I mean, he stole my first kiss this morning, and we never mentioned it. When we got to the party, there were 100's of people, drinks, acohol, smoking, people griding and making out. As i entered the house, i spotted Emma, Benny, and Tristan. Emma's eyes widened as she saw me and smiled widely. "OMGzies!! Sapphire you look amazing! Next to me of course!" she laughed. She did look nice. Black curly hair, blue eyes, slender figure. I chuckled and hugged her. "Of course!" Then Leanne came to us. "Hello Daimen and Dustin! And Sapphire!" she squealed . "Hey Leanne." Daimen said, no emotion in his face. Dustin smirked and scanned Leanne. She had a pink dress that barely covered her butt, 5 inch heels, and her huge breasts were popping out. "Heeeeyyy." Dustin winked. I raised and eyebrow. I guess he's a boy and boys are attracted to boobs. So i wont charge that against him. I noticed a lot of guys looking at me like i was meat. Even Benny and Tristan. Daimen noticed and glared at the guys. "Her eyes are on her face." he said. Benny smiled. "We know, we know! Sorry for checking you out Sapphire." he said. I laughed and smiled, "Its ok Benny." i said. Soon, Daimen and i were dancing. I was going to ask Dustin but i couldnt find him anywhere. "Whats wrong babe?" Daimen asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing, i jst havent seen Dustin in a while." i said. Daimens grip on my hips tightened as we danced. "He's probably talking to his friends. You'll see him later." he said. I noddes and pushed my self closer to Daimen. We danced for 3 songs, then i went to find Dustin. I found him drinking a beer and talking to Aaron, Shawn and Joe and some cheerleaders. "Damn, Sapphire!" Aaron whooped, eyeeing me up and down. Dustin rolled his eyes. "Quit it Aaron!" he said. Aaron smiled and averted his gaze to a brunnete girls breasts. "Dustin, ive been looking everywhere for you!" i smiled. A blind girl (i think here name is Selena or Charlene) looked at me and smiled. "Oh he was busy the last couple songs. I'm Selene. You are Sapphire right?" she asked. I smiled and nodded. "Yep. Sorry Dustin, i didnt know you were busy. What were you doing?" "Discussing a school project with us all." A girl named Jade innterrupted. I smiled and grabbed Dustins arm. "You still busy?" "Not too busy for you, babe." he winked. I giggled and led him away from the crowds. When we were in a quiet room, Dustin grabbed my waist and kissed me. I kissed back and wrapped my ams aroud his neck. We kissed for 5 min, then Dustin put his hand on my thigh, and squeezed it. I smiled in his mouth, and rubbed his chest. He smiled and put his hand higher. He rubbed my pussy and sucked on my neck, making me gasp with shock. Then what happened next scared me. Dustin undid his jeans and brought his large cock out. Then he spread my legs. I was not ready to have my virginity taken by a 1/2 drunk Dustin! "Dustin?" i said. No answer. "Dustin." i said again. But he only began taking my panties off. "Dustin!" i yelled. He looked up. "What now?" "I dont want to--" "I dont care!" "What?" i asked shocked. "I dont care. Your gunna shut up and let me fuck your hot body!" he yelled. I gasped in fear. Dustin looked...scary. His eyes were a horrible grey and his face was sharp. "No Dustin! Get off!" i yelled. He slapped my face. "Shut up Sapphire!" he yelled at me. I began to cry. My number one fear was being raped...and now its going to happen! Just as Dustin was going to try and fit himself in me, the door opened. My knight in shining armor was here! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 10 ~*Dustins POV*~ Oh geez. NOW who wants to inturrupt. I turned and saw...Leanne? And Aaron. They both were staring at me and their mouths were hung open. "Sapphire! Are you okay!" Leanne yelled running to Sapphire. Sapphire go out of my grip and hugged Leanne. Aaron raised an eyebrow.

"I think...Dustins drunk." he said. I scoffed, but when i saw Aaron glare, i understood. Sapphire looked at me closely. "Are you drunk Dustin?" she asked. Time to act. "Nnnoooo" i pretended to slur. She relaxed and smiled. "Thank God! I thought he was sober." she said. Aaron chuckled. "No. If Dustin was sober, he wouldnt have done that to you. He loves you." I glared at Aaron. I wanted to tell her that! I do love her! 'Then why were you about to rape her?' a voice in my head said. Cause...i just needed sex. Its been too long! Sapph smiled as i got dressed and decent. "He does?" she asked. "Yeah. He told me before at school." Aaron assured her. Leanne raised her eyebrows and whispered to Aaron. He gasped and whispered back. Then they both looked at Sapphire and I. "Ok, lovers...we need to talk. Wheres Daimen?" Leanne asked. Sapphire shrugged. "Downstairs somehwere...ill text him." she said. Leanne and Aaron also took out there phones and texted people. In 10 minutes, we had a room filled with people. Daimen, Benny, Tristan, Emma, Leanne, Selene, Aaron, Joe, Sapphire and Me. "Ok. So whats the problem?" Daimen asked. Aaron took charge. "Before we go anywhere...Sapphire?" "Yes?" "Dustin wasnt drunk." he said. Sapphire gasped loudly and looked at me tearing up. Aaron continued. "Daimen? Do you love Sapphire?" "Yeah, of course." He said. Joe shifted in his spot. "Ok then. Well, i know for a fact that Dustin also loves Sapphire." Aaron said. Selene, Leanne, Benny, Tristan and Emma gasped. "Do you Dustin?" Sapphire asked. I nodded, blushing. "Then this is important. Sapphire? Do you love them?" Aaron asked. Sapphire nodded. "Yeah. I do. Both of them." she said. Everyone except Aaron gasped again. "Daimen? Are you okay with her loving you both?" "Yeah. I already knew he loved us both." he said. "Dustin? Are you okay with it?" "Yes." i answered. "Then answer this. Were you guys planning a trio? A threeway sexual relationship?" Aarom asked. I took charge then. "Yes we were." i said. Selena gasped and stood up. "Then why did you tell me that you both were only step-syblings?" she asked. "I didnt say that! Daimen did!" i said. "Why did you tell them that Daimen?" Aaron asked. Daimen shifted uncomfortably. "I...i thought that Dustin didnt like Sapphire anymore. And if he did, i didnt want people to say he was a cheater or i lied to Selene." he said. I smiled. My bro really looks out for me. "Thanks Daimen." i whispered to him. He nodded but didnt smile. "Now Dustin...if you love Sapphire...then why did you almost rape her?" "WHAT!?" Daimen yelled. Selene and the others were wide eyed. "answer the question Dustin." Aaron said. He seemed completly calm about this.

"Before we moved here, i used to be a player. Daimen slept with a different girl every other night...bu i slept with two different girls each night. Its been a while..and i guess i felt sex hungry. I love Sapphire, but she was too young and innocent to have heavy sex. So...i left her alone. But when i saw her in the dress and she kissed me, i couldnt control myself." Everyone seemed in thought. Daimen was glaring at me, but softer then before. "So you love her?" Selena frowned. I nodded. "Yes, and im sorry Sapphire for what happened." i said. "Dustin, i love her too, but when Leanne was on me, i pushed her off." Daimen said. Leanne growled. "Yeah! I know!" everyone giggled a bit. "If you really love her, then you'll wait patiently until she's ready to have sex, then she's all yours...well ours." Daimen said. I nodded but didnt speak. Aaron looked at us. "Sapphire, what do you think about all of this." he said. I turned to Sapphire. "Sapph im sorry! Please forgive me! I wasnt thinking straight!" i begged. Sapph thought then hugged me. "I forgive you Dustin! And i love you, and Daimen!" she smiled. Everyone smiled and/or exhaled in relief. Aaron smiled. "Ok. Now that its settled...NO ONE IN THIS ROOM TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS, understand?" he said. Everyone nodded. "Oh and ill make sure no sluts bother you guys." Selene said, smirking. She turned to Aaron. "Aaron babe...i was wondering..." she started. Aaron smirked and grabbed her waist, leading her out of the room. "See yall later. Im gunna be busy for a while..." he said. Everyone rolled their eyes. Leanne laughed and stood up. "Can you all leave? Tristan and i were busy as well." she said. I rolled my eyes and took Sapph's hand, and we all left. Its all good now. Sapph knows we love her and i know she loves us. But we still have a problem.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 11 ~*Sapphire's POV*~ Wow... That was weird. All the popular groups from school know me and the guys, problem...or condition. happy. Dustin and Daimen both love me! And i love them! Dustin was just sex hungry and he regrets it. We left the party at 1am and went home. Once we were settled in, Daimen sat down and glared at Dustin. "What?" Dustin asked him. "You almost raped her?" he asked sadly. "Yes. Almost. I..i didnt mean to..." "But thats how far being a player took you?" Daimen asked. "Yes." "Dustin? Do you want to have sex with Sapphire?" "Yeah, of course i do."

"Do you really love her?" "Duh yeah!" "Then you should be able to wait for her. Until she's ready. Cause itll be worth it. You'll have the sexiest girl on the planet, all day, everyday and you can do what ever you want." Daimen said. I raised an eyebrow. Whatever he wants? Like sex all day? "I know. Im so sorry Sapph! Honestly, i am! I'll wait until you are ready, and i wont look at another girl! I swear." he said. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I forgive you Dustin, i do. I love you and Daimen, and...ill try and make myself ready for sex...soon. Real soon." i said. Daimen chuckled. "Theres so much more besides sex, babe." he said. "Like what?" i asked, curious. Dustin smiled and set me on his lap. "Licking..." Dustin said, kissing my neck. "Sucking." Daimen added. "Nibbling." "Biting." "Eating." "Swallowing." "Slapping." "Fingering." "Filling." "Pinching." "Pulling" "Groping." "Sex suits." "Vibrators." "Toys." "Rope." "Blindfolds." "Nipple pinchers." "Pussy suckers." "Ass lubers." "And so much more." Bye now, i was already wet and my heart was beating rapidly. Daimen and Dustin smiled and checked the time. "Bed time kiddies!" Dustin smiled. I got up and went to my laptop. "You guys go, i have to do something." i said. Daimen crossed his arms over his chest. "Like what?" "Something...private." i tried. Dustin scoffed. "I thought we said no secrets." "I'll tell you tommorow, no go sleep!" i yelled playfully. They nodded and went to their rooms. Then i got to work. Dustin is concerned, that im innocent and inexperienced. Well, im going to prove him wrong. Ive got 5 things to look up and perfect. 1. Lap dancing 2. Sucking a dick 3. Grinding

4. How to make a guy horny 5. Being Kinky Then ill be ready. First i tried Youtube, then Wikipedia, Free chat/question search engines and sites. By 4am, i had learned all i needed to know. And i was hornier than hell! The next day, the guys woke me up at 8am. Only 4 hours of sleep! "What were you doing last night, that made you sleep at 4am?!" Daimen asked. "Stuff." i shrugged. "You promised you would tell." Dustin complained. I laughed. "So what? I broke my promise." i smiled. Dustin smirked. "Oh yeah?" he pinned me to the wall. "Start talking." "No." i said. Daimen smiled and whispered something to Dustin. Dustin laughed and smirked again. "What if something in return?" he asked. "Like what?" i asked. "Hmm...ill take my shirt off and let you do as you like." he said. Oh god! That would be amazing! Dustin is SEXY! I wanna touch those sexy abs and chest! And try what i learned earlier... "You promise?" i asked him. He chuckled and nodded. I blushed and said, "Earlier i was on the internet searching up ways to sexually pleasure a guy." i said quickly. Daimen and Dustin smiled. "Really?" Daimen asked. "Yes." i replied emmbarassed. Dustin smiled lovingly and took his shirt off. I gasped as i took in his amazingly sculpted chest, 8-pack, and lean waist. His left nipple had a piercing on it, which only made him look yummier. He smirked, "When your done drooling, i want to kiss you." he said. I blushed and reached up to kiss his plump lips. He immediatly responded and licked my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tounge enter. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but wasnt that long, cause Daimen broke it up and told us to get ready for school. Once we were at school, i felt a wave of protection. When a girl even said hi to Dustin, Selene or Jade would glare at the girl and say 'He's taken!' or 'Move along wannabe, he's outta your leauge.' or 'Dustins not interested in you, so shove off!'. In Spanish class, a girl named Cassidy was hitting on Daimen. Leanne and Emma practically slapped that girl and said the same things Selene did. Benny, Daniel, Tristan, Joe and Aaron were like bodygaurds. All guys who looked at me, were dealt with according to their crime. At lunch we all sat together. "So how many of you have boyfriends of girlfriends?" i asked them all. "Ive got a GF." Joe smiled. I smiled eagerly. "Who?!" "Jade." he said. We all turned to Jade who was blushing red. "Your girl as of when?" Dustin asked. "Uh...yesterday." Jade smiled. We all chuckled a little. "well, starting this morning, Tristans mine." Leanne smiled. We all whooped. I looked over at Daniel who seemed troubled. I leaned over to him and asked, "Hey Dan, whats wrong?" he looked at me then shook his head.

"Nothing, im ok." "No you are tell me." i ordered. Dan seemed almost scared. Not of me, but scared of what he was hiding. "I cant tell you." he said quietly. I nodded. "Can you text it to me?"i asked. He nodded slowly. We exchamged numbers and began texting. Sapph: So Dan, wassup?" Dan: i hav a confession. S: What? D: uh...ive never had a gf S: thats it? Seriously? Me neither, until now! D: but its diffrtrnt. S: but ur cute! I mean, i see why girls like you. Why no GF? D: promise you wont laugh, or unfriend me? S: i promise!! Now tell! D: i...never had a GF cuz i only want to date one person. S: whoo!! Who?? D: uh...Benny. S: wait! Daniel!? Are you what i think you are? D: yes, im...Gay. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------~*Dustins POV*~ I absolutly love that girl! She was up all night trying to find ways to sexually please Daimen and I? Wow. And her kissing is so...experienced! Like she kisses everyday...which im sure she doesnt unless its Daimen or me. Aaron was smiling at me like an idiot. "What Aaron?" i asked. He smiled wider and leant in. "You are in loovveee!" he said. I rolled my eyes. "And so what if i am?" i asked. Aaron snickered and looked at the ceiling. "Players dont fall in love!" he said with no emotion in his face. "Im not a player anymore. All players eventually fall in love, Aaron." i said. Aaron raised an eyebrow. "Not me. Ive slept with every senior and almost every junior in this school...but i hav yet to love any of them." he said. I smirked. "Maybe she's not a senior or junior. Maybe she's a Sophomore or even a freshie." i smiled. Aaron glared at me but didnt answer. "Am i right?" i asked again. He glared at me again and shrugged. "i dont know. I dont talk to the sophomores and freshmen." he said casually. I nodded and slapped his back. "Liar." i coughed/laughed. Aaron glared at me for the 3rd time and rolled his eyes. "Your hormones are out of control, Dustin. You are thinking up wierd assumptions." he said. I smiled. "So thinking about her maked you speak intelligently and use big words?" i asked. Aaron

groaned. "There is no 'her'!" he said. I scoffed. "Its so obvious! You smile everytime the sophomores and freshmen are around, you look over to their tables during lunch and assembly, you keep thinking about her soft, brown hair..." i started. "Idiot! Her hair is black!" Aaron snapped. Then relizing his mistake, "Shit!" he cursed. I laughed and sat straighter in my seat. "So who is it?" i asked. Aaron glared again before turning to look at the...freshmen?! He pointed to a very attractive, curvy black haired girl. I still think Sapph is the best, but i can see why Aaron likes her. "Whats her name?" i asked. "Harmony....Walker." he added. My eyes widened. Walker?! Thats... "You are in love with one of your best friends sister?" i asked. He nodded. "Yes and Shawn would never let it work. He's too protective of her. I really like her. And i dont want any other guy in this school to be with her, but im too chicken to ask Shawn." "Because Shawn thinks you'll hurt her." a voice said. We looked and saw...Shawn. Aarons eyes widened. "Oh shiz, how long were you there?" he asked. Shawn smirked. "For a while. Long enough to know you like my sister." he said. "Would you let me get with her?" Aaron asked. Shawn sat down and bit his lip. "Aaron, Harmony is 14. She is too young to have her heart broken and if i can prevent that ever happening i will." "But i wont break her heart." "She already likes you Aaron! I heard her mumble your name before in her sleep...and yesterday...she was in her room with the door locked. I pressed my ear to the door and...she was moaning and gasping your name. She already has a crush on you and would love for you to ask her. But if you left her or cheated on her, she might not recover." Shawn said, frowning. Aaron seems quite happy that Harmony already liked him. "I swear if i was with her, i wouldnt hurt her! Id stick with her until whenever she wanted, i swear it!" Aaron pleaded. I was sorta enjoying this. Its like a teen drama or soap opera. "Fine Aaron. You can ask her. But i swear! If you leave her, anger her or touch another chick, im gunna beat your ass!" Shawn said. I smiled and said, "And Joe, Mike and i will help." Aaron smiled wider than ever and hopped up to Harmony's table. ~* Small Aaron POv*~ As i approached the freshmen tables, i felt all eyes on me. Harmony was somewhat popular. Not the top girl or the bottom. She was in white fitted capris, blue no sleeve top, and a matching headband on her long, silky black hair. I gulped and looked at her. "Uh..Harmony?" i asked. She looked at me and smiled. "Oh hey! Yeah?" she said, smiling. God she's beautiful! "Um..i was wondering if you want to go out with me tommorow night." i asked. All the freshmen girls gasped, and began whispering. One slutty freshie stood up and walkes up to me. "Why do you want...HER? You can do SO much better." she said, touching my arm. I

shook her off and looked back at Harmony. "I want her cause she's beautiful, smart, and has self respect. So what do you say Harmony?" I asked nervously. Harmony smiled and nodded. "Yeah i will. When?" "I can pick you up at 7, is that ok?" i asked relieves she said yes. She nodded again. "Yeah, thats good. Do you have my number?" "Yeah, Shawn has it." i smiled. She mirrored my face and took out her cell phone. "Can i have yours?" she asked. I nodded and gave her my digits. Once we made arrangements, i went back to my table where i heard a most disturbing conversation. ~*Daimens POV*~ "I lost my number can i have yours?" Leanne tried. Selene scoffed. "Heres a better one: I lost my teddy bear, can i slepp with you?" i rolled my eyes and shook my head disapprovingly. "No THIS is the best. You have 206 bones in your body...want one more?" i smirked. Everyone at our table 'eww-ed" and laughed. Yes we were having a pickup line contest. "If you were a booger id pick you first!" Joe said. "You are weird Joe!" Sapphire said. Joe smiled and puffed his chest proudly. "I got a nice riddle!" Tristan said. "A cat falls into a puddle, and a rooster laughs. Whats the moral of the story?" we all looked at eachother, then back at Tristan. "What?" i asked. "A wet pussy makes a happy cock." he smirked. "EWW!" Sapphire, Selene, Jade, Emma and Leanne said. Daniel, Benny, Joe, Dustin and i hi-fived him. "Heres one." Shawn said. "What has 50 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?" "What does?" the girls asked. Shawn smiled. "My pants zipper." All the girls laughed but the guys looked at Shawn with disgust. "How about the sweetest lines?" Emma suggested. This is where Dustin shines. Dustin cleared his throat and began. "If gave you 11 roses and told u to hold them and look in the mirror, you'd be seeing the 12 most beautiful things in the world." he said. All the girls "awww-ed" and smiled. I groaned loudly and gagged. "Do you have a band-aid? Cause i just scraped my knee falling for you." he said. Shawn laughed and the girls swooned again. "Shut up before i barf Dustin!" Tristan yelled. We laughed and Dustin smirked. "whatevs, dude." he smiled. When a new conversation started up, i turne to Tristan. "So you and Leanne?" i asked. He nodded. "Since last night really. We fucked a couple times." he said. I raised an eyebrow, "But you were kissing Charlene earlier today..." i said. Tristan shrugged. "Charlene's got a good ass." "But--" "Yeah i know. But Leanne probably fucked 10 guys last night anyway." "Seriously? Then why are you together?" "Cause...i dont know! So i can say i have a girl. A hot one." he smiled. Then his cell beeped. He looked at it then smiled widely.

"What?" i asked. "Party time with Nora in Drama club room." he said, getting up. I glared at him. "Are you serious Tristan?" he laughed and shrugged. "Nora gives good lap dances..and her tits are huge." he smiled and walked off. I rolled my eyes and looked back to the group. "We should do something!" Leanne said. "Like?" Selene asked. "A trip! A road trip! All of us! We can go to...California! Or Las Vegas!" "I like Cali!" Shawn said. "Me too" Aaron smiled, "me three." Jade said. Joe smiled. "Then i guess i have to go." "I like Caliornia...but what type of vehicle?" Sapphire asked. "I have a 15 passenger van at home..." Aaron said. I smiled. "Then its settled. Tommorow, after school, we hed out to Cali, and be back by Monday. That gives us Friday, Saturday ad Sunday ro hang out there. Agreed?" Dustin asked. "Agreed." we all said. "Where will we stay?" Benny asked. "A hotel stupid!" Emma scoffed. Benny smiled. "Not too much luggage girls." I said. Leanne laughed. "Silly boy, when do girls EVER bring to much luggage?" she said. I rolled my eyes. So thats Me, Dustin, Sapphire, Aaron, Tristan, Leanne, Selene, Joe, Jade, Daniel, Benny, Shawn, and Harmony. 13 of us. This is gunna be awesome! Spend time alone with Sapph and Dustin in a hotel, no cleaning, Aaron driving (haha, i sure aint) and the girls cooking! When we were home, Sapph seemed in deep thought. "Whats up babe?" i aske her. She looked at me closely then went back to thinking. "Sapphire?! Whats wrong?" Dustin asked. Sapph looke at us both then cleared her throat. "Ive been thinking." she started. "No fucking kidding." i mumbled. "Anyways! I was thinking and...i want to lose my Virginity while we are in Cali." she said. I dropped my sandwich and Dustin glared. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 13 ~*Sapphires POV*~ There. I said it. I told them my wish and ill have to deal with their reactions. Daimen dropped his food, and Dustin glared at me. "Excuse me babe? Repeat that again." "I said, that i want to lose my virginity while we are in that ok with you both?" i asked nervously. Daimen smiled and hugged me. "No, its great!" he said. I exhaled and looked at Dustin. He seemed guilty. "Sapphire, are you only doing this so Daimen or I wont give up on you? Cause we wont. Dont feel pressured to do something you dont want to." he said. I smiled and hugged him

as well. ~*Dustins POV*~ "Im not bein pressured. I want this. When we get to Cali." she said. I smiled and kissed her lightly. Then Daimen leant in to my ear and said, "What about the stuff we mentioned earlier." he asked, and i nodded. "Oh Sapph babe, we will take ur virginity in Cali...but Daimen and i will have our fun first. We are bringing supplies." "Like what?" she asked. "Like supplies that you will see when the time comes." Daimen smiled. She nodded nervously. Time to get the stuff. "I have to go to the store." Sapphire said. "For?" I asked. She smiled. "Stuff." "We'll come too." "NO! Just me. No sit and stay!" she ordered as she grabbed her keys. I cant believe she's actually ready! I cant wait until California! This is gonna be amazing! God Daimen and i need to get that stuff..,NOW. "Hey Daimen?" asked once she had left. "Yeah bro?" "Do you know a place in town where we can get this stuff?" "Duh! We are talking about ME! I checked the first night we were here." he laughed. I smiled. "Well we should go now then." i said, checking the time. ~* Daimens POV*~ I swear im dancin on the inside. We are finally gunna fuck Sapphire! Dammit, im getting hard thinkin about it! Now we have to get the stuff needed. We drove to a place called "Pal Pleasures" that i found online. Oh yeah, i know that sounds wrong. We shopped through the expensive store, but couldnt seem to find where things were. A 35 old looking woman came to us. "Hi, welcome to Pal Pleasures, may i help you?" she asked. She didnt look like the flirty type, more like the motherly type. I shook my head. "No thank you, we know what we need. But we might have trouble finding it..." "Oh ok, what is it that you need? You dont have to be embarrased, i understand you young people." she said with a smile. I nodded and Dustin snickered slightly. I handed her the list. She looked at it, then back at us and smiled. "Ok then, follow me." she said. We followed her to varius parts of the store, picking up all the needed things. Dustin groaned. I looked at him. "Whats wrong?" "I think i erected by imagining Sapphire in that." he said pointing to a womens sex suit. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Youre weird Dustin. Now go find rope." i smiled. Yes, we are getting all out with this. We have several nights in Cali and each one is going to be spent wisely. When we finally left the store, we spent around $340. God! Vibrators, lubricants and stuff shouldnt cost that much. ~* Sapphires POV*~

I smiled. Im going to make this fun. I'll buy the sexiest lingerie available, look all pretty and do what i learned the other night. We leave id better get going. I first went to a Lingerie shop that was said to be really high quality. I went through everything. I even had Emma and Leanne come along to help. "Get this!" Emma said, giving me a red lacy bra and matching panties. Leanne rolled her eyes. "Ew no! Get something sexy! Check your features. You have a nice ass, so get a lacy thong. Dustin likes breasts, so buy a push-up bra. Red is a horrible color! Get a skin tone color, or black. Black is sexy. Understand?" she said. Emma and i stared at her, but nodded. "Plus we will be in California for a couple nights and you cant wear the same thing twice. Plus knowing them both, they might rip the first one off you and it will be un-reusable. So get three or four different sets." Emma smiled. I blushed at them both. God, this is gonna be amazing! We got a black lacy pushup bra and matching thong, tan corset top and panties, skimpy maroon bikini set, and a silk sexy gown. Leanne and Emma seemed proud of their work. "Now we need to give you a makeover." Leanne said. "why?" i asked. "Because you want them to beg for you, Sapphire! You have to look sexy as hell! So c'mon!" Emma yelled. We went to a salon and beauty parlour downtown. "Hi! Welcome, what can we do for you today?" a man asked us once we came. Leanne stepped in. "We need this girl to be waxed, eyebrows done, hair styled sexy, mani-pedi and light makeup. Can you do that?" she asked. The man smiled and nodded. "Yes we can ma'am." he replied. Two hourse later, i was beautified. But the girls wouldnt let me see myself in the mirror. I was waxed and my eyebrows pinched. My face was itchy and my head felt light. "Now for your clothes!" Emma smiled. We then went to Kohls, JCpenny, and Boston. I had the CUTEST clothes now! The hottest skirts, and shorts. Sexiest shirts and amazing shoes! By the time we got home i felt like a diva! The girls told me not to peak in the mirror until i was dressed in one of the sexy outfits. I put on a very fitted purple top that pushed my breasts out, dark jean miniskirt and purple high heeled sexy boots. This is what i will wear tommorow. Then i looked in the mirror. I almost fainted. I was...beautiful! My hair was styled and had dark blond highlights in my brown hair. My face was lightly put with makeup, and my eyebrows were perfect arches. I heard the door slam and i knew the boys were back. "Sapphire?" Dustin called. I walked to the main room and showed myself to the boys. Daimen (for the second time) dropped what was in his hands and Dustin almost choked on the pepsi he had. "What do you think?" i asked, twirling. Dustin's eyes were glued to my breasts and Daimen was at my legs. "God do we have to wait till Cali?" Dustin whined. I giggled and nodded. Daimen groaned and started walking away. "Wherr are you going?" i asked. "To take a cold shower." he mumbled. I laughed and went to my room to change, and

pack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 14 ~*Sapphire's POV*~ The next morning, we were on our way to Aaron's house. We all decided to skip school and get to Cali early. I brought my hot clothes, makeup and lingerie that Leanne and Emma said i should bring. Daimen and Dustin kept staring at me. my boobs and legs. When we got to his house, Shawn, Harmony and Daniel were there. When they saw me they all gaped. Shawn wolf whistled. "Damn Sapphie! Your seeeexxxyyy!" he said. Harmony hit te back of his head. Aaron tried to keep his eyes on Harmony and off me. When i sat by Dan, he smiled. "You look hot." he said. I gasped. "You said you were gay!" "I am. But i still know a hot girl when i see one." he laughed. I relaxed and looke at him. "Did you tell Benny?" i asked. Dan jumped startled. "Hell no!" "Why not?" "He is a player! He loves girls! He's not gay, Sapphire!" Dan said. I rolled my eyes. "He could be hiding it! Like you did. Have you ever kissed a girl?" "Yeah." "Ever slept with one while you knew you were gay?" "I slept with 10 girls before. I didnt want anyone finding out." "Then maybe Benny's doing that too!" "Maybe...but i know he likes boobs." Dan sighed. I groaned and looked up. Selene, Jade, Leanne, Tristan, and Joe came in a car. Shawn made an announcement, "Ok people, i booked us all rooms at Holiday Inn. Daimen, Dustin and Sapph will share a room with an EXTRA large bed, Leanna and Tristan share, Jade and Joe, Selene, Harmony and Emma, Benny and Daniel, Aaron and i. Got it? 6 rooms." "Hey! How come i dont get to share with my girl?" Aaron whined. Shawn glared. "Cause you two will not be in the same room unsupervised." he growled. We all laughed. Then Emma and Benny came. Dan stiffened. Haha, how ironic that he is sharing a room with Benny! Once all the bags were put away, we piled in the car. Heres the seat chart: Driving: Aaron Passanger: Dustin 2nd row: Selene, Joe, Jade, Shawn 3rd row: Me, Emma, Leanne, Harmony 4th row: Daniel, Damien, Benny, Tristan Full car. As soon as we hit the road, Emma and Harmony sang road songs. Well...not road songs, but they sang a lot of weird songs. First it was Hakuna Matata. Then 'Under the sea'. Then Benny sang "The bear nessecities". Shawn tried to sing "Kung fu fighting", but failed miserbly. Selene even got goofy and sang 'Honor to us all' from Mulan. Then i got hyper and sang 'Had a bad day' from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

After 2hours we got tired of that. ~*Daimens POV*~ Ugh! I hate Disney now! Why the hell would they make songs like that?! Then we all played Truth or Dare. "Daniel, T or D?" Selene asked. Daniel smiled. "Dare." "I dare you to...sing 'You Belong with Me' in a girly voice." she said. Daniel growled but cleared his throat. "Your on the phone with your Girlfriend, she's upset.." and he sang it all. It was hilarious! He sounds so gay! Next was my turn. "Daimen, T or D?" Dan asked me. "Truth." "How many girls have you slept with before?" "Uh...over 30.." i mumbled. Everyone "oooed" but Sapph stayed quiet. I turned to Leanne. "Leanne T or D?" "Dare." "I dare you to make out with Emma for a minute." i smiled. Emma and Leanne gagged. Leanne slowly brought her lips to Emma's and they kissed. Everyone either laughed or ewwed. "I said Make out! Use your tongues girls." i snickered. Leanne groaned then stuck her tongue in Emmas mouth. Emma almost threw up. When the minute was up, they spat on the car floor and gagged. Leanne looked at Aaron, "T or D, Aaron?" she asked. Aaron smiled. "Dare. Im driving, i cant do a bad dare." "I dare you to roll ur window down and yell at the next pasing driver 'Call me!'." Leanne said. Aaron seemed amused. He rolled the window down. The next passing person was...a 70 year old woman. Aaron motioned to her to roll down the window and when she did, he winked and yelled. "Call me, Sexy!" he yelled. The woman blinked a couple times then frowned. "A game of truth or dare?" she yelled. He nodded and the woman laughed and drove away. We lauged our guts out! "Tristan, T or D?" Aaron asked. Tristan said Dare. "I dare you your mom snd say ' going to be a father!'" Aaron smiled. We all ooed again, as Tristan took out his cell. He put it on speaker. "Hello?" "Hey mom?" "Oh, hi Tristan, what is it?" "I'm...going to be a father." "WHAT?! Ahhh! From who? When? Where? Why?!" she screamed, as he pressed end. "Sapph, t or d?" "uh...Truth." she said. "When do you intend to lose your virginity?" he asked. "Tonight." Sapph smiled. Everyone gasped and cheered. Sapphire blushed and smiled and Dustin and I. "Benny, T or D?" she asked.

