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2014 Fall Review

Official Newsletter of the James S. Measell Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America
2014-2015 WSU PRSSA E-Board
President’s Message

PRSSA National Conference 4

Profile: Ashleigh Chatel
Peer Wisdom

Lambert, Edwards & Associates Agency Tour
PRSA Annual Meeting Awards

Ofield Dukes Diversity Summit

Leah Reynolds
Young Professionals Breakfast

PR in the D
Headshot Fundraiser

Personal Branding Lessons
Editor’s Note
2014-2015 Executive Board

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Courtney Zemke of

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Katie Pusz


Welcome, members, to WSU cate for you, the next generation of

PRSSA! I am thrilled to be a part of public relations professionals.

this organization WSU PRSSA members are
and to serve you, some of the most motivated and

my peers, as this talented students out there, and it is

Chelsey Conlon year’s chapter an absolute privilege to work among

president. you each day. There is no doubt that

Through my the future of the industry is bright, and

time with that your hard work and participation

WSU PRSSA, in this organization contributes to the

I have had the continued advancement of the profes-

pleasure of meeting some extraordi- sion.

nary people—professionals, mentors With that in mind, know that

Chelsea Litton and fellow students alike. The things the executive board and I are commit-

I’ve learned and the opportunities I’ve ted to providing the best professional
come across have proven invaluable to development, networking and mentor-

my academic, personal and profession- ship opportunities for our members.
s es

al growth, and over the course of my We serve this chapter with great pride,
ce r
vi e P

term, I hope to work with each of you and value the role each of you plays
er ic
rS V

to achieve this same growth. in its success. So, thank you members,
This organization is for you. for your commitment to and support of

Sarah Kuzdak Your feedback, input and occasion- WSU PRSSA.

al praise, of course, are welcomed I am honored to be a part of
and encouraged. We are all here for WSU PRSSA and look forward to

the same reason, after all—to learn, what the year has in store.

practice and develop the skills that
make for a successful career. To that Sincerely,
end, WSU PRSSA strives to generate

engaging, productive programming, to Catia Sabak

Leah Vandercook enhance your education and to advo- President


Aaron Filipski

2014 Fall Review | 3
PRSSA National Conference
Washington, D.C. | Oct. 10-14, 2014
The PRSSA National
Conference in Washington,
D.C. was an amazing experi-
ence! I am very thankful for
Wayne State and the communi-
cations department for allowing
me and three other board mem-
bers to attend the conference
this year.
The trip allowed to me expand my pro-
fessional network and to develop some ideas for
PRSSA from other colleges nationwide. My favor-
ite moment from the conference was listening to
a speech from “Good Morning America’s” Amy
Robach. Robach spoke about her rise to fame and
also about her struggles with cancer. She announced
that she had breast cancer on air after a show
about the importance of women’s health. Robach’s
speech was truly moving, as she brought most of
the audience to tears. She mentioned how social
media played a role in her healing. She received an
outpouring of love and support on Twitter, which
helped in her battle with breast cancer.
As communication professionals, we under-
stand the importance of social media when trying to
raise awareness. Robach’s