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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Nutrition and Physical Activity Name: Stephanie Romero

Content Area: Physical Education Grade Level: 7th
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):
1.1. Describe the short- and long-term impact of nutritional choices on health.
1.2 Identify nutrients and their relationships to health.
1.3. Examine the health risks caused by food contaminants
2.1. Describe the influence of culture and media on body image.
6.1. Make a personal plan for improving ones nutrition and incorporating physical activity into daily routines.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

Students will know the importance of nutrition and health

The epidemic of obesity in the United States is at an all time high

The influence magazines and photoshop have on their audience

Students will gather the necessary information in order to determine if they are on the right path with knowing what food
intake they should be having

At the end of the unit, students should be able to answer the following questions:
1) What is considered a healthy diet?
2) How does knowing how to read food labels positively influence your life?
3) How can food the type of food you eat affect you physically and mentally? Both negatively and positively
4) How important is body image and the media influence?

Unit Summary:
In this health unit, students will learn the importance of how planning and eating a healthy diet can impact their life. Students
will revisit the food pyramid and how to categorize foods. They will then learn how to tell whether a certain type of food is
healthy or not. They will also learn the negative effects of having a poor diet can have on their bodies, health, and their futures.
Lastly, they will learn about body image and eating disorders. Media and magazines greatly influence adolescence as they start
to grow and develop. Therefore, the students will learn the truth behind it and how this can have negatively influence people
who think that a picture on a the cover of a magazine, is what they should look like.

Assessment Pla
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:
Webercise specifically on nutrition and 3 Paged paper that focuses on the
exercise important of health and why it is needed
Lecture notes on food labels and how to Powerpoint Presentation that you will be
understand them making with a partner, summarizing
Survey so that I can get to know about Concept map on body image, self-esteem, everything you have learned throughout
your personal health media, and eating disorders the unit
Discussions on the different ways people
can be affected by low self-esteem and
bad nutrition

Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities: Teacher lecture with powerpoint will demonstrate an overview of
Objective: Students will follow the unit, including the activities that they will be completing. Students are to follow
Students are to along with teacher to along and complete notes to make sure they understand the food pyramid and how
understand the basics further understand to read the nutritional information provided on the back of food products. Students
of the food pyramid why health and food will then complete the worksheet that is provided after the lecture is complete
and what is labels are so
considered a healthy important.
diet and how to read
the back of food

Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)

Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities: Students may use their ipads or laptops to complete this
Objective: Using the provided assignment. As they work their way through the webercise, they will read the
Students will be able websites, students questions that are provided and answer them by exploring the websites that I have
to understand the will be asked to provided for them along with the question. The websites work as good resources to
importance as to why complete a webercise explore more about nutrition and exercise and not just for the purpose of answering
nutrition and exercise in order to gather the questions. Students begin to understand why nutrition and exercise play such a
major role on their overall health.
are key. information on
nutrition and exercise.
Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)
Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities: Students will be asked to create a concept map in which they will
Objective: Make a presentation go into detail about eating disorders and examples of celebrities that have gone
Students are to learn that connects body through some of these disorders due to outside influences. They will begin by first
about the negative image with social reading articles about eating disorders and body image. After reading more about
side effects of the media and the these two topics, students will then be asked to research someone famous who
media, body image, influences it has on has struggled with an eating disorder. They will then continue their research by
exploring the person they have chosen more, such as learning how they began to
low self-esteem, and ones diet and health
struggle with the eating disorder and what they did to overcome that. The student
eating disorders. such as how that can
will explain why THEY think the person began to struggle with the disorder. Lastly,
lead to low self-
the students will tie all of this together using a concept map.
Unit Resources: - great website to create presentations - article that discusses how social media effects body image - learn more about eating right
Websites to help create your concept map:

Ms. Romeros Website with more resources:

Useful Websites:
Webercise Resources: -meal planning and more information about health - kids health - information about food and more - about eating disorders - how to calculate BMI