"Dare" " I dare you to kiss Daniel on the cheek." she smiled at Daniel who looked horrified. Benny didnt complain though. He slowly leaned over and lightly kissed Dans cheek. "Jade, T or D?" "Truth." "Whats ur favoritr sex position?" Benny asked. Jade blushed. "uh...doggy style." she mumbled. Joe smiled and the rest of us tried keeping straight faces. "Shutup! Dustin, T or D?" "Dare." "I dare you to remove to articles of clothing off you." she smirked. Dustin groaned and took off his sweatjacket and tshirt, revealing his chest. Selene, Leanne, Sapphire, Emma and Jade swooned happily. All the guys rolled their eyes. We played for a while and another hour passed by. ~*Dustins POV*~ "Are we there yet?" Benny complained. "No Benny! When you see a hotel named Holiday Inn, we are there." Selene said annoyed. We were almost there. It was almost 6:45pm, so the day was still not gone. We had stopped twice so far to stretch our legs, eat and use the bathroom. Then my cell rang. It mom. "Hello?" i answred. "Hey Dustin! Its mom, how are you! And Daimen? And Sapphre?" "Hey mom, we are all good, you?" "Im great! The honeymoon in the Bahamas was amazing!" "cool! Uh mom?" "Yes?" "Can we call later, something came up." i said as we approuched our destination. "Oh, no problem, bye!!" she squealed. We were here! Finally! We all got out of the car and strectched again. "Ok, everyone, grab your roomates and wait while i gwt your room keys." Shawn ordered. We obeyed. I went by Daimen and Sapphire who were both happy and excited. All our rooms were near eachother. We had room 206. Leanne and Tristan got 208, Selena, Harmony and Emma got 209, Shawn and Aaron had 203, Joe and Jade had 204, and Benny and Dan had 212. We dropped our luggage in our rooms then automatically, Sapphire and Daimen start jumping on the bed like idiots. I laughed at them, and sat down on a couch. "Have you both not grown up since 10years old?" i asked. Daimen laughed and jumped higher. "Dustin!! If i call room service will they bring me cookies?" he asked. Sapphire giggled and kept hopping. "Maaayyybbeee. Go ahead and try." she said. Daimen got off the gigantic bed and went to the phone. "Room service, how may i help you?" i heard that annoying, squeaky voice say. "Hi, can we have a plate of cookies delivered to room 206?" Daimen asked. He listened for a bit, then took out his wallet. He read his credit card numbers to her. "Thank you." he smiled, closing the phone.

"Weeeellll?" Sapphire asked. "They are bringing cookies! With M&M chocolate inside! Rainbow colors!" he laughed. Then something caught my eye. Sapphire was jumping on the bed...her breasts were bouncing together, and her skirt flew up every other jump. Not enough to see it all...but i got a good look at those legs. Daimen followed my gaze and smiled. "So are you sure your ready for tonight?" he asked. Why the hell does he keep asking?! What if she changes her mind? Geez. "Yes, i am. And im prepared." she winked. I got hard again. Damn! "I should freshen up. We are all going out to dinner in a bit." i said. Daimen laughed and whispered to me. "Great excuse for taking a cold shower Dustin. Im impressed!" he laughed. I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. When i got there, i gasped. "Guys, come here and look at this!" i called. "What? Chest hair?" Daimen asked. He's so stupid! Chest hair? Honestly? When they both came their eyes widened. "Holy Shiz!" Daimen said. "Wow! That tub is huge!" Sapph gasped. "Perfect for an after-sex shower..." Daimen smirked. Then Sapph groaned. "what?" i asked. "Shawn planned all this." she smiled. I laughed as it occured to me that he probably did. ~*Sapphires POV*~ We all got ready for dinner. Dustin and Daimen had jeans and tshirts that made their muscles pop out. I put on the sexy lace thong and pushup bra, a silky red lowdip top, and black skinnyjeans, with my red sexy heeled boots over them. Again the boys gaped at me. "Its gunna be fun, getting you out of that..." Dustin smirked. I smiled and grabbed their hands. "Lets go." i said. We met the others in the lobby. "Ooo, look at the sexy trio!" Leanne smiled. I blushed that she said it out loud. Emma hit her arm and smiled at my outfit. Benny, Tristan and Shawn had lust in their eyes, but kept it bottled up. Selene took out a nice digital camera. "Hey Miss!" she called to a woman working behind the lobby desk. "Yes ma'am?" "May yoh take a picture of us all?" she asked. The woman (Maryaam) smiled. "Sure." we all huddled together on the lobby couch. I dont know what everyone else was doing when the pic was taken, but i was blushing and giggling. Daimen and Dustin both decided to kiss my cheek and i had a guy on each cheek when the pic was taken. When we took a couple more stupid photos, Maryaam gave us the camera back and left. We piled in the car and went to a italian restaurant called 'Rotallini's House'. I didnt eat much and neither did my boys...MY boys? Wow...i mean THE boys. Daniel turned to me and glared. "Staying in a room with Benny is toture!" he said. I smiled, "Why?" "Cause..he thinks i like girls. He walks around the room practically naked! he talks about all the whores he has fucked and...i almost fainted when he kissed my cheek!" Dan

stressed. "I think you should let Benny know, otherwise he might do something really stupid. Like walk around stark naked..." i said. Daniel seemed to be imagining it, but snapped out of it. "I dont know. Im gunna drop the subject! You lose your virginity tonight?" he asked. I nodded eagerly. "To who?" he asked, smiling. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. We never mentioned who would take it first... Dustin is slower and gentler..,but Daimen waited the longest without cheating. but Daimen is rough and fast, which might hurt...but Dustin almost broke my heart once. "I dont know..." i said. Daniel nodded. "No biggie, one can be take the virginity from your vagina and the other from your ass." Dan smiled. I hit his arm playfully. Throughout the dinner, Selene and Leanne talked up a storm, Jade an Joe kept making out, Aaron and his lil' girl were talking and flirting, Daimen, Dustin and Shawn were talking and looking at me every now and then, Emma was telling me stories from when she went to Canada, Daniel Benny and Tristan talked about school and football, and i watched everyone. At 8:25pm we left, and went back to the hotel. Aaron was tired from driving and needed sleep. When we got to our room, I hopped onto the couch and turned on the tv. Dustin turned it right off and glared at me playfully. "Hells no. You said tonight. No TV." he smiled. I laughed. "I will, i just wanna--" "No way! Get off of your sexy butt Sapphire!" Daimen ordered. I shook my head stubbornly. "I want to check something!" i said smiling. They groaned but let me turn on the TV. I sat and looked at the screen. But i wasnt paying attention. I licked my finger and brought it between my breasts, then back up. I went to my jean buckle, and started to undo them. Daimen and Dustin both stared at my hands, readyfor my jeans to come off. But i re-buckled them and trailed my hand up and down my thigh. Daimen growled and turned of the tv. Then both boys looked at me with lust, love and excitement in their eyes. This is it, i smiled. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 15 ~*Sapphires POV*~ Dustin walked over to me and led me to the ginormous bed. Then picked me up and set me sitting on it. "First you have to get used to both of us with you at the same time." Daimen smirked. "So lay down." i obeyed and layed on the bed. Daimen came in and pressed his lips against mine. He licked my lips until i opened my mouth, and then suckes my tongue. I was barely breathing, when i felt something on my neck. I glanced to my right and saw Dustin kissing my neck, and rubbing my waist. I barely knew what i should do! I mover my hand to Dustins chest but he slapped it away. "No touching. Its our turn tonight." he said. I nodded and smiled. Daimen stopped kissing me and looked at Dustin.

"She can still think properly. That means we arent trying hard enough." he winked. I glared at him blankly. I wont be able tot hink properly? Damn Then Dustin chuckled and nibbled my ear. I gasped and stiffened at his touch. His warm tongue was making me horny and a moan was building up. Daimen placed kisses from my ear, down my neck and to my chest. Each spot he touched, burned and made me have a funny sensation in my stomach. Dustin and Daimen both retracted, so they could take my top off. Dustin and Daimen immedietly went to my breasts. Rubbing and massaging them. I held in another moan. Daimen caught that, and smirked. "Its ok, you can moan, babe." he said. I closed my eyes, but didnt moan. Daimen growled softly and put his mouth to my ear, "Moan." he whispered sexily. We just started and im already wetting my thong. I still resisted. He growled louder and pressed harder on my breasts. "Moan!" he ordered, seductivly. I still didnt give in. Daimen began to suck on my neck and lightly pinch my nipples. "Moan Sapphire!" he said again, with a final hard pinch. The pinch tiggered it and i moaned softly. "Theres a good girl," he smiled, then went back to sucking my neck and pinching my nipple. Dustin was groping and gently tugging my breasts, and nibbling my earlobe. I felt as if it couldnt get any better. I could do this forever! Then Dustin removed his hand and set his mouth on my nipple spot over my lacy bra. His saliva wet my bra and touced my skin. I moaned louder at the hot liquid touching my nipple. He smiled and moved my bra out of the way with his teeth then coninued licking my nipple. Daimen by now had also gotten to work on my breasts and was flicking the tip of my nipple while kissing the rest. They both seemedto take turns. Hen one was at my breast, the other went to my neck and ear. I couldnt help myself and i put my hands on Dustins tshirt and took it off of him. Then i did the same to Daimen. I got woozy as i glimsed at their muscular chests. Dustin completly removed my bra and began to suck my nipple. That was the best feeling i have ever felt! It felt perfect, yet i wanted more! I pressed Dustins face harder onto my breasts and moaned again. Dustin made no complaint and sucked harder on them. I put one of my arms around Dustin neck and thr other around Daimens, who was kissing my nipples and sucking. Then suddenly i felt something even better than the sucking. I looked and thr two boys were no different then before. I ignored it and went back to playing with my boys hair. Then it came again. "Who did that?" i asked. Daimen smiled, "Did you like it?" he asked. I nodded, and he went back to my nipple. Then i saw him biting and nibbling my nipple. I moaned whem he didnt stop. THAT was amazing! The biting hurt, but i wanted more with every bite. I arched my back into them both, whimpering. I felt a tugging at my pants. I looked and saw Dustin working on my skinnyjeans. He undid them and slowly peeled them off. Daimen went to my belly button and licked it

while twistin my nipple. Once my pants were off, Dustin chuckled. "Nice thong babe." he smiled, as i moaned again. Daimen used his free hand to rub my ass. I gasped and raised my hips higher. Dustin rubbed my legs and kissed my thighs. "Can you still think Sapphire?" Daimen asked me. I nodded. Daimen smiled. "Not for long." he said then set his hand on my thong and rubbed my mound over it. I winced and moaned loudly enough or people in other rooms to hear. Then Dustin reached up and took off my thong with his teeth. Then he kissed my lips again, muffling my moans from Daimen. Daimen was rubbing my pussy and licking my stomach. Then he stuck one of his fingers inside of me and made me yell. It felt weird at first..but then it felt amazing! I was already very wet and this was making it worse...or better. Soon i wanted more in my pussy than Daimens finger. I brought my hand to his and pushed his finger deeper into me. Daimen chuckled and stuck another finger in me. I yelled again, and kissed Dustin harder. Daimen fingered me hard and deep, making me cum multiple times. I was beginning to space out. All i wanted was more! Like it was a drug. Daimen then leaned over and licked my clit. I shivered and moaned with excitement. That was even better than the fingering! He moved his tongue to my pussy openig and sucked and licked my pussy. I raised my hips to his mouth and wrapped my arms around Dustins shoulders as we made out. Daimen picked up the pace and started eating me out. Nibbling, biting and sucking me. I couldnt think anymore. I just moaned and gasped wanting him to go faster. Then Daimen layed down and Dustin set me on top of Daimens chest and sat behind me. "Stick your ass out Babe." Dustin said. I looked at him confused. "Like how?" i asked. Dustin smirked and grabbed my hips. He lifted them until my knees were supporting me and my ass was up. Dustin rubbed my ass and kissed the cheeks. Then he grabbed some of my cum dripping from my pussy and and set it on my asshole. Just as i was about to ask what he was doing, he fingered it! I didnt even know people did that! My eyes rolled back into my head and i kissed Daimen as Dustin fingered. Then i felt a warm liquid on my hole. Dustin was licking it! Dustin continued for what seemed hours, and then stopped. I looked at my boys. "Wait, who is going to take my virginity?" i asked. Daimen smiled. "Both of us." he said. I raised an eyebrow. "What? How?" I asked puzzled, yet horny and excited. Dustin fingered my pussy from behind and smiled. "Daimen will take you from your center, and i will take you from your ass. At the same time." i gasped and cummed as i thought about it. "Is that okay with you?" Daimen asked. I smiled and nodded eagerly. "Can we do it soon? Im ready!" i said a bit too eagerly. Daimen laughed and sat up straight. "Sure we can." he said. I got up as well. Then i frowned. "Hey! Both of you are still dressed!" i said. "well..half dressed." Dustin smiled and layed back. "Well then undress us, babe." he said. I wasted no time in undoing Dustins jeans and pulling them off. Same with Daimen. Then i did their boxers. God Damn! Dustin and Daimen are huge! Daimens fingers filled

me before, how are these 8 and 9 inchers going to fit?! I grabbed Daimens cock and began licking it. Daimen moaned loudly and instantly got erected. I used my other hand to rub Dustins cock. On Daimens i sucked and swirled my tongue around it. On Dustin i flicked and played with the tip and rubbed it down. Then i switched. In no time both boys were cumming onto me and the bed. ~*Dustins POV*~ God this girl had skill! That researching mustve really helped her. I loved everything about her. Her legs, her breasts, her mound, her ass, everything. Once we cummed and made a huge mess, it was time to take her. I took out some Lubricant we got from the store we went to, and slathered it on Sapphires asshole. She moaned everytime we touched her and her noises turned me on, BIG time. We got into position. Sapphire had her Back to me, with her arms wrapped around my neck for support. She had her legs wrapped around Daimens waist, but she was leaning on me. Perfect for Daimen to get her center, and me to get her ass. Daimen and i set our penis's into their correct spots, just outside her openings. "Are you ready babe?" i asked. She nodded quickly and was breathing raspily. Hr skin was so soft against mine and all i wanted was to be inside her. "Then on the count of three." Daimen said. "One...two...three!". We both thrust into Sapphire and she screamed like never before. I was ony 3 inches in and Daimen was as well. Sapphires grip on me tightened as she screamed and cried. I kissed her cheek, not moving my hands on her hips that were supporting her up. She let out a strangled moan that made me cum again inside her. She was still crying but not screaming anymore. Daimen began to slowly go in and out of her, going deeper with each thrust. Sapph groaned, moaned, cried and gasped all at the same time. I also went in and out slowly, being careful not to hurt her. After ten minutes Sapphire was done crying and was moaning and sighing happily. "Go Dustin! Deepe.! Harder, Daimen. Faster." she moaned at us. I had no objections and did as she pleased. She was so tight and my penis felt like it was in heavan! ~*Daimens POV*~ That was the better than any girl ive ever done! Sapphire was beaitiful! Inside and out. I fucked her slowly and with a steady rythum. "Go Dustin! Deeper. Harder, Daimen.Faster." she whimpered softly after a few minutes. I smirked an looked at my baby. "What is it called when you go faster, harder and deeper?" i asked, smirking. Sapph moaned again. "Having sex." "No. We are having sex now. Slowly. You know what its called." "Ok, then do it!" she ordered. I shook my head. "You have to tell me what you want." "i want you to fuck me." she whimpered. I smiled. "I cant hear you, and neither can Dustin. Scream it!" i said. She shook her head in refusal, but moaned again when i thrust deeper. "Then no. Scream it or none at all." Dustin said. Sapphire groaned in pain and pleasure then said, "Fuck me." "Scream it!" i said thrusting harder, causing her to gasp.

"Fuck me!" she said louder. Dustin began to thrust harder and deeper as well. "Scream it Sapphire!" i yelled. "FUCK ME!" she screamed as Dustin and I thrust a the same time. I smile and kissed her. "Yes babe, we'll fuck you. Till you can breathe, or think." i said. I picked up the pace and soon, "Damn! Faster Daimen! Harder Dustin! Go!" she was screaming. We fucked her for almost an hour,climaxing an orgasming multiple times, then we all got out of each other and and layed down. I checked the clock. It was 12:52am and Sapph was dozing off. Dustin and i tucked her in and kissed her head. Then we got in with her, and layed down happily. "That was amazing. Best night ever." Sapphire mumbled as she fell asleep. "I love you Daimen and Dustin." "I love you two." Dustin and i both said. And i really did love her. Just as i was about to fall asleep too, i problem hit me. OH SHIT! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 16 ~* Dustins POV*~ The next morning, we woke by the sound of my cellphone. Yeah, i have Down by Jay Sean as my tone. I saw the caller ID was Shawn and i answered. "Hello?" "Hey dude, you awake?" "I am now." "Well, im surprised. ITS ONLY NOON!" he yelled. I looked at the clock and he was right. "Oops. Well we slept late." "I know. We heard you." "Seriously?! You did?!" "Well Tristan and Leanne did. And Selene claims there was yelling...a lot of it, so yeah." "Wow, sorry about that." "Nah, Leanne and Tristan said they heard you but they were probably too busy banging each other up." "Ah. So how was it with Aaron?" "He's such a complainer! 'i wanna go with Harmony! You are so mean! She's my girlfriend!' i mean, shes 14!" "Haha, whatever. Hey, i should wake up the other two." i said lookig at Daimen and Sapphire who ha fallen back asleep. "Ok. So you want to give me any details?" "Uh...not really." "Ha. Ok, whatever. But our group has it all dont we?" "What do you mean?" "Among our group we have all types of relationships and people. A senior and freshman relationship, a threesome, a super slut, a cheating couple, a gay guy--" "What?! Who's gay?!" i yelled. "Its so obvious. Daniel. He blushed when Benny was dared to kiss him, and doesnt flirt.

He never had a girlfriend and looks at everyone funny in the locker and shower rooms." "Wow...he seemed so..." "i know. But we do have all kinds. Tristan, Benny and i are the only players now. Joe, you, Daimen, Aaron and Dan arent anymore." "Well...get a girl then! Selene is...nice?" "Haha, nice and loose." "Loose?" "Yeah. She's fucked so many times her pussy is probably flabby and loose." "Youre so weird Shawn." "Im a player who knows his ladies, ok?" "ok. I really have to go now. See you when Aaron wakes up." "How did you know he was still asleep?" "I hear him snoring." "Ah! Ok, bye." "Bye." When i got off the phone, i layed back down, next to Sapph. I closed my eyes an instantly felt a small soft hand on my chest. I looked and saw Sapphire smiling up at me. "Good morning." she smiled. "Good afternoon." i chuckled. She looked at the clock and laughed. "Wow, ok." she sat up straight. Her brown hair flowed to her perfect round breasts, that were perky and stiff. The blanket just covered her mound and she was smiling. Daimen woke up as well. He seemed troubled. "Hey whats up D?" i asked. Daimen gulpe loudly then looked at me and Sapph. "Uh...guys...we didnt use a condom." he said. I froze. Shit! She might get pregnant! And Daimen the father! Sapphire just smiled and stretched. "Oh well." she said. "It wouldnt have been so good if you wore one anyway." i gaped at her. "You want a baby? Now?" "Not now." "Then we have a problem!" "No we dont." "Why not?" "Cause for about a week or two...ive been on the pill." she smiled. Daimen and i gasped and smiled. "Seriously?!" Daimen yelled. She smiled and nodded. We both relaxed. I love her even more! Not because i dont want a baby, but because she though ahead and was responsible. Sapph crawled off the bed, still naked, and stretched. God she was beautiful! Her mound was shaven clean, her ass was as Daimen would call it "a bubble butt", and her legs were long and slender. "I should take a shower and get ready for breakfast...or lunch" she said. I shook my head. "Hells no. I didnt get a try at your center yet." "Now? I smell sex." she said. I smiled. "Or we can...all take a shower." "All three of us?" "Yep." Daimen answered. I saw a small shiver go through her body and she smiled.

"Cool, lets do it." Daimen hopped out of bed, put his jeans on quickly and ran to the shower room. Daimens not the person who walks around naked. Once we were all in the bathroom, i turned on the warm water and watched as it hit all of the large jacuzzi-like tub. We all got in it and i immediatly kissed Sapphires lips. She responded quickly and licked my lip, rubbing my chest. When i opened my eyes, i found Daimen massaging one of her breasts and licking her neck. "Mmmm, dont we have to actually get clean?" she asked, smiling. Daimen groaned and nodded. "I guess so." i said and set her down on the tub floor, on top of Daimens chest. I grabbed a mini washcloth (those things they give at hotels) and soap and body wash. I poured some of the wash along her body as the stream of water sprayed us. She shivered as the cool liquid hit her body and melted into Daimen. I used the washcloth and began lightly scrubbing/wiping her arms and chest. Then i continued to her breasts and made circular movements on them, making her nipples stiffen and perk up. Daimen rubbed and massaged wherever i had just washed, spreading the soap suds around. Sapphire was gasping and moaning like when we first touched her not too long ago. ~*Sapphires POV*~ Daaaaaaaammmmnnn! I was loving everything! Theres something about being under running water damn sexy! Dustin was washing me everywhere and Daimen was rubbing after him. I could feel Daimens erection on my back thigh and itched to touch it. But then again, i was staring at Dustins amazing chest and arm muscles, that made me go wild. As Dustin went lower to my pussy, he stopped and stared at it. Then licked his lips and leant forward to it. Before i could brace myself, he was licking my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. I gasped and smiled as pleasure took over me and i reached under me to rub Daimens dick. It was long and hard and ready for anything. Then I felt an even better feeling. I was being sucked and nibbled down there and i was orgasming like a machine gun. Then he got up and put his 8-inch dick next to my opening. He slowly pushed it in and began fucking me slowly and hard. I would be wincing as he went but orgasm every time he hit the end of me. Daimen moaned as i rubbed him to match the rythem of Dustins blows. My mind was blank and all i could think of was pleasure, sex and more. Soon i felt Daimen fingering my asshole as Dustin pulled out. He went back to washing me and wipes and cleaned my pussy spotless. Daimen began fingering my pussy as well and i was filled up by his skillful fingers. After 15min of that, we rinsed off and got out. Another amazing segment of my life done with my two boys. I dried off or...the boys dried me off and we got out of the bathroom. I was still naked as i relaxed on the couch and turned on the tv. Daimen had new jeans on and was in the small kitchen making coffee. Dustin was getting ready to order food. Then i heard my cell phone ring. Haha, my tone is: Bad Romance by Lady gaga. I answered smiling when i relized who it was. "Hello?" "Hey Sapph!" Daniel exclaimed "You sound happy, whats up?" i asked.

"I...he..Bennys BISEXUAL!" he yelled. I squealed loudly and hopped up and down. "Really? How do you know?!" "we each played a game an we had to tell the other our biggest secret. He said that his was that he was Bi. I told him i was gay. And...he kissed me!" i screame happily again. "OMG!!! You'll be so cute! Ask him out Dan! Ask him!!" i yelled. Dan was happy and laughing. "Maybe i will." "Do it!" i screamed. "I will! I will! I got to go, i just wanted you to know." "Ok Danny, have fun with your almost boyfriend!" "Haha, have fun with BOTH of yours. Bye Sapphie." "Bye Dan" Bennys bi? Really? Damn, this is good for them both! Dan has never been this excited before! Ever! Daimen and Dustin ran in the room. "Who the hell was that?" Daimen asked. "Daniel." "Why were you screaming and jumping?" "Cause he told me some news." "That he's gay?" Dustin asked. Daimen jumped. "What?!" "Yeah, Daniels gay, Daimen." Dustin said. I shook my head. "i already knew that! But now i know that Benny's Bisexual!" "What?!" both boys yelled. I nodded and smiled. "And Dan and Benny kissed." "What?!" they yelled again. I squealed and hopped again clappig my hands. Then i remembered i was naked. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me as i tried leaving the room to change. "Now, now, we've seen you naked before." Daimen said. I smiled ad ran to my luggage anyway to change. I chose the corset lingerie and a pink top and white shorts along with pink heels and a white headband. I put my clothes on and applied my makeup. I put my hair in a messy ponytail and walked over to the now fully dressed boys. "Ok, we have to go to the Lobby." Dustin said. "I thought we were gunna eat?" "No, i cancled our order. We will meet evertone downstairs and eat out. Is that ok, or should we get you something now?" he asked. I smiled. "Nah, i can wait. Lets go my hotties." i smirked. They obediently followed me to the elevator. Once we were at the lobby i spotted Benny, and Daniel sitting at the couchs. "Hey guys!" i said. They both waved and Daniel hugged me. "How was the loss of virginity we heard last night?" he asked. I blushed and smiled shyly. "Good." i said quietly. Daniel smiled and nodded knowingly. Then my cell rang. "Hello?" "Sapphire where are you?!"

"Wait! Who is this?" "Your father!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 17 ~*Sapphires POV*~ "Oh. Hi dad." "Hi Sapphire. Where the hell are you!" "Me and the boys went on a road trip with some friends." "A road trip? Where?" "Cali." "You are with your brothers?" "Yes i am." "Give the phone to one of them." "Which one?" "Justin." "You mean Dustin." "What ever." he growled. I gave the phone to Dustin saying, "Dad wants to speak with you." Dustin took the phone puzzled and pressed it to his ear. "Hello? she's fine...of course not...yes...duh!...ok..ok fine." he handed me the phone. "He needs to ask you something. I dont know what it is." i took the phone. "Yeah dad?" "Honey...sweetie...when will you be back?" "Sunday night or Monday morning...why?" "My dear little girl, i have something i need you to do for daddy." he said sweetly. I stiffened. He called me honey, sweetie and little girl? What the hell does he want!? "What do you want me to do?" "Well dear, daddy wants to make a big business deal with a man named Mr. Petrick. But Mr. Petrick made me a deal and he will go through with the business plan...if..." "If what?" "You have sex with him for a night." "WHAT?!" "Please Sapphire, i need this deal!" "No fucking way! Im not a prostitute! You cant do this!" "Too bad its already settled. On Monday night, you will be sleeping with him!" "No dad! You cant do this to me!" "Yes i can and will!" he said and hung up. I growled an closed my phone. He can not force me to be a prostitute! Daimen, Daniel and Dustin stared at me. "Whatd he say?"Dustin asked. I sighed. "He wants me to help his business deal by having sex with a client." i mumbled. Daimen and Duatin growled. "Too bad. No one even gets to see you naked except me and Dustin." Daimen said. Daniel shook his head. "I cant believe your own dad..." he mused. I nodded.

