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2015 Winter Review

Official Newsletter of the James S. Measell Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America
2014-2015 Executive Board

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Courtney Zemke of

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Katie Pusz

What a year it has been! As I ment of the local PR community—
wrap up my term as chapter president, professionals, Wayne State faculty, the

I am excited to showcase what we at PRSA Detroit chapter and so many

Wayne State others—has had such a profound

PRSSA have impact on our chapter. An impressive
accomplished. precedent of service and leadership

Over has been set for my peers and me, and

Chelsey Conlon the course we are well-prepared and excited to do

of my term, it justice.
I’ve had With that same gratitude in

the unique mind, I want to acknowledge the

opportunity 2014-2015 executive board and gener-

to witness al membership for your commitment

first hand just to our chapter. You make this organi-

how beneficial membership in PRS- zation what it is. Your ambition and

Chelsea Litton

SA—in Wayne State PRSSA—can be. talent inspire me daily and drive me to

Having a part in providing my peers be a better student, leader and profes-
and classmates with the transformative sional. Thank you for being a part of

experience that participation in this Wayne State PRSSA, and continuing
s es

organization provides is one of my to advance our chapter through your
ce r
vi e P

greatest pleasures, and I am endlessly dedication and service.
er ic
rS V

thankful to have been entrusted with As Wayne State PRSSA
such a duty. transitions into the next year with

Sarah Kuzdak It has been a productive year new leadership and a growing mem-

for our chapter, one marked with bership, there is no limit to what this
opportunity and growth. A multi- chapter is capable of. I am honored to

tude of agency tours, guest speakers, have served as the 2014-2015 chapter

conferences, meetings and fundraisers president and look forward to what is
have brought our members together certain to be a remarkable future for
in learning more about the industry, Wayne State PRSSA.

expanding our networks and enhanc- Here’s to a great year, and

Leah Vandercook

ing our education. We worked hard many more to come!

to improve our chapter and ourselves
and achieved plenty along the way. We Sincerely,

have so much to be proud of.

While reflecting on this year’s Catia Sabak
accomplishments, it is critical to keep

in mind those who helped make it all

possible. The support and encourage-

Aaron Filipski

2 | Salute
Wayne State PR program seeks national
accreditation from PRSA
By Cory Rocca certification process as, “a voluntary is very important to the program, and
program of quality-assurance endorse- has made him very excited about his
Incoming college students ment for studies in public relations at future in PR at WSU and in his career.
from around the country looking to colleges and universities worldwide.” “Having an accredited pro-
major in public relations may find that The curriculum of the program is also gram is a huge opportunity for the
Wayne State is the place to go. WSU’s assessed by the commission from students that are studying in this field,”
PR program has recently undergone an PRSA. Gamblin said.
evaluation to receive national ac- The informal reception in
creditation and certification from the February was not only beneficial for
Public Relations Society of America, the team from PRSA here to review
or PRSA, and the results will be in the program, but also for students like
sometime next month. Gamblin.
“It will really elevate the “It was interesting speaking
program, give it visibility and even with them about PRSSA and how
more credibility,” said Shelly Najor, important it truly is for people going
director of the undergraduate public into the public relations field. It was
relations program. also interesting to hear it not coming
Najor has been working from just our professors here, but
on getting WSU’s PR program this Above left: Robert ‘Pritch’ Pritchard (far left) and Don actually people who are in charge of
Egle (far right) meet with PRSSA students as part of a
high-accreditation for the past year. PRSSA national accreditation review during their Feb. 23
hiring public relations professionals.”
And the process has been no easy visit. Photos: Catia Sabak Gamblin will be serving on
task. the WSU chapter of the PRSSA
Since last April, Najor has board next fall. He said he wants to
been gathering information on the learn the leadership skills that come
program, talking to students, faculty, with being on the board, and if the
alumni, and evaluating the depart- program is granted with the national
ment’s budget. Najor outlined studies certification, it will be all the more
the department holds, its library valuable for him and all students in
budget and holdings and the database the WSU PR program.
access it has. The lengthy process If the program is granted the
also involved a team from the Com- certification, it will be one out of only
mission on PR Education from PRSA two schools in the state with national
coming to Wayne to meet with Najor, recognition; the other is Ferris State
the provost and faculty. They also sat University.
in on classes and attended an informal The accreditation is formally Najor said that she should
meeting with PR students during their called a Certification for Education in informally find out if the certification
visit in late February. Public Relations. is recognized next month, but it would
The application process, ac- The certification opportunity not be formally announced until Octo-
cording to Najor, is designed to show has current students in the department ber at the PRSA international confer-
the PRSA’s branch of education that excited. ence in Atlanta.
the program meets national stan- Travis Gamblin is a PR ma-
dards, and that during the process the jor and a member of Wayne State’s This article originally appeared in The
program is, “looked at with a micro- chapter of Public Relations Student South End, Wayne State University’s
scope.” Society of America, PRSSA. He student-run newspaper.
The PRSA describes the said he thinks that the accreditation

