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CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook

Section 3.2 Typical MaintenanceTasks 10 Parking and Mooring

Tie down aircraft.
05 Time limits/Maintenance checks Park, secure and cover aircraft.
100 hour check (general aviation aircraft). Position aircraft in maintenance dock.
B or C check (transport category aircraft). Secure rotor blades.
Assist in carrying out a scheduled maintenance check i.a.w. AMM. 11 Placards and Markings
Review Aircraft Maintenance Log for correct completion.
Review records for compliance with airworthiness directives. Check aircraft for correct placards.
Review records for compliance with component life limits. Check aircraft for correct markings.
Procedure for Inspection following heavy landing.
12 Servicing
Procedure for Inspection following lightning strike.
Refuel aircraft.
06 Dimensions/Areas Defuel aircraft.
Locate component(s) by zone/station number. Carry out tank to tank fuel transfer.
Perform symmetry check. Check/adjust tyre pressures.
Check/replenish oil level.
07 Lifting and Shoring Check/replenish hydraulic fluid level.
Check/replenish accumulator pressure.
Assist in:
Charge pneumatic system.
Jack aircraft nose or tail wheel.
Grease aircraft.
Jack complete aircraft.
Connect ground power.
Sling or trestle major component.
Service toilet/water system.
08 Levelling/Weighing Perform pre-flight/daily check.
Level aircraft. Vibration and Noise Analysis
Weigh aircraft.
Analyse helicopter vibration problem.
Prepare weight and balance amendment.
Analyse noise spectrum.
Check aircraft against equipment list.
Analyse engine vibration.
09 Towing and Taxiing Air Conditioning
Prepare aircraft for towing. Replace combustion heater.
Tow aircraft. Replace flow control valve.
Be part of aircraft towing team. Replace outflow valve.
Replace safety valve.
Replace vapour cycle unit.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook CAP 741

Replace air cycle unit. Repair co-axial cable.

Replace cabin blower. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Replace heat exchanger.
Replace pressurisation controller. Electrical Power
Clean outflow valves. Charge lead/acid battery.
Check operation of air conditioning/heating system. Charge ni-cad battery.
Check operation of pressurisation system. Check battery capacity.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Deep-cycle ni-cad battery.
Replace integrated drive/generator/alternator.
Replace switches.
Install servos. Replace circuit breakers.
Rig bridle cables Adjust voltage regulator.
Replace controller. Change voltage regulator.
Replace amplifier. Amend electrical load analysis report.
Replacement of auto flight system LRUs in the case of fly-by-wire Repair/replace electrical feeder cable.
aircraft Perform functional check of integrated drive/generator/altenator.
Check operation of auto-pilot. Perform functional check of voltage regulator.
Check operation of auto-throttle/auto-thrust. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Check operation of yaw damper.
Perform autopilot gain adjustments. Equipment/Furnishings
Perform mach trim functional check. Replace carpets.
Check autoland system. Replace crew seats.
Check flight management systems. Replace passenger seats.
Check stability augmentation system. Check inertia reels.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Check seats/belts for security.
Check emergency equipment.
Check ELT for compliance with regulations.
Replace VHF comm unit. Repair toilet waste container.
Replace HF comm unit. Repair upholstery.
Replace existing antenna. Change cabin configuration.
Replace static discharge wicks. Replace cargo loading system actuator.
Check operation of radios. Test cargo loading system.
Perform antenna VSWR check. Replace escape slides/ropes.
Perform Selcal operational check.
Perform operational check of passenger address system.
Functionally check audio integrating system.

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CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook

Fire Protection Fuel

Check fire bottle contents. Water drain system (operation).
Check/test operation of fire/smoke detection and warning system. Replace booster pump.
Check cabin fire extinguisher contents. Replace fuel selector.
Check lavatory smoke detector system. Replace fuel tank cells.
Check cargo panel sealing. Replace/test fuel control valves.
Install new fire bottle. Replace magnetic fuel level indicators.
Replace fire bottle squib. Replace water drain valve.
Inspect engine fire wire detection systems. Check/calculate fuel contents manually.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Check filters.
Flight Controls Flow check system.
Check calibration of fuel quantity gauges.
Inspect primary flight controls and related components i.a.w. AMM Check operation feed/selectors
Inspect extending/retracting flaps and slats. Check operation of fuel dump/jettison system.
Replace horizontal stabiliser. Fuel transfer between tanks.
Replace spoiler/lift dumper. Pressure de-fuel
Replace elevator. Pressure re-fuel (manual control)
Deactivation/reactivation of aileron servo control. Deactivation/reactivation of the fuel valves (transfer de-fuel, X-feed,
Replace aileron.
Replace rudder.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Replace trim tabs.
Install control cable and fittings. Hydraulics
Replace slats.
Replace flaps. Replace engine driven pump.
Replace powered flying control unit Check/replace case drain filter.
Replace flap actuator Replace standby pump.
Rig primary flight controls. Replace hydraulic motor pump/generator.
Adjust trim tab. Replace accumulator.
Adjust control cable tension. Check operation of shut off valve.
Check control range and sense direction of movement. Check filters/clog indicators.
Check for correct assembly and locking. Check indicating systems.
Functional test of primary flight controls. Perform functional checks.
Functional test of flap system. Pressurisation/depressurisation of the hydraulic system.
Operational test of the side stick assembly. PTU operation
Operational test of the THS Troubleshoot faulty system.
THS system wear check.
Troubleshoot faulty system.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook CAP 741

