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wood fireD grill

All grill sandwiches served with

parmesan garlic market chips & pickle

1/2 lb fresh ground burger $12

aged white cheddar, smoked slab bacon,
b.l.t. slaw, brioche bun
cedar paper wrapped salmon & potatoes $15
warm fingerling potato salad, grilled lemon,
shaved fennel, star anise oil
hot smoked chicken sandwich $11
sauted pear & onion compote, creamy brie,
toasted almond, frisee salad
shaved pork sandwich
with sweet & spicy gastrique $12
house cured pickles, crispy fried onions,
between grilled cheese sandwiches made
with Avalon Motown Multigrain
build your own $8+
1/3 lb burger or grilled chicken sandwich

grill sides
hot sides
cajun pork rinds $3| haystack onion rings $3
parmesan garlic market chips $2
warm fingerling potato salad $4
spud sides $3
malt vinegar steak fries
sweet potato fries | crinkle cut fries
choice of poutine +$2
Add to any spud side

side salads $3
celery seed vinegar slaw | b.l.t slaw

deli sandwiches
All deli sandwiches served with
parmesan garlic market chips & pickle

smoked turkey $8
smoked turkey, walnut pesto, granny smith
apple, sharp white cheddar, ciabatta roll
grilled portobello $8
(vegetarian) wilted arugula, goat cheese, ember
charred onions & peppers, slow roasted tomato pesto,
grilled ciabatta, served open face
press room reuben $9
Sy Ginsberg corned beef, gruyere cheese,
caraway sauerkraut, 1000 island, marble rye
the italian $9
salami, hot capicola, prosciutto, fontina cheese, roma
tomato, arugula, banana peppers, baguette
southern grilled caesar $10
grilled baby romaine, cornbread croutons, tomato
raisins, crispy parmesan, buttermilk fried chicken, lemon
& maple caesar dressing
raw $7
(vegetarian) kale, carrot, green bean, radish, orange
segments, apples, herbs, avocado, corn, peppers &
onions, almonds, extra virgin olive oil,
cracked black pepper
moody bleu cheese $14
spinach, arugula, dried figs, granny smith apples,
toasted walnuts, red onion, crispy prosciutto, balsamic
reduction, grilled skirt steak
pea shoots $13
wilted pea shoots, herb roasted beets, manchego
cheese, radish, sweet peas, toasted almonds, grilled
smoked shrimp, charred lemon, warm balsamic

soup du jour

grilled chicken & pesto $14
blistered cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, pesto,
house sundried tomato filets
poached pear & gorgonzola $13
(vegetarian) poached pears, balsamic onions,
pancetta & goat cheese $13
pancetta, butter braised leeks, goat cheese
smoked bacon & onion $13
brussel sprouts, smoked bacon, caramelized onion
roasted mushroom $12
(vegetarian) roasted mushrooms, fontina,
taleggio thyme
bacon, salami & sausage $15
bacon, salami, fennel sausage, guanciale,
tomato & mozzarella
buffalo mozzarella & tomato $12
(vegetarian) buffalo mozzarella, tomato,
Genovese basil, cracked pepper
build your own $10+

All pasta dishes served with artisan roll

gnocchi $10
(vegetarian) pesto & oven dried tomatoes
pasta bolognese $12