2015 Winter Review | 3
The Eisbrenner Experience Levo leaders share
By Katie Pusz stories. inspiration, advice
The emulsifying value at Eis-
My heels click up a stairway brenner is the importance of the team. By Courtney Zemke
that leads into a small, Royal Oak Of course the employees told us that,
building off West 4th Sreet. Once but anyone paying even the slightest On Feb. 19, the Wayne State
inside, I proceed into a rustic-chic attention would notice it. The employ- PRSSA chapter partnered with the
elevator that swiftly carries me to the ees and founders all joked, teased and Detroit Local Levo chapter to host
third floor. I step prodded at one an- “Lifestages: Learning from Leaders”
out and face a glass other with ease and in the Bernath Auditorium inside
wall that reads, comfort. As Tom Wayne State’s undergraduate library.
“Eisbrenner Public later mentioned, Levo League is a growing
Relations.” I have there really isn’t a community of professional women
arrived. structure. He walks seeking advice, inspiration and the
I’m greeted around, talks and tools needed to succeed. The group
immediately by a works alongside publishes multiple articles online ev-
friendly face from everyone else. eryday with topics including lifestyle,
the Eisbrenner Photo: Katie Pusz Eisbrenner’s fashion and career advice.
team, who is just as welcoming and go with the flow attitude, however, Apart from its digital au-
cheery as the orange walls, pool table is exactly what helps it to flourish. dience, Levo League has 30 local
and “The Office” bobble heads on Every team member emphasized how chapters. Detroit is Levo League’s
everyone’s desk. She leads me into a different day-to-day is. Some days 30th chapter and WSU PRSSA was
conference room. The table is lined they stay until 8 p.m., and some days thrilled to get exposure on the Wayne
with candy, Girl Scout cookies and they leave right on time. Notice how State campus. Local chapters provide
plenty of papers. I‘m quickly joined I said “they”? The team acts as a unit mentorship and networking opportuni-
by six or seven other WSU PRSSA to ensure that no one person is ever ties with local career-minded women.
members and two others from the Eis- tossed to the sharks. If one person is Lifestages: Learning from
brenner team. We introduce ourselves, swamped and another has only a few Leaders was organized by Sara Mah-
break the ice with a few laughs, and low-priority tasks, that person jumps mood, Detroit’s Levo chapter leader.
quickly get down to business: public in to help balance the other’s work Twenty-eight women and one gentle-
relations with a twist of Eisbrenner. load. If one person is staying late, you man gathered to talk to a panel of met-
“I like a challenge, and most can guarantee he or she will be joined ro-Detroit leaders. Topics ranged from
of the people here do,” said Tom Eis- by several others. finding a mentor, losing a mentor,
brenner, founder and CEO of Eisbren- Another bold-faced topic was negotiating in the workplace to much,
ner Public Relations. the difference between public relations much more.
Yes, the man who gave life to at an agency versus a corporation. Panelists included Elaine
Eisbrenner was sitting at our table, and The biggest divide? Agency life is not DeGroot Lundin, manager of the tax
all too eager to share with us the Eis- – more like, cannot be— scheduled. return preparation group at General
brenner way. His casual, nonchalant As one member put it, “sure, you can Motors; Amy Michael, curriculum
presence at our college agency tour, have a planner and write out what you developer at General Motors; Heather
however, had already spoken volumes want to accomplish every day, but Lindell Klish, vice president of oper-
about Eisbrenner’s character. it’s probably not going to happen like ations at AxleTech International; and
Tom spoke passionately about that.” The lack of structure also pushes Jill Dunphy, yoga instructor at Red
the agency’s values, which we quick- business politics to a minimum. Agen- Lotus Yoga.
ly learned are the building blocks of cy life, as Eisbrenner reflected, is high-
Eisbrenner’s existence. The rest of the ly individualistic. Like cars? Take on
two-hour agency tour consisted of a some automotive clients. Social media
fifteen-minute rotation between groups nerd? Get to Facebook-ing! Eisbrenner
of two Eisbrenner members who is all about your unique interests and
