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8:10- 9:00 3rd Grade Rotation

9:05-9:55 Kindergarten Rotation

10:05- 10:55 1st Grade Rotation

11:05- 11:55 2nd Grade Rotation

12:05-12:35 LUNCH BREAK


1:35-2:35 4th Grade Rotation

NOTE Classes may be scheduled into the library for collaborative or curriculum relevant lessons on an as
needed basis.

CHECK OUT POLICY In order to check out a book, students must have permission from home and take
responsibility for lost or damaged books. A permission form is located in the front of each agenda or from
THE LIBRARY Kindergarten students do not check out books the first semester. Books are provided to
the teacher for classroom use. Students may begin checking out books from the Easy section second
semester depending on their teacher. 1st grade students may select 1 book for check out and 2nd through
4th grade students may select 2 books for check out the first 9 weeks. Beginning the second 9 weeks, 1st
grade students may select 2 books and 2nd through 4th grade students may select 3 books. Books are
checked out for a 2 week period and may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks if needed as long as no
other student is waiting for the book. Students may check out and return books during their library
rotation time or during open check out times. Students in all grades attend library classes as part of a
seven day rotation. Staff may check out as many books or materials as needed. Items checked out are due
back by the end of the year.

BOOK SELECTION I believe students should be free to select books that interest them. If a student
wishes to learn about snakes or dinosaurs, I will attempt to guide him/her to an appropriate level book on
that subject. First grade students begin check out in the Easy section of the library and add additional
genres throughout the school year. Second through fourth grade students are welcome to select books
from all sections of the library so they can enjoy various types of literature. Students in first through fourth
grade are encouraged to select one or two books they can read independently and one they would like to
have read to them. We spend time discussing books for independent reading, exploring books by various
authors and illustrators, and using the "five finger test" to judge the readability of a book. We also involve
our students in the Accelerated Reader program which encourages reading at their current proximal level
of independent reading.If your child selects a book which they do not like, or one which you do not like, or
feel is appropriate, please return the book the next day and select another. If your child consistently
makes selections which you feel are inappropriate, please feel free to contact me.

OVERDUE POLICY We do not charge a fine for overdue books. Overdue notices are sent out on a routine
basis, usually each nine weeks. Students with an overdue book or books may not check out additional
books until the overdue items are returned. If you notice your child is not bringing home new books,
please ask if a book is considered lost or overdue. Sometimes, you send the book back, but it does not
make it to the library.A bill will be sent for lost books, if the items are not returned by the end of each
semester. Books may not be kept out over the Christmas or summer holidays. I attempt to instill a sense
of responsibility for the library and its books. This means students are responsible for caring for books,
using a bookmark, and renewing and returning books on time, so others may borrow them.Students who
do not return items at the end of year will not be allowed to participate in end of year library celebrations.
Their report card will also be held in the office if necessary.

DAMAGED AND LOST BOOK POLICY Accidents happen! Puppies chew (usually new) books, juice
containers leak in backpacks, younger siblings use them for creative art projects, and books get left
outside. Most children are responsible and if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the
responsibility to report and, if necessary, to replace a book which gets damaged while in a student's care.If
a book page accidentally rips, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tapes and
glue, which resist heat and won't discolor. Return the book with a note and we will gladly repair it.If a book
becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost. Most of our books are library
editions, meant to take heavy use, and not the trade editions sold in bookstores. A notice will be sent
home with your child to inform you of the replacement cost. Students with damaged/lost book fees may
not check out additional books until the fees are paid.

Returned Checks: In addition to what is outlined in the handbook, returned checks written for library
related fees/activities will result in the loss of library privileges for the student until the check and
associated fees have been paid in full.

CURRICULUM Our library curriculum covers several topics including:library behavior book parts library
call numbers literary genres story elements research techniques independent use of the library In addition
we use library instruction time to make cross-curricular connections whenever possible to geography,
history, science, math, art, language arts, and music.