"He said on Monday night. When we get back." "No Sapphire. You wont be doing it. Even if we have to fight for it." Dustin said. "My mom wouldnt allow it." Daimen comforted me. ~*Daimens POV*~ That idiot! Son of a bitch! He cant force Sapphire to have sex so he can make a business deal! Thats criminal! My mom would hate this and when we tell her, she'll do something about it. If not, then we'll leave. Dustin will be 18 soon and then we can leave legaly. "Lets drop the subject for now." Sapph said. I nodded as the rest of the group came in. "Beach time!!" Jade squealed. "Oh yeah!" Aaron whooped. "Yes!" Emma smiled. "Spend a few hours in a hot, sunny place, with sexy babes in bikinis? Im in." Shawn smiled. Tristan high fived him and Selene looked at Sapph. "Dear, did you bring a bathing suit?" "" Sapphire said. "Figures you were too busy thinking about your virginity. I brought you one." Selene smiled, handing Sapphire a beach bag. Sapph smiled and thanked her. " no problem. Now how was it? We heard you screaming and moaning like crazy so it mustve been good. Right?" sapph didnt answer so i did. "Hell yeah. The best sex ever." i smiled. Selene smiled and looked at Sapphire. "Youve got it good, kid." she said. Sapph smiled and hugged my waist. When we were at the beach, all the girls ran into the bathrooms to change. The guys and i got food and towels and layed them on the sand. Then we heard the girls screaming. "Shut up and wear it!" "No! I look like a--" "You look hot!" "Like a slut!" "No you are not Sapphire! Now wear the damn bikini!" "Fine!" Then they came out. Leanne in a red bikini, Selene in a black, Emma and Harmony in blue full bathing suits, Jade in green and the sexiest pink bikini ever! Her breasts popped out and her sexy ass was swaying back and forth. The guys all stared at the girls. Even Dan and Benny who were gay or bi. Shawn and Tristan whistled and whooped. Dustin was drooling with Aaron and Joe was licking his lips. I saw Sapphire and the girls staring at us. Yeah. We were shirtless. All of us guys either had a sixpack or an eightpack. Well we were the hottest guys at school. Jade took a seat next to Joe and Leanne next to Tristan. Dustin was sitting at my right. Sapph walked up to us and sat on Dustins lap, laying her legs on my lap. Her long, sexy, flawless legs, that led up to her beautiful little pussy that was just hidden by her pink bikini bottoms. "So are we just gunna tan, or play in the water?" Benny asked. Instantly the guys dropped their girls and ran to the water. As did Dustin and i. The girls squealed and followed us in. We splashed, swam and acted like idiots. It was fun and it was nice to just to goof off and be childish. Sapph was jumped by Harmony who was being splashed by Aaron. Tristan

had a beach ball and him, Shawn, Dustin and i were tossing it around. Suddenly we heard Selene squeal. "Benny?! Daniel?!" s he yelled. Everyone turned and gasped or shrieked. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 18 ~*Dustins POV*~ We all turned and saw Benny and Daniel kissing in broad daylight. Thank god no tounges, but intense lip movemets. After a few more seconds of us staring, they broke it up. "What the heck was that?!" Emma shrieked. Dainel blushed while Benny smirked. "Its called kissing Emma. But a unkissed virgin like you wouldnt know that." he said. Emma turned red as Aaron raised an eyebrow. "I guessed that Dan was gay...but Benny?" He asked. "Im bisexual." Benny said. "And at the moment, i happen to have a crush on Dan." he said smiling. Leanne scoffed. "Wow! Good thing i went for Tristan. I was considering Benny...but now im glad i didnt." she said. Selene laughed. "Awww! I never relized how cute Dan and Benny would be together!" "True...awww!" Jade smiled. Emma glared though. ~*Emma's POV:0*~ No! I cant believe it! Benny and Dan? Why?! 7months ago i slept with Benny at a party. It was amazing! Ever since then, ive loved him. But now...i learn he's bi and loves Dan?! And Dans gay?! What the hell! Benny is mine! He's cute, funny, makes everything excitig and...he's just Benny! Amazing, fun, hot Benny! Damn! I hate Daniel! If he was gay why did he sleep with so many girls?! And Benny as well! They just led me and others on! Ugh! ~*Harmony's POV*~ Woah! I know for a fact that Emma loves Benny and now...she's gunna freak. I may be 14, but ive gotten pretty close with Emma and she told me a couple of her secrets. My man wasnt surprised. Aaron never is surprised. He is a strong, smart, comforting, hottie. And i am the luckiest girl in the whole damn world to have him! Im 14, and he's almost 18! He can drive! But im going off topic. Emma is going to kill Dan if Benny loves him... ~*Aarons POV*~ I knew Daniel was gay! I knew it! Its so obvious! He stares at everyone uncomfortably in the shower rooms, doesnt have a girl, and heats up when a guy touches him! But Benny? Our Benny is gay?! Well Bisexual...but still! Wow. Emma's gunna be mad... ~*Tristans POV*~ Ew. We have a gay couple in our group? Dont get me wrong, Dan and Benny are my best friends...but its still weird. I spotted two chicks in tiny bikinis sitting on the sand smiling at me. I winked and they giggled. Typical. I havent had sex in a few why not! I walked over to them and smiled. "Hey, im Tristan." "I'm Isabelle, and this is Melanie...she was juat leaving." Isabelle said. Melanie nodded

and walked away. Isabelle was long legged, big titted, and hot assed...good enough for me. "You have a boyfriend?" i asked. She nodded "Yeah...but he's not here right now. You have a girl?" "Yep. But she doesnt satisfy my needs. Tits are too small, crappy in bed..." "You poor thing!" she said. Then she touched her tits. "Are mine nice?" "Very. I guess you satisfy your boyfriend." "I do. But he doesnt satisfy me. Small dick. How big is yours?" "i dont know...i never measured it..." "Well thats a problem..." "Yeah it is...." she smiled and grabbed my hand. She led me to a bathroom and locked the door. Eager much? "Lets measure it." she whispered in my ear. I smiled and stood straight as she got on her knees. She undid my shorts and pulled them off. She gasped as she saw my package. 8 inches of pure man meat. "Wow!" she said. I chuckled. She grabbed my dick and sucked it hard and intensly. I groaned and grew hard. Isabelle sucked harder and feircer until i grabbed her amd pinned her to the floor. "Fuck me!" she smiled. I smiled evily and ripped her bikini off. I grabbed one of her huge tits and sucked it. She moaned loudly and pushed my head deeper. Soon i sucking her tits and rubbing her clit quickly and she was orgasming like a virgin. "Daammmn! Tristan Fuck me!" she yelled. I wasted no time. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her in one movement. She yelled and moaned my name. "Harder! Fuck me! Faster Tristan! Make me come!" she screamed. In 15min we were done and i put my shorts back on. Before i left, i looked back at Isabelle. "Oh and if there is a baby, abort it. It aint mine." i said. ~*Sapphires POV*~ Ahhh! They made it public! Benny and Dan are in loooovvveee! Ooo! They are so cute together! Emma kept glaring a Dan like she was gunna eat him. Harmony kept calming her down and telling her to breath. When everyone got over the shock, we went back to playing and swimming. Then we huddles for another group pic. This time, i sat on one of Daimens shoulders and one of Dustins, Leanne was on Tristans, Harmony on Aaron, Jade on Joe, Selene on Shawn, Benny and Dan had arms slung around eachother, and Emma was in the middle alone. Then we sat and ate. I was STARVING! We had hotdogs, chips, watermelon and ice cream. As we ate Dustin nudged me. "Wassup?" i asked. "Sapphire? Um..we are going to try something different." "Different how?" "Well. We tried me and Daimen taking you at the same time, so now we want to try seperatly. We will do something different with you each night but are you ok with that?" "Im okay with whatever you guys say." i smiled. Now i'll have one at a time and can give my full attention. One tonight and one tommorow. "So whos tonight?" i asked. "Me." Dustin smiled. I nodded eagerly and grinned. We'll have so much fun! With both

of them! We could sex all night long, i can work on their dicks, lap dance, tease them, touch their abs, the possibilities are endless! ~*Dustins POV*~ Tonight she's mine. All mine. I can take my time, make her beg, tease her, tie her up, eat her out...the possibilities are endless! ~*Daimen POV*~ Tommorow i get Sapphire! God this will be fun! Fucking for hours, sucking, banging her, tit-fucking, ass-fucking, face-fucking! Everything! God im gunna make her scream and yell my name like her life depended on it. The possibilities are endless! --------------------------------------------Character PICs: Daimen: (no beard/mustache) Y/s400/Johnny_Depp_-_A_Great_Actor.jpg Dustin: (except with black hair) Tristan: Aaron: Benny: Selene: %20wonders/blakelively.jpg Sapphire: Daniel: Harmony: (black hair) Leanne: Emma: %5B1%5D.jpg Shawn: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 19 ~*Dustins POV*~

Later on after the beach, we went shopping. We made a deal that we all stik together and take turns choosing the store. First, Selene chose a shoe shop. All the girls bought flipflops or heels. Or flipflopped heels. Then Shawn chose a cellphone store to buy accesoried for his iphone. As we shopped, i walked over to Sapphire. "Babe, you know you wont be a prostitute. We wont allow it." i said. She lookes up at me and smiled, but said nothing. "My mom wouldnt allow it." i said. Sapphire just nodded. She didnt believe me. I sighed but let it go for the meantime. We walked around a bit more, then went on a boat. A nice big boat. The girls thought the inside of the boat was cool, while the guys enjoyed the spray in their faces and the wind. I layed on a beach chair they had on the boat with Daimen, Shawn, Aaron, Benny and Daniel. "Wheres Tristan?" Benny asked. Shawn smiled. "Telling Leanne that maybe they should both stop cheating."he said. "Wait! Leanne didnt cheat on Tristan. She actually was faithful." Aaron said. We all raised an eyebrow. "Benny, find Tristan! Shawn, go get Leanne." Daimen ordered. The guys left immedietly. Then suddenly a woman in a skimpy black bikini walked up to us. She looked at us all, well not us...just Daimen. "Can i help you?" Daimen asked. The woman smiled seductivly and nodded. "my name is Tess. Yours?" "Daimen Carter." he said casually. "You seem work out?" "Yes, i do." "You also look like you know your way with a woman." Tess said. Is she serious? Whore! "As a matter of fact, i do." Daimen replied, not looking at Tess. "Care to show me?" " No." "Why not?" "For two reasons, first of all, i would never stoop down that low. Second, that would be cheating on my girlfriend." Daimen said. Tess groaned and touched Daimens arm. "C'mon Daimen! Please? Look at me! Im sexy as hell!" "No Tess. I have a girlfriends whom i love and SHE is as sexy as hell. And just as a fact, if the tits get bigger than a size D on a skinny woman, they are 'as fake as hell"!" Tess growled and stood up. "What about any of you?" she asked. "I have a girl." i replied. "Me too." Aaron said. "I have a guy." Daniel smirked. Tess rolled her eyes and sat back down near us anyway. She didnt talk to us, but sat in our group. Then Benny and Shawn came back. Shawn had Leanne and Sapphire. Benny was blinking blankly and seemed upset. "What do you guys need?" she asked us. Aaron cleared his throat up and said,

"Why is it that at school you are usually a woman player and slut, but when you have Tristan, you suddenly are faithful?" Leanne smiled and sat down. "Well, i actually like Tristan. All the other guys i slept with...i never liked them like that." "Geeee thanks." Shawn and Aaron said. Leanne laughed. "But i like him, and wouldnt cheat on him. And just to make sure he wont cheat, i have sex with him whenever he hints it. Twice a day sometimes." "Wow...busy bees." Dan said. Benny was still wincing and looking in pain. Sapph came, kissed me, kissed Daimen, then sat next to us. "But i think that if our relationship lasts for much longer, we will love eachother." she squealed. Then Benny "ughed" and stood up. "Leanne, i need to speak with them about something, will you excuse us?" "Sure! No problem, ill go find Selene." she said as she left. Then we looked at Benny. "Whats the deal?" "I just found Tristan...fucking a hot chick who works on the boat!" we all grew wideeyed. "So heres Leanne dreaming about their perfect relationship, and Tristans banging another woman at the same time?" i asked. Benny nodded. Sapphire growled. "I swear, i could kill that jerk! He's cheating on her! And she thinks he loves her! Where is he? Im gunna--" she started. "Calm down Sapph. Let them work it out. Its best that way." Aaron said. We all nodded. Then Aaron turned to Benny and Dan. "So lets talk about you two. Are you a couple?" he asked. Benny smiled. "Yeah. We're boyfriend and boyfriend." he said, putting an arm around Dan. Dan smiled and sat closer to Benny. I chuckled, and looked at my babe. Still makes me hard to think about her body. She caught me staring and came to sit on my lap, facing me. "So any other detail i should know about tonight?" she asked. I nodded, smirking. "Tonight, Daimen will get you ready for me and tommorow i will get you ready for him." I said. She shivered and smiled. "Ok." then Sapphire leaned in and kissed my neck longingly. I melted and put my arms around her waist. "Whoo! Live Porn!" Shawn whooped. Sapph rolled her eyes and got off me. Then stupid Tess looked at me. "Thats your girl?" she asked. I nodded smiling. "Yep." "Pfft. You can do better than that. Wheres yours Daimen?" she asked. Daimen smiled and grabbed Sapphire, kissing her nose. "Right here." "Wait! Youre both her boyfriends?" "Yep." Sapph answered. Tess looked puzzled. "Its called a threesome, Tess." Aaron said. Tess looked surprised then growled at Sapph. "How did a girl like you end up with these guys?" "Just lucky." Sapph smiled. Then Jade and Joe came and sat down. "Hey guys! This boat is amazing!" jade gushed. Joe nodded. "Plenty of dark rooms to make out in, Shawn" Joe smiled. Shawn laughed and shook his head.

"You need a hot girl first." "IM A HOT GIRL!" Tess exclaimed. "A hot girl. Not a desperate one!" Benny laughed. Tristan came up as well. "Hey dudes, who's this chick?" "Im Tess!" "Nice tits you have." "Haha, thanks!" she exclaimed. Tristan smirked. "Well..Leannes not around and its still early...Tess, you wanna fuck?" "Oh sure!" she giggled. Tristan grabbed her arm and led her away. We all glared after him. He hooked up in 10seconds flat! Idiot! ~*Aarons POV*~ Later on when we went back to the hotel, i grabbed Tristan and pulled him aside. "Tristan are you fuckin nuts?!" "No. Why?" "Why the hell are you fucking other girls if you are with Leanne?" "Oh c'mon, Leanne fucks other guys too" "No she doesnt!" i yelled. "She's actually being faithful!" "So what? I dont like her. Only her nice ass." "dont be an idiot Tristan! She loves you! Love her back or dont date her!" "Hell no! I dont "love" people. Im Tristan Powers! I get what i want when i want it! I want sex. Good sex. I get what ever girls i want. Single, married, coupled or sluts." "You an ass! You cant do that!" i roared. Tristan laughed. "Oh yes i can! I get what i want. No if youll excuse me, i have something i want and i have to plan for it." "What is it that you want?" "Promise you wont tell?" "Yeah." i shrugged "I want Sapphire." "WHAT!? Shes taken!" "I know that... But i get what i want." "No way! Give up!" "Hells no. She's sexy as hell!" "No Tristan! NO!" i argued. "Too late Aaron. Im set on it. She will have sex with me by the end of the month." he said and walked away. Oh shit! I promised i wouldnt tell so now i cant warn Daimen and Dustin! This is bad. ~*Daimens POV*~ Later that night, around 8ish, i was in our hotel room helping Sapphire get ready fpr Dustin. I was staying in Shawn and Aarons room to not disturb the lovers at work. "So what should i do?" Sapphire asked. I smiled. "First, get a sexy outfit. You have to give him a good teasing. Make him beg for you! He has a lot in store for you as well." "Like what?" "Vibrators, pinchers, suckers...other stuff like that." i grinned. She smiled nervously and sat straighter. "What do i wear?"

"I bought you something back home." "Really? What?" she asked excited. I reached into the bag we got from the sex store and pulled out a sex suit. It was a black rubber suit that was somewhat of a bikini with straps down the waist, skin tight, sleek, sexy, and shows every curve and dip in the skin. Srxiest thing invented. When Sapphire saw it she laughed. "THAT? Seriously?" "Yep." i said plainly. She gulped and took the suit. Then i went to her bag and pulled out some black high heeled sexy boots., that went just below the knee. "Now get dressed, doll." i smirked. When Sapph dresse and came out of the bathroom, i got hard instantly. The suit hugged her tighte than ever, and made her ass and tits pop out like a porn stars! He perfect legs, were clean and stood out then were covered by the black boots. As i looked at my babe, i smiled. She's actually mine. I can have this sexy girl whenever i want and itll be okay. I love her, and she loves me. I dont mind sharing her with Dustin. He wont hurt her. "How do i look Daimen?" "Hotter than hell!" i exclaimed. She giggled and kissed my cheek. "Better go get Dustin, im horny." "haha, ok babe. Bye!" i smiled leaving the room. "Bye Daimen!"she replied. ~*Sapphires POV*~ Not long after Daimen left, Dustin came in. He gasped when he saw me and i saw the bulge in his pants. "Ready?" i asked. He smirked and nodded. Then he went to the kitchen and returned with...cherries and whipped cream? "Now im ready...and starving." Dustin growled. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 20 ~*Dustins POV*~ As i grabbed the whipped cream, i smiled to myself. Sapphire looked as sexy as hell! That sex suit ahe was in was skin tight and made her look like a porn star! When she sae me walk back in she smiled. "Now im ready...and starving." i said, showing the whipped cream. Sapph shivered and walked up to me, putting her arms around my neck. I led her to the bed and layed on her, kissing her lips gently. She kissed back with more force and rubbed mu chest. I licked her bottom lip, but she didnt open. I groaned and tried again, no response. I nibbled her lip gently and by then, i was sure it was swollen. Yet she didnt open, but kept kissing and rubbing. "Open your mouth." i murmered on her lips. She giggled and shook her head. I groaned and began kissing her cheek and ear, causig her to moan. I used it to my advantage and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She smiled and soon we werr both having a steamy makout session. Then she began to unbutton my shirt as i kissed and sucked her neck. Then Sapphire licked my neck and trailed down to my nipples.

I groaned loudly as she sucked them and rubbed my eightpack with her thin fingers. I decided to take over and began peeling off her tight suit with my teeth. First her beautiful breasts popped out and i massaged them slowly and deeply. She moaned loudly and threw her head back. "mmm, Dustin..." she moaned. I smiled and peeled the rest of the suit off while massaging. Once we were both naked, she pushed me off her and switched our positions. She sat herself on my abs with her wet, center squishing my abs. I took a quick look at her. Round C cup perky breasts, small smooth waist, curvy hips, shaved mound, long legs, perfect. She leant forward and sucked on my neck and jaw. I moaned and put my hands on her ass cheeks. I felt her orgasm on my eightpack and i shivered with excitement. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to my face, until her center was on my chin. I lifted her higher and set my mouth on her center. I licked her clit and rubed her back. "Dustin! Oh god!" she gasped as i licked her. I began to suck and nibble her center lips and shoved my tongue in her. She squealed and begam moving her hips on my face. I moaned on her and sucked harder, moving my tongue faster. She orgasmed on my mouth and i eagerly swallowed it. I took her sexy boots off and threw them in a corner. After a half hour of that, Sapph got off my face and went lower to my penis. She kissed my pelvis a couple times, driving me mad! "Please Sapph!" i groaned, wanting her to quit her teasing. She smiled and sucked the skin above my penis while rubbing my abs. I groaned louder and called her name again. "Sapph!" i yelled. Then she gave in and grabbed my penis and sucked it. I gasped and groaned at the relief it gave and i felt cum building up. Sapphire sucked the life out of me and began rubbing my testicles(balls) as i moaned, only making me moan more. Then i felt her stop sucking and climb on me again. She set her center JUST above my erect penis and teased it by lightly brushing them together. I gave Sapph a stern look. "Sapphire! If you dont cut that out, ill fuck you myself!" i warned. She laughed and leant into my ear. "I want you to beg me." she whispered. I shook my head. "I never beg." "Then i will tease until you do." she smiled. I groaned as she rose and fell on my penis not letting me get in her put just letting me touch her. She did that multiple times, with me whining like a little baby. Then she rubbed my testicles as she teased, making me cum over myself and her. "Oh for Damn's sake! Please Sapphire! Please!" i yelled. She smirked and landed on me with one big fall. She screamed as i moaned with relief. She moved up and down slowly, each time her center closing in on my penis. "Faster babe!" i told her. She nodded and bounced faster on me, cumming over me. But i needed more. "Faster Sapphire!" i yelled. Sapph groaned, and whined. "Im going as i can!" she yelled back. I growled. "Its not fast enough." i said and grabbed her hips. I held them in place and picked them up and down thrusting myself into her at high speed. Daimen can go faster than anyone, but im pretty quick. Sapph screamed and became a ragdoll as i fucked her. Soon, we climaxed together and layed to rest. I grabbed the whipped cream dispenser and held it over Sapph. Using one hand, i squirted some out on each of her breasts and her

stomach. Then some on her mound and center. Sapphire shivered at the coolness of the cream. I slowly licked her breasts, sucking the cream off and getting a few moans out of her. Then her sexy stomach was cleaned and as i got to her mound she orgasmed. I smiled and quickly ate up the mix of cum and cream. After round 2, we relaxed and fell asleep while kissing. ~*Sapphires POV*~ When i woke up, i felt Dustins lips on my neck and his breath heavily on me. I turned and sae him sleeping pressed against me. I smiled and kissed his lips, waking him up. "Good morning babe." he smiled. "Good morning" i yawned. "Shower?" Dustin asked. I laughed and nodded. He picked me up bridal style and took me to the bathroom. After our shower, we sat in the couch and watched tv. I was in a black miniskirt, pink top and black heels. Dustin was in faded jeans and red fitted t-shirt. Then i called Daimen. "Hey babe." he answered. "How was your night?" "Great! Yours?" "Two snoring guys who sleep talk and talk about girls all night? My night was fantastic!" he laughed. I giggled. "So whats the plan for today?" "We're all going to a movie, then to Selene's room to play games and goof off." Daimen responded. "Cool! So when's the movie?" "An hour and a half." "Ok, i want to visit Emma and Harmony. Bye!" "Bye babe." he chuckled. I closed the phone and turned to Dustin. "Im going to visit Emma." i said. He yawned and nodded. "Have fun!" he called to me as i left. I went to Emma, Selene and Harmony's room. When i knocked on the door, Harmony answeres and sighed in relief. "Thank God! Emma needs you Sapph! Now!" she told me. I gasped and followed her in. In a corner, i saw Emma crying her eyes out. "Emma what happened!" "She wont tell us. She just keeps saying 'no!'" Selene said. I turned to them two. "Could you guys give us a momen?" i asked politly. They nodded and left the room. I turned back to Emma. "Whats wrong Emma? Is it Benny?" i asked. Emma shook her head. "No! Its him!" she cried. "Who?!" "Tristan!" "What happened?!" "We-- we had sex" "You did what?! With Tristan? Leannes guy?! A player?" "Yes! I was upset and he came and it just happened!" "Wait! Why are you crying then? Did he hurt you?" "No." "Then what?"

"We didnt use protection and im not on the pill. Im gunna get pregnant Sapphire! And he said as he left 'you'll probably have a abort it. Im not gunna be any kids dad.'"she sobbed. I hugged her and let her cry on me. Stupid Tristan! Im gunns kill him! "Get ready Emma, we're going to the doctors." i said. She nodded and got up from her corner to change. As i sat on the couch, Selene and Harmony came in. "We heard." Selene said biting her lip. "yeah, well Tristans a dick!" "A hot dick." Selene thought. I rolled my eyes. Then Emma came out and i grabbed her hand. "Lets go." i said. When we were in the lobby, we saw Benny by the cookie counter. When he saw us he smiled and walked over. "Hey guys! Wassup?" "Nothing, you?" Emma asked. "Well, i had fun last night..."Benny smiled. I gasped and smildd. "You mean Dan and you--" "YES! We did! It was amazing!" he leapt. Emma sunk lower and pulled me away. "Sorry Ben, but we need to go. Bye!" "Bye Emma! Bye Sapph!" he called. I waved and we went to the outside of the hotel and called a cab. We hopped in and drove to the nearest doctors office. When we were in the patients room, a thin nimble woman named Dr. Arlene came to us. "so whats the problem ladies?" "Um my friend here wants to know if she's pregnant or not." i said "Ok, how long ago was the intercourse?" "Last night." "Oh wow. Ok, come with me Miss..." "Emma." Emma said as she followed the doctor out. I waited in te waiting room for almost 45min, when they came out. "So?" i asked. "i'm pleased to tell you that Emma IS pregnant!" the doctor smiled. Emma was crying again. "Do you want to abort?" the doctor asked. Emma shook her head. "No. Im not a murderer. I'll keep the baby." she said. As we left the office my phone rang. "Hello?" i answered. "Sapphire dear? Its Hannah." a cheery voiced woman said. "Who?" "Hannah Vemble! Your step-mother!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 21 ~*Sapphire's POV*~ "Oh hi are you?" "Im fine dear how about you?"

"im good i guess..whats up?" "Dear, your brother Daimen told me your father's make you sleep with that horrid man." "Oh yeah...that." "Well dont worry! I will not allow it! I'd rather i be in your place then let you go through with it! Your a virgin after all." "Im not a virgin." "Really? Your father said you were..." "I lost my virginity two days ago." i dont know why but i felt comfortable around Hannah. She squealed and laughed. "Really?! Wow! Do you love the guy?" "Yes." i smiled. "Whats his name? You want to invite him over? Is he a good boy? Are you a couple?" "Um...i...its not one guy. Its two." "Two?! At the same time?" "Yes." "Oh...well you can still invite them over! What are their names?" i took a deep breath, "Daimen and Dustin." i said. Hannah screamed in shock. "What?! MY sons?!" "Yes. They took my virginity." "Wow! But dear, they are players! They wont stay with you!" "They changed for me. Daimen and Dustin havent touched a girl since they came." "Really? sons and a California.." "Your not mad?" "Oh no. If they love you and you love them why should i be mad? They arent players anymore! You seem happy! And its like a fairytale!!" she squealed. "Well then...thank you." i giggled. "Oh this is amazing! You all are so beautiful! Your kids will be angels! Wow! Wait! When should i expect grandkids?" "Not now!" i laughed. Hannah groaned and giggled. "Ok, you should get back to your MEN. I have to meet your father. And dont worry. You will not be sleeping with Mr. Jason Powers." "Thank you Hannah." i smiled. "Your welcome dear. Bye now!" "Bye" I already love her! She's so funny and awkward. She'll help me not be a protitute to Mr. Powers...powers...familiar name... When we arrived back at the hotel, it was 2:45pm. All the guys were in the lobby waiting. "Where the hell have you been?!" Daimen asked me, with worry in his voice. "I had to take Emma somewhere. Private." i smiled while hugging Daimen. He hugged back and kissed my head. "Couldnt you have told me?" he asked calming down. I smiled sheepishly "Sorry about that. We were in a hurry." i said. He nodded and smiled. "Well the movie in fifteen minutes so letsa go!" Selene yelled. I laughed as we went to the van.