reinforced Tom’s value-based policy skills, and what those traits can bring
by illustrating their day-to-day work to the table.
life through shared experiences and Everything up to this point has
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4 | Salute
‘Identity’ revealed to PRSSA students
By Amanda Knaebel on a leap of faith, an idea to challenge strategic content, educating a client,
traditional agency structure and a finding the correct platform to share
Wayne State PRSSA students well-predicted hunch that technology on, maximizing exposure of the brand
visited Identity PR Friday Feb. 13 for would transform branding strategy. and overviewing which strategies were
career advice, case studies, a tour the most successful and why.
of the office and a Q&A session She stressed that as import-
with recent graduates. ant as it is to write, it is equally
Identity is a fully integrat- important to read in order to stay
ed public relations firm, focusing informed about what is going on
on social media, creative services, in both your own industry as well
brand strategy, media relations as your client’s industry. Capizzo
and marketing. Identity handles a mentioned that Identity subscribes
combination of “business to busi- to about 150 publications.
ness” and “business to consumers” PRSSA members also en-
clients. joyed an inside look into Identi-
PRSSA members were wel- After meeting Winter and the ty’s portfolio. Capizzo and Pecoraro
comed with hot coffee, muffins and a rest of the staff, we headed back to the presented case studies of major clients,
PowerPoint presentation – or a “deck” “I did” conference room for an intro- including: Jeff Green Partners, Mich-
as Identity calls it – by Senior Account duction to Andrea Trapani, partner of igan First Credit Union, Absopure
Executive of Media Relations and Identity. Trapani started as an account Water, and Ross Mortgage. The case
Marketing Luke Capizzo. Capizzo studies offered an inside look at
began his presentation with one of the strategy process applied to each
the unique aspects of Identity - its campaign.
structure. Capizzo wrapped up our tour
Traditionally, agencies by assembling a panel of recent
tend to give overall control of an graduates and new hires for a Q&A
account to an individual, tasking session. The panel consisted of
the associate with a wide range of Media Relations Account Assis-
responsibilities. Identity is, instead, tant Kevin Kieninger and account
set up as a “specialist model,” assistants of the social media team,
focusing on the perfection of a Sarah Ambrose and Meaghan Prie-
specific skill-set, creating a team Photos: Courtney Zemke be, a former Wayne State PRSSA
of experts for its clients. assistant at the firm in 2004 before president.
“I’ve worked in more tradi- being named partner in 2012. The recent graduates shared
tional companies; it’s not as inspir- She offered us a lot of great personal post-college successes, fails,
ing,” said Capizzo. advice and emphasized the importance experiences and reflections. Among
The office is designed for of finding your niche. other things, they emphasized the
a team-oriented atmosphere with a “My advice to you as new importance of seeking internships -
row of cubicles centered between the pros is to differentiate yourself and even post-graduation, establishing and
executive directors’ and team leaders’ find what you are unique at,” said maintaining connections with industry
open-door offices, creative work- Trapani. leaders, and always being open to
spaces, comfortable couches, success We also received professional self-improvement.
boards and conference rooms labeled advice and learned the social media PRSSA members left with
“I can,” “I will,” and “I did.” side of Identity from Andrea Pecoraro, insight on Identity, examples of suc-
The co-founder and managing senior account executive of social me- cessful campaigns, valuable advice
partner, Mark Winter, also strolled out dia and PRSA Detroit board member. from professionals, tips from recent
of his office for a quick chat, teasing Pecoraro explained that social graduates, information on internships
us about our “girls-only” group. Win- media is “not just playing on Facebook and even a mason jar full of M&M’s!
ter started Identity nearly 17 years ago all day,” but rather involves creating Thanks, Identity!

