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Provisional Working Concept For GBS Radio Station

The decade leading up to the new millennium witnessed a number of significant
developments for Ugandan media.
The primary concern occupying Ugandan media watchers has been the twin
issue of quality and the potential of these radio stations to play a
more meaningful role in the community engagement.
The findings in many media surveys show that this model (media role in community
engagement) is not working according to the script due to a complex web of human,
economic and political considerations.
Currently, Uganda has registered a considerable growth in numbers of private FM broadcast
service providers in the country.
There are over 220 licensed FM radio stations, several repeater stations and new entrants are
also knocking at the media industrys door for license of late.
While Uganda prides herself in having the highest number of private stations on the African
continent, the findings of programme that satisfies the audience, editorial independence,
state of professionalism, and station management as key aspects of broadcasting, the findings
clearly demonstrate that it is a showcase of QUANTITY WITHOUT QUALITY.
Radio (mass media) is supposed to be an enormously powerful tool that can deliver
information, provide platforms for debate, open channels of communication, increase
understanding of complex issues and thus empower the people.
On that note, Genehen Broadcasting Services (GBS) plans to bridge the gap by getting into a
community oriented broadcasting in Arua and surrounding localities, to capture the
imagination of the community, will aim at delivering programmes with strong attachment on
social and economic goals to its audience. The radio will embark on community awareness,
sensitization and campaigns on issues such as reproductive health, malaria, HIV/AIDS,
Hepatitis, education, entrepreneurship, tuberculosis, hygiene, environmental awareness and
conservation, agriculture, gender based violence among others.
The comparative success of a radio station stands on how it engages its audience to check if
the programmes are of their needs and preferences, only audience research could tell if
people listen or like the programming. GBS will from time to time undertake audience
research with mixed methods to spark discussions with the community with the aim to assess
how the programmes are performing and know areas that need improvement.

1. To engage, educate, empower and entertain the community with relevant programmes.

2. To be the leading community based radio station that understands and satisfies the
information needs of the community in Northern Uganda a through creating a broadcast
avenue for disseminating community awareness, sensitization and campaigns on
reproductive health, education, entrepreneurship, drug abuse HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and
other health issues, environmental awareness and conservation and also promoting
agriculture among others.

3. To undoubtedly be a great instrument for agitating for change in societies within Northern
Uganda, a channel for causing and imparting positive social moral, economic
empowerment, Godly values etc in the entire community through tailored behavioral
change communication programmes.

To produce reliable and engaging programming as a way of raising less represented voices in
the media and diffusing massive awareness on socio-economic issues to the community.

A united community centered on socio-economic empowerment where media play a central
role in mainstreaming the interests of people.

Core Values:
The fear of God as the foundation of our existence and way of life.


Transparency and accountability

Community oriented

Creativity and Innovation

Professionalism and team work

Discipline and responsibility

Commitment to excellence


Speaking For A Better Community.

GBS radio station will be situated in Arua town, Northern Uganda East Africa.

Set up:
GBS radio station will be set up by seed radio equipment/grant donated by the well-wishers.
The primary reason for setting up GBS radio station will be to help bridge the information
gaps and transform the community by helping different socio-economic actors better
understand and respond to community concerns.

Sustainability plan:
After the initial set up equipment/grant, GBS radio station will be self-sustaining. The
following approaches will be put in place to ensure long term sustainability plan.
Establishing a robust institutional management framework responsible for overseeing
the technical and the administrative components of the project, yielding to
operational and financial efficiency.
Income generated from sale of Air time; national and local adverts, talk shows, radio
spots, program sponsorships and public service announcements, grants/donations.
Special packages like advertisers news and radio supplements will also supplement
revenues. The money will be used to cover the operational costs which include;
annual license and frequency fees, electricity bills/ fuel for generator, maintenance,
rent, depreciation, staff/volunteers remuneration and allowances.
Capacity building trainings for the staff; From time to time, the staff members will
undergo special trainings in various fields of production, news, programming,
management, public relations, audience research and marketing. This will enhance the
manpower skills with a much better understanding of the dynamics of broadcast,
knowledge to harness productivity efficiency and effectiveness in light of stiff
Acquisition of upgraded and more powerful equipments; in the long run theres need
to expand the project to reach out to a greater audience far away. This will mean
better signals, transition and other state of the art broadcasting equipments including
Outside Broadcast Van, staff van, standby automatic generator and power backups etc.
However, all these can only be achieved with revenues generated by the radio and
shareholders budget allocation.