~*Dustins POV*~ After the movie, we went to Mcdonalds to eat. Yeah, we're fast food people. Bite me. I noticed Emma being very quiet and nervous. I leant in to Sapph and said, "What happened to Emma?" "um...ill tell you later." she whispered nervously. I nodded and dorpped the subject. Emma began eating like apig. She had two big macs, large fries, coke and ice cream. The rest of us had a sandwich or salad..but only one. "So Leanne, how are things with you and Tristan?" Jade asked smiling. Leanne giggled and held Tristans hand. "Amazing. Sex everynight." she boasted. "We satisfy each other very well" she smiled. Aaron choked on his food as she said this and Shawn chuckled. Sapph scoffed and Emma snorted. Yet Leanne didnt notice these signs. "Really huh?" Emma frowned. Why did Emma care? She likes Benny...right? Or maybe shes lesbian and likes Leanne! I shuddered at the thought of her hugging my Sapphire and touching her. Later that night, after Selenes hotel room gathering, pics and dinner, i was in our room getting things ready for Sapph and Daimen. At the moment she was changing into fancy lace underwear. When she came out i smiled at her body, remembering what we did last night. She sat on the bed looking in thought. " whats up?" i asked. Sapph bit her lip. "The name of the guy my dad wants me to fuck is familiar..." "What is it?" "Jason or Jacob Powers." she said and i stood up and growled. "Powers?!" i roared. Sapphire was horrified and backed up a bit. "yes." she said quietly. "Ugh! Like father, like son!" i said angrily. Sapph raised her eyebrow confused. "Wait, what? Who?" she asked. I leant near her and hugged her. "Its ok, just forget about it." i smiled. Sapphire shook her head and stared at me. "No. I want to know." "To know what?" "Why is the name familiar?" "Because youve heard it before." "I know that! But where have i heard it?" "At school. Its someones last name." "I remember seeing that name on the back of a guys football uniform...who is it Dustin?!" "Jason or Jacob the father of Tristan Powers." i said. Sapph jumped "WHAT?! Tristan? The entire family are sex addicts?! Ugh! First Tristan cheats on Leanne, then his dad wants to have sex with me, then Tristan gets Emma preg--" she stopped as i glared at her. "What? Emma's prego? By Tristan? No abortion?" i asked. Sapph nodded. "Yes. She is pregnant by him. And he took her virginity. And doest want her or the baby." she said with tears forming. I hugged her tightly and kissed the tears away. "This is so messed up!" she cried. "Emma loves Benny, but Benny loves Dan! Tristan doesnt love anyone but his dick, but Leanne thinka they are both in love! Emma wont

have a chance with other people because she's pregnant! Selene loves Shawn, but Shawn doesnt want a slut as a girlfriend! At least Joe, Jade, Aaron and Harmony are okay!" she sobbed. I liften her chin up and kissed her. "No. We are okay too. All three of us." i said. Sapph smiled and kissed my cheek. "Yeah i guess so. But its all still messed up." i smiled and grabbed her waist. "well! I still have to get you ready!" i said, grabbing the rope. "Rope?" Sapphire asked. I nodded. "Yeah, Daimens always been creative and rough like that. Im gnna tie you to the bed, and put tape around your mouth." i said casually. Sapphire scoffed, but before she could protest, we heard banging on the door. "Open up! Sapph! Dustin! Now!" we heard Daimen yell. Sapph put a robe on and opened the door. "Whats wrong?" she asked. Daimen growled and looked scary. Dark eyes, sinister look and was fuming. He glared at Sapphire angrily and grabbed her. "Hey! Put me down!" she screamed. Daimen threw her on the bed and glared at her. "You called my mom?! And told her WE took your virginity?!" he yelled. I gasped and looked at Sapph. She looked guilty an nodded. "Why?!" Daimen whined. Sapphire sat straight. "I dont get it, whats the big deal?!" she asked. "Now that our mom knows, we'll get no peace! she'll keep smiling like an idiot an waving. She'll go "awww" when we hug or kiss, never give us alone time, and keep saying 'did you all do anything tonight?' or 'when am i getting grandkids?!' and stuff like that!" he yelled. We all bust out laughing. It sounde weird hearing it in a whining voice. "Well im sorry!" Sapph smiled. Daimen rolled his eyes. "Sure you are. I'll spank your ass for it tonight." he smirked. Sapphire shivered at the thought. ~*Daimens POV*~ I left the room, and after about 15min, Dustin texted me to come in. I grabbed my supplies. Leather gloves, lubricant, Chocolate syrup, and vibrators. When i opened the door to our room, i felt my erection. I saw literally "The Best Damn Thing". A sexy brunette chick, in lacy skimpy underwear, tied with quality rope to a bedpost, tape over her mouth, and a terrified yet excited look on her face. "You ready babe?" i asked smirking. She mumbled something into the tape. "Well i hope you said 'yes'...cause im not stopping." i said, taking a step towards her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 22 ~*Sapphires POV*~ Ugh! Stupid Dustin! He tied me up and now i couldnt do anything but let Daimen he his way. Daimen had a hungry look in his eyes and it excited..yet scared me. "Are you ready babe?" he asked. I tried saying "maybe" but it came out muffled. Daimen smiled. "Well i hope you said yes, cause im not stopping." he smirked and leant into me. He

slipped on some cool leather gloves, and touched my cheek with them. It felt cool and comforting and amazingly sexy. He trailed his hand lower to my neck and the top of my chest. His cool leather fingers traced the outline of my bra, causing my nipples to stiffin. Daimen just smirked and stared in my eyes as he touched. It felt weird with him staring, but...a good weird. I saw so many things in those eyes that made me want to melt. I saw concern, passion, lust, worry, comfort, cockiness, and most of all, love. I didnt even relize i was moaning like a dying cat, until he undid the tape on my mouth. I moaned loud and freely now, as Daimens hand went to my waist. The slickness of his glove was turning me on and making me orgasm multiple times. My hands were tied up, so i couldnt do much. His hand was about to reach my mound, when he brought it back to my breasts. I groaned and wiggled in my spot. "Im not moving lower, until im done with your tits." he beamed. I shuddered and arched my back, making my boobs look larger and almost out of the bra. Daimen seemed amused, but i could see the bulge in his pants. Ugh! That beautiful bulge! That 9inch cock that didnt fit in my pussy and made me go crazy. I know i sound like a sex addict, but i love that dick! I should name it...nah. Daimen took one of his hands and set it on my boob. He lightly squeezed it, making me moan softly. He squeezed a bit harder every now and then and soon, he was massaging, squeezing and pulling like my boobs were play-dough. "Damn Daimen...." i moaned. He brought his face to mine. "Do you want more Sapphire?" he asked. I nodded desperatly. He took out a little machine from his pocket and set it on my breast. He flicked on a button and then the thing started vibrating and my nipples were going crazy. The little vibes made me orgasm over and over again, and im sure my moans could have been heard by the entire hotel. "Oh Daimen! Daimen!" i gasped, with him smiling over me. "Do you want my mouth on you, babe?" he asked. I gave him an embarrased look. "Im not saying that, just do it." i moaned. "Not until you tell me what you want." he smiled, licking my neck. "Please Daimen! Please!" "Nope. You have to tell me what you want." i gasped as he stuck the vibrator on my nipple and made me shiver all over. "ugh! For damns sake! Put your sexy mouth on my nipple and suck it Daimen!" i screamed, then clasped my hand over my mouth. I cant believe i just said that! Daimen smirked. "That wasnt too hard eh?" he said, bending lower to my boobs and taking my bra off. He licked the nipple of my right breast and swirled his hot, wet saliva all over it. My nipples stood up around an inch high, and were aching like mad! "Sing the words to a song Sapph." he said. "why?" i asked. "Im going too see if you can finish the song." "wait what?" "just sing." he smirked. I nodded and chose a Iyaz song. Replay. "Shawtys like a melody in my head that i cant keep out, got me singing like..." i slowled as Daimen set his whole mouth on my nipple. "Keep going." he mumbled. I gulped.

"Nananana, everyday, its like my ipod's...stuck on....... replay...." i slowed again, because Daimen was sucking my nipple and waves of pleasure will rolling in me. His beautiful teeth were lighty grazing me and i began to slow down my body systems. "Go Sapph." he moaned on me. "Remeber..the first time...we met you were.. oh god Daimen, i dont want to sing!" "Too bad babe. Now keep going, or face consequences." i groaned and Daimen bit down on my nipple making me scream in shock and pleasure. "Ugh, please Daimen! Pleaaaassseeee!" "No. Now sing." he said sternly. I decided to plsy the victim card. "You dont love me." i stated. Daimen stopped his pleasuring and stared at me. "What?" "You dont love me." "Why would you say that?" "You're not letting me moan and untying me." i frowned. Daimen seemed VERY upset by this. He got off and sat on the bed. "Sapphire? Come stand here." he ordered, untying me. I obeyed and stood by him. "Lean yourself over my knee." he ordered again. I gave him a weird look. "What?" i asked. "why?" Daimen growled and grabbed me, setting my stomach on his lap, with my ass in the air, and my head near the floor. I turned to look at him, and he was angry. "Dont look. Im mad at you Sapphire." he said. "Why?" i asked sadly. "for many things. Now you can have your punishment." he smirked. He grabbed my waist and held me in place. Then he raised his hand and slapped my ass. I gasped and shrieked. He slapped over and over again. Rememer he still has those leather gloves on. "Ow! Daimen! Ow!" i gasped. He growled and stopped slapping for a moment. "This is for not singing." he slapped me again. "This is for not obeying me." he slappesd a second time. "And this is for saying i didnt love you." amd he slapped three more times. I was crying by now, and when he finished, he didnt let me off his lap. I almost told him to keep slapping. Although it was a good hurt, and i wanted more. "Im sorry!" i said. Daimen chuckled. "Im sure you are, babe." he said, taking my underwear off. Using his glove still, he ran his hand down my ass and to my pussy. He lightly rubbed me, and i started up with the moaning and groaning. "Daimen!" i gasped. He smirked and rubbed harder. "So my dear, what have you learned?" he asked. I tried to think up an answer, bu i couldnt think straight. "I...i-uh...ohhhhhmmm" i tried. "Thats not an answer Sapphie. What have you learned? Or should u spank you again to make you know?" he smiled, rubbing my red ass. "That...i should listen to you." i moaned. "What else?" "That" i tied saying. "Thats not it. What else?" "To not say you dont love me." i stated. Daimen smiled and rubbed my clit.

"Thats the right answer, babe. Cause i love you and will never stop loving you. You will never be without me. Im going to always help and will always protect you. No matter what, Sapphire. I love you." he said, and i melted on the inside. "I love you too, Daimen." i moaned. He smiled. "Yell it loud." "Why do you always want me to yell things?" "Cause when you yell it, you mean it." he said. To get me hyped, he rubbed my clit faster and massaged on of my breasts. The cold leather on my nipples and clit was overwhelming, and i began screaming out of pleasure. "God! Oh god! Damn!" i screamed. Daimen leant in my ear. "Scream what i told you to." he whispered, and with a final squeeze on my boobs, i burst. "I LOVE YOU DAIMEN!" i yelled. He groaned and plunged two fingers in me. I screamed some more as he moved his gloves in and out. The cool leather felt good and orgasming on my pussy. More than ever, i wanted to be fucked. And..i wasnt afraid or embarassed at all. "Daimen?" "Yes babe?" "Fuck me!" i said. He raised his eyebrows. "Really?" "Yes! Now!" i moaned with need. Daimen nodded smirking. "Im glad you feel ok saying that." he smiled as he flipped me over and grabbed my hips. I began orgasming again. Daimen bent down and instead of fucking me, licked my clit. I shivered and held onto his shoulders as he licked, nibbled and suked my pussy. "Mmm, you like this babe?" he asked, with my cum on his chin. I nodded eagerly. He chuckled and got up for a moment. He grabbed a dark bottle of....chocolate syrup? Oh god! He opened the bottle and poured the syrup on my stomach, letting it drip to my pussy. That felt better than the leather glove. It was even better when Daimen licked it up. He started at my belly button and swirled his tongue around my abs. "Oh Daimen!" i gasped. "I love when you say my name like that." he murmered on my stomach. I groaned as he went lower and licked the choco off my mound and pussy. "God Daimen! Damn!" i scream/moaned. He smiled on my clit and sucked it clean. Soon, i was cleaner than when we began. My turn. I flipped us over, took his shirt off then kissed Daimens chest. He groaned and pushed me off. "Hell no. Im not gunna let you make me all moany and begging. Todays your turn babe." he smirked, taking his pants and boxers off and, straddling me again. "You ready babe?" he asked. I nodded eagerly again. He slowly got his dick in me and started thrusting slowly. I winced as he got in but pleasure took over. "Faster Daimen! Please!" i gasped. He nodded and picked up the pace. I was moaning, gasping and grunting like crazy. Every couple minutes, Daimen would go a little faster, and by fifteen minutes, we were at it highspeed and he was going to fast for me to think or talk. "You ok, Sapph?" he asked. I nodded. "Say something." he said. I shook my head and choked out an 'i cant'. "Why not?" he smirked.

"I..mmmm,..dont..oh! Oh! Oh! Know what to...Ah! Oh! Say." i tried. He smirked and kissed my lips roughly. TWO HOURS later we lay beside each other. I snuggled up to his chest and smiled. Daimen rubbed my back and kissed my forehead gently. I fell asleep minutes later. ~*Daimens POV*~ I stayed up for hours playing with Sapphires hair. I love her. More than i love my brother. Maybe more than my dear excited mother. I will never leave her. Not for any sexy chick in the world. Shes perfect. Theres only one problem with our relationship. And i will have to go and talk to that problem later. "Mmm." Sapph woke up. I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Morning." i said. "Hey" she smiled. We kissed for a couple minutes then showered...together. Then Sapph went to visit Emma and Harmony. I walked over to Shawns and Aarons room. When i knocked on the door, a blond chick answered the door. "Oo lala, heyyyy" she said to me, winking. I rolled my eyes and looked to the floor. "You slept with Shawn eh?" i said. She nodded and smiled. "You want a go?" "Uh. No. I have a girlfriend." "Whatever. Im on my way out." she winked, as she left. I relaxed and walked in. Dustin was sitting on the couch on the phone. But what he said disturbed me. "Yes i know it was. Me too. Never ever mention that! duh! Yeah. Yeah he is. Ok. Byebye." he said. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 23 ~*Aarons POV*~ I woke up in Benny and Dans room. Stupid Shawn decided to have a slutty bimbo over so Dustin and i found other places to sleep. I woke to find Benny and Daniel sleeping, their arms and legs all over eachother. I put on a disgusted face and got dressed. Shawn called me when the bimbo left, and said we should all meet in the hotel lobby to go eat breakfast. Only one last day in Cali. And i want some alone time with my girl. I picked up my cell and called Harmony "Hello?" she answered. "Hey Harmomy." i said. "Aaron! Hey! Wassup? How did you sleep? " she said happily. "Good you?" "Yeah! Thanks to you." she said. I raised an eyebrow but shut up. "I hope this wont be awkward now..." she mumbled. "What will?" i asked. She sighed. "So it wont be, thank god! So whats up?" " wanna do something?" "Sure! Anything you want." "Ok then...beach, movie, shopping, breakfast, which one?" "Umm..breakfast. Im hungry, and Emma will try and get me to eat something weird."

"Ok then, ill pick you up." i said leaving my room. What the hell is she talking about? She slept well..thanks to me? She hopes things wont be awkward between us? What? Forget it, its probably cause i kissed her goodnight. When i got to her room, she lunged and kissed me. Me, being ready at all times for girls throwing themselves at me, kissed her back. "Oh get a room!" Selene called. Harmony rolled her eyes. She was beautiful. Mid-neck, thin arms and legs, curvy hips, not huge but mid size tits, and she was in an adorable outfit. Did i just say adorable? Oh god, im going nuts. I went to get a glass of water, from their room kitchen. Then Emma walked in. "Dustin?" she asked. I turned around and she smiled. "Oh! Aaron! Haha, you and Dustin look the same from the back. Same body types." she smiled. I nodded and smiled back. "Hey Emma." i said. " im just picking up Harmony to go eat." "oh ok. Me and Selene will eat the hotel breakfasts, then start packing. Do we leave tonight?" "Yeah. At 7pm." "okeedoke." Harmony said smiling. I grabbed her waist and lef her out to the lobby. ~*Shawns POV*~ i woke up to find this big titted, blond slut next to me. She opened her eyes and began rubbing my dick. It got hard instantly and we went for round two. Damn! I love seeing tits pound against each other! When we were done, she got her sexy ass dressed, then went to the bathroom. Once she came back out, she stretched sexily and we had round three. She had a small round face, blue eyes, blond hair, medium lips, flawless skin, and the best damn legs in the world. The weird thing is...i remember her name! Lexi. Everything she did turned me on. She streched, round three. She gets off the bed, round four. She starts dressing, round five. She falls down, round get the idea. "So i guess this is it." she smiled sadly. "Time to go home..." she teared up when she said it. My eyes grew wide. "Whats wrong with that?" "Home is...scary!" "Why?" " mom is dead and my dad killed her. He drinks and beats my brother and i. Last month my bro was sent to a boarding school. So if icome home now...he'll beat me...bad." "im so sorry, Lexi! Um...can you leave?" "Not until im 18. Im still 17." "Then...what if your dad made money off you?" "What?" "Just give me your adress, and number." i said. Lexi smiled. "Thats a weird way to ask for my number. A simple pickup line was ok." she laughed. I smirked and took the adress and number. Then she left. I got showered, dressed and to the main room. There i saw Daimen glaring at Dustin. "Who was that?" Daimen asked. "Someone. Dont worry, D. I didnt have sex with her."

"Oh her? Who is she?" "Selene. She was telling me about you guys last night." "Whatd she say?" "That you were very loud. And kinky." he smiled. Daimen rolled his eyes. Then Sapph came in. "Hey guys!" "Hey Sapphie." i said. She looked at me and smiled. Then she sat down looking sad. "Guys...i have to sleep with Mr. Powers tommorow." she said. I raised an eyebrow. Daimen filled me in. "Thats not hard to fix!" i smiled. They all looked at me. "What?" "Call Tristan and Emma to get their butts over here." i smirked. Time for me to take over for Aaron! When they were present, i looked at Tristan. "Tristan, do you know that your dad is going to bed Sapph tommorow?" i asked. "Maybe. So what?" he answered. Daimen growled, but stayed back. "Tell your dad to call it off." i stated. Tristan laughed. "Why would i do that? Maybe he's getting her for me. I wouldnt mind fucking her." he winked at Sapph, who gagged and held on to her boys. "Cause if you dont...we'll announce to everyone that you are the father of Emma's baby." i said. Daimen and Tristan gasped. Emma blushed. "Emma! Abort it!" Tristan yelled. "No! Im not a killer!" Emma shouted. "I dont care! Im too young to be a father!" "Then whyd you bang me up without a condom?!" "Cause i wasnt thinking straight!" "I dont care. Im keeping the baby." "So what do you say Tristan?" i asked. "Call the one-night stand off, and we'll keep this secret." "Fine. You wont have to do anything with my dad." he said coldly looking at Emma. As he was leaving, Tristan turned to Emma. "Dont think that just cause you'll be having my kid, that im going to run to you and love you. You'll regret not aborting it." he said, leaving. Emma began crying and hugging Sapphire. ~*Dustins POV*~ Wow. That was settled nicely. No blood. Everyone went to their rooms to pack up. I felt jealous of Daimen. Even i heard them screaming and moaning last night. But come to think of it...i deserve it. "Lets get the bags to the car!" Aaron yelled, once he an Harmony got back from breakfast. "Then we can go do something, without having to worry. Like...hotel pool!" we all cheered. In an hour we were all fooling in the pool. It had a nice waterslide and sprinklers. Selene of course took 100pics, and Joe and Jade were making out. Everyone, even Tristan, Emma and Shawn were having fun. Then suddenly Shawn jumped up. "Oh god, i almost forgot! We have a stop to make before we go."

"Where?" Aaron asked. Shawn told us the situation with a girl he slept with named Lexi. "So you want US to pay money, to take HER with US back home?!" Leannd asked. Shawn nodded. "I pity her...lets do it!" Jade smiled. Everyoe slowly agree to help. After swimming a bit longer, we dried off, got dressed, and got in the van. It was 4pm. We hve to grab Lexi, get snacks, and find the highway. "Road Trip Songs!" Emma cheered. All the girls whooped, and the guys groaned. They sang "Sally The Camel", "B-I-N-G-O", and other annoying songs. Then we got to where Lexi lived. Shawn, Aaron and i went to get her. We knocked on the old, broken down house's door. A dirty man with beer in his hand opened the door. "What the hell do you want?" he slurred. "Um..Does Lexi live here?" Shawn asked "Yeah the slut does! She pregnant? LEXI!" he roared. A smokin hot blond girl came to us. "Shawn?" she smiled. He nodded, grinning. "They want you." her dad slurred. Shawn looked at the man. "Sir, i was wondering if you were interested in lettinf Lexi go on a long vacation. A reeaallly long one. Like boarding school." "Boarding school? Like little Mikey! How much does it cost?" "Its free! But she has to leave immedietly." Shawn smiled. The man nodded and pushed Lexi out the door. "Take her! She does nothing to me. Take her to free boarding school!" he groaned. Lexi was smiling wider than ever and tearing up. She went to grab some clothes and nessecities, then came back to us in the van. "Oh Shawn! Thank you!" she cried. "I hated that murderer! Thank you, Thank you!" she said. I shook my head at them. "So all this, just cause you slept with each other once?" i asked. "Three times." they both said. I rolled my eyes. They had sex every night we were here?! Damn. We piled in the van. All the girls welcomed Lexi amd made her not feel so awkward. They exchanged email, numbers and added eachother on FaceBook. We bought the snacks and set out on the freeway to get home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 24 ~*Sapphires POV*~ The drive home was long and quiet. Daimen sat next to me and every so often he would touch, rub or kiss me. Dustin seemed in deep thought. Tristan was angry. Shawn and Lexi were flirting quietly and kissing. Jade and Joe were sleeping in eachothers arms, Leanne and Emma were listening to music on Leannes ipod. Selene was texting, Aaron was driving, Harmony was eating the snacks we brought, and Benny and Dan were watching a movie on a portable dvd player. It was peaceful...but high tension. When we got home it was reaalllyyyy late. We didnt go to my apartment. Thats mine. I navigated the boys to my dads house. I have clothes in both of them. The guys brought

their suitcases and stuff. My dads house was big and had 3levels, 4 bedrooms, and a large basement. I know its weird that we live in different houses, but my dad wanted it that way. We walked in and found my dad and Hannah watching tv. Hannah turned and squealed. "Sapphire! Daimen! Dustin!" she shrieked happily. She hugged me amd the boys. My dad nodded at the boys and grinned at me. "How was your trip?" Hannah asked. "Good Mom." Dustin said. Hannah noddes and turned to me. "Good news! Mr. Powers called. The deal is off! No prostitution...if thats a word.." The boys and i smiled. Tristan actually did it! He stuck to his word! My dad came and hugged me. "Im sorry for putting you in that situation Sapphie." he cooed. I rolled my eyes and nodded. "Its ok dad." i smiled. My dad smiled and looked at the boys. "How are you boys? Take care of my daughter?" he asked. "Im sure they took VERY good care of her." Hannah smiled knowingly. Daimen groaned and i laughed. "Yeah, we did." Dustin said. My dad yawned. "Well, we should get to bed." He said. Dustin nodded and went upstairs with my dad. Hannah lookes at Daimen and i. "So youve had sex?" she asked us. Daimen nodded. "Yep." he smiled at me. "Daimen dear, do you love her?" Hannah asked. Daimen took my hand and squeezed it. "Yes mom. I do. I havent slept with anyone since we met her. I love her more than anything." Daimen said, making me tear up again. Hannah smiled and kisses her sons forehead. "Well, you heard the boss. Up to bed babe." Daimen smirked, smacking my ass. Hannah gasped. "Daimen!" she shrieked and we both laughed at her. I got Daimen to his new room, and i got to mine. It was 1am and i was tired. I lied in bed awake, but drowsy. Then i heard my door open. I looked and saw a 1/2 naked Daimen. Damn that chest was sexy! And his muscular legs..and his boxers just covered his V...PAY ATTENTION! "Daimen?" i asked. He nodded. "I lost my teddybear...may i sleep with you?" he smirked. I laughed and nodded. "Haha, sure Daimen. Stupid pickup lines." i smiled. Daimen jumped onto my bed and snuggled up to me. "night Daimen." i said. Daimen yawned and kissed me softly. "Good night Sapphire." he smiled. ~*Daimens POV*~ The next morning, we got up early for stupid school. When we got there, everyone was back to normal. Selen and Jade with the slutty cheerleaders. Leanne and the clique. Emma, Benny, Tristan and Dan hanging out. Aaron, Joe and Shawn talking. And Lexi with the cheerleaders as well. The day went by normally, until lunch time. We sat down and began eating, when suddenly a girl screamed. We turned and saw Harmony had passed out. Aaron and Shawn immedietly went to get her.

"Harmony!" Shawn yelled. Harmony didnt respond. She was pale and her eyes were closed. "Call 911!" Aaron yelled to me. I got my cell out and dialed. In minutes an ambulance was here and Harmony, Shawn, Aaron, Sapph, Emma, Tristan, Lexi, Benny and i went to the hospital. We didnt all nee to go..but we wanted to. When we got to the hospital, Harmony was taken to a room and we were forced to sit in the waiting room. Shawn was restless. So was Aaron. We waited for 45 minutes then a doctor came to us. "She's fine. Just a fainting spell. Would you like us to do a full examination to make sure she's ok?" Shawn nodded. "Yes please." he said. We waited another 1/2 hour then we were called to her room. We found her sitting in a bed smiling at us. Aaron and Shawn ran to hug her. She hugged them back eagerly and smiled at the rest of us. The doctor entered and looked at Shawn. "Um sir..the reason she passed out was just a symptom." "Of what?" i asked. The doctor looked at us all. "She's pregnant." he stated. We all gasped and looked at Aaron. Shawn growled. "What?! Harmony?" he asked. She blushed. "Yes. Me and Aaron had sex two nights ago." she said. Aaron growled as well. "Whats wrong Aaron? I thought you liked it." Harmony said shakily. Aaron looked at her closly then shook his head. "Now we have a problem. You lost your virginity and you are pregnant. With a man whom you say is me. Is that what you say, Harmony?" "Yes! You called me and told me to meet you, and we had sex! I wouldnt mind admitting it." she teared up. Aaron kissed her forehead. "I wouldnt mind! I would love to tell people that we had sex!" he answered. "Then whats the problem?" Harmony asked. Aaron took a deep breath. "I never called you that night. I never did any of that. It wasnt me. Harmony...thats not my baby." --------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 25 ~*Sapphires POV*~ Harmony AND Emma?! Damn! When Aaron spoke those last words, we all turned to look at Tristan. He scoffed ad shook his head. "Its so marvelous, how everyone automaticaly looks at ME." he said. Harmony shook her head. "No! It wasnt Tristan! It was you, Aaron! I called your name and you answered to Aaron!" she shrieked. Aaron groaned. "It wasnt me. Im sure of it. Now someone was posing as me. It has to be someone from our group. Shawn is out of the pic. So's Dan. Joe loves Jade too much. Daimen is out. But not Dustin." Aaron said. I glared. "Why not Dustin?" i asked. "No offense to anyone, but we all know Daimen wouldnt do that...but Dustin might. Sorry. It could have been Benny...hes bi. So Tristan, Benny, or Dustin." he said. We

turned to Tristan amd Benny. "It was NOT me." Benny said. "At the moment, i like guys. And even so, i like Dan." "It couldve been someone who works or stayed at the hotel..." Tristan said. Harmony fowned. "Then how did they text me from Aarons cell? It was someone who had access to our rooms, and knew i was Aarons girlfriend." she said. Daimen was quiet. Thinking. Aaron growled and grabbed Tristan by his jaw. "Was it you, Powers? Its not enough to fuck Leanne, Emma and every girl you see, so you fuck MY 14 year old, virgin girlfriend?" he was the most scary thing ive ever seen! Tristan winced and pushed him away. "IT" he said the last part quietly. Daimen suddenly looked up and raised and eyebrow. Aaron and Shawn glared at him. Shawn lunged at him while Lexi gasped. He bagan punching his stomach, while Aaron was holding him down. Then suddenly Daimen got up and grabbed Shawn and pulles him away. "Aaron! Shawn!" he yelled. Aaron looked at Daimen and growled. "What?!" "Let him go." "Why should i?! He got my girl pregnant!" "I'll tell you why. Come here." Daimen said in a cold, demanding voice. Aaron let go of Tristan and walked over to Daimen and Shawn. Daimen whispered some stuff to them. Shawn as Aaron seemed confused, and angry. Then they stopped whispering and turned back to Tristan. "Go." Shawn said. Tristan and his bruised body, got up an left. I stared at Daimen. What did he say?! " it wasnt Tristan?" Emma asked. "It was. But we'll get him later." Aaron mumbled angrily. "What? Why?" Lexi asked. "Cause thats what we agreed on, OK!" Daimen said. Lexi and Emma nodded, scared. Harmony sighed. "As much as i hate going to abort it." she said. Everyone looked at her with loving eyes. "You dont have to do that Harm...its fine." Aaron said. She shook her head. "No. I hate abortion. It like murdering. And inside me their is a baby that can live and have a life. But...if its not Aarons...i dont want it." she said, with tears in her eyes. I ran to her and hugged her tightly. She cried on my shoulder and hugged back. The doctor was still standing there. "Would you like an abortion, ma'am?" he asked Harmony. She nodded slowly. Aaron had tears in his eyes as well, but he smiled sadly. "Then everyone clear out of the room." the doc said. We obeyed and left the room. Aaron and Shawn sat down worried and upset. Lexi went to comfort Shawn. Aaron just kept sobbing quietly. Daimen sat by me and held my hand. "Daimen?" "What babe?" "What did you tell them? Why did you let Tristan go?" i asked. Daimen shifted uncomfortably an looked at me. "Um..Tristan Powers is powerful. Rich dad...good connections..friends in high places.