2015 Winter Review | 5
The Future of Video:
Advancing the Conversation
By Courtney Zemke So what makes video bloggers As innovation into new
like PewDiePie popular? Malcolm technologies and tools progresses, old
On March 12, The Adcraft explained, “Their authenticity is what tactics become obsolete. Technology
Club of Detroit hosted “The Future connects with millennials. The cre- has outpaced the means of measuring
of Video” luncheon at The Reserve in ators are everyday people who millen- the reach and scale of advertising, es-
Birmingham, Mich. Metro-Detroit ad- nials can relate to,” she said. pecially on mobile platforms. The pan-
vertising professionals joined leaders YouTube is the trend and find- elists and professionals agreed—there
in content creation and mea- is definitely a knowledge gap.
surement to discuss trends and Collaboration is needed among
insights in the industry. The con- companies to truly understand
versations focused heavily on advertising’s impact.
the current inability to measure “There have been strides,”
unique audiences like millenni- Bulgrin said. “Neilsen and
als across devices. There are no Adobe are waking up, and ESPN
correct answers yet but having has joined initiatives like Project
the conversation with a group of Blueprint to assist in finding a
experts is a perfect way to find standard. We need to learn more
them. and in order to learn more, we
Placing an ad in the Seniors Anna Aluzzo (left) and Courtney Zemke (right) attended the must drive measurement.”
right place at the right time takes March 12 “Future of Video” luncheon. Photos: The Adcraft Club of The luncheon was insightful
skill, creativity and insight. Detroit and awakening. It reminded pro-
Panelists Pauline Malcolm of fessionals that in the ever-chang-
Maker, Krishan Bhatia of NBC ing technological landscape,
Universal/Comcast and Artie there is much more to be done.
Bulgrin of ESPN agreed that the “Today was very enlightening.
best way to target millennials is Our team is trying to work with
to truly understand their behav- millennials and there were many
ior. Millennials are the most takeaways in this category,”
technologically savvy genera- Monica Lynn from Leo Burnett
tion. They are ditching their TVs Detroit said.
faster than ever before. Millen- The event helped spark a con-
nials’ have helped coin the term versation that needed to happen.
cord cutters to symbolize the Being able to effectively mea-
people who prefer streaming sure reach and scale is impera-
online video from sources like Netflix ing creators like PewDiePie to match tive to all advertising professionals. If
and HBO GO over cable. brands is the ultimate goal. Millennials anything is certain, it is that working
According to a recent survey want to feel a personal connection together to find a standard is essential,
by Maker, eight out of ten celebrities with brands. They want to be talked to and The Adcraft Club of Detroit offers
as known by millennials originally and not talked at. ample opportunities for metro Detroi-
started on YouTube. PewDiePie, one ESPN understands the im- ters to do so.
of Maker’s most popular video blog- portance millennials place on social
gers is known for his comical com- media as well. “They want to be part This article originally appeared in
mentary and reactions to video games. of the conversation and that’s why you Adcrafter, a publication of the Adcraft
He is only 25 years old and has over see live Twitter streams during our Club of Detroit.
35 million subscribers. programs,” Bulgrin explained.

