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The mirrored wall adds a

note of glamour and enhances
this light-filled space, while
an earthy-hued artwork
helps to anchor the scheme
and provides a warmer detail.
Nonsuch table lamps, 156
each, Oka,

Riverside Apartment

Stylish furnishings, statement art and views of the Thames give this
impressive series of rooms the feel of a luxury hotel
Word s Ju l iet B enning P h otogra p h s David e Lovat t i

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LIVING AREA Written on the Water: The Other
A simple palette of pale greys Side of Silence by Gareth Edwards,
and soft blues, inspired by Jill George Gallery, jillgeorge
the changing colours of the; Battersea from
river, blends the seating area the North by Desmond Healy,
with the rest of the room. Hampstead School of Art,
Artworks on wall (from left);
Drawing/lithograph by Antony East Coast by Leszek Skurski, Red
Gormley,; Corridor Gallery,

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he ideal Thameside apartment should DINING AREA
have unobstructed views, an excellent I thought that these tall
candlesticks were masculine
concierge service and a decent-sized enough for the apartment,
terrace, says Prof. Stefan Allesch-Taylor says Jane Churchill.
who, when searching for a new home, Strata candlesticks in Midnight,
found all of this in Londons Battersea. The situation is made from 363 each, William Yeoward, Chairs in
better still by the fact that the building, designed by architect
Topiary Velvet, 181.65m, Travers at
Richard Rogers, is not densely packed with apartments, Jane Clayton,
meaning the rooms oer plenty of space to breathe and Interior design, Jane Churchill,
allow for a free hand with decorating, which was done for
Stefan by interior designer Jane Churchill. The pair share
their memories of creating this luxurious and stylish home.

What made you decide to try apartment-style living?

SA I have often joked that many of the London homes I viewed
that fell within my price range, in the areas I prefer, were like
ladders with rooms coming off at each rung. I felt as if I would
be missing out on a lot of house, while with an apartment on
one floor, you really do feel as if youre using all the space,
all of the time. This place oers the whole package the
concierge sta are wonderful so that for me, its like having
a taste of America in London.

Can you tell us more about the design brief ?

JC I was asked to make the apartment feel like the most
comfortable hotel suite. While Stefan had no requests for a
particular colour palette or furnishings, we did give great
consideration to the fact that he is six foot eight inches tall
and made adjustments to furnishings to suit this: the break-
fast bar is set six inches higher than is standard, and the

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bespoke sofas have been made deeper to accommodate longer
legs. The bath is the largest one available on the market.

How did you divide up the space?

JC The original layout included three bedrooms and three
bathrooms, but we decided to join two of the bathrooms
together to make a room large enough to fit the expansive
bath and shower. We also made one of the three bedrooms into
a dressing room. This was a point of debate as Stefan was
reluctant to lose the third bedroom, but I convinced him that
to be really comfortable, he had to have a dressing room.
SA We also changed the kitchen, which was originally separate
from the sitting room. I wanted to open it up with Crittal doors,
but Jane encouraged me to remove the wall.

How do you keep the apartment in immaculate order?

SA I regard myself as allergic to bric--brac; I make an eort
to keep clutter down to the degree where anyone could come
to stay and not feel as if they were intruding on my private
life. From the beginning, my wish was to have a wonderful suite
of rooms worthy of a smart London hotel.

What makes riverside living so attractive to you?

SA A key part of Londons personality is the River Thames and,
although Id lived in the city for 20 years, Id never lived within
sight of it. The building sits rather majestically at an angle to
the water and the apartment and the terrace have a sweeping
view down a busy stretch towards Fulham and Chelsea. In
summer, while the rest of London swelters, the terrace catches
the rivers cooling breezes, so it gets a lot of use all year round.


KITCHEN The elegant, tailored look In this comfortable and
Jane lined the vertical edge of of the bedroom is continued inviting scheme (above),
the newly opened up wall with in this space (left), with built-in ornamentation has been
mirror glass to help blur the cupboards on all three walls, kept to a minimum so
boundary between the kitchen the door panels of which are guests feel that it is their
and dining area. It also lined with striped fabric. space during their stay.
emphasises the lovely effect Cupboard panels in Finlandia Headboard and valance in
made by the uplights in the in Denim, 128.40m, Altfield, Blocking in Stone/Sky, 69m,
floor in the evenings, she says. Woodwork in Slipper GP&J Baker,
Bespoke Belluno pendant lights, Satin, eggshell, 60 for 2.5 litres,
Vaughan, Farrow & Ball,

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The combination of strikingly
veined marble, wood-eect
parquet pattern floor tiles
and a vanity unit made to suit
Stefans height (left) fulfil the
brief for hotel-style luxury.
Wilton bathroom wall lights,
315 each, John Cullen,
Cavendish parquet porcelain
tiles, 125.22sq m, Capital
Designer Studio,

The set of photographs above
the bed (right and below)
records the construction of the
Eiel Tower over a period of
two years, two months and five
days. There was debate about
which carpet to have in this
room, with Jane persuading
Stefan to opt for a gentle stripe
for added interest, despite his
preference for plain. She was
right, of course, he concedes.
Headboard in Check Stripe in
Navy, 96m, George Spencer, Les Mineraux
Opale wallpaper, 131 a roll,
Big Ben artwork by Craig Alan,

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