We can let him live with the guilt instead of hurting him." he said. I nodded knowingly. ~*Daimens POV*~ i hated lying to Sapphire. I never lied to her before. But this is the only thing i can do to keep everyone together. Tristans not as bad as everyone says. And now Shawn and Aaron know that. But...why would Tristan do that? He should want to keep his honor. I dont know how this is going to end...but someone will be hurt. And i wont be able to stop it ...this time. ~*Dustins POV*~ At 4:30pm, i was at home and Sapph and Daimen just came. "So what was wrong with Harmony?" i asked. "She passed out. And she was pregnant." Sapphire said. I jumped up shocked. "Pregnant?! What?" "WAS pregnant. She got an abortion." "By whom was she pregnant?" "Tristan." Sapphire spat. I nodded. Tristan. "What happened to him?" "The guys let him go." "What?! Why?" "Cause Tristan is powerful. And we dont want to get him while he has the upperhand." Daimen said, looking at me..or through me. He gve me a stare that made my insides quake. "Oh well. I have to go running. I need to jog a bit every now and then." i smiled. Sapph smiled and nodded. "Oh ok. Bye!" she said, hopping up to her room. ~*Daimens POV*~ When he left, i went up to Dustins room. I sat on his bed and looked around. What Tristan did...or is doing...makes no sense. Even for a manwhore like he is. If Dustin knows something...he'd keep it secret. I, being his brother know his secret hiding places. One is usually under his pillow, another in underwear drawer, one in the curtains and the one for REALLY secret stuff..,is under the mattress. I looked under his fullsize matress an saw a thin box. Jackpot! The box was a small safe, that had a 4number lock. I smirked. I knew this combo. 4-2-4-3 It opened and i found a CD. It had the words "Tristan" written on it. I took the disk and went to my room and put it in my DVD player. The first 5min of the CD's contents explained it to me. It all makes sense now. ~*Sapphires POV*~ i cannot believe im doing this...but... "Daimen!" i called. In seconds Daimen was in my room smiling at me. "Yeah, wassup?" "Um...when Dustin gets back...can we have sex again? All three of us?" i asked blushing. Daimen chuckled and nodded. "Yes babe. We can." he smiled. I exhaled in relief.

I layed on my bed and called Tristan. "Hello?" i asked. "Sapphire?!" he asked. "Yes." "Hi...whats up?" "No matter how pissed i am that you got Harmony and Emma pregnant...i want to say thank you for canceling the thing with your dad." i said. Daimen, who was right next to me, smiled. "oh...its ok." "Ok...but why wont you stay with Emma? She needs you! You can be a happy couple!" i squealed. Tristan chuckled. "Its too late for that, Sapph. Since i was 13, ive been having sex. Over 100 women and girls. Im a player. And...i couldnt be faithful to Emma...once a player...always a player." he said and hung up. I looked at Daimen. He used to be a player...but he loves me. And so does Dustin. And they are faithful to me. Triatan needa to get his head on straight! ~*Tristans POV*~ Ugh! I hate this! Why would i do that?! Some people dont think! Including me! My friends hate me. If i had never done that stupid thing! Then this would all be okay! Suddeny my phone rang. I looked at the ID.. Uh Oh... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 26 ~*Dustins POV*~ "Hello, Dust." Tristan answered. "Hey T. You're lucky Daimen took pity on you, haha." "Shut up! I still got beat! I swear i hate you!" "Its not MY fault...." "Well, you built on it. Why are you doing this anyway?" he asked. "Because i also have your situation and HE will take drastic measures." "Whatever. But how much longer?" "Until...HE gives mine back. Then ill give you yours." "Why couldnt you just do it?" "Because it would break Sapphire's heart. I love her! Daimen would never look up to me again. Aaron and Shawn would never forgive me! They EXPECT it from you!" "Gee thanks. I hate HIM too. He betrayed EVERYONE!" "Yah i know. But what can we do?" "Get the guys to help! We can trust them, Dustin!" "They think it might be me or you...they wont believe me." "No. Daimens your brother, Sapphire loves you, they will listen at least. Leanne and Selene will listen to me. So will Benny and Dan." "I guess...but i dont know. Its a bit embarassing." "Well get over it Dustin! I dont know how much more i can take."

"Fine. We'll see. I gotta go. Bye." I hung up and went back home. I found Daimen and Sapphire sitting on her bed staring at me. Daimen immedietly grabbed my arm and led me to his room. "Hey to you too Bro." i mumbled. Daimen growled and showed me my disk. That sneak! "Whats this!" he said. "Obviously, not yours." "Its not yours either!" "If i dont keep it we'll be in trouble." i said, taking it from him. "Dustin! Thats blackmail isnt it." he said. I nodded. "Yes." "I knew it! Tristan didnt fuck Harmony!" "And neither did i." "Wait...what? I thought it was you..." "No. Id never cheat on Sapph! Im doing this for her!" "Doing what?!" "I cant say!" "Why not?" "Cause that might endanger us all!" "What are you talking about!" "Ugh! Its not my fault these things are happening! Its just my fault that Tristan is being blamed." "dammit! Just tell me!" "I cant!" "We always told our secrets to each other, Dustin! When we moved here it was the same. But recently something happened to you and Tristan!" "Please Daimen. I know what im doing. If im not careful...we could all be hurt. Physically and emotionally. So please let me work it out." "Fine. But we can help you. Shawn, Aaron, Harmony and Sapph would want to help." "I dont want to put you all in this. Its not you fault." "But you are our friend Dustin. We want to help." "i dont know. I'll think about it." i said. Daimen sighed. "Fine. O h and our girlfriend has requested we fuck her." he smirked. I smiled and led the way back to Sapphire. She was sitting down, smiling. "So you want a sex session?" i smirked. She nodded, emmbarased. I sat by her and kissed her neck. "Dont be embarassed. We're your boyfriends." i murmered. She shivered and small sounds came out of her mouth. Daimen tore her skirt off and kissed her thighs. She stiffened a bit, but began rubbing my chest. "What do want now?" i asked smiling. "I want you and Daimen to be shirtless." she moaned, while kissing my neck. I took off my shirt and looked at Daimen who was already in just boxers. Sapphire trailed her hands down my and Daimens abs. Daimen was rubbing her sweet little center, while i undid her shirt and bra. My heart skipped a beat as i saw those beautiful, round, succulent breasts. I leant my head down and licked her nipple. Daimen did the same. With a hot mouth on each nipple, Sapphire was moaning our names and orgasming a

storm. "Ohh Daimen! Dustin! Omm" she cried. I smiled at the sight of my babe moaning my name and orgasming. I sucked her stiff nipples until they were swollen, and moved lower to her mound. She and Daimen were moaning. She, because i was licking her clit...but Daimen because Sapphire was rubbing his penis intensly. I smirked and devoured her center eagerly. She screamed, whined and moaned into the air. Then we got into position. Sapph had her arms around Daimens neck and her legs on my waist. We both entered her at once, making her scream an cry. She felt amazing on me! Tight, wet, and gripping. She cried for a bit but as usual it soon was, "Faster! Damn, Harder! Oh! Yes!". And we obeyed our little babe. And miraculously, ten minutes later, we all climaxed together. "Damn!" "Fuck!" "Yes!" we all moaned. Just then, the door opened. "WHAT THE HELL!" i voice said. We turned and saw no other than...Sapphires dad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 27 ~*Daimens POV*~ As soon as we saw Sapphires dad (We call him Henry), she hid under her covers and Dustin and i slipped our boxers on in seconds. Henry was still in shock, staring at us. "Hi dad.." Sapph said nervously. Henry broke out of it and glared. "Hi? HI?! Dont try and butter me up, what the HELL!" "Listen daddy--" "No! How long has this been going on, Justin? Daimen?" "My names DUSTIN. Not Justin." Dustin mumbled. "Answer the question! How long?!" "Since we came here." he mumbled again. "What?! And you never told me? And here i am with a list of men who would pay BIG money to sleep with Sapphire?!" "Wait, what?" i asked sharply. Henry had a look on his face as if he regretted what he said. "Just a couple men from big companies who were going to pay lots of money to--" Dustin got up and pushed Henry into the wall. "What! You're selling her! Not're renting her out to the highesr bidder?!" "Its not like that, because she will get money as well and do NOT pin this at me! You three have a threesome?!" "Yes dad." Sapphire murmered. "Do you know how rare that is? You'll be teased at school!" "No, in fact we're the most respected couples in school." I said. Henry growled. "Daimen! Ju..Dustin! YOU had sex with MY daughter?!" "Why the hell are you asking? You SAW." i growled. "You are step syblings! You cant do that!" Henry said. "If we love her, then yes we can! We arent blood related and we are in a relationship

now." Dustin said. Henry began shaking his head in disapproval, when Dustin banged him against the wall again, and pinned him. "No! Ive endured too much to let her go now! I love Sapphire, and so does Daimen! She loves us too! And if you dont allow it, mom will do something about it. Im almost 18. I can leave and take them with me! No offense but you havent been the best dad in the world! You rent your daughter out, you leave her alone for months, and get mad at her boyfriend choices? Hell no! Leave her be!" Dustin yelled. Henry seemed shocked. He pushed Dustin off, and walked to the door. "Just dont make too much noise. I dont care what you do." he mumbled as he left. I exhaled and Sapph almost passed out. "Thanks Dustin!" she smiled while hugging him. "No problem babe. But i think we should lock the door more often." he smirked. I jumped up and quickly ran to the door. Atthe same time, Henry poked his head in "Since you guys are at it anyway...would you be against making an expensive porno?" he asked. "DAD!" Sapphire yelled, while my mouth just hung open. He wants to make a porn video out of his stepsons and daughter? Sick man! "Ok, ok, just wondering..." he mumbled, as he left again. I closed and locked the door, then turned back to Sapph and Dustin. Sapph removed her blanket and we removed our boxers. We went in to another heavy makeout session, and "petting". "Dustin lay down and Daimen sit next to him." Sapph said. I raised an eyebrow abut did as she said. Slowly and carefully, Sapphire sat her pussy on Dustins dick. He groaned slightly, his body tensing. She slowly raised and lowered herself on him, making Dustin moan louder. Then she reached over to me and grabbed my dick, holding it in her slender fingers. She rubbed it and flicked the tip with her nails, making me pre-cum on her. She was still bouncing on Dustin, as she brought he lips down to my cock head. Sapphire kissed it longingly and trailed her tounge down the side. I moaned her name softly, as Dustin was reaching his climax. "Damn! Damn! Damn!" he was moaning. Then i gasped in pleasure as Sapph sucked my dick head, the first couple inches at least. Her pretty little mouth could barely take in my dick, and after 4 inches, she sucked with all she had in her. "God Sapph!" i yelled. "You kids keep it down!" Henry yelled. ~*Sapphires POV*~ "Shuttup!" we all yelled in unison. Then Dustin lifted me off and layed my back on his chest. Daimen got between my legs and licked my pussy. I gasped loudly and continuesly, as Dustin rubbed my breasts from behind while licking my neck. Soon, Daimen got up and plunged himself into me as Dustins erection hit my lower back. Daimen thrust harder and faster making me cum and yell over and over. His ginormic cock was halfway in me and i was still screaming like a virgin. Dustin pinched my nipples hard and i screamed at all the things happening to my body at the moment. Dustin muffled my screams with his mouth and we frechkissed the whole time Daimen fucked me. Even though it was a bit early, we fell asleep. My boys were snuggled up on either side of me and i had an arm on each of their chests.

The next morning, we were at school. What surprised me the most is that Aaron and Shawn didnt seem angry at Tristan. They seemed...okay with the fact he took Harmonys virginity away. Tristan kept staring at Dustin who was staring at Daimen, who was staring at everyone else. The day was very quiet. No one spoke, laughed or joked. Selene smiled every now an then, but besides that no happiness. At lunch we sat together. Harmony wasnt at school. Apparently she had been crying all night and is still not emotionally cured. Shawn seemed angry but Aaron was just sad. "Would someone please just do something about this?!" i yelled. Everyone seemed startled. "She's right! This is sad guys! Perk up!" Leanne said. "Why is Tristan still sitting with us?" Benny asked. "He got both pregnent and Shawn and Aaron dont seem to care!" Dan yelled. Aaron stood up. "I DO care! But i will hurt the guy who REALLY did it!" "What?!" Me, Selene, Emma, Lexi, Benny, Dan, Leanne, and Jade asked. "No use hiding the truth." Shawn said. "It wasnt Tristan." "How do YOU know that?!" Dustin asked. I looked at Dustin. He knew that? "Daimen told us." Aaron said. I turned to Daimen. "You lied to me?" i asked. "Both of you?" tears formed in my eyes. Can i not trust anyone anymore?! Daimen shook his head. "No Sapph! If i told you the truth, you wouldve been devistated! Your heart might have been broken. I was protecting you!" Daimen said. I raised an eyebrow. "What? Ok. Dustin, Tristan and Daimen...explain!" i ordered. Dustin stood up. "Ok guys, we have something to tell you." Dustin sighed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 28 ~*Sapphires POV*~ "What Dustin?" i asked, still upset they lied to me. Dustin took a deep breath. "Tristan and i didnt fuck Harmony. Someone else did. That person made us take the blame for all he did, otherwise...he'd do stuff we didnt want him to. At first it was only me. But i relized that if i took the blame, id break Sapphires i blackmailed Tristan. People expect him to do that stuff so it was ok for him." "What blackmail?" Selene asked. "For me...when we first came to live here, i made out with Selene in the drama class. That person took a video of it and in the end photoshopped me into looking like i was fucking her and other women all over town. Even after Sapphire. So if i didnt listen, he'd give the fake videos to Sapphire and Daimen. And...i loved Sapph too much to do that. So i went along with it. But ididnt want to take all the blame for fucking people i knew. I took the blame for random people we dont care or know about. I blackmailed Tristan to take the blame for fucknig the people we DO know." Dustin sighed. My eyes filled with tears. He went through all that...because he loved me? "What blackmail did you have on my boyfriend?!" Leanne asked. Dustin looked at Tristan and Tristan sighed.

"I was being a bitch and i took pics of my dad cheating on my mom with many different women. If the public got could ruin his life. Dustin ot hold of the pics and put them into a DVD slideshow. Then blackmailed me. In the end, we were both controlled by the guy. " "Who IS the guy?" Shawn asked. Dustin looked at us all. "Someone who went with us to Cali. Someone who betrayed you all. Someone who has the same body type as Aaron. Someone...who isnt at this table." Dustin sighed. We looked around and thought about who went. Then we found out.... "My JOE!" Jade shrieked. Dustin and Tristan nodded. Joe?! He always seemed so...harmless and kind! HE fucked Harmony and many others and made Tristan and Dustin take thr blame by blackmail?! Idiot! Shawn growled and stood up. "Where is he!" he yelled. "Probably fucking a girl." Daimen growled. Aaron, Jade, Shawn, Dustin, Tristan, Selene, Jade, Daimen and i got up to find him. As we walked, or ran, Daimen grabbed my arm. "Sapphire. The reason i didnt tell you, was because i thought it was Dustin. You love him and i thought you would be unhappy if you knew. You already had so many things happen to you in your life. Im sorry." he said. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I forgive you! But Dustins gunna have to work for forgiveness....lets see...i wont have sex with him for two weeks." i smiled. We heard Dustin gasp. "Hey! Not fair!" he yelled. "Too bad D!" i winked. He groaned and shook his head. We found Joe walking out of the bathroom. When he saw us all he tensed up. "Whats wrong?" he asked. Aaron growled and punched Joe straight in the face. Joe fell backwards and cluched his jaw. "What the hell!" Joe yelled. "You fucked my sister!" Shawn yelled. Joe turned to look at Dustin. "Idiot! You told?! Sapphire! Check my backpack for a packet of photos! Look at them!"He yelled. I grabbed his bag. Shawn and Tristan went back to beating him up. I opened the bag as Dustin stared at it regretfully. I found a packet of pics. I took them and without looking, ripped them in half. "What?" Joe asked. "I know what you did. I hate everything about you and i would never believe what you say or show me! Dustin loves me! He may have done things in the past, but now...he's better. You lied to all of us and got Harmony pregnant! You made Tristan and Dustin get in trouble. You are a stupid, selfish, self absorbed fuckin idiot." i said, throwing his big bag at him. Daimen and Dustin smiled slightly at me, and i grinned back. Emma was still shocked and Aaron was as mad as hell. The Jade spoke up. "Wow Joe..." Jade cried. "You cheated and lied to me? Made me think bad about Tristan and Dustin? Made me think you loved me?" Joe rolled his eyes. "Jade? I dont care. You are fun to kiss and stuff, but youre crappy in bed. I like variety." he snorted. "Harmony was tight, easy and moaned like the virgin she was. Leanne slept with me a few times thinking it was Tristan. A few girls in Cali, thought i was Dustin. Im living the player LIFE!" he smirked. Jade started crying as Selene comforted her. "What the hell Joe! We're your friends! Why would you do that?!" Dan asked.

"Cause i can. I like sex boys. And none of you stuck to being players with me. Dustin took Sapphire, Aaron took Harmony, Shawn took Lexi, Benny and Dan, and Tristan...i dont know about him." Joe said. "Wait! So you fucked Harmony...and you told her your name was Aaron?! Thats LOW!" Emma said. "She was 14 and you took her virginity?! Got her pregnant and now she's at home crying cause of the pain it caused her?! Joe, you fucking bastard piece of shit!" she screamed. "Oh god, i know that you whore!" Joe yelled. "Wait again! You were planning on doing Sapph and Lexi too. And Selene." Tristan said. Shawn growled and punched Joe again. Dustin held my waist protrctivly. "You what?!" Daimen and Selene yelled. Joe smirked while fighting off Aaron and Shawn. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!" a loud voice said. We all turned to see Principal Jameson. "Whats going on, is that Joe fucked my 14year old virgin sister and got her pregnant, by telling her he was someone else!" Shawn yelled. Principal Jameson looked at us all. "Is this true?" "Yes." we all said. Joe growled at us. Principal looked at us all and said. "No violence in the school. Would you all like to see a guidance counselor?" he asked. "NO!" we all screamed. He chuckled and looked at Shawn and Aaron. "No violence in the school. I understand your please continue this AFTER school." he said. Aaron threw Joe down and grabbed his own bag. "Lets go."he said. Shawn nodded and took Lexi's hand. Slowly we all left with while looking at the bruised bastard. Who wouldve known...that it was JOE! Quiet, sweet, loving, Joe! "Oh and Joe?" Jade said. He looked up. "Being a player sucks. Look at Tristan and then at Daimen. Who's happier? Daimen is. He has a girlfriend, doesnt cheat, and they love eachother. Dustin too. You will probably not find a girl who respects you anymore. So have fun with your life...alone." she said, grabbing Selene and walking away. ~*Dustins POV*~ THAT was a weight off my chest! My blackmail was defective! Sapph didnt even look at it. I LOVE her! If Joe tried something on her, i wouldve kicked his whorish butt to China. Once school was over and we were driving home, i looked at Sapphire. "Were you serious about my punishment?" "Yep. No sexual things for two weeks." she smirked. I smiled. "You wont be able to resist...." i said. "yes i will. Im mad." she said. I nodded and smirked. "Be mad...but by the end of the day you'll beg me to fuck you."i said. She smiled and rolled her eyes. When we were home, i sat by Sapphire on the couch. She took out her homework and started mathematics. I kept staring at her. "You know i cant concentrate with you staring..." she said. "I'll stop staring when you stop being beautiful." i smiled. She smiled and went back to her work. Time to get talk fucking. "But you know what im thinking?" i asked.

"What?" "That your face is beautiful. Its small, round, and perfect. It leads to your slender neck, that i could kiss and suck all day long." i said breathing very close to her. She stiffened. "And as pretty it is, below it is even better. Then you have your amazing breasts. The ones i can suck the nipples off from, nibble them, taste them, lick them, and best of all, breast fuck you." i smiled. Sapph shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "The small, curvy waist and hips, long clean legs that love kisses, and my favorite part...your center. Clean, fresh, swollen, tight, wet and ready for me. It probably is wet right now. I can tell. I can spank you like Daimen did. I know you liked it. A nice red burning ass, makes you come doesnt it? Id lick, suck, and nibble your clit and center until you screamed how much you loved me. Then imagine my 8incher crushed inside you. Going out and in at incredible speed." i smirked at the shaking Sapphire. Haha, i have a feeling im getting a mindblowing fuck from my lover tonight.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 29 ~*Dustins POV*~ I continued to smile at Sapphire and get her nervous. She tried doing homework but couldnt concentrate. I was rubbing her arm, lightly and whispering what id do to her in bed. She finnaly stood up and glared at me. "Dustin Carter, i told you no sex for two weeks! And now, im all horny! Soo...DAIMEN!" she called. Daimen came hopping down the stairs. "Yeeeess?" he smiled. Sapphire walked over to him. "Im not having sex with Dustin for two weeks, and im horny...sooo..." she smirked. Daimen laughed and held her hand. "Haha, sure! Im going to enjoy your punishment Dustin! Lets go Sapph." he said, pulling her up to a room. I sood there open mouthed. Did she just reject me? AND my sex? She's got self control, ill give her that. Stupid self control. I sat down and turned on the TV. It wasnt long before i heard them. "Damn Sapph! Dont stop! Faster!" i heard Daimen yell. I growled and turned the volume up. Then ten minutes later. "Oh Daimen! Oh god, oohh! God! Daimen!" Sapph screamed. They were doing this on purpose. I hate them. ~*Daimens POV*~ Sapph and i were sitting on her bed making sex sounds while doing homework. Every five minutes one of us would moan or yell something loudly to make Dustin mad. And everytime, the TV volume would go higher. We laughed and when we finished our homwork, we messed up my hair, and Sapph's clothes. We walked back downstairs to find a VERY pissed off Dustin, watching tv. When he saw us he turned off the tv an glared. "Im not stupid." he said. We raised an eyebrow. "What?" i asked, worried he knew. "You guys moane extra loud, just to make me mad." he frowned. Sapph smiled.

"Did it work?" she asked. Dustin shook his head. "I can survive a week without sex, Sapph." He said. I laughed. "Says Mr. I used to do two a night." i smiled. Sapph smacked my arm. "Dont remind him of his past. After the week is through, we'll have lotsa fun." she winked. Dustin smirked. I chucked and went to the kitchen. The next day, we had boring school. Harmony came today. She was red eyed, but held onto Aaron and Shawn all the time. Joe didnt show up. I called Aaron. "Whats up?" he asked. "Wheres Joe?" I asked. "In a hospital." he smirked. My eyes widened. "What?!" "Yep. Shawn and i beat him good. I think we broke a few things..." " almost did that to Tristan." "Yeah..thanks for stopping us, Daimen." "No prob. He almost tried to get Sapph." "Haha, then you and Dustin wouldve killed him." "Yeah, probably." i said. ~*Lexi's POV*~ Finally! Shawn is over his "must kill the one who fucked my sister" zombie mission. He was so stern and angry! It was actually pretty sexy to watch. But when the dickhead said he wanted ME, we had a problem. Now that this is over, Shawn and i can fuck. I stayed at Selenes house. Me and her are pretty good friends and she lives alone with her older sister. When i saw Shawn at school, he smiled and ran to me. He took my hand, as i giggled and led me to an empty classroom. Once we were there he put his forehead on mine. "How has my girl been?" he asked. I smiled. "Your girl?" "Yep. All mine." "Hmm..i dont know..." "Dont know what?" "If im yours." i smirked, and he frowned. "Listen lady, i found you, gave you the best sex in the world, saved you from your dad, and found you a home. Your pretty much mine." "Haha, and i thank you for all that." "Oh yeah? You thank me?" "Yes." i smiled. Shawn smirked. "Then thank me. The right way." "What way?" "The only way, a former ladies man knows." " a pat on the back?" i asked. He growled. "Shut your mouth and let me kiss you." he sais, smashing his lips on mine. I smiled amd wrapped my arms around his neck. He grabbed my butt from the back and pressed me closer to him. He licked my lip for entrance and i let him in. We grinded as our tongues danced in eachothers mouths. Shawn took one of my breasts in his hand and squeezed it. I moaned in his mouth and started unbuttoning his shirt. He slipped my top off and began kissing my neck and

shoulders. I threw my head back, and let his hands run all over me. In minutes we werw both naked and i was sucking Shawns dick. He was moaning like a dying cat and kept cumming in my mouth. Then he pushed my face off, and lifted me, putting me into Doggy style position. "Fuck me." i smiled. "Gladly." Shawn replied. ~*Dans POV*~ im the happiest guy in the world! So far, no problems with me and Benny. We've made out 100's of times but thats it. In English he texted me. Benny: Hey lover Dan: heyy Benny: You want to come over after school? Dan: Surez. Its either that or help mom with dinner. Benny: haha, ok. So i was wonderin.... Dan: yeah? Benny: i wanna see your cock. Dan: ok:) Benny: really? Dan: yeah. As long as i can see yours. Benny: deal! Haha Dan: okay then:) Benny: i feel bad for Emma Dan: yeah. Tristans baby will be a mess. Benny: i MEANT cause she's alone. Dan: yeah. Tristan will eventually get her back. Benny: i hope so.... We continued until class ended. I love Benny. For 8 months ive loved him, but i was too scared to tell him. I mean, him and i were the biggest Junior players in school. Now im gay and he's bi. And he likes me. Thank god for Sapphire! That girl started this whole thing. She probably told Shawn to make us share a room. She dared Benny to kiss me. A small spark did it. School is sooo uneventful! I texted my mom, letting her know im going to Bennys house. My mom knows im dad doesnt. To him, im the MAN of the family. The masculine man who gets all the ladies and puts all men to shame. If he knew...he might cry. Benny kept winking at me during classes, makig me shiver and him chuckle. Y'know...Benny never seemed like a player name. All the players i hear about usually have big strong names. Like you dont call a player "Tommie" or "Freddie". And you dont call a nerd or geek big and tough names, like "Blaze", "Jagger", and "Pierce". Tristan is a nice name for his personality. Dan, is a simple name. Like Tom or Max. Dustin, Daimen, Aaron, Shawn, and Joe are player names too. But Benny? Not really. After school, Benny and i told the guys we were leaving. "Your going with Benny?" Sapph asked me. "Yeah. He's my boyfriend now. And we were-" "You were gunna do something...big werent you!" she gasped. I nodded. Then Sapphire

put on a smug grin. I rolled my eyes as she giggled and teased me. "Awwww! Little Dan's gunna have fun with Benny!" she squealed. I growled. "Oh leave me alone woman." "Nope" she said popping the "p". I smiled and gave her a quick hug. Then i went to Bennys house. No one was home and we sat on the couch together. I looked at him awkwardly and he smiled. "What?" i asked. He chuckled. "Your very nervous." "So?" i pouted. Benny leaned in and set his lips on mine. I tugged on his lower lip and he parted. I tasted his mouth and moaned as he massaged my tongue with his. I tugged on his jean belt and he smirked. He started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my jawline and neck. I moaned softly undoing his shirt and pants. Soon we wer down to our boxers. Benny knelt down in front of me and pulled my boxers down. He smiled widely when he saw my package. "Nice dick Danny." he smiled. I dont want to sound concieted..but ive got a sexy dick. Thick, long and nice tip thats slightly purpleish. Benny took it in his hand and stroked it softly and loningly. I gasped and layed back, enjoying his touch. This has been my dream! Benny Walker, actually jacking me off. Then i felt a warm moisture on my dick tip. I looked up and saw Benny sucking me. I groaned, gripping onto the couch cushins. The sucling got more intense and i was coming in Benny's mouth continuesly. Then we switched positions. I took his drawers off and got a good look at his cock. It was perfect! 7inches, muscly with visible veins and glisming with precum. I eagerly took him in my mouth swirling my tongue around him. This is gunna be a good day. ~*Harmonys POV*~ When we got home i ran to my room, and sat on my bed. I HATE Joe! Why would he do that?! I lost my virginity to a manwhore who doesnt even like me! I love Aaron! Why couldnt it have been him? "Harmony?!" my mom called. "Yeah?" i answered. "Make yourself decent darling, Aaron's coming up!" My mom called. It took me and Shawn begging for my parents to be okay with Aaron and i going out. Aaron won my mom by fixing her computer...and dad cause he arm wrescles. Aaron came into my room and sat by me. "Hey Princess, how are you?" "Good! You?" "Happy." he smiled. Dammit! He looked so sexy in his jeans and tight tshirt. I got up and sat on his lap, and kissed him. He graciously responded, putting his arms around my waist and kissing back. His hands traveled to my shirt hem and he tugged. We got my shirt off and Aaron began kissing my jaw, neck, Chest and finally my breasts. He licked them over my pink bra, wetting the cloth. Aaron grabbed my hands and locked them in one of his and held them above my head as he set me on the matress. He skillfully took off my bra one-handed, and

licked on of my nipples, while pinching the other. I breathed heavily as orgasms began to flow. "Aaron!" i groaned. He looked back up at me, smiling. "Yes?" "No foreplay now.." "But i love it!" he fake pouted. "But i cant take it!" "How about this...ride me, and we have no foreplay today. Deal?" "Deal! Lay down." i ordered. He smiled and obeyed as he stripped and i took my shorts and panties off. I slid to his erect dick, sitting next to his dick. "You sure you want this?" he asked. I nodded. "Yeah, i am." "Well then.." he said grabbing both my hips and positioning my pussy above his dick. "Ride 'em Cowgirl." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 30 ~*Dustins POV*~ Ugh! Its been several days and Sapphire is stickig to her word! No sex! She's gone up with Daimen many times and they both dont try to hide their moans and screaming. "Saaaaaapppphhh! Pleeeeaaasseee!" i begged. She smiled and shook her head. "Nope. Only 2 days left!" she said. Daimen laughed and i growled. "Shut up! Youve been getting sex everyday!" i said. Daimen smirked and grabbed Sapphires arm, pulling her to him. They kissed and grinded on eachother. I groaned and turned around. Then Daimens cell rang. "Hello? Yeah. Hey Wassup? Nothing...COOL! When? Alright, bye." he smiled. "Who was that?!" my mom called from the kitchen. How long was she there? "Tristan, mom." Daimen said. "And?" "We're going to a party tonight." He said. Sapph put on a worried look, and glanced at me. She was thinkin of our first party together... I got up and hugged her. "Dont worry. I love you Sapphire." i smiled. She nodded. "I love you too, Dustin. Now get off before i kiss you." she said shoving me off. I laughed and sat back down. I'll get her to kiss me, before the punishment is over. ~*Selenes POV*~ Stupid Lexi. Stupid Harmony. Stupid Sapphire. Stupid Joe. I dont get it. I throw myself at boys, i dress to please them, but i STILL dont have a boyfriend. Mike is still available but...i dont like him. I was at home this Saturday on my facebook, when my cell rang. It was Tristan. "Hey Tristan. Wassup?" "How the hell did you know it was me?!" he yelled. I rolled my eyes. "Caller ID, stupid." " im one of your contacts eh?"