6 | Salute
Alright, PR people. We have a problem.
By Catia Sabak than her peers in communication. I geographical region and every sector
couldn’t believe that someone with of the economy.
I’ve noticed a troubling trend lately, exposure to this industry and with Unfortunately, people are
something that frustrates me to my some level of education in it failed to oblivious to the skillful implementa-
core. acknowledge its value and necessity. tion of critically constructed, carefully
It all started during finals It seems that people have this strategized communications practices
week when I came across a terribly an- warped idea of the communications all around them.
noying, aggressive-eye-roll-wor- How is it that we’ve become
thy tweet. It read: “This is the time so quick to accept this level of con-
of the semester when I wish I was descension and misrepresentation?
a communications major.” I wish The fact that we allow those out-
you were a communications major, side of the field - and worse yet our
too. In that case, you may have at own peers - to undermine the work
least been grammatically correct that we do is unacceptable. It is up
in your condescending statement, to us to change these misguided,
instead wishing that you were a ill-informed perceptions.
communications major. field, thinking that all we do is play We need to step up and protect
All anger-induced snark aside, around on Twitter, post pictures on the integrity of our industry. Advo-
the misconception of the communica- Instagram and talk for the sake of cate for it in all that we do. Prove
tions field being one that is easy, that hearing the sound of our own voices. our worth and the value of our skills
involves little effort or knowledge There is SO much more to what com- through excellence. Most importantly,
is extremely problematic. As if that munications professionals do and are we must never let anyone diminish our
pesky tweet weren’t enough to demon- capable of than anyone could possibly accomplishments and ambitions.
strate this issue, perhaps the fact that comprehend. Standing idly by is no longer
this idea is perpetuated internally Communications in general is an option. Let us lead by example
should be. an essential life skill and is absolutely to demonstrate how we are some of
Just the other day, I heard a critical to the successful creation and the most passionate, intelligent and
classmate refer to the field of commu- maintenance of relationships–profes- hard-working professionals out there,
nication in a similarly degrading way. sional, personal and otherwise. The and vow to collectively support each
She suggested that people in fields like importance of communications and other and the communications indus-
engineering, medicine, law or “other the work communications profession- try in the pursuit of the recognition it
actually hard majors” have more merit als do pervades every industry, every deserves.
[‘Eisbrenner’ from page 4 ]
been an illustration of Eisbrenner’s ate-turned-intern-turned-employee past. *insert applause*
image. But what’s the “real world” at shared the raw details of his personal Our minute of fame aside, Eis-
Eisbrenner? What about at any public experience through all of his bumpy brenner scratched the surface of crisis
relations job? There was a segment on transitions, too. His first and foremost communication for us by explaining
that, too. piece of advice? Be honest with your- the golden rule: have an updated plan.
The “real-world” is making self. Know your strengths, but, more Anticipate a crisis, mitigate when it
mistakes. At Eisbrenner, mistakes are importantly, know your weaknesses. happens, and continue to manage it
welcomed and embraced; there’s even How do you react to things? How is down the road. And of course, hone
a wall dedicated to quotes about the your integrity? That, he said, is more your social media skills – it’s crucial
importance of it! valuable to your career than any title to putting out a crisis’ flame.
“If I make a mistake then it’s you can put on a resume. A few photos, a couple Girl
not really a failure, as long as I’ve Something everyone wants on Scout cookies and two hours later, I
learned from it and shared that expe- their resume? Wayne State, of course. was back on West 4th Street heading
rience with my team. If two weeks WSU PRSSA couldn’t help but beam toward the parking garage. I reflected
down the line, however, one of my with pride during the last rotation – a on all of the stories and advice I had
teammates makes that same mistake – segment on crisis communication – absorbed in two, short hours. I looked
then I’ve failed. That second mistake where we learned that Wayne State’s down at my heels as they clicked on
is my failure,” Eisbrenner said. own Dean Seeger had performed crisis the salty pavement – I have some big
A recent college gradu- communication for Eisbrenner in the shoes to fill.

2015 Winter Review | 7
Detroit’s new communication
strategy embraces digital media
By Amanda Knaebel The goal of the new website Hospitality
design is to simply get people to the
So what does a director of dig- information they need quickly. Ling-
ital media for a post-industrial come- holm explained that before the re- On April 10, our members spent the
back city look like? Easy. It looks like vamp, the organization of information afternoon having lunch with PRSSA
Detroit’s digital communication guru, didn’t make much sense to a typical members from Ferris State and Grand
David Lingholm. resident, and it took a myriad of clicks Valley State University who were in
Now that Detroit’s govern- just to find the trash pick-up schedule. town for agency tours. We love sup-
ment buildings are filled back up with “You had to understand our porting other Michigan chapters!
employees, it is making some chang- city government very intimately to get
es. One of those changes included in and out,” Lingholm said.
Lingholm’s new role as director of Unlike revenue-based web-
digital media - an entirely new po- sites, which want to keep a user on
sition in which he is tasked with the its page, a city website should be
reconstruction and maintenance of designed for a quick experience that
the city’s website, managing roughly allows users to get in, get the informa-
30 different social tion they need, and
media accounts, and get out.
finding easy and To address the
efficient routes for problem, Lingholm
Detroiters to “dig- analyzed what resi-
itally engage” with dents were looking
their city. for and moved those
Lingholm top eight items to
shared his expe- the home-page ban-
rience in this new ner. Lingholm said
David Lingholm
role March 12 at the that now 75 percent
International Association of Business of the site’s information is just about
Communicators’ “Creating a Digitally “three clicks away” from the home
Engaged Detroit” event, where he in- page.
troduced communication professionals is also
and students to his work on the com- equipped with an advanced internal
plete overhaul of Detroit’s website, search engine that allows users to Under a three- organize results according to the type
month deadline, equipped with a team of document or date of publication.
of six, Lingholm rebuilt the website The website also features a “How
in an effort to engage more effectively Do I…” tab that gives quick links to
with Detroit residents. information residents need like ap-
Lingholm illustrated the last plying for permits, paying bills, filing
time the website was significantly complaints, locating transportation and
updated by using cultural time-refer- more.
ences, such as the leading headline of Another important element of
that time, “Will MySpace ever lose its the site is that it is now mobile-friend-
monopoly?” and a photo of a throw- ly. Considering 50 percent of the site’s
back Nokia phone that was just hitting traffic is attributed to mobile brows-
the market. With today’s growth of so- ing, it made sense to add a mobile
cial media platforms and smartphones, layout and some apps.
it was obvious to see that the website Organization and accessibility
update was much overdue. weren’t the only obstacles Lingholm
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8 | Salute
Wayne State represented at Students tour
PRSSA National Assembly Team Detroit
By Catia Sabak guest speakers. I participated in a case
study competition and heard speakers
I had the distinct privilege of Jenny Moede, executive director of
representing Wayne the Oregon Story
State University as a Board, and Dr. Vic-
delegate at the 2015 toria Trapp, global
PRSSA National As- transition manager
sembly in Portland, at Nike, Inc., dis-
Ore. from March cuss storytelling in
12-15. A weekend of the digital age and
progress and profes- how to successfully
sional development, I transition leadership,
By Alissa Demos
was thrilled to bring respectively.
Wayne State PRSSA Between these
WSU PRSSA students toured
to the national stage. structured sessions,
Team Detroit on Jan. 16 at Town Cen-
The PRSSA I was able to explore
Catia Sabak (far right) with Victoria Lewis ter Drive in Dearborn.
National Assembly is (left) of Belmont University and Josh Gordon downtown Portland
Team Detroit became a
one of several events (center) of Liberty University. Lewis and and visit some iconic
melting pot of five major advertising
that gather PRSSA Gordon were selected to be PRSSA National spots like Voodoo
Chapter VPs of Advocacy and Member Ser- agencies in 2007, which originated
representatives from vices, respectively. Doughnut. While I
from WPP - one of the largest commu-
across the country. genuinely enjoyed
nications companies in the world - and
The purpose of this conference is to the assembly programing, my favorite
was recently ranked tenth on Ad Age’s
make decisions about the society’s part was getting to bond with PRS-
Agency A-List.
future, elect next year’s national SA officers from around the nation. I
Upon arrival, students were
committee and review the society’s had the chance to reconnect with old
greeted by Lance Cruz, recruiting co-
bylaws. As the delegate from Wayne friends and forge relationships with
ordinator at Team Detroit and alumnus
State, I served as the university’s rep- new friends.
of Wayne State University. Cruz pro-
resentative at this forum and voted on I am proud to have repre-
vided the students with refreshments
behalf of our PRSSA chapter. sented our school and chapter on a
and snacks, as well as a presentation
Along with the official PRS- national scale, and am grateful for
on the agency and its history.
SA business, I also attended several the opportunity to have been a part of
Michael DiGiovanni, VP, di-
special sessions and heard a number of establishing the future of the society. [Continued on page 10]
[‘Digital’ from page 8]
faced with the new site though. He Because the information needed to social media roundtables to share tips
also talked about the apprehension be accumulated fast and more people on various social media platforms
expressed by some city officials who were affected by the flood than the and an updated intranet for more
didn’t initially see the value in digital phone line could handle, the website efficient internal communication. He
media. These officials still believed in had its chance to shine. also announced a future expectation
the traditional method of picking up “These people needed to reach of GovDelivery, an email-marketing
the phone and calling – which isn’t out to us when it was convenient to tool with text alert capabilities, which
going away – and were hesitant to rely them, not when it was convenient for means that during a crisis residents
on the website to communicate with us,” Lingholm said. who sign up can receive vital informa-
residents. So, what’s to come in the tion directly through text message.
Lingholm said that skeptics future for Detroit’s director of digital Detroit has been hustling at
shifted their views last August, during media? Lingholm said we can expect an unwavering rate lately, and the new
the metro-Detroit flood. After May- to see Detroit’s first official social digital presence, under the guidance of
or Duggan declared natural disaster media use policy, a published commu- David Lingholm, shows how the city’s
areas within Detroit, surveys had to be nications manual that will provide co- government is planning to keep up and
conducted for submission to FEMA. hesive guidelines for city departments, stay in touch.

2015 Winter Review | 9
Thinking outside the (in)box [‘Team Detroit’ from page 9]
rector of digital analytics also gave an
By Jennifer Millsap I wanted to interview: Dave Sholler, informational presentation, discussing
vice president of public relations for the importance of measuring data for
I am a bit unconventional, UFC. What I didn’t know was how Team Detroit.
and maybe even quirky in my goal to I was going to ask the head public Project Coordinator Shelby
become a professional practitioner. I relations practitioner at a major profes- Caverly, an alumna of Wayne State
have a passion for sional sports com- University, and Traffic Coordinator
mixed martial arts, pany for the oppor- Jessica Morrow gave the students a
and my dream job tunity to interview tour around the magnificent Corporate
has always been him. So I did what Crossings building that Team Detroit
to work for the any student would inhabits.
Ultimate Fighting do - I tweeted him. At the end of the tour, WSU
Championship in The idea of PRSSA students were given an oppor-
its public relations trying to reach out tunity to sit down for a Q&A session
department. The to him on Twitter with two more Team Detroit represen-
UFC is a global might sound silly tatives and Wayne State University
sports company that now, but it actually alumnae, Community Manager Sara
showcases mixed worked! Sometimes Mahmood and Junior Project Manager
martial arts fights. thinking outside the Paige Wiktor.
When given box and utilizing a The Q&A session was very
the assignment to interview a PR little fearlessness doesn’t hurt. insightful. Team Detroit’s profession-
professional, I knew right away who als offered advice to the current WSU
PRSSA students.
Some tips and suggestions
Bianchi brings lessons, advice to from the alumni included getting
involved in groups on campus, apply-
Wayne students ing for internships and focusing on
By Randy Kester emphasized that the candidate must professional development.
also show how he or she can add value “It’s not about finding a job,
Wayne State PR students are to the organization. It isn’t enough to it’s about being found,” Cruz said.
often invited to speaking engagements just show up; achievements and results Cruz, Caverly, Mahmood and
from public relations matter. Wiktor stressed the importance of
professionals in the Bianchi stressed the tailoring one’s resume to the position
area. On March 30, a significance of a good being applied for, as well as strength-
group of students had digital footprint. Students ening it using power words and quality
the privilege of lis- should clean up their information over quantity.
tening to Jim Bianchi, online image and start Team Detroit offers the Green-
owner of Bianchi Pub- joining relevant groups house Internship Program, giving
lic Relations and WSU on LinkedIn. Most jobs interns the ability to learn and grow in
alumnus. Bianchi gave are given through social the industry. Considering Team Detroit
the students invaluable connections. represents major clients such as Ford,
information from the “It’s not what you Bosch, and the Detroit Symphony
employer’s point of know, it’s who you know,” Orchestra to name a few, the intern-
view. Much of the wis- Bianchi said. ship program is a great opportunity for
dom he shared helped The PR students WSU PRSSA students.
to reinforce the lessons gained a wealth of knowl- By providing these oppor-
Jim Bianchi
that are taught everyday in edge from Jim Bianchi. His words tunities to public relations students,
the classroom. echoed those of our instructors’ Team Detroit proves its commitment
He explained the differences lectures and helped to amplify their to being a great partner in fostering
between agency and corporate PR, and importance. It was a great privilege to the next generation of public relations
provided tips for employment seek- attend the event, and the Wayne State professionals. Thanks, Team Detroit!
ing and interviewing. Writing skills PR program is thankful to Mr. Bianchi
topped the list of importance, but he for sharing his expertise.

10 | Salute
Congratulations to the 2014-2015
Public Relations Graduates! Thank you!
A special thanks is owed to
Dr. Jane Fitzgibbon for her generous
donation that funded the printing of
this issue of Salute.
Her foundation, established
on behalf of her late husband, seeks
to help students in the study of
communication. For nearly 20 years
it has made grants to many students
and universities.
Thank you, Dr. Fitzgibbon!

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