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Student Feedback Survey Questions

The purpose of this survey is to find out about your views of your internship experience. The information will be
useful to further improve the teaching and learning practices in RP and the design of the internship programme
for students.

We would like to assure you that the information you give us is completely confidential, and it will have no
effect on your IIP grades. Your school liaison officer will not be able to view your feedback. Your name will not
be associated with anything you have written in the feedback form.
Job Function Admin/HR

The resume training session conducted by my school Neutral Q2 has equipped me with useful knowledge for effective resume writing. During Internship Q4 I was able to accomplish the assigned tasks. Agree I was able to communicate (both verbal and written) Strongly Agree Q6 effectively with others. The interview training session conducted by my school Neutral Q3 has equipped me with useful knowledge on effective interviewing skill. I was interested in the work assigned to me and was Strongly Agree Q7 willing to learn. . Please rate the following statements regarding your internship experience: Before Internship My school has briefed me adequately on my role and Agree Q1 responsibility as an intern during the internship preparatory training. Strongly Agree Q5 I was able to identify issues and solve them effectively. I was able to take initiative and offered assistance to Strongly Agree Q8 others.

5 The internship has helped me understand the need to Neutral Q1 adapt and respond positively to unplanned changes at 6 work. After Internship Q1 I have gained useful work and learning experience from Agree 3 this internship. Neutral . Q1 The internship has helped me understand the Agree 4 expectations of an employee at the workplace. I was able to work with others and contributed well as a Strongly Agree Q9 team player Q1 I received adequate supervision and guidance from my Agree 0 company supervisor and colleagues. Q1 Agree The internship has prepared me for the working world. I am satisfied with the internship experience. Q1 How many times does your school liaison officer visit 2 2 you during your internship. Q1 Overall. Q1 I can approach my school liaison officer for assistance if Strongly Agree 1 I encounter any issue with my internship.

self-discoveries.7 Q1 I would recommend this company to fellow RP students Neutral 8 for future internship. Q2 [ text ] What are the most positive aspects of your internship? 0 What new learnings have you gained as a result of this Q2 internship experience (i. etc) and how does it help you in your Web Development future career? Q2 How do you think your internship experience can be If the internship was something related to my course. Q1 My internship company has offered me a full-time job No 9 after my internship.e new skills. 2 further improved? . Business Administration tasks 1 career awareness.