"Yeah...dont get any creepy ideas kid. Weve all been hanging out together. I needed your cell number in case of emergencies." "Cause if you were in trouble, im the first one you'd call." "No, id call Aaron. Then Dustin. Then Shawn. Then Daimen. Then Benny. Then the GIRLS." i smirked. Tristan laughed. "i like you too, Selene. Haha." "Ugh, why did you call twerp?" "Cause im having a party, and your coming." "Am i?" "Yeah you're will be way or another...coming..." he said, then chuckled. I groaned. "That was disgusting Tristan!" "Hahaha, i know! So get your Senior ass over here at 7, ok?" "Depends on who's going..." "Everyone is. Its Tristan Powers, remember?" "Whatever kid, see ya." "I love you too senior!" he laughed. Creepy kid. I shut the phone and called Jade. Then Meghan, then Chemile. They were ALL going. I was soooo bored! Bored enough to actually be doing my homework! Have i really sunken that low? I looked the my computer clock and it was 5pm. I called Tristan. I cant believe im doing this. "Hey Love!" he answered. I rolled my eyes. "Hi twerp. I was wondering if you needed help setting up or something? Cause im not doing anything and..." "Oh! I get it! You missed me! Awwwww, sure you can come....over." "i didnt miss you. I saw you yesterday." "That was a whole DAY ago!" "Ugh, drop your creepy crush! So now is good?" "Sure babe. I need help with food and stuff." "Ok ill be there in 15minutes." "So you know where i live, eh?" "Ugh! Tristan! Stay on topic!" "Whatever, see you in 15, lover." he saId hanging up. Little Junior has a crush on me! Ewww. He's so little! Ok, younger. Tristans as big as the Seniors and is pretty hot. Sandy blond hair, sharp features...anyway!!! I got in a flashy green miniskirt and matching top that showed a lot of cleavage. I put on some stilletos, makeup and perfume and i was smokin sexy. Lexi was over at Shawns so i didn need to babysit her. Ok, ok, Lexi's nice and sweet. But im jealous he has Shawn. I got to Tristans house at 5:30pm. When i knocked a woman around 30 years old answered in a maids outfit. "Hello?"i smiled. The woman smiled as well. "Your Selene?" "Yes!" i smiled. She nodded "Tristan said that when you came to tell you that he's upstairs." she grinned. I nodded and hopped up the wide and long stairs, and up to the top floor. "TRISTAN!" i called.

"In the shower! You can check all the rooms and make sure they are clean for people who are getting laid!" he yelled. I rolled my eyes. "Sure, why not." i said, checking the 10 rooms. Tristans rich as hell. Every girls dream. Rich, hot, charming, rich....oh and a nice personality. When i was done, i went to Tristans room and sat on the bed. He had a nice computer and flat screen TV. I turned it on and began watching some comedy show. Moments later in walked a Tristan with a towel hanging loosely off his hips. God Damn, he had good abs! His hair was damp and loose, skin was dripping wet, and his muscular arms and lower legs, glistened. He smirked when he saw me staring. "Hey Senior, like the view?" "You wish." i scoffed. "Well, you WERE i assumed u liked what you saw...." he trailed smirking. I rolled my eyes. Tristan walked over to me and stood inches away. I tried focusing on the tv...but i couldnt. I stood up as well and he had a good three inches on me, even with the heels. "So you find me ugly?"He asked "not ugly, just--" "Then sexy?" "Ugh, no! Your just plain." "Plain?" "Yes." "Hmm..." he leaned over and i took a step back and fell on the bed, with Tristan on top of me. "Just plain am i?" he whispered on me. "Yep." i said, smirking. Tristan nodded, and set his hand on my thigh. "So senior, what does a guy have to do to be above plain?" he asked, rubbing my legs. I felt his erection on my stomach and my clit ached. "Um....i..." i stuttered. Tristan smirked and put my shirt cloth in his mouth. "Whyd you want to come here early?" he asked. "c-cause...i was bored." i said. Tristan smiled and nuzzled my neck. "Are you sure? Just bored?" he said. "Y-yes." "Are you sure you didnt miss me? Or felt left out." i scoffes. "left out of what?" "The couples. Harmony and Aaron, Sapphire and the boys, Shawn and Lexi, Benny and never had a real boyfriend have you, Selene? Just fuck buddies. Right?" "I..i...-" "Yep. I know youve never said 'i love you' while having sex before." he said as i frowned. He's right. "J-just get off me, Junior." i said. Tristan smiled. "You like me on top of you, Senior." "Why would you say that?" "Cause if you didnt, you wouldve told me to get off earlier." he smirked. I growled. "I want you off. So what if ive never loved before? You cant help. You are a jerk. You

got Emma pregnant and slept with everyone before." i said. Tristans eyes turned angry. "Like you. Dont lie, James who was a senior got you pregnant last year. You have slept with every guy with a dick. Even the gay ones. You're no better than me Selene!" he yelled. I started crying. James did get me pregnant an i aborted it. I slept with every guy in school. I am a slut. Tristan continued. "1/2 the people you think i slept with were actually JOE. And as for Emma? It was an accident! I dont like her! She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ive cheated on Leanne, but she also cheated on me! She wont admit it, but ive seen her. I dont like her either!" he said. I nodded and cried some more. Tristan sat up and hugged me as i cried in his chest. Mind you, he was still in the towel. After i was done crying, he looke at me. "Im sorry." he said. "For what?!" "Making you cry." "its ok. May i use the bathroom to clean up?" "Yeah, sure! I'll change." he said. "Thanks Junior." "No prob Senior." ~*Sapphires POV*~ when we got to the party it was booming! Tristans house is HUGE! "Ever gotten drunk before?" Dustin asked me. I shook my head. Daimen laughed. "Try it tonight. Dustin'll stay sober for us." he smiled. I glared. "Get drunk? Me?" "yeah! Its fun!" "No no no! Ive never done that before!" "C'mon babe, just once. Pleeeeaassee!" Daimen pouted, as we entered the house. I sighed. "Ok, fine. But dont let me do anything stupid." "Of course not. I wont drink, ill keep you both in line." Dustin smiled. When i looked around i saw Emma, Leanne, Charlene, Harmony and some other cheerleaders talking. I hopped over and huggd them all. "So is this house awesome or what!" A girl named Kaitlyn asked. We all nodded. "I know!" Leanne smiled. "Your boyfriend is rriiiccch!" Charlene smiled. Leanne's face dropped. "Boyfriend? Oh Tristan and i...we arent together." "Why not?!" i asked. "Well. You know, he did all that to Emma and Joe and stuff... So i broke up with him." she said quietly. Harmony raised an eyebrow, then left to talk to her friends. Daimen came by and gave me a bottle of alcohol. Emma saw it and smiled. "Getting drunk Sapphie?" "Just trying it once." "Haha, have fun!" she said, as i chugged down the drink. Benny and Dan walked over to us while i was on my second drink. "Hey Girls!" Benny smiled. I hugged him and Dan friendly and smiled. "Hey guys, wassup?" "The skyyyy!" Dan smirked. He was drunk. I laughed and linked arms with Emma who

wanted to stick with me the entire party. "Dan! How many fingers am i holding up?" Emma asked holding up three. Dan squinted and smiled. "four aaand twoo thumbssss. Im not ssstupid." he said as Emma laughed. "Did you boys have fun the other day?" i winked at Dan and Benny. Benny blushed but Dan smiles "Lotsa fun! Benjemennn and i, were best budddiessss." he said. Emma smirked. "Did you kiss?" she asked. "Hellz yeeeaa! He kissed my facccce, lips annnd my diiii--" he started but Bemmy cut him off. "Quit taking advantage of his drunkness." he smiled, leading Dan away. As the party went on, i dances with Daimen 3 times and Dustin too. I drank 4 more drinks and i was as drunk as hell. So was Daimen. "Saaaaappph! Wheres Dusty?"Daimen asked. I shrugged "I donnt knoowww! Letsa goez and gettem!" i slurred. Daimen and i linked arms and walked through the crowd and found Dustin, smiling at us. "Dustyy! You were lossstt!" i said. "Haha, no ive been here for a while." he smiled. Daimen laughed. "Ooooz ok. Eeww! Dusty smells like feet!" he said. Then we both burst out laughing. "Heyy Justin?" i asked. "yes Babe?" "Lets kiisss!!" i said, throwing myself at him. He almost kissed me, but backed up. "No." "But, i waaaannntt it! Your lips are preettty! I want to kiisss!" i whined. Dustin shook his head. "Nope." "Whhhyyy nott! You saaaaid you lovve mee!" i said, with tears. Dustin smiled. "I do love you. So go have fun and we can kiss later." he said. Daimen put on a cocky grin. "This party is soooo fffunn! Dapphire?" "Whaat?" i asked. "Why doesss yoour name havve two P's init?" Daimen asked. "It DOESS? Wait! Sapphirrreee doesssnt haavve any P's!" i argued. "Your name is Daphne! Not Emmily!" Daimen said. We both stopped talking, then cracked up again. Then Shawn sauntered over "Hey kiddies!" he said, not as drunk as we were. "Heeeyy Shawn!" i smiled. He hugged me. Shawn never hugged me. I only hug Daniel and Benny cause theyre gay! Or bi... But i dont hug straight boys besides my two. "Shhawwn! Gettttoffa herz!" Daimen yelled wobbily. "But she's sooo warm! And sofftt!" Shawn pouted. I giggled and pushed him off. "Dusty is sofftt too! Where is he?" i asked. Shawn and Daimen looked around. "Letssa ggo find him!" Daimen said. We spread out and drunk old me, decided to check the upstairs bedrooms. I knocked on one. "Someones in here!" what sounded like Charlene said. "With whooo?" i asked.

"Is that Sapphire? Well NOT Dustin or Daimen." she said. I giggled and went to the next door. Empty. The third was Aaron and Harmony. I know cause i heard them moaning eachothers names. Then i knocked on door #4. No answer, so i opened the door and gasped. "Selene? Tristan!" i said, turning my face. Even a drunk girl knows to turn her face when people are at it. "Close the door Sapph, dear." Selene said. I did and checked the rest of the rooms. No Dusty.i hopped back down and saw him eating chips. "Dussstyyy! I was lookinggg foor yoo!" i slurred. He frowned. "Why were you looking upstairs?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow. "Causssse you mightttve beennn there" i smiled. He growled. "What?! To cheat on you? Dont you trust me?" he asked, with hurt in his eyes. "I, i..." and i passed out before finishing my answer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 31 ~*Daimens POV*~ I woke up with a major headache. Last thing i remember was Dustin holding Sapphire, telling me to get my butt in the car. I heard two people whispering and got up. i was in a tshirt and sweatpants, and looked presentable. Last night was FUN! I barely remember what happened...but it was cool! i knew Sapph had fun too. i walked into the kitchen and saw my mom and Sapphire talking. "Hey women." i smiled, walking in. My mom smiled and Sapph gave me a quick hug. "Hey Daimen. Tired? Headache? Nausious?" My mom said. i nodded. "All of the above!" i groaned. Sapph giggled. "Yeah, me too." she said, handing me a white pill and a glass of water. i smiled and gulped them down. "So...what time did we get home?" i asked. "Near midnight. Dustin was holding Spphire, who he said, passed out. And you were half asleep, smiling and talking nonsense." my mom laughed. I smiled. "Where is Dustin?"I asked. "Asleep." Sapph said. Then the song "You Belong with Me" started playing and Sapph picked up her phone.

"Hello? Oh hey Emma! Yeah, sorry bout that...midnight...what? go on...uh huh....yeah...ok...really? wow...ok, thanks for letting me know. Ok, bye." she said, hanging up. "Who was that?" my mom asked. "Emma." "Whatd she say?" "She told me what happened last night..." "What?" i asked. "she said, i was super drunk and begged Dustin to kiss me...but he said no. She said that he was honoring my rule of no sex, even though i was drunk." "Awwww! how sweet of him!" My mom said. I nodded. Wow Dustin. I wouldve kissed her and done more if she was willing. Drunk or sober. "How sweet of who?" Henry said, coming down the stairs. "Oh nothing." Sapphire smiled, hugging her dad. He hugged back then raised an eyebrow. "Guess what?" "What?" We all asked. "We're going on a visiting trip." "To who?" I asked. My mom giggled. "To a family reunion! Well...Henry and Sapphires family...but our new family!" She squealed. Sapphire smiled excitedly, then frowned. "Dad? why dont you tell me anything?" "It was a surprise! Now we leave tommorow, ok? Come Hannah, lets pack." he said, kissing my mom, and rubbing her butt. "EW! get a room!" Sapphire gagged. My parents laughed and left to their rooms. I sat with Sapph at the table and smiled.

"So you like or dislike the people at the reunion?" i asked. "Oh i love them! My uncles and aunts are cool and funny, my grandma is nice, and my cousins are pretty good too. Most of them, but i love em anyway." she said. "Whatre your cousins names and ages?" "James, Kaden, Emily, Tawni, Peter and Will are young. Under 14. Monique, Buster, Chase, Lilac, and Noel are older." "Cool!" I smiled. "Yeah, and we always play games, barbeque, have big sleepovers, and watch movies together! I havent been there in 2 years, but i cant wait!" "Great, you can introduce Dustin and I." "Oh yes! Lilac and Monique will freak!" she squealed. i laughed as Dustin grumbled down the stairs. I smiled as Sapph lunged at him and kissed his cheek. "Woah!...good morning to you too!" he laughed. She smiled and told him what Emma said. He blushed and shrugged. "so?" "So my punishment is off." she smiled kissing his lips and neck. Dustin gave her a hard look. "Are you drunk still?" he asked. she laughed and shook her head. "No." "Ok then!" he exclaimed, kissing her back. I smiled, and went to shower and give them privacy. ~*Dustins POV*~ Sapphire and i kissed for a good 5minutes, then i slipped my hands underneath her oversized tshirt, and rubbeed her waist. She smiled and grazed my neck and top of my chest. "Guess what dad told me?" she murmered. "mmm, what?"

"We're going to a family reunion tommorow. A very awesome one." she said, taking my shirt off. "Cool, got kids your age?" i asked, slipping her T off. She nodded. "Yep, and your age." i layed her on the couch and pressed on her body, unclipping her bra. Sapphire kissed my chest, then liked my nipples lightly. Most girls think that a guys nipples arent sensitive or cause arrousal...but they do. We enjoy it almost as much as you, girls do. I moaned, and cupped her breasts lightly fondling them. I felt he moan on my nipple and start sucking them. I groped her harder, and undid her shorts. Sapphire stopped sucking to help take off my pants and her shorts. "You ready?" i asked heavily. She nodded eagerly. I grabbed her shoulders and lifter her, so we were eye-eye. "Sapphire. I want to talk about last night." "Now?" "Yes. Before we do anything." "Ok. What is it?" she asked softly. "You passed out, after i asked you if you trusted me." "Of course i trust you." "But you were looking for me in the 'one night stand' rooms. Why?" i asked. Sapphire looked down. "I was drunk...i did stupid stuff." "Sapphire, be honest. Do you trust me enough right now, to know id never cheat on you?" "I...yes..." she mumbled and i frowned. She didnt trust me. Why should she. I cheated before. I let go of her as he started crying. "I do Dustin! I do!" she cried. "Dont be mad!" i sighed as i got dressed. "Im not you. But until you trust me, we arent having sex." i said. Sapphire nodded glumly. "Ok. Im sorry." she said. I smiled and hugged her, hot naked body. "No babe, its my fault. I made it so that you couldnt trust me. I betrayed your trust before. So ill do all i can to get it back." i said, as she smiled. "Ok. We'd bette get packing. We leave to Colorado tommorow morning!" she sang. I laughed amd went to my room. 3pairs of jeans, 4shirts, boxers, swimming shorts, jacket, all packed. Daimen walked it my room. "Hey big bro." he said. "I heard what proud of you. You serm to care about her." "I do! I love her! I did all that with Joe to protect her." i said. Daimen nodded. "Well, she loves you too. A lot. Even though, after what youve done to her, she has good reason not to. So do what you can to gain her trust, Dustin." he said. ~*Hannahs POV*~ i spent the entire day getting ready. Make sure Henrys stuff is packed, kids things are packed, road stops planned, and snacks! This will be so fun! Spending time with my new and old family! Oh Dustin and Daimen will have such fun! Sapphire will introduce them

and make them feel welcome. The next morning, i woke everyone up at 8:30am, to get ready. I took a shower, then Henry, Dustin, Sapphire and then Daimen. Sapph and i cooked Eggs and toast for the men as they hauled our bags in the car. "Perhaps we should go out for a girls day!" i suggested to Sapphire. "Good idea!" she said, smiling. I smiled. Sapphire is a good girl! Kind, smart, pretty, agreeable! I see why my sons like her. Sons...its sounds so wierd. Im not entirly happy about the threesome...but if that'll make my boys non-player, and better people...then im ok with it. An hour later we were on the road. I looked at the kids and they were all on their ipods. I groaned. "Dont you kids want to talk or play a game?" i asked. Daimen looked horrified. "No way! Ive played all the road games i can play for the month!" he said. Sapphire and Dustin laughed. I raised an eyebrow. "Never the less, we are going to spend quality time together. Soooo, what game?" "IPod shuffle game! Shake the ipod and whoever has the cooler song play, wins!" Daimen said. Just as i was about to protest, "Im in!" Henry said, pulling out an iPod Nano. I sighed but took out my ipod classic. Yes, parents have ipods too! We all shook em and waited fr the results. Henry: I want it That way- Backstreet boys. Me: Heavan- Dj Sammy Dustin: Smak that- akon Daimen: Tik tok- Ke$ha Sapphire: Poker Face- Lady gaga we agreed that Daimen won. Next, i won with Down by Jay Sean. Then Henry with some Micheal Jackson song. It was fun, but not as interesting as i thought it would be. Then Daimen took out his iphone and played a movie for us all. He chose Hancock. Then Sapphire chose My sisters Keeper. Sad movie, sad story, sad situation, sad acting. By the time we were tired and bored, we arrived at Denver, Colorado! ~*Sapphires POV*~ Were here! Yayayay! Now we'll see my cousins, and family thats never seen my boyfriends! My dad drove to Uncle Carls house, where over 30 people were sitting and/or eating. As soon as he parked the car, i hopped out, and ran to hug my Grandparents. "Sapphie?!" My grandma gasped. I nodded an she hugged me back. My grandma was small, and fragile, but had quite a mouth on her. I was pulled away, when my Grandpa Greg hugged me. "My lil' jewel is nice and tall now!" he smiled. I laughed and kissed his cheek. I said hi to all my uncles, aunts and adults. "Sapph, got huge!" "Shuttup Arty! She's thinner than a lamp pole!" "Thin? Pshaw! She's curvy and hot!" "Good thing your a third cousin Max!" "I know! Haha!"

"Look at those FINE boys behind her." "Whatre your names sweeties?" Then i grabbed Daimen and Dustins arms and pulled them to the center of the yard. "Everyone. This is Daimen and Dustin. My new stepbrothers." i exclaimed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 32 ~*Sapphires POV*~ All my family seemed shocked. My cousin Max was the first to speak. "Well...whatre their names?" he asked. I smiled. "This is Daimen, and this is Dustin." I said. "Well arent they adorable little girls!" my great aunt Felecity said. Daimen and Dustins eyes grew wide and they looked at me. i laughed and shook my head. "Ignore her. She's not alright up there." i whispered. The boys smiled. Soon all my family was greeting the boys and admiring their hot bodies. "oh, they ARE adorable!" "Well dont get any ideas, theyre part of the family now." "Oh well, but look at that taller one!" "He's got more muscle than Jeff!" "Aunt Felecity...Jeff is a hamster..." "Where IS Henry? He never told me he got married?!" "Who cares! That lady's got to be pretty if she's got kids that look like that!" "Darla? Are you gay?" "NO im NOT! I wish you all would stop acusing me of beign gay!" I smiled. Good ol' family. "Where are the kids?" i asked. Max smiled.

"In the living room. Playing video games and baking stuff." He said. "thanks!" I said, leading my boys to the house. NO WAY, am i telling everyone that they are my boyfriends. When we entered the house, i was jumped by my cousin Lilac. "SAPPHHIIIEEE!" she squealed. Lilac dresses like an emo, but shes a happy, jolly girl. Her hair is black with violet, she has a diomand stub pierced on her nose, a slightly curvy body, and grey eyes. Monique was right behind her. Monique has Brown hair, blue eyes, tall, REAL size D breasts, and she's slightly plump, but in a adorable way. "Lilac!" i replied, hugging her. We hugged for a good long while until, "Hubba Hubba! Who da hotties!" she squealed, looking behind me. I raised an eyebrow. "These are my step brothers, Dustin and Daimen." I smiled. Monique came up to me and gave me a quick hug. Then she turned to the boys. "Now...Is it reeaallly incest with a step cousin?" she asked. i turned protective. "Lay off Monique. They are...taken!" i said. Lilac frowned. "Oh? Some girls back in your town? or their old town?" she asked. "In my town." I said. Lilac and i are like best friends. We tell each other everything...but i cant tell her about me and the boys! "Ohh..." Monique said. "Too bad...i can give a guy a fun time" she said winking at Dustin. Dustins eyes grew wide and he shook his head, as if to clear it. "Uhh..yes. TOO BAD. We dont cheat on our girls." Dustin said. Daimen nodded in agreement. Then Noel and Chase came in from the kitchen. "Sapphire!" they said, walking up to me smiling. I gave em quick hugs and intoduced them to my boys. "Nice to meet you guys." Noel said. Noel is tall, not as muscular as my guys, but lean. He has tanned skin, brown hair, an hazel eyes. Chase is blond, lightly surfer tanned, and blue eyes. "Nice to meet you too." Daimen smiled. "How old are you guys?" Chase asked. "Im almost 18, and Daimens 17 in a few days." Dustin said. The Buster walked in, with a hamburger. "Where the hell did you get that!" Lilac asked.

"When your dad is barbequing, you get first dibs." He laughed. Buster is a BIG guy. Not fat, or muscular...just big boned. He has black wavy hair, brown eyes, and sharp features. "Hey Buster!" I smiled. Buster looked at me and his eyes went wide. "Sapphire?" "Yeah." i said. "Dang! what happened?! You got hot. Unlike Lilac..." he said. Lilac growled and hit his head. Yep...syblings. "Thanks." I said, still linking arms with Lilac. Buster was introduced to Daimen and Dustin, and they got along well. Lilac giggled at us randomly "Guys wanna make cookies?" she asked. Monique laughed and shook her head, while the boys just winced. I rolled my eyes. "I'll help!" i said. Monique groaned. "Oh fine, i will too." she said. Lilac smiled and led us to the kitchen where Will and Peter were drinking soda. Will is 11 and Peter is 13. "Hey boys!" i said, hugging my little cousins. "Hey cousin." Will smiled. "Whats my name?" i asked, raising an eyebrow. Will gulped and glared. "Uh...I was 8 last time i heard it!" "So you forgot?" "yes." he said quietly. Peter laughed. "Hi Sapphire!" he said. Will smiled. "Duh, i know your name! We all knew it was Sapphire." he said. I nodded and "Out out! We're busy!" Lilac yelled at her brothers. I smiled and helped find the ingredients. Emily and Kaden walked in. Emily is 12 and very beautiful. She has long flowing brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. She's Noels sister. Kaden is 6 and an only child. He has blond hair, brown eyes, and two missing teeth. "Hey Sapphire. Hi Lilac." Emily smiled, holding Kadens hand. "Wassup Em?" Lilac asked, pouring flour and powders into a huge bowl. "Can we help? Kadens been asking to bake cookies since he got here." she asked. "Sure!" Monique smiled, sitting Kaden on the counter. "Yeah Monique, set the 6 year old on the counter nex tto the knives and stove." I rolled

my eyes, grabbing Kaden. Monique noticed and smiled sheepishly. "Whoops..." she mumbled. We got to work and in 30min, the cookies were in the oven. "Thanks guys, for letting us help. Now Kaden, letsgo find your mommie." Emily said. I smiled. "Its ok Em, ill take him, you hang with Tawni and Lilac...and if your deperate Monique too." I winked. Monique scoffed. "What EVER!" she squealed. Lilac is my age, but Monique is almost 16. I laughed and took Kadens hand, leading him outside to the parents. When i got out, my dad and Hannah were settled in, and talking to family. I found Kadens mom, Darla and gave him to her. "Sapphire!" Max called to me. I smiled and walked over. "How are you Sapph?" "Good, you?" "Fairly well. College is a drag. So, your brothers seem nice." "Step brothers." i said quickly. "ah yes, STEPbrothers. not getting along with them?" "Oh, i am. I just like to make sure people know the difference." "Ok" he said smiling. "What is it you guys are yelling about?" Great Aunt Felecity yelled. "We werent yelling." I smiled. "Dont sass me, young lady! I know your name and who your parents are!" she warned. i laughed and apologized. I walked back into the house through the back door. As i passed the halls, i heard Moniques voice. "Please?" "No." "please, please?"

"No, no!" A voice responded which sounded like Dustin. I peeked into the laundry room and saw Dustin standing tall, with Monique in front of him. "Just a kiss Dustie, not sex." "No, to both!" "Its no Incest! We are step cousins! Thats not even related!" she squealed. I winced at Monique. Trying to hit on my boyfriend. "Listen Monique. I have a girlfriend! I wont cheat on her ever! So leave me alone, or i can take this conversation to the parents." he said sternly. Monique frowned, but left the room almost bumping into me. I ran to Dustin after she left and hugged him. He smiled and hugged me back. "How much did you hear?" He asked. "Enough." I smiled, kissing his cheek. "Cant blame Monique, she doesnt know your mine." "But she knew i had a girlfriend." "Well, your so hot you make girls lose control." "Oh Do i?" he chuckled. "Yeah, i know i do." "conceited much?" "Very. Did you hear Selene and Tristan are pretty close?" "really? poor Emma." "Yeah...poor Emma's baby." Dustin sighed. I nodded and hugged him tighter. "I love you. Thanks for saying no to Monique." "Haha, i love you too. And id never do a girl that wears a tshirt that says "rub here" across the breasts." he laughed. I chuckled, as he kissed my lips. "And id never ever cheat on you." he whispered. We stood there hugging, until i heard Lilac call me. "Saaaaaaaaaaappppphhhhhhh!" "Coming!" i yelled. Dustin smiled and gave me a quick kiss and a slap on the butt, before i ran out to Lilac. She was in the hall, looking nervous. "whats up?" i asked. She looked at me closely. "Sapphire?" "Yeah?" "You'd tell me anything right?" she asked. We promised eachother that we'd never keep secrets. I nodded.

