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Archimedes Principle states that an object in a fluid experiences an upward force equals

to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. That explains why a block of steel
sinks but a boat made of steel can float! The average density of a boat -- the
combination of the steel and the air -- is very light compared to the average density of

Our Floating Device is built based on Archimedes Principle. When the Floating Device is
placed in a basin of water, it stays afloat because its average density is less than that of
water. It manage to displace a large volume of water to provide an upward force that is
equals to its weight.

When the Floating Device is loaded with 100 g of slotted mass on the platform, it sinks
further into the water and displaces more water to increase the upward force to balance
the increased in weight.

To sink the Floating Device completely when the load increases to 250 g in the platform,
we introduced slits at the right level on all 4 sides of the device. Water will be introduced
into the device through the slits when the device is loaded to 250 g and that will
increase the mass of the floating device, increasing its average density (the volume of
the device is not altered). As the water continues to flow in, the device will sink to the
bottom within 10 s. The four slits make sure water flows and increases the loading of
the device evenly so that it will not topple while sinking to the bottom.