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Criteria A-Investigate

Introduction- Design Task

KC : Culture
RC : Collaboration
GC : Dimensions of time and space
SOI : Cultural identity is created as a result of time,
place, space and is passed on to others to meaningful
Role: Website designer

Task Specific Clarification

Design cycle

Inquiring and Analyzing


Identify the problem/issue/topic will you inquire?

We would be inquiring about travel and tourism for different countries

and the aspects for what they are best known. Our end product would be
a travel and tourism webpage.

Task 1-Design Need

Justify the need for a solution to this problem? Explain your
point of view
I feel that this final product / solution is required as peope must known the
place they are visiting for the curiosity/enthusiasm in them at the same time
they should also be prepared for the weather conditions and food to avoid any
kind of health issues.

Specify your client/target audience.

travellers, general public, business people would be our target audience.

Task 2-Research Plan (Mind map)

State a research plan to develop a solution to the problem.

Step 1 - did research using world wide web on the topic to gain prior
Step 2 - created survey to know the opinion of general public about tourism
Step 3 - researched on inquiry questions to know more with deeper
knowledge about the unit problem and solution
Step 4 - visited similar websites to gain ideas for developing our final product
Step 5 - summarized the research findings (primary and secondary research
in the form of investigation document)

What we need to learn

Primary Research Secondary Research

Survey and visited the researched Inquiry questions

on internet to gain knowledge.

Magazines, newspapers, websites,

blogs, videos, leaflets etc.

Information Available on Internet

Task 3 Existing Solutions
List the existing products you are aware of and analyze them Website title Website link

1) trip advisor


2) ihpl

3) wikitravel


Two best products that I choose -

1) I liked the ihpl website a lot as it is very interactive and

also user friendly. There is also a good use of pictures which
creates an interest in the user.
2) I also liked wikitravel a lot. This website doesn't have
much of interaction with the user but, does contain a lot of
images which let the user to actually imagine the place. Along
with images it gives the user a very good scope to
understand / predict his time in that place as it contains very
useful information in a precise format.

Survey Questionnaire
Inquiry Questions
Factual -
1. Define tourism, state its components
Tourism is marketing of the enjoyable and other features of
a place, city or country.
There are 5 main components of tourism
Accommodation- it is the place and environment
the tourism is in. it is the convenient arrangement for
a person to stay. One of the trend of accommodations
is holiday villages.
Accessibility- It is a way a tourist can reach the
area while spoting many attractions on the way.
Accessibility also means mode of transportation like-
road, rail, air and water transportation.
Amenities- it is the basic facilities provided by the
tourist destination.
Types of amenities-
Natural amenities
Sea bathing
Possibilities of fishing
Opportunities of trekking
Man-made amenities
Various types of entertainment
Facilities that cater special
Attractions- it is a place of interest which inherent
or exhibit cultural value, historical significance, natural
or built beauty or amusement opportunities.
Types of attractions
Natural attraction

Man-made attraction
Ancient monuments
Attractions include-
Other attractions

2. Explain the nature and significance of

Nature of tourism -
- Domestic tourism - travel taken within a national
boundary / with the country.
- International tourism - the movement of people
across countries.
- Package tourism - it is an arrangement in which
transport, food, travel plans and accommodations.
Significance -
- Development of the place (economically)
- Cultural enrichment
- Social exchange of ideas and practises with local
- New knowledge about different places

3. What are the causes for the growth of

tourism in recent times?
Attractive sites rich in history
Good climate
Religious factors (people often visit pilgrims according to
their believes)

4. How to improve tourism in India.

- Build proper roads and access points
- good transportation
- Sponsor for maintaining heritage site
- Making cities greener
- Develop more of hygiene and amenities for kids and
the disabled
- Have people who care for the customers
- Have to promote festivals to enhance Indian tradition
- Advertise through attractive ways

Conceptual -
1. What improvements need to be carried out
to enhance your level of satisfaction with India
as tourist destination?
This question is all about how a traveller or visitor has to be
satisfied with the improvement done by the tourism of the
tourist destination- India.
These improvements can be regarding the hospitality, the
safety, tour guide or a warm welcoming. These kind of
improvements have been happening in India since a long
period of time giving a lavish treatment to the tourism.
Another important improvement done by the tourism of
india was the visitor-friendly tradition. This act was
supported by and to everyone who came from varying
places. Also some of the other satisfying improvement are
- Build proper roads and access points
- good transportation
- Sponsor for maintaining heritage site
- Making cities greener
- Develop more of hygiene and amenities for kids and
the disabled etc.
Debatable -
1. Does tourism benefit hosting economy?
Yes, it does benefit the economy of the place because we
pay for our stay, travel, food and shoppings which further
are given for paying taxes hence these taxes bring a profit
to the government and its economy.

2. Does tourism bring its own traditions that

may serve to improve a city or area?
Tourism's Traditions can improve a city or area I do believe
that tourism's traditions can improve a city or an area if
those traditions can have a positive social and economic
impact. If those traditions can yield a net positive effect on
how a certain culture or society conducts business or treats
other individuals, then yes. Traditions are the buildings
blocks of great societies and they strengthen the overall
well being of nations.

Task 4 Design Brief

There are many foreigners visiting India every year to know
more and appreciate the diversified culture of India. I am
going to design a travel and tourism website that would
give a guide to all its users about India and its culture in
better better way that would help them in planning their
trip in a better way. This way I would also be spreading out
the knowledge about the culture of India that would bring
in more tourists every year which indirectly impacts and
benefits the Indian government by giving profits.

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Understanding of Inquiring and Analyzing


I was able to coordinate with all my group members and guide them through to complete
their work till now. I have also completed all my tasks individually and in a group with my
group members accordingly and have submitted all my tasks before deadline with all the
details and information required so I think I should be getting a 7 for this stage.