"Yes." i lied. She nodded and smiled. "Ok. Umm.. The food and cookies are done, soo lets eat with the parents and play volleyball." she smiled. I linked arms with her and we skipped outside. ~*Lilacs POV*~ She's hiding something... Somethings not right about her and those boys. We went to the yard and ate. I had two hotdogs and patato salad that ddnt even have patatoes in it. Max is disgusting. He keeps sending Sapph, Monique and I perverted looks, and tring to talk to us. "Greg! These hotdogs are amazing!" my mom smiled. Her name is Yasmin. "Why thank you dear. Nice salad Aunt Felecity." "I know, i know! We pick on the pretty ones." she grumbled. Everyone gave her a weird look, but ignored her. "Of course Felecity!" my grandma smiled. "EW! Who brought purple ketchup?!" "Noel did!" "Noel! Gross!" "Haha, its cool! Dont be a party pooper Tawni." "You are disgusting." "Shuttup, princess." "Kids! Be quiet!" "Dang Max! You turn 18, and suddenly we are all kids!" "Yeah you are." "Haha, and i thought adults were crazy cause their minds were currupted by bad 80's music and Disco!" Chase laughed. All the kids high-fived him. "Hell yeah! I brought a disco ball! Whos up for it?!" Uncle Henry yelled. The adults cheered. I smiled at my family. "Not me dear. Aunties got a trick knee, and too much disco makes me horny!" Aunt Felecity groaned. "EWW!!" both adults and children yelled. Sapph gagge next to me and i giggled. "Volleyball!" Chase smiled. We got up and chose teams. Me, Dustin, Noel, Emily, Will, James, and Uncle Otto were on one team. Sapph, Daimen, Max, Monique, Tawni, Chase, and Buster were on the other. In the end, the other team won. We all relaxed and ate watermelon and cookies in the yard. Sapph sat by Daimem, who kept smiling at her, and whispering to her. Dustin sat near them, talking and laughing with Chase and Max. "Bed time." Uncle Otto said. "Girls on the top floor and living room here, and Boys nextdoor at Aunt Darla's house." he ordered. Emily, Monique, Tawni, Sapphi and i went up into the house. We girls shared the living room, while the adult women got the top floor. "Now you girls better be quiet! Im a light sleeper!" Aunt Hannah smiled. We nodded and turned on the TV. "And be careful! I sleepwalk, and i dont wear nothing when i sleep!" Aunt Felecity warned seriosly. Emily gagged. "Aunt!" she scolded. Emily is strong, stern and always in charge. I admire that in her. She's only 12.

We watched all three Pirates of the Carribean. Orlando Bloom makes me hotter than july! God he's sexy! Monique kept saying Johhny Depp is cuter, but the girl has no taste! Sapph was texting and laughing in her phone. "Who is it?" i asked. "Daimen." she smiled. I raise an eyebrow. "Sapph, can i talk to you?" i asked her. She nodded and we walked into the kitchen. "Whats up?" she asked nervously. "No, you tell me. What are you hiding. Something is up with you and your stepbrothers. You all touch too much. I saw you hugging Dustin. Syblings dont hug like that. Syblings dont sit by eachother and whisper all the time. You dont hold hands! I saw you holding Daimens hand earlier. You dont giggle when your brother texts you!" "Sometimes you do,..." she whispered sweating. "No Sapphire. Your lying to me. ME! Your favorite cousin. We tell eachother everything! Please, tell me whats going on?" i yelled. Sapph nodded softly. "Promise you wont tell or be mad at me?" she asked. I noddded. "Of course." i said assuringly. She took a deep breath. "My two stepbrothers both love me...and want to share me...with eachother." -----------------------------------------------------------Noel, is pronounced: Nole Monique is pronounced: Mown-eek Kaden: Kay-din Yasmin: Yas-meen -------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 33 ~*Sapphires POV*~ "WHAT?!" Lilac screamed. I nodded slowly. I cannot believe i told her that. Icould have tols her we were having issues! Or..someone back home got hurt or said something stupid! Ugh! But, i trust Lilac... "Daimen and Dustin love you?! Like a girlfriend?" She asked. I nodded. "Do you love them?" "Yes! more than ever!" "Do your parents know?" "Yes. Hannah is happy, but my dad doesnt care, since we wont do a porno for him." "Thats sick, Sapphire. The porno thing i mean." "Yeah, i know."

"OH MY FUCKIN GOD!" she squealed, hugging me. "Did you lose your V to them?" she whispered. I nodded, and she hugged me all over again. "Amazing! I told you you would like it! Wait, you DID like it right?" "Yeah, i did! It was amazing!" "Yeah, i know i am." A voice said. Lilac and i turned around to see Dustin, Daimen, and Noel. "How long were you there?!" I screamed. Daimen jumped a bit, then smiled. "We just came in when you said 'It was amazing'." he said. I nodded and exhaled. Lilac growled. "What the hell?! You guys cant just barge in?! This is the GIRLS house!" "Yeah, we know. Trust me Lilac, we werent just bored and decided to fuck you all." Noel winked. Lilac rolled her eyes. "Yeah thats NOT it. The guys decided to go out to...somewhere. And we were home alone." Dustin said. I raised an eyebrow. "Somewhere? Where exactly?" "The married men went to a bar for men. The unmarried men...went to a strip club." Dustin mumbled. Lilac and my jaws dropped. "SERIOSLY?! MY BROTHER IS AT A STRIP CLUB?! WHERE ARE THE YOUNGER BOYS?!" "Buster, Chase, Max, and Uncle Caleb went. Peter is 13, and went with the guys too...yeah i dont know whats up with that. Will, Kaden and James are upstairs with the mommies." Daimen said. "Why didnt you go?" Lilac asked. "Cause, the guys got girlfriends already. And Im not up for seeing hot hot GOD, why did i say no?!" Noel yelled. Then they all laughed. Lilac seemed very...upset by Noel. "So you guys were afraid to stay home alone?" I smirked. Daimen smiled. "Oh c'mon Sapphie! You know you want us here. I bet you were even talking about us when we came in." he said, putting an arm around my shoulders. I quickly shoved the

arm off, and motioned towards Noel. Dustin laughed. "Its ok, Sapph. He knows." Dustin smiled. I exhaled, and put Daimens arm back around me. Lilac raised an eyebrow. "I know too." she said. "Yeah, we guessed that. You're besties." Noel smiled, then looked at me. "Too bad Sapph. When i first saw you, i was tottaly ready to push you into the laundry room and have some fun...but you're taken. Guess im gunna have to stick with Monique." "You're with MONIQUE?!" Lilac shrieked. Noel jumped a bit, then laughed. "Jealous, Lilac?" he smirked. Lilac scoffed. "Get over yourself, player." she said shakily. I knew it. she likes Noel. Noel shrugged. "How about you get over me. Literally." he winked. Lilac's eyes widened at first, but she rolled them. "No thanks." she smiled. Noel nodded...almost sadly. I looked over at Dustin, who was staring at me intensly. I smiled at him. He snapped out of it, and grinned, showing those HOT dimples and beauiful lips. "Weeelll, Daimen and i have an Xbox game to all have a good time." Noel said, walking to the living room. Daimen kissed me quickly and followed Noel. Lilac looked at Dustin and me, then smiled. "Im....gunna go follow up with them..." she said, leaving as well. Dustin smiled and walked up to me. "So how have you been, gorgeous?" he asked. "Pretty good. You?" "Awful. I havent had sex for 9 days." he said. I laughed, then thought about it. He hasnt...but he hasnt cheated. He didnt kiss me when i was drunk to honor my promise. He didnt go to the strip club with the guys....he's been amazingly trustworthy. I do trust him. Come to think of it...if i had to, i'd trust him with my life. "Dustin?" "Yeah?" "I trust you. With my life." I said honestly. Dustins eyes widened.

"Really?" he asked smiling. "Yep." I smiled. He smiled wider and i could see those amazing teeth. I looked in his eyes and i saw his lust. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He lifted me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist for support. He walked out of the kitchen and into the den. He closed the door and locked it. Then Dustin layed me on the couch and began kissing my neck and face. I smiled and rubbed his muscular arms, tugging on his shirt. He kissed down to my breast, and unbottoned my blouse. Dustin took my hand and licked my fingers, with his soft, hot tongue. He trailed his tongue up my arm, to my shoulder and down to my breasts again. "God Sapph. I love everything about you." Dustin whispered. I shivered and kissed him. He removed my bra, and softly cupped one of my breasts. He brought his mouth down on the other and licked the nipple. I gasped and moaned for a full 10 minutes, as his hands and mouth, worked their magic. I took Dustins shirt off, and traced my hands over his beautiful chest. I licked his nipples and rubbed his dick over his pants. He groaned and i felt his dick erect in my hand. I smiled and sucks his nips, tugging and pulling his dreamy cock. Dustin grunted some more, then growled. He took my hands off him, and pulled my pants and panties off. He leaned in and licked my clit as one of his hands pinched my nipples. "Oh Dustin! Dustin!" i moaned. He pinched me harder, and sucked my clit in his mouth, making me buck my hips and squirm. Dustin held me in place, and moved his tongue to my pussy. I groaned as he licked and sucked my center. ~*Dustins POV*~ It was hard keeping Sapphire pinned down. Every time i touched her clit, she bucked around like an animal. My sexy, horny animal. Then i felt her hand reach for my penis and pull it. I growled and lost control. I took my jeans and boxers off. I took one of Sapph's legs and put it over my shoulder. He r center and clit glistened with orgasm, and her eyes were beaming. I got into a side position on Sapph, with my chest behin her back, and her leg overmy hip, with my hand holding it. "Please Dustin!" She moaned. "Fuck me!" I smiled.

"Of course." I said, positioning my dick next to her opening. With one stroke, i plunged inside her, thrusting deep and hard inside her. She screamed softly and gasped, as i did her. I lifted her leg higher and quickened my pace. I growled as well as Sapphire, as we went. "Faster Dustin!" She yelled. I nodded, going as fast as i possible for me. She arched her back, and my penis touched other parts of her inside. Her center closed in around my penis, and the tightness, made my eyes widen. I came inside her as did she. I stood up, still inside her, and grabbed her hips. I lifted and thrust her down on me going deep and fast in her. We continued for a good long time, until i came enough to make up for those nine days. We layed down on the couch, Sapphire on my chest. She looked at me and kissed me softly. "I love you Dustin." She said. " I love you more" I replied, rubbing her ass. She smiled and set her head on my chest. "No you (yawn) dont." She said sleepily. I kissed her brown hair, and smiled. "Yes i do. Now go sleep." I said. She nodded and instantly dozed off on my chest. I too, with her soft naked body on me, became sleepy, and fell asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 34 ~*Peters POV*~ "Please?" i begged "No" Uncle Caleb said. "Pretty please?" "No Peter!" "Pleeeeeaaasssseeee!!!" "Peter! Strip clubs are NOT for little boys!" "Little?! Im a teenager!" I argued.

"Your a NEW teen. You still have years to go. they wouldnt let you in." "I look 16 Uncle! C'mon!" I begged. Chase laughed. "C'mon dad. Let him come. A players gotta start somewhere. By the time he's 16 he'll have all the girls over him anyway. Let him have fun." Chase said, patting my shoulder. "Hell, why not. Im not his dad." Uncle Caleb said. "YES! Im going!" I yelled. Buster and Max poked their heads in the room. "Cool! Daimen, Dustin, and Noel, went over to the girls house...soo...lets go!" Buster smiled. We all piled in Max's SUV and drove into the city. We drove up to a place called 'Lions Den'. We got out of the car, and a man at the gate asked for our ID's. I didnt have one... "Here ya go." Max said, giving his REAL ID. Uncle gave his, Chase and Buster gave their fake ones. "What about you?" he asked me. "He's 17. Give em a break dude!" Chase said. The man chuckled. "NO." he said. Uncle growled and gave the man a wad of cash. Where the hell did he keep his wads of cash?! And where the hell did he get it?! "Go on in kid." The gaurd said, letting us in. As we entered, i gasped. The lights were dim and it smelled like beer and sweat. There were tons of waitresses and girls dressed in thongs and loose bras. Men were sitting at tables with sexy girls rubbing all over their laps and chests. This hot redhead walked by and winked at me, and i almost peed my pants. "DAMN!" i said. Chase laughed. "Yep. This is what people over 21 do all day." he winked. We found a table and sat down near a stage. Uncle was having a good time. Uncle Caleb is 28. Still pretty young. Chase and Buster were hyperventilating, at the sight of so many girls. Max seemed right at home, winking at every women that passed him. ~*Random Girl*~ The guys who just came in were HOT. The one that seemed older, had dirtyblond midlength hair, muscular arms and chest, and brown eyes. The next one had Black hair, dark brown eyes, and had a dark look. Then two younger boys walked in. One was blond and

has sidewept hair, blue eyes, and a nice tan. The other was a big guy with Black hair and brown eyes. The last guy seemed around 16 or 17. He had beautiful eyes that twinkled, brown straight hair, that kept getting in his eyes, and was lean and fit. "I call the older one" my friend Jassmine said. I laughed. "I call the youngest." "Yeah, he's yummy." a waitress Gianna, said. I grabbed my notepad, and made sure i looked good. Hair in place. Lacy thong and bra on. Makeup good. Showtime. I walked up to the sexy five and smiled. "Hi, im Zoe, ill be your waitress. How may i help you?" I said, winking at the younger one. He blushed and smiled. "Two beers." The angry/ dark one said. "A dry Martini for Chase, and a beer for me." The big guy said. The blond surfer must be Chase. "And what for you, sexy?" i asked the younger one. He blushed again, and looked at the others. The older man smiled. "We dont want Peter drunk. Get him a coke, or something." he said. I smiled, and nodded. I turned to get the drinks and let my ass sweep by Peter as i walked away. ~*Peters POV*~ Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnng! Zoe is hot! "Uh oh Peter....The waitress likes you!" Buster smiled. Max rolled his eyes. "What type of strip club has waitresses in thongs?" he asked. "The good ones. The 'waitrsses' also give lap dances..." Caleb said. I smiled. "Can i get one?" i asked. Chase and Max gasped. "Seriously Peter! Your 13! you shouldnt even be here! Dont push it!" Max glared. I shrugged. "But apparently the ladies seem to like me a whole lot...i think me NOT getting one...would arrouse suspision..." I smiled. Chase smiled. "That was a stupid comeback, but..if Caleb agrees..." chase mused. Caleb rolled his eyes. "Ok kid. You get one. But only one." he said smiling. "Yes!" i cheered, as Zoe came back with our drinks. "Eh Zoe?" Buster called. "Yes?" she said, flirtily. "How much to give Peter a dance?" he asked. Zoe's eyes widened and she smiled, looking at me. "Well usually it'd be around $150...but for Peter, the first one is free." she winked at me. Chase scoffed, and Max glared at me. I smiled as Zoe got in position.

~*Daimens POV*~ The next morning, i woke to find Noel sleeping next to Lilac, with his arm around her waist. Lover boy doesnt want to tell Lilac he loves her. And Lilac doesnt want to admit to Noel, she loves him to. Dustin and Sapph were at it for a good looonnnggg while. Monique kept bothering me about who was in the room. I kept changing the subject or saying, that they invited a friend. Speaking of Monique....I looked to my right and sure enough, Monique was hanging on my arm and wearing nothing but a silk gown. I rolled my eyes and shook her off. She woke up. "Oh hey Daimen!" she smiled lazily. I nodded dismissivly. She smiled, and sat on my lap facing me. I could feel her pussy on my thigh, and her breasts were pushed against me. "How about a little fun before everyone wakes up?" she said seductivly. I pushed her off. "Hell no. I've already had to deal with a girl pushing herself on me, and almost raping me. Get off." I said, remembering Leanne. Monique growled. "What is it with you two?! You and Dustin seem like priests! You dont even seem tempted by me! I know im hot! Very hot! My breasts are natural, ive got good curves and a nice face! Why dont you both want me?!" she whisper/yelled. "Cause they are faithful." Lilac answered, waking up. Monique rolled her eyes. "Ok, seriously, NO ONE is faithful these days. We all cheat. Our parents cheat. Im 100% sure my mom is going to hit on Daimen or Dustin or Noel. Dont lie Lilac, has your dad and mom been faithful all theire marraige?" Monique asked. Lilac looked shocked, but then she started crying. Noel woke up and saw Lilac. He hugged her and gave me a questioning look. I pointed at Monique. "Have they Lilac?!" Monique yelled. Lilac growled. "NO! They havent! Happy?! When dad is gone, mom brings a guy home. When mom is gone, dad brings a slut home. Ok! I know your life is perfect and happy Monique, but dont rag on mine! Do you know how hard i have it? Yet i still manage to smile all the time and offer comfort to people, when in fact im the one who needs a hug every now and then! Ok?!" she yelled. The door opened and Sapph and Dustin walked in. Sapph ran to Lilac and hugged her tightly, causing Noel to let go. "Im sorry Lilac! I didnt know! You should've told me!" Sapphire squealed. Lilac broke down and cried harder than ever. Emily and Tawni woke up as well. "Lilac? Whats wrong? You never cry!" Tawni asked, worried. Tawni is 10. Dustin smiled at her. "Nothing is wrong, just a sad movie we watched. come on, lets go get breakfast." he said, taking Tawni and Emily away. "Monique, you too." he called. Monique growled and got up. After a few minutes, Lilac stopped crying. "Im soory about that," she said, wiping away her tears. Sapph smiled. "No Lilac, im sorry. I shoulde asked you about your home life and comforted you." she said. Lilac smiled. "Its ok. All i need these days is someone to talk to. I have Emily...but she's tiny. Noel is a guy, but the rest of you live too far away." she sighed. Then Noel cleared his throat. "Um..Lilac?" "Yes?" she asked. Noel gave me a stern look, and i smiled.

"Come Sapphie, lets go help Dustin." i said. Sapph nodded and we left the room. Dustin was in the kitchen eating cereal with the kids. Suddenly we heard a scream. "YES!" Lilac squealed. Sapph laughed as we all ran into the living room again. There was Noel..kissing Lilac. "Noel and Lilac sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marraige, then comes Lilac with a baby carraige!!" Emily and Tawni cheered. Will came from upstairs with Kaden. Kaden 'ewwed' when he saw the two. Noel and Lilac didnt seem to notice us there, or if they did, they didnt care. I smiled and walked back to the kitchen. Then my phone rang. It was Tristan. "Hey dude." I answered. "Daimen? Ok, um...we gotta problem. Get Dustin too." he said. I called Dustin and he came, as i put the phone on speaker. "Ok, he's here, whats up?" i asked. " Ok...Joe's hurt reeeaaalll bad. His bones are messed up and head is all inflated, or something." "Ok, why do we care?" Dustin scoffed. Tristan groaned. "Caaaussse...Ethan wants revenge. He said he's gunna kill Shawn and Aaron for hurting Joe, and he's gunna kill me and Dustin for telling." he said. Huh? "Who's Ethan?" "Joe's older brother." Tristan answered. -----------------------------------------------------------Here you go! -------------------------------Chapter 35 ~*Dustins POV*~ Ethan? Joe's big brother? Wants to kill me? And Tristan, Shawn and Aaron? Well, good luck with getting 4 big football players! Plus im sure Daimen, Mike, Benny, and Dan will help. We finished breakfast, then went back to the guys house. Chase was sitting on the couch watching TV. "Hey boys." he smiled. "Hey Chase. How was the club?" "Amazing! Except for the fact that ALL the damn waitresses and strippers had a crush on Peter!" he yelled. Peter poked his head in, smiling. "I cant help it! Im so damn gorgeous!"Peter smirked. Max also came in. "Honestly Peter. You didnt DO anything, and women wanted to give you FREE dances. What do you have that we dont?" Max growled.

"Haha, i dont know and i dont care. I got that big titted Zoe, Jennifer, Sally, Rosa, Gianna, Farah, Randa, Leslie, Emerald, and that chick with the blue streaks! 9 lap dances for FREEEE!" Peter boasted. I raised my eyebrows. Not bad for a 13 year old boy. Now that i look harder, Peter could pass for a 16 year old easy. "Ok, guys shuttup about your strip club and lets get ready to go HOME." Caleb said. We nodded. I got showered and put my clothes in my bag. Henry came by. "Hey J-- Dustin!" "Hi Henry." "How was the Strip Club?" "I didnt go." "You didnt? why not?" "Cause im with Sapphire." "Oh for real? you mean you guys werent just having fun?" "Yeah. for real." "Oh...well im not sure i like that." "Your not happy with a relationship, but you dont mind us having sex?" "Well, i dont really care about your sex...but my daughter is innocent, kind and boys dont deserve her. I know your history. When i was dating your mother, she said that you guys were always busy at some girls house or strip club." "That was before. And Henry, you are NO better. Cheating on Sapphires mom with MY mom, and not telling my mom you were married?" i said. Henry's eyes widened and he grew angry. "How did you know that." hewhispered. "You find these things out, Henry. So basically, you dont deserve Sapphire either." i smirked. "You'd better be nice Dustin. I am your father...i can do stuff." "I'll be 18 soon. Then i can leave. And take Daimen and Sapphire with me." "No you cannot. Sapphire is 16. So is Daimen."

"They will both be 17 soon. And they can live alone with the permission of a parent." "Dont expect me to give permission." Henry growled. I smiled. "My mom will." "Are you kidding? Your mother loves me. She'll listen to everything i say. You kids arent going anywhere." he smiled. I growled now. "Do you love my mother?" i asked sternly. Henry nodded. "I do. She's nice, hot, and can cook." "You dont deserve my mother. At all. You have so much you dont deserve Henry!" I said. Henry smiled. "But i still manage to have a sexy wife, a sexy daughter to give off to clients, and two sons that can inheret property and make money for me." "First of all, do not refer to my mother as sexy...its just wrong. Second, you will NOT be giving Sapphire off to people. Third, we wont give our money to you. Ever." "Too bad kid. Get your stuff in the car. We have to leave." i rolled my eyes and got my moms, Sapph's and my bags in the trunk. Daimen put his and got in the car. After 100 sappy goodbyes, we were on the road. The trip back was pretty scilent. I kept thinking about Henry, Joe and Ethan. Ethan is Joe's OLDER brother. He's probably big. He wants to KILL me? ~*Daimens POV*~ The next day we got dressed for school. Ugh, after listening to Sapph and Dustin, i need sex. Yeah, im a sex addict so what? When we got to school, Benny and Daniel were talking to some kid i never saw before. "Hey guys." I said, reaching them. Benny smiled and pointed at the new guy. "Hey Daimen, meet Curtis. Curtis, Daimen." he said. i smiled at Curtis and he nodded back. He had blond hair, but it was bit brown at the ends, brown eyes, and was pretty built. "You new?" i asked. Curtis nodded "Yeah, came from New York City. He's a junior." he smiled. Ooo, arent we fancy. Sapph was talking to Emma and Leanne. Tristan walked over to us.

"Hey D. Met Curtis? Good, we need to talk...all of us." "About Ethan?" "Yeah. Ethan is 22. Plus he told us he has access to weapons..." Tristan whispered, as our group huddled up. "IS he coming" Dustin asked. Shawn shook his head. "No. He said he'll come when he's good and ready. He emailed me and Aaron, and texted Tristan. Be careful Dustin. He'll be after you too." he said. I looked at Sapphire who was shaking. I hugged her and kissed her hair. "Its ok babe." I whispered. She nodded "So what should we do?" Selene asked, rubbing awfully close to Tristan. Shawn shrugged "Just continue with our normal lives? And be ready when he comes?" he suggested. Aaron rolled his eyes. "How would be be ready?" he asked. Curtis smiled. "You guys ok with skipping school today? I have something that could help..." he smiled. We all turned to him and nodded. Then Dustin shook his head. "All of us cant skip. Curtis, Shawn, Aaron, Tristan and I will go. The rest of you stay here and continue like nothing happened." Dustin said. "What? I cant go?" I whined. Dustin shook his head. "Sorry bro. But only those whos lives are in danger can go." Dustin smiled. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed Sapphires hand and motioned towards everyone else to get moving. Benny sighed and he and Dan went to the next class. I went to Biology class with Leanne. Obi won Kenobi kept talking about Biomes and Ecosystems. If you ask me, Biome is a weird word. If someone asked me "What type of Biome do you live in?", id respond immediatly "Im not in Prison!". You know? I got a text from Benny. Benny: Hey dude, Sapph's a lot. Teacher asked if she was ok like, 20 times, but she kept nodding that she's fine. Daimen: Ok, lemme text her.

Daimen: Sapph, you ok? Sapphire: Yeah. Daimen: Why are you shaking? Sapphire: O.O how did YOU know that? Daimen: Benny told me. Sapphire: Oh.. well im just worried about Dustin. Daimen: Dont worry he'll be fine. Ethan cant harm all of them. We're stronger. Sapphire: Yeah, your right... Daimen: And Curtis is helping now, right? Sapphire: Yep. Ok, i have to do a worksheet now. byebye!Daimen: Ok, bye:) ~*Shawns POV*~ We all piled in two cars. Me, Aaron and Curtis in one car, and Dustin and Tristan in the other. Curtis directed us downtown to a rundown house in a quiet street. Id never live seems villainous. Quiet, empty, rundown, an mysterious. "Why are we here?" I asked. Cutis smiled. "Cause you guys need help against Ethan. My cousin can help. His names Jakob. Jakob owns a unknown weapons organization. Guns are his specialty." "So we're here to buy guns?" Dustin asked once we all were at thr front door. Curtis nodded and knocked on the door. A woman wearing a super short skirt and a lacy bra opened the door. She was a brunnete, and had big lips. "Can i help you?" she winked. "We're lookin for Jakob." Tristan said. The woman nodded. We all tried keeping our eyes off her breasts that were barely covered by her bra. "JAAKKEYYYY! People here for you!" she yelled. Jakob came to the door and smiled at us. Curtis and him slapped hands and greeted eachother. "Hows it been, lil' Cousin?" Jakob smiled. Curtis smirked. "Ok. I see you were 'busy'..." "With Ruby? Nah, we were just....yeah.." he trailed off. Ruby giggled and held onto Jakobs arm. Dustin groaned and rolled his eyes. "So whats up?" Jakob asked, taking us into his house. We went to a small living room that smelled musty. "We need guns." Curtis said plainly. Jakob glared at him. "You told them i sell guns!?" he yelled. Curtis rolled his eyes. "Yes, they are being threatned and might get attacked at they need a way to defend themselves. Got anything?" Curtis asked. Ruby sat down by Dustin and Tristan, smiling like an idiot.

"Of course i do. Follow me." Jakob smirked, leading us to a basement. In the basement there were many cases with locks on them. Jakob went to a specific box and unlocked it with a key he had in his pocket. Inside were many small handguns huddled up together. "Woah..." Aaron said. Jakob smiled. "Yep. Small, secret, scilenced, and deadly weapons. They have scilencers on them so they dont make a sound, but they kill just liek any other gun. Here" he said handing each of us a weapon. We put them in our pockets, and they were so small that they barely showed. "Thanks J." Curtis smiled. Jakob narrowed his eyes. "That'll be $50 each." he said. I glared at him. "Seriously?" Dustin asked. "Yup! Usually its be double that, but your friends of my cousin so, i gave you half off." Jakob smiled. We all nodded and payed him. They guy just made $200 off of us. "Oh and never, EVER tell anyone bout this, or ill use one of these babies on you." he winked. Tristan and Aaron raised an eyebrow, while Dustin and i nodded. "Whatever dude. Lets go." I said. ~*Selenes POV*~ Poor Tristan and Dustin! And Shawn and Aaron! I have no idea where theyre going, but i hope its to get body gaurds! I was sitting in the Cafeteria with Lexi, Jade and the other cheerleaders. Sapphire, Daimen, Leanne and the others were next to us as well. "I hope Shawn will be okay. Your boyfriend was messed up Jade!" Lexi said. Jade nodded. "I know. I didnt know he was bad at the time. He seemed so into me." she whispered. One of our friends Keslie, hugged Jade. "Its ok hun. Try Mike! He's great in bed!" she smiled. Jade rolled her eyes and continured eating her salad. Just then the speaker intercom went on and our principals voice began booming throught the walls. "ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS! I'D LIKE TO BRING TO YOUR ATTENTION A MATTER WE HAVE ANNOUNCED NOT LONG AGO. THE SENIOR PROM OF 2010! ALL SENIORS ARE PERMITTED TO GO, AND BRING THEIR DATES. DATES CAN BE YOUNGER OR OLDER, BUT THERE MAY BE NO YOUNGER COUPLES. NO SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS OR FRESHMEN COUPLES. ONLY SENIORS AND THEIR DATES. THE PROM IS IN ONE WEEK, AT THE SCHOOL

MAIN HALL AT 7PM. WE'D LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US AND HAVE FUN! THANK YOU!" All the seniors in the room cheered. "Im going with Ryder!" Keslie smiled. I smiled as well. Who would I take? "Shawns taking me." Lexi said. "I'll probably go with Aaron." Harmony smirked. "Sapphire will go with Dustin." Daimen smiled. Sapph looked at Daimen. "Cant you go?" "No younger couples, remember?" "But...doesnt a threesome count as one couple?" "Im not Dustins boyfriend, Sapphire. Sorry." Daimen sighed. Jade smiled. "Oh well. Too bad i dont have Joe anymore. Maybe i will try Mike." "What about you Selene?" Emma asked. I shrugged. "I dont know." "Yes you do." Benny smirked. "What?" i asked. "Take your current lover." he winked. I raised an eyebrow. "Who would that be?" "Tristan Powers." Dan, Daimen, Sapphire, Jade, Keslie, Harmony, Leanne, Benny, and Emma all said. I gasped at them and shook my head. "I dont like Tristan!" I lied. Daimen smirked. "Uh...yeah you do. Word gets around Selene. You and Tristan have been getting pretty close." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Drop the subject." I ordered. "What subject?" a voice said. We saw Dustin, Aaron, Tristan, Shawn and Curtis come up.