Ice and Rain Protection Relace gear retraction actuator.

Replace uplock/downlock assembly.
Replace pump.
Replace shimmy damper.
Replace timer.
Rig nose wheel steering.
Inspect/repair propeller de-ice boot.
Functional test of the nose wheel steering system.
Test propeller de-icing system.
Replace shock strut seals.
Inspect/test wing leading edge de-icer boot.
Servicing of shock strut.
Replace anti-ice/de-ice valve.
Replace brake unit.
Install wiper motor.
Replace brake control valve.
Check operation of systems.
Bleed brakes.
Operational test of the pitot-probe ice protection.
Replace brake fan.
Operational test of the TAT ice protection.
Test anti skid unit.
Operational test of the wing ice protection system.
Test gear retraction.
Operational test of the engine air-intake ice protection (with engines in
operation). Change bungees.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Adjust micro switches/sensors.
Charge struts with oil and air.
Indicating/recording systems Test outbrake system.
Replace rotorcraft skids.
Replace flight data recorder (FDR). Replace rotorcraft skid shoes.
Replace cockpit voice recorder. Pack and check floats.
Replace clock. Check/test emergency blowdown.
Replace master caution unit. Operational test of the landing gear doors.
Perform flight data recorder data retrieval. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Implement ESD procedures.
Inspect for HIRF requirements. Lights
Start/stop EIS procedure.
Bite test of the CFDIU. Repair/replace rotating beacon.
Ground scanning of the central warning system. Repair/replace landing lights.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Repair/replace navigation lights.
Repair/replace interior lights.
Landing Gear Replace ice inspection lights.
Repair/replace logo lights.
Build up wheel. Repair/replace emergency lighting system.
Replace main wheel. Perform emergency lighting system checks.
Replace nose wheel. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Replace steering actuator.
Relace truck tilt actuator.

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CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook

Navigation Pneumatic Systems

Calibrate magnetic direction indicator. Replace filter.
Replace airspeed indicator. Replace air shut off valve.
Replace altimeter. Replace pressure regulating valve.
Replace air data computer. Replace compressor.
Replace VOR unit. Recharge dessicator.
Replace ADI. Adjust regulator.
Replace HSI. Check for leaks.
Check pitot static system for leaks. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Check operation of directional gyro.
Functional check weather radar. Vacuum Systems
Functional check doppler. Inspect the vacuum system i.a.w. AMM.
Functional check TCAS. Replace vacuum pump.
Functional check DME. Check/replace filters.
Functional check ATC Transponder. Adjust regulator.
Functional check flight director system. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Functional check inertial nav system.
Complete quadrantal error correction of ADF system. Water/Waste
Update flight management system database. Replace water pump.
Check calibration of pitot static instruments. Replace tap.
Check calibration of pressure altitude reporting system. Replace toilet pump.
Check marker systems. Inspect waste bin flap closure.
Compass replacement direct/indirect. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Check Satcom.
Check GPS. Central Maintenance System
Test AVM.
Retrieve data from CMU.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Replace CMU.
Oxygen Perform BITE check.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Inspect on board oxygen equipment.
Purge and recharge oxygen system. Airborne Auxiliary power
Replace regulator.
Replace oxygen generator. Install APU.
Test crew oxygen system. Inspect hot section.
Perform auto oxygen system deployment check. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Troubleshoot faulty system.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook CAP 741