GBS radio station will broadcast on a stereo FM transmitter that gives a well filtered sound
and clear signal output beamed with Omni-directional antennas that can cover a radius of up
to 50 kilometers around Arua and surrounding districts.

Target audience:
The audience is the most important asset to any broadcaster.
In an increasingly competitive and diverse Ugandan media landscape, ever-evolving and
demanding audiences, there is need to have a well-defined target audience.

GBS radio station plans to provide content that suits the most people, the primary focus will
be the age bracket between 8 45 years.
Audience research will be continually commissioned to inform whether the radio could keep
changing in that age brackets and the programmes are tailored inline with the findings.

GBS radio station will have 90% of the programmes broadcast in local language targeting the
ordinary people/audience that the radio wants to give them a voice and other languages will
constitute 10% of the programmes.

GBS radio station will have engaing, informative, educative and entertaining programmes on
all walks of life. The content will constitute of socio-economic issues that will meet the needs
of the target audience/community.
Programme schedule will be designed taking into consideration the findings of the audience
survey that will conducted in Arua district to inform programme development (what type of
programmes the proposed target audience may want to hear on the radio, for a need of
business programme, we can craft a programme like this one below;

A sample format for a 30 minutes business programme on GBS radio station could be;

Programme jingle & opening billboard 1 minute

Programme introduction 2 minutes

Business News 3 5 minutes

Main feature 7 10 minutes

Feedback 5 minutes

Business opportunities 3 minutes

Sponsors message 2 minutes

Closing remarks 2 minutes

Programme theme and closing billboard 1 minute

GBS radio station will have editorial independence as a key aspect of freedom of expression
and access to information, and presupposes non-interference in editorial decisions by both
founders and external interests/influences.
GBS understands that editorial independence is more critical when it comes to news, current
affairs and talk show programmes. Editorial independence will be jealously safe-guarded to
scoop credibility and good will from the community.

GBS radio station will have a blend of old and current local, National and international, music
and in the computerized music library which are schedule and fed to the on air studio that
meet the entertainment needs of the target audience.

To avoid the common practice of poaching, that is enticing staff from other radio stations
that normally carry with them the old bad radio habits to their next radio station, the
recruitment team will seek applications from new entrants in radio broadcasting. The
applicants for the different positions will be subjected to interviews selection done by a panel
of experts with wide knowledge in radio broadcasting (including marketing for radio and
Community groups/clubs will also contribute part of radio volunteers that will feed the radio
with the relevant contents.
Job descriptions and tasks will be clearly written and distributed to the staff/volunteers to
avoid fusion of roles that sometimes bring misunderstandings.

A typical job descriptions and responsibilities for the radio station will look like below;

Job Description Responsibilities/tasks

Station Manager Provide overall direction to leadership,

revenue, coordination and profitability.

Take full responsibility for the day to day

operations of the station.

Manage the various radio departments in

accordance with radio policies, procedures
and ensure that all operations are in
conformity with Government, broadcasting
and communication rules and regulations.

Direct plans with marketing personnel to

improve increased listener ship, sales and
hence revenues.

Develop periodical business and operational

plans for the radio station.

Create and maintain working relationship,

collaborating links, and strategic
alliances/partnership with the stake holders
including clients, advertising agencies, other
Media houses, to promote radio station
services in Northern Uganda, Uganda, East
Africa, Africa, and all round the globe.

Monitor markets to seize opportunities that

promote growth of the stations ratings and
Maintain a team work atmosphere that is
conducive to a successful and productive

valuating staff
Liaison between owners and employees

Ensure that the content for all

shows/programmmes are relevant to the
target audience
Negotiating the staff remuneration and
ensuring that their payments are effected on

Accountant Financial/credit control

Banking organization money.

Custodian of office imprest for daily


Sending out invoices and issuing receipts

Managing all financial transactions

Programmes Manager Overseeing day to day programming output

Ensuring that the content for all

shows/programmmes are relevant to the
target audience
Ensuring conformity to prescribed
format/format construction
Interpreting research data for programming
purposes/Programme research
Hands-on departmental supervision

Reviewing presenters and their shows

Monitoring on-air product

Liaising with training partners

Production Manager Scripting materials for advert production

Outputting advertising material.

Producing commercials.

Managing of voicing scripts or voicing scripts

Responsible for creating and coordinating the

content of Radio programmes
Managing the creative process including
producing and refreshing programme and
station jingles

News Editor Runs news department including editing news

and sound bytes
Assigns stories to reporters

Identifies news issues within community

Departmental budget management

Personnel duties

Marketing Manager Incharge of generating station revenues

Writing advertising proposals and selling it to

potential clients
Supervises the sales staff/department

Responsible for developing station sales plans

and goals

Technical Manager Responsible of all technical operations at the

Equipment maintenance/repairs

Overseeing and managing the transmission

system and system back up
Power maintenance

Programme Producers/Presenters/Hosts They are the voice of the programme

Host and produce programs, read commercial

copy and public service announcements.
Responsible for creating the tone and style of
Radio output and establishing a relationship
with listeners.
Radio Presenters present live or recorded
shows, scripted and unscripted Marketing

Marketing Executives Involved in a wide range of activities in order

to market the services and products of a radio
station to existing and potential listeners and
Make calls to and follow up the potential
advertisers to sell commercial inventory on
the station

Traffic Executive/Controller Responsible for scheduling advertising and

promotions in line with the business strategy
of a radio station or group of stations, in order
to ensure effectiveness and maximize revenue
Links the programming and sales departments
by collecting data to prepare a daily broadcast
Keeps track of up to the minute commercial
time availabilities and time slots for talk

Music Scheduler Ensures that music are schedule for all shows

Checks music libraries to get any new songs

Responsible for scheduling station run off


News reader Ensures that news articles are read at all

scheduled times

IT Manager Ensures the relevant broadcast and production

soft wares are installed on all computers
Maintains and repairs the computers

Updates anti-virus

Ensures that there is faster internet

connection at the station

Cleaner, Security Guard and cook

Ensure that the station premises is tidy

Keep close eyes on guest that come to

the station to ensure that they have
come for business related issues not
idling/stealing or causing havoc at the
Prepares tea for the staff and food
where possible

Marketing approach:
The marketing department of Radio GBS will design short marketing proposals based on
audience survey results and programme ratings and a copy of the audience survey report will
be accompanied to add some weight to the proposal that can easily persuade the client
Series of community events will also be run as part of the radio social responsibility plan. This
kind of event will also attract sponsorship and donations.

A sample advertising/sponsorship proposal could look like below;

July 7rd, 2015

The Managing Director

Kakira Sugar Group

Dear Mr. Singh,

Re: Sugarcane on GBS radio station

It was a pleasure communicating with you about the promotion of your product; Sugarcane.
We are prepared to undertake the campaign to promote your product on our station and
below we indicate the concept of the latest audience research insight survey has shown that
GBS radio station FM is a radio station rooted in community both in Arua District (at least 60%
listened last week) and for the whole Northern region (40% listened last week).
We believe that GBS radio station will give great value to Sugarcane and we look forward to
working with you even more effectively in rest of the year and beyond. In this context, we
wish to suggest various promotional and sponsorship opportunities.
Farmers Moment:
The farmers Moment, is one of the great features on the station with very huge audience
and will brand-align well with Sugarcane.
This is a breakfast show entertainment game. It is broadcast at approximately 8:25 am
Monday to Friday. Someone has to speak for one minute without deviation, hesitation or
repetition to highlight the advantages of farm products.
This feature can be used to exploit the brand attributes of Sugarcane and create great
awareness in community.
Name association is offered with this feature, so it will be called the Sugarcane-Moment.
One 90-seconds call (Morning at 7:45am) Monday-to-Friday
Recorded Sweepers before and after this feature, as a top and tail. Five intro and 5 outro a
1 x 30 second prime commercial, floating between 8:00 and 9:00am Monday to Friday.
3 x sweepers from Monday to Friday.
Recorded Sweepers:
These sweepers are produced locally in our production unit. They are parts of the GBS radio
programme and are tailored to suit our branding. Occasional changes can only be made to
these with reasonable notice.
Client Credits:
These are defined as: Sugarcane, realizing the sweetness in consuming and improving your
A positioning statement is defined as a branding slogan, which the client also uses on their
logo/building/vehicles, etc. Its for profile.
The over-all package & total airtime of the Sugarcane Moment: The real value of the
feature is as follows;

One 90-seconds call (Morning at 7:45am) Monday-to-Friday @ 50,000/= x 5 250,000/=

1 Morning Prime message/commercial (Mon-Fri) @ 60,000 300,000/=

5 promo sweepers (Mon-Sun) @ 30,000 x 7 1,050,000/=

Weekly Value 1,600,000/=

Monthly Value (1,600,000 x 4) 6,400,000/=

We look forward to a positive business relationship and being of great service to Sugarcane.
On top of Kakira Sugar Group increasing its sales, we also believe that the promotion will help
increasing awareness leading improved health of the people of this community. Kakira Sugar
Group and GBS radio station will be seen at the forefront improving health of the general
We hope these proposals are of interest to you. If you would like to proceed further, please
advise and we will finalize the necessary paperworks before going on air.

Yours Sincerely,

Ricky Moses Ojok

GBS radio station

Provisional rate card:

GBS radio station as a community oriented radio station will offer the following rates to its
clientele in order to be self sustaining. All prices are in Uganda shillings).
Advertising rate:
Time Duration and price of adverts in seconds per play

30 Seconds 45 Seconds

24:00 06:00 Hours 9,000/= 11,000/=

06:00 09:00 Hours 43,000/= 56,000/=

09:00 13:00 Hours 34,000/= 45,000/=

13:00 16:00 Hours 34,000/= 45,000/=

16:00 20:00 Hours 29,000/= 38,000/=

20:00 22:00 Hours 43,000/= 56,000/=

22:00 24:00 Hours 29,000/= 38,000/=

Run off station 30,000/= 40,000/=

D.J/Presenters mention:
(Not more than 45 seconds) 15,000/=
Advert production cost:
Greeting cards:
Customized Airtime /Talk show:
Minutes Price
15 Minutes 200,000/=

30 Minutes 400,000/=

60 Minutes 700,000/=

Note: Confirmation for talk shows should be made at least 3 days in advance.
Ordinary Special

31 - 40 words 31 - 40 words

2,000/= 3,900/=

Ordinary Special

31 - 40 words 31 - 40 words

5,200/= 7,800/=

Ordinary Special

31 - 40 words 31 - 40 words

19,500/= 26,000/=

Sponsorship cost:
Types of sponsorship Amount Period

Daily 3 hour block 3,500,000/= Monthly

Daily 1 hour block 3,250,000/= Monthly

Weekly 3 hour block 2,600,000/= Monthly

Weekly 1 hour block 1,950,000/= Monthly

Segment sponsorship 1,300,000/= Monthly

Main news bulletin 4,187,800/= Monthly

Adjacency to news 4,000,000/= Monthly

Business news 4,187,800/= Monthly

Adjacency to business news 4,000,000/= Monthly

News summary 3,900,000/= Monthly

Adjacency to news summary 3,350,000/= Monthly

News round up 4,187,800/= Monthly

Adjacency to news round up 3,900,000/= Monthly

Sports news 3,900,000/= Monthly

Adjacency to sports news 3,350,000/= Monthly

Note: Minimum contract period for sponsorship is 3 months.

Classified advertising:
Package Day Cost per spot Weekly Monthly

4 Spots daily Monday Friday 15,000/= 200,000/= 1,200,000/=

Note: Duration of advert should not exceed 40 seconds.

Prepared by;

Ojok Moses Ricky

Founder and director
Genehen Broadcasting Services

Tel: +256392901348/774976432


Skype: Ojok Moses Ricky