"About the senior prom next week." Harmony smiled. Aaron winked and took Harmony off her seat and set her on his lap. "I know who im taking." he said, kissing Harmony. Shawn growled. "Not in public Aaron!" he ordered. I rolled my eyes. Lexi smiled and kissed Shawns cheek. "Who are you taking, Shawn?" she asked flirtily. Shawn shivered then smirked. "Hmm...well Meghan Fox is is Avril i guess im going with you, Lexi. After all, i own you." he smiled, and the two began making out. Dustin sat by Sapph and Daimen. "Will you go with me Sapphire?" he asked. Sapph smiled and nodded "Of course!" she smiled. Dustin smiled and held her hand. I looked at Tristan, who was texting. "Um Tristan?" I asked shakily. I do want to invite him. I like him alot. Ever since his party and we slept together...twice. "Yeah, Senior?" he asked smiling. He sat by me and looked right at me. I gulped. "Do you...wanttogowithmetotheprom?" i asked quickly. He raised an eyebrow. "What?" he asked, confused. "Do you wanna go with me to the prom?" i asked slower, but still nervously. Tristan smiled as Keslie and Jade 'oooh-ed'. "Of course i will Senior!" he nodded. I exhaled as Shawn glared at me. "You like Tristan?" he asked. Daimen laughed. "Where have you been Shawn?" he asked. "But..he's younger than you..." "So what Shawn? Aaron is almost 4 years older than your sister." Tristan said, holding my hand under the table. Shawn raised an eyebrow then nodded. "Whatever. Have fun you weird couple. I swear, we've got every type of couple except

lesbians." he said. We all smiled and nodded. "So what'd you guys do or get?" Sapphire asked. All the boys smiled and looked at eachother. -------------------------------------------------------Here u go guys:) -------------------------------------Chapter 36 ~*Sapphires POV*~ "Uh...well...Curtis got us...guns." Tristan said. I gasped. "What!?" I yelled. "Guns!" A few people from other tables looked at us. Dustin put his hand over my mouth. "Ok babe, we do NOT yell 'Guns' through a school, ok?" he smirked. I nodded then slapped his arm. "Guns?" i whispered. "Yep! Tiny, deadly, scilent guns. They fit in our pockets so we can take em anywhere." Aaron said. Lexi, Harmony, Selene and i backed a bit away from our men with guns. "Thats...nice?" Lexi asked. Shawn smiled and hugged her. "Yep it is." he smirked. I turned to Dustin, and stared at him hard. Guns? If THEY have guns, what does Ethan have?! And he wants to hurt my boyfriend? And he wont even tell us when he's coming? It could be ANY time. Like when we're asleep...OH GOD! "Sapph...dont worry. Everything will be ok." Dustin assured me. Daimen smiled. "He's right. Even though i think i should have a gun...for most of our problems, i end up becoming an essential part..." Daimen whined. Aaron smiled. "Nice Try D, your not 18." he smirked. Daimen scoffed. "Im more mature than most of you. WAIT! Dustins not 18!" "By the time the police find him with a gun, he will be." Shawn laughed. Daimen rolled his eyes, as we laughed at him. "And TRISTANS got a gun!" "Tristan has a rich dad, and he can get out of murder." Dustin said. Daimen groaned and

stood up. "Whatevvveeerr. Ive got to use the little boys' room." he smiled. Leanne laughed. "Little boys room? to go potty? are you 4?" she asked. Daimen smiled. "Yea...i am...and i may need help in there...any volunteers?" he asked. Leanne, Emma, Jade, and a couple other cheerleaders raised their hands. "HEY!" i yelled at them, and they put their hands down. "Daimen Carter!" I scolded. Daimen laughed and smiled. "Just kidding Sapph...although, i wouldnt have been if you volunteered..." he smirked. I smiled and went back to eating. "But seriously Daimen? Little boys room?" Leanne asked again. Daimen scoffed. "OH! im sorry! I should speak in a way, you'll understand... I fuckin got to go piss in the guys shit-hole." he smirked again. everyone laughed, and sent him on his way. As soon as he left, Dustin called for our attention. "Ok guys...Daimens birthday is in two days." he said. I smiled. "Yay! he'll be 17! Whatre we gunna do?" i asked. Aaron smirked. "We can...gooo...on a trip to Cali!" he said. Everyone glared at Aaron and rolled their eyes. "Bowling?" "Six Flags?" "Dinner?" "Movie?" "Sleepover!" Selene smiled. Dustin smirked. "sleepover? like how?" "Like all of us meet up at Tristans house, or someone who has a big home, bring food and movies, party and eat...and just hang out." Harmony suggested. "Not bad..." I said. Dustin nodded.

"Yeah...we could do that. So whos house? Sapphires house will have our parents in it." he said. "Mine is empty." Selene said. "No, your sister will be there. and you have an apartment." Lexi said. "Well, i guess mine will have to do." Tristan smirked. ~*Shawns POV*~ In the end, Harmony and i have to bring movies. Benny, Leanne, Charlene, Curtis and Daniel are bringing food and drinks. And everyone brings a present, and we all go to Tristans house at 7pm. This is going to ROCK! We have to make this good for Daimen...i mean he really deserves it. He's helped us all with so much, and is always the first volunteer to help. After school, Lexi, Harmony and i went to my house. I took Lexi up to my room and she plopped herself on my bed. "So how are you, babe?" i asked her. "Good. A bit worried though..." "Why?" "Ethan wants to kill dead scared."she said. i smiled and hugged her. "Its ok Lexi. I'll be ok. No dude can kill me. I'll die of old age"i smiled. Lexi smiled and nodded. I lifted her head up in my palms and kissed her lips. We kissed for a while then i pulled away, and went to my computer. "" Lexi shook her head. "What?" i asked. She looked at me mischeivously. "You got my hormones all crazy, YOU are gunna finish what you started." she winked. I laughed. "NAH! im fine." i said, sitting in my chair. Lexi came to me and pouted. "Please?"she asked. I shook my head. "Im not horny at all," i winked. She groaned.

"If i get you horny...will you?" she begged. I smiled and nodded. Lexi perked up and sat down on the floor in front of me. She unbottuned my shirt, and got a good look at my torso. She smiled and kissed my chest, going lower to my abs. Lexi kissed and sucked my abs til she got to my...member. She undid my belt and pants, and took hold of it. I was already hard, so it didnt take her long to get right to pleasing it. I was horny alright. "Horny yet?" she asked. "Nope." i lied, wanting her to go on. Lexi raised an eyebrow as if she knew i was lying. She stood up, and walked back to my bed and sat on it. "Oh well then..." she sighed. I glared at her, then at my 'little Shawn'. Oh no. She is NOT. "No way. You got my hormones all crazy. YOU are gunna finish what you started." I smiled at her, repeating her earlier words. Lexi laughed and layed down. "Ok then. i will." she said, as i walked up to her and kissed her. ~*Dustins POV*~ Everything is set and ready for Daimens party. It has to be perfect. Considering its his 17th birthday....ok that was a lie. Theres nothin too speical about your 17th...but i dont care. Daimen doesnt really need a party this big...but he threw me a ginormous party when i turned 17, so ill return the favor. We invited all his friends from school, and some of the seniors. Sapphire has been all bubbly about it and giggling like a drunk. She livens the place up. She livens my life up. "So the prom huh?" she asked me the next day. "Are you okay with going with me?" i asked worridly. Sapphire laugghed. "Of course i am! But i feel bad for Daimen." "Why? He'll get his turn next year. Have fun babe!" "I guess so." "Yeah. Even so, Daimen owes it to me. Ive been looking after that kid since we were born. Im the older brother and i always get in trouble. He owes me lots." i said. "He owes it to you to do what?" "Let me take my girlfriend to the prom alone." i smiled. Sapph grinned. "Ok. But im going to sleep with him tonight." "Why?" i asked. "I havent in a while, but you got your turn recently." she winked. I nodded smiling. ~*Daimens POV*~ I owe him?! I owe him?! What?! Since when do i owe anything to Dustin?! Im not going to rag on my own brother....but what the hell?!!

Im gunna drop this and blame it on Dustins excitedness for my party. Im not stupid. I know there is a party! I'll act surprised and all, but a certain someone told me what was going on. Cough cough TRISTAN cough. After school, we all went bowling. I suck at bowling....big time! I swear! They cant put bumper lanes or something?! "Wow Daimen! 4 gutterballs in a row!" Selene laughed. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "It takes skill to do that Senior!" i called. "Haha! Dont put that on your resume!" Sapphire smiled. "I just might!" i laughed. "Hey! You cant call Selene senior! Only i can!" Tristan growled playfully. I pretended to be mad. "Uhhh NO! I can call her anything i want, right sweetie?" i laughed. Tristan rolled his eyes. "Hey Daimen...remember he has a gun!" Curtis smiled. Sapphire laughed and took my hand. "Need help bowling? I'll show you how to strike." she asked. Shawn laughed. "Ok Sapphie...that one sentance is like a GOLDMINE for sexual innuendos." he said. Leanne raised an eyebrow. "How exactly?" she asked. Dumb blond (no offense to blonds. You guys are very pretty) "For example 'u can show me how to strike here, but i could show you a real strike' or 'what if we see if i can strike you?'" i replied. All the guys laughed. Sapph smiled. "Perhaps i could show you both." she sai seductivly. My mouth dropped as she Began to unbutton her top. Then she burst out laughing and buttoned it back up. "Hahaha! You thought i was gunna strip?! Dang!" she laughed. Emma and Harmony hifived her. "NOT FUNNY!" Dustin growled. "I wudve enjoyed it!" Curtis laughed. Benny rolled his eyes and rolled his turn. "You guys are weird." he said. "Says the bi dude." Jade said. Daniel growled. "He's not weird bitch!" he shouted. Jade smirked and turned to Selene and began talking. Dan almost yelled again, but Benny cut him off and kissed his cheek. "Its ok Danny. Thanks" he said. Dan smiled slightly and took his turn. ~*Sapphires POV*~ After bowling, we all went home. Hannah and dad were waiting for us. "C'mon kids, your mother is waiting." Dad said. We nodded and went to the dining room to eat. "So how was your day?" Hannah asked us as we ate her chicken stewish thingy. "Good!" Dustin replied. "School...bowling." "Really? I didnt know Daimen could bowl." Hannah smiled. Duatin and i laughed. "HE CANT!" we laughed. Daimen mocked our laughing. "Hahaha--SHUTTUP. Typical! Piking on the pretty one!" he smirked. "An who would that be?" my dad asked. "ME!" All of us answered, incluing Hannah. "Well i guess we are just a concieted family eh?"

"Very!" i smiled. Later that night, i crept into Daimens room. Daimen heard me come in and looked at me puzzled. "Whats wrong babe?" "I lost my teddy bear...can i sleep with you?" i asked. Daimen smiled. "Of course." he said. That night was unforgetable. ~*ETHANs POV!!!*~ Haha. Perfect. A party. Theyll be off their gaurd. Not expectin me. I can sneak in, do my damage and leave. Shawn or Aaron or Dustin is gunna die at that party. And if not them, then someone they love. They hurt someone i love. Joe WILL be avenged. I will NOT let them get awat with almost killing my only little brother. Goodluck kiddies...and goodbye to those of you who hurt Joe. ------------------------------------------------Here guys! Hope u like it:) ----------------------------------Chapter 37 ~*Tristans POV*~ Todays the day! Daimens birthday! Our old guy is 17! The party begins at 6ish now.This is going to be the best party ever! Selene, Leanne, Charlene and some others came over early to set up. We had soda, chips, salsa, taco dip, cheesepuff thingies (luv those), pizza, pasta, beer, candy (for Harmony) an best of all...a huge birthday cake with 'Happy B-Day Daimen!' written on it. We were gunna be fat tommorow! "The presents go here, the couches over here, and the tables for food by the closet." Selene was ordering. "Excuse me woman! This is MY house!" i glared. "Well excuse me boy! My boyfriend lives here, so i have the authority to make some changes!" she glared back. I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen, slapping Selenes ass on the way. "Tristan Powers!" she gasped. "Keep your junior hands off my senior body!" "Selene Tyson! Keep your Senior ideas off my junior house!" i smiled. Selene smirked and went back to organizing. I laughed and entered the kitchen. "Will! Cut that out!" i yelled seeing Will (a friend of Daimens from school) attempting to swipe his finger on the cake. Wil growled and rolled his eyes. "Whatever T. So where are you all gunna sleep?" he asked. "In the Den." i said, but then Selene popped her head in. "No dear! In the family room. More space and a bigger TV." she said. "Leave us men to our work honey." i sighed. "Whatever pumpkin!" she winked. Will glared at us. "God! You sound like a lovestruck newly wed couple!" he said. I smiled and pulled Selene over to me and kissed her. "We're just newly coupled teens." i smirked. Selene smiled and kissed me back. "Please dont makeout in front of me dude!" Dan said entering the room. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever gay guy." i said. Dan growled and took some of the food to the tables. "WE'RE HERE!!!!" a voice said. Sapphire. I went to the main room and saw her organizing the presents people brought. "Hey Sapph."i smiled. She smiled as well. "Hey Tristan! Daimen will be here in 10 minutes, we told him that u had this big present to give him and you couldnt give it to him, he had to pick it up." "Nice, ok. So tell everyone to get ready." i said. She nodded and went off. Dustin came up to me and smiled. "Thanks for lettin us use your house dude." he said. i nodded. "no prob, man." i said. "Ok, so who's here?" Dustin asked. "Selene, Charlene, Jade, Leanne, Benny, Daniel, Curtis, Aaron, Harmony, Shawn, Lexi, Keslie, Will and us." "Good, not too big of a group." "Yep. its a sleepover after all." "EVERYONES sleeping over?" "No. Charlene, Jade, Keslie and Will arent." "GEE! Big difference." "Haha, whatever." i smiled. Then we heard the doorbell ring. Jade looked throught the eye-hole and gasped. "ITS HIM!" she said. We all got together in front of the door as i opened it. When i did, Daimen walked in looking right at me. "Hey Tristan, Sapphire and Dustin told me that--" "Happy Brithday Daimen!" they all (especially the girls) cheered. Daimens mouth hung open and he looked dead shocked. He smiled and beamed like a kid on Christmas. "Wow! Thanks guys!" he said. Everyone congradulated him on turning 17, and went to partying. We ate, danced and acted like there was no tommorow. It was fun to have a REAL party. Not a "get drunk and laid" party. i mean WE ACTUALLY GAVE

PRESENTS! we arent 10! "Present time!" Harmony said. We all watched Daimen as he opened his first gift. It was a portable DVD player. "Thanks....who gave me this?" Daimen smiled. "Me!" Charlene smiled. Daimen thanked her again and continued. Most of the gifts were giftcards, electronics and stuff ANYONE would like.\ Sapphire: a laptop Dustin: iTunes cards Me: $50 Giftcard to music store Will: Restaurant gift card (har har) Benny: Alarm Clock/radio/ipod dock Daniel: Beanbag chair Leanne: At first it was a box of condoms...but after everyone (except Daimen)got a good laugh out of it, she gave him a giftcard to a sports center. Curtis: Avatar on DVD Emma: All three Twilight DVDs (she got him what SHE would like) Jade: a basketball jersey that had "Carter" written on the back with the numbers 17. clever Jade...clever. Aaron: digital camera Shawn: PSP (seriously?) Harmony: PSP accesories (carrying case, screen protectors, games) Lexi, Keslie and Selene: a Wii (wow...just wow.) LUCKY DAIMEN! He's got the best presents ever! i mean, i already have this stuff, but im filthy dirty rich. Daimen was overwhelmed and was smiling like an idiot. "Thank you guys SOOOOO much!" he said. Everyone 'your welcomed' and continued partying.

~*Sapphires POV*~ Everything is going perfectly! He likes the gifts, the boys are eating all the food, and no one is bickering...except for Selene and Tristan but thats just how they show their love. "Hey Sapph!" Emma hugged me. I smiled "Hey, hows it going?" "Good i guess. Moms furious with me." "Why?" "Pfft, guess. Im 16 and months pregnant." she sighed. I nodded. "Oh...well some mothers abandon their daughters, so your lucky i guess." "Yeah...but what am i going to tell the baby? Tristan IS the father." she said. I bit my lip. "Hang on." i said."TRISTAN!" i called. Tristan jogged over. "Yeeeeessss?" he smiled. "Emma's aborting the baby." i said. Emma glared at me. "WHAT?!" Tristan yelled. Emma looked at him puzzled. "What?" i asked. Tristan glared at us both. "Why are you aborting it!" he asked her. "Why do you care?" she said. "You told me to abort it." "That was before! Before you walked around with it. I learned to get used to seeing MY baby there!" "YOUR baby?!" she said. "YES! Its MY sperm cell i believe!" he said. "You dont want anything to do with it!" "Yes i do! I'll still be the father, Emma!"

"Then why dont you? Why did you leave me right after getting me pregnant? Even now, you wont get with me, and you still expect me to let you be a part of the baby's life?!" "YES! You dont get it! I do want to be part of the babys life! I just dont want to be a part of yours!" Tristan shouted. I smacked my forehead. Nicely said, Tristan...nice. "Why not?" Emma asked. Tristan sighed. "Cause i like Selene. Not you." he said. Emma turned to me. "Sapphire,could you excuseus for a moment please?" she asked smiling fakely. I nodded and went to Daimen. "Hey Daimen!" I smiled. Daimen hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Hey babe!" "Enjoying yourself?" "More than i ever did without beer." he chuckled. i rolled my eyes. Then everyone got together for a karaoke contest. The rule was that you have to choose a funny or stupid song that everyone knows. Preferably Disney. "I like to move it, move it! He like to move it, move it! she like to move it, move it! We like to...move it!" Will was singing at his turn. We were laughing like lunatics at his failed attempt to immitate the accent. Aaron and Shawn sand "Hakuna Matata". Leanne sang "Barbie girl" in this horribly highpitched voice. Emma and i sang "Under the sea". Daimen sang a parody of "Down" (to listen to it, go to youtube and search: Down by Midnight beast parody.) Harmony sang the Theme song to "Arthur". In the end, Jade won by singing "Cinderelli, cinderelli" song from Cinderella in that cute mouse voice. At 9pm, the others left, and the rest of us got ready for a movie. We huddled up and began deciding on a move to watch. "We are not letting one of you boys choose!" Lexi said. Shawn stuck his tongue out. "Well we're not watching a romance." "Why not?" "Cause this is a birthday party, not ananniversary!"

"Its the anniversaryof his birth!" "NO!" "Comedy?" "sure!" "No i want to be scared!" "NO! Not today! your face scares me enough already!" "Real nice! You go to school for that?" "School? She totally flunked." "Stop dissin me! Choose a movie!" and the rioting continued. Just as we settled on "Father of the Bride", Daimen suddenly jumped. "What?!" we all asked. "Someone just came in the house." he said wide-eyed. We all got quiet. And just like it was a sunday stroll, a man walked in the room. Ethan. "Hello hello, kiddies." he smirked. All the boys with guns took them out. They brought them to a party?! "Leave Ethan." Dustin said. Ethan smiled. "No way. You hurt my brother. My only brother. You're going to pay." he said. "Joe deserved it! He raped tons of girls and got Harmony pregnant!" Selene shouted. Tristan looked at her. "Selene? You and the girls get out of here. Go to the Den. NOW." he said. Selene nodded and took Harmonys hand. "Lets go girls, hurry!" she said. I didnt move. "Sapphire!" Emma called. I shook my head. Im not leaving them. I dont know what i can do, but im not leaving. "Sapph babe, go." Daimen said. I shook my head. Daimen glared at me, but looked back at Ethan. "Which of you are Aaron and Shawn?" Ethan asked. Shawn smiled.

"that'd be me" he said. "And me." Aaron nodded. "Well you're the ones who beat up my brother. Which of you messed up my brothers plan?" "Me and Dustin." Tristan said. "No. You were involved in the plan...but you didnt mess it up. From what i know, Tristan was about to be beat up. That waspart of the plan. Who messed it up?" "I did." Daimen said casually. Ethan glared at him. "You told them to spare Tristan?" he asked. "Yep." Daimen said unafraid. He didnt even have a gun! "Daimen! Stop! You dont have a gun!" Benny called. Ethan smiled. "Thanks for telling ME that,kid." he said, pointing his gun at Daimen. I gasped, but Daimen crossed his arms over his chest and didnt move. "You actually going to kill me?" he asked, disbelievingly. Ethan smiled. "You ARE the main cause for all this..." "No he's not! We beat Joe up!" Shawn called. "But you would have beaten Tristan instead." Daimen said. Why is he TRYING to take the blame?! I ran to Daimen and grabbed his arm. "Daimen, come on! It has nothing to do with you!" "No. Daimens staying here." Ethan smirked. "I'll repeat the question Ethan. Are you actually thinking of killing me?" Daimen asked. "It is my fault. If you're goin gto hurt anyone, im the one who deserves it." he said. We all glared at Daimen. Whats he doing?! Then we heard a sciren in the distance...Daimen called the Police! He was stalling! Ethan relized this and growled. "I wont kill YOU! You know what hurts more than dying? Someone you love dying because of you!" He smiled and pointed his gun at...ME!

"ME?!" i asked. Ethan smiled. "Asta-lavista baby." he said and pulled the trigger. I screamed and flinched, waiting to be shot...but it never happened. I opened my eyes and saw Ethan on the floor...dead. Curtis was pointing a smoking gun at him. wait....If he's dead...then where did the bullet he shot go? I gulped and looked down at my feet, to find a male body lying in front of me bleeding on one side. "DAIMEN!" I screamed. -------------------------------------------------------------Ok, a several hours i had 50 comments saying "NOOOOO! NOT DAIMEN! NOOOO" lol. You guys seem to like him more then Dustin and Sapphire. After this chapter you'll love him SOOOO much more...even though he wont say or do anything at all. And to think it was his birthday! he might never see his friends again! or play with his new gifts! or *gasp*...finish the piece of cake he left on the table! :O THAT would be tragic. Read on:) -------------------------------------------------Chapter 38 ~*Sapphire*~ Here we all are. Me, Dustin, Hannah, Dad, Tristan, Benny, Curtis, Daniel, Selene, Shawn, Aaron, Harmony, Leanne, and Emma. Waiting in the Riverview Hospital. Its all my fault. I shouldve left when he told me to. He had a plan...but i ruined it. He knew what to do. He took the blame to advert Ethans wrath on any of us. And in return, i didnt listen and allowed him to get shot. The bullet was aimed at me! Why'd he step in the way? That was suicidal! Oh god Daimen, please live! The ambulance came moments later. They took both Ethan and Daimen and left us stranded there. We immediatly called Hannah and Dad and now, we are waiting in the waitingroom, for any news. I was crying like a baby with Dustin hugging me, telling me it'll be alright. Emma,

Leanne and Harmony were crying too. Benny, Tristan and Dan were also teary eyed. Hannah was hugging Dad and sobbing with all her heart. Soon a doctor walked in. He was tall, and in his 40's. "Um..who is here for Daimen Carter?" he asked, and we all stood up. The doctor blinked a few times then smiled. " Well my name is Dr. Freedmen and I have good news and bad news." he said. "Bad news is, that the young man Ethan Goldsburg, has passed away. Im sorry." "Like we care, thats the GOOD news!" Shawn shouted. Dustin and i nodded in agreement. The doctor looked a bit shocked then continued. "The good news...or other good news is that Mr. Carter isnt dead. The shot didnt hit him fatally. It skimmed the side of his stomach, but not enough to cause any major damage." he smiled. I smiled and relaxed, hugging Dustin tightly. He smiled as well, as Benny cheered and the others whooped around happily. Hannah gasped and jumped up and down clapping her hands. "However," Dr.Freedmen continued, "He is unconcious and was more in shock then most people we see. You can goin to talk to him, although he wont respond. Only 5 people at a time may see him." he said. We nodded. Dad, Hannah, me and Dustin went in first. We saw my wonderful boy, laying down unconcious, hot as ever, with a bandage around his naked stomach. I smiled adoringly. I looked at Dustin who seemed upset and in thought. "Well Daimen dear. Your all better. No harm done...well no serious harm! Henry and i love you, and get well soon baby." Hannah smiled, then kissed Daimens head. Dad smiled and left with Hannah. I looked at Daimen and smiled. "Hey Daimen. I dont know if you can hear me or not, but thank you. You didnt have to do that and step in the way. I shouldve listened to you and left when you told me to. I was completly useless and had no point in being stuborn and staying there. You were right. Im sorry. Get well, and consious soon babe. I love you." I said softly. Im so stupid. Very stupid. I shouldve listened. This could have all been prevented, and Ethan could have been in jail. I shook my head, and sat in the back of the room. Dustin was still thinking, and frowning. "whats wrong Dustin?" i asked.

"Ive been so wrong to him." he said. I cocked my head to the side and stared at him. Dustin sighed and continued. "Ever since we were kids, ive been wrong to Daimen. And in return, he was the best brother i couldve ever hoped for. When we were in our early teens, he would take the blame for my mistakes so i could go to parties and dates and stuff. Like once, i mopped up a mess i made with my moms dress. Turns out the juice stain was permenant. That day i had an important party to go to, so Daimen told my mom, that he did it. I didnt say thank you...I just said 'Bad Daimen', and left to have fun. And when we were a bit older, he had a girlfriend named Felicia. He liked her alot, and they were perfect at the time. Me, being a stupid a**, actually asked him if i could sleep with her. Daimen said no, cause he liked her. I pouted, and blamed my condition on account of my dad leaving us. Daimen thought i was really broken he gave me Felicia. I was very popular and all so Felicia was eager to sleep with me, and we did. Daimen was heartbroken, but didnt cry or tell anyone. And Now! When i kissed Selene when we first came here, he stopped me before we went too far, and told Selene off kindly. He didnt tell anyonecause he didnt want me to be gossiped about. And when Ethan came yesterday...he took the blame so that none of us would get hurt. I never thanked him for all he did and ive only taken advantage of him. I know for a FACT that Daimen wants you for himself. But he wants me to be happy as well, so he let us share you. Truth is, you dont deserve me. You deserve Daimen, Sapphire. He honestly deserves you, and you deserve him. Not me. I deserve a cheating slut." Dustin finished. I was crying now. Daimen loves Dustin with all his heart. Daimen did all that cause he cared about our lives, and happiness. He saved Tristan fromgetting pounded to death, he took the blame AND the bullet, and he hid all Dustins mistakes. Dustin stood up and walked over to Daimens cot. "Daimen, im so sorry for everything ive ever done to you. You really liked Felicia, and i took her. You loved Dad, but when he left, you made sure me and mom were ok. You more the man of the family than i was. Im so, so sorry for treating you like an annoying little brother. You are my brother, but your also my best friend. And...I love you Daimen. I really do love you." Dustin said, crying softly. I ran to Dustin and hugged him. Then we heard a groan. "I love you too Dustin." a raspy voice said. Dustin and i looked down and saw, a sleepy, raspy but still beautiful Daimen smiling slightly at us. -------------------------------------------------------------EPILOGUE

Life for most of these teenagers got better. Trisan and Selene were a couple and lived happily. Emma was very upset, but was happy when Tristan agreed to be known as Uncle Tristan to the baby. Emma found happiness with no other than Curtis! Curtis had some trouble with the police for killing Ethan...but that didnt last long. Emma gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and named it Benny. We can all guess why. Benny grew knowing his mother, Emma, his father, Curtis, and his Uncle...Tristan! And Aunt Selene of course. Benny and Dan were the cutest of all. Whats not cute about two hot boys in love with eachother? They stuck side-by-side and later moved in with eachother...despite their family's objections. Aaron and Harmony werent too good. Harmony and Aaron got in a big fight when Aaron was caught watching P*rnos. They split when Aaron went to college the next year. Harmony found a new guy, an convinced Shawn not to kill Aaron. Shawn and Lexi stayed together for life...but never married. They were always known for being the most s**ally active couple in town. Shawn bought a beautiful house for Lexi, and they invited her father to live with them. Her gold digging, free loving father, accepted and lived on the top floor. And now the most important couple. Daimen got better quickly and the three lovers were together again. Sapphire, Daimen and Dustin remained a threesome couple. 5 years later, Dustin and Daimen proposed to Sapphire and were accepted! Hannah and Henry were a bit astonished, but agreed to it. Dustin realized his new connection with his brother and the two of them were inseparable. Sapphire never got tired of her two men, and loved them with all her heart. Four years after their marriage, Sapphire had her first baby. Lilac Summer Carter, who came from Daimen. Then came David Powers Carter, who came from Dustin. David was the name of Daimen and Dustins father, so the name made sense. Summer was Sapphires mother, so that was Lilacs middle name. All in all, the best day of Daimen, Dustin and Sapphires life, was the first day that they met, and all the drama and love began. And Sapphire was never ashamed to say: "My two stepbrothers both love me, and share me. With each other." ----------------------------------

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