Structures Propeller
Sheet metal repair. Assemble prop after transportation.
Fibre glass repair. Replace propeller.
Wooden repair. Replace governor.
Fabric repair. Adjust governor.
Recover fabric control surface. Perform static functional checks.
Treat corrosion. Check operation during ground run.
Apply protective treatment. Check track.
Check setting of micro switches.
Doors Assess and dress out blade damage i.a.w. AMM.
Inspect passenger door i.a.w. AMM. Dynamically balance prop.
Rig/adjust locking mechanism. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Adjust air stair system.
Check operation of emergency exits. Main Rotors
Test door warning system. Install rotor assembly.
Remove and install passenger door i.a.w. AMM. Replace blades.
Remove and install emergency exit i.a.w. AMM. Replace damper assembly.
Inspect cargo door i.a.w. AMM. Check track.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Check static balance.
Check dynamic balance.
Replace windshield.
Replace direct vision window. Rotor Drive
Replace cabin window. Replace mast.
Repair transparency. Replace drive coupling.
Wings Replace clutch/freewheel unit
Replace drive belt.
Skin repair. Install main gearbox.
Recover fabric wing. Overhaul main gearbox.
Replace tip. Check gearbox chip detectors.
Replace rib.
Replace integral fuel tank panel. Tail Rotors
Check incidence/rig. Install rotor assembly.
Replace blades.

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CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook

Tail Rotor Drive Piston Engines

Replace bevel gearbox. Remove/install reduction gear.
Replace universal joints. Check crankshaft run-out.
Overhaul bevel gearbox. Check tappet clearance.
Install drive assembly. Check compression.
Check chip detectors. Extract broken stud.
Check/install bearings and hangers. Install helicoil.
Check/service/assemble flexible couplings. Perform ground run.
Check alignment of drive shafts. Establish/check reference RPM.
Install and rig drive shafts. Troubleshoot.

Rotorcraft Flight Controls Turbine Engines

Install swash plate. Replace module.
Install mixing box. Replace fan blade.
Adjust pitch links. Hot section inspection/boroscope check.
Rig collective system. Carry out engine/compressor wash.
Rig cyclic system. Carry out engine dry cycle.
Rig anti-torque system. Engine ground run.
Check controls for assembly and locking. Establish reference power.
Check controls for operation and sense. Trend monitoring/gas path analysis.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Troubleshoot.

Power Plant Fuel and Control Piston

Build up ECU. Replace engine driven pump.
Replace engine. Adjust AMC.
Repair cooling baffles. Adjust ABC.
Repair cowling. Install carburettor/injector.
Adjust cowl flaps. Adjust carburettor/injector.
Repair faulty wiring. Clean injector nozzles.
Assist in dry monitoring check. Replace primer line.
Assist in wet monitoring check. Check carburettor float setting.
Assist in engine start (manual mode). Troubleshoot faulty system.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook CAP 741

Fuel and Control Turbine Check control sync (multi-eng).

Replace FCU. Check controls for correct assembly and locking.
Replace Engine Electronic Control Unit (FADEC). Check controls for range and sense of operation direction of
Replace Fuel Metering Unit (FADEC). movement.
Replace engine driven pump. Adjust pedestal micro-switches.
Clean/test fuel nozzles. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Clean/replace filters. Engine Indicating
Adjust FCU.
Functional test of FADEC. Replace engine instrument(s).
Troubleshoot faulty system. Replace oil temperature bulb.
Replace thermocouples.
Ignition Systems Piston Check calibration.
Change magneto. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Change ignition vibrator.
Exhaust Piston
Change plugs.
Test plugs. Replace exhaust gasket.
Check H.T. leads. Inspect welded repair.
Install new leads. Pressure check cabin heater muff.
Check timing. Troubleshoot faulty system.
Check system bonding.
Troubleshoot faulty system. Exhaust Turbine
Change jet pipe.
Ignition Systems Turbine
Change shroud assembly.
Perform functional test of the ignition system. Install trimmers.
Check glow plugs/ignitors. Inspect/replace thrust reverser.
Check H.T. leads. Replace thrust reverser component.
Check ignition unit. Deactivate/reactivate thrust reverser.
Replace ignition unit. Operational test of the thrust reverser system.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Engine Controls
Change oil.
Rig thrust lever. Check filter(s).
Rig RPM control. Adjust pressure relief valve.
Rig mixture HP cock lever. Replace oil tank.
Rig power lever. Replace oil pump.

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CAP 741 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Logbook

Replace oil cooler.

Replace firewall shut-off valve.
Perform oil dilution test.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Replace starter.
Replace start relay.
Replace start control valve.
Check cranking speed.
Troubleshoot faulty system.
Turbocharger Piston Engines
Replace PRT.
Replace turbo-blower.
Replace heat shields.
Replace waste gate.
Adjust density controller.
Engine Water Injection
Replace water/methanol pump.
Flow check water/methanol system.
Adjust water/methanol control unit.
Check fluid for quality.
Troubleshoot faulty system
Accessory Gearboxes
Replace gearbox.
Replace drive shaft.
Check/inspect magnetic chip detector.

Removal/installation of the APU.
Removal/installation of the inlet guide-vane actuator.
Operational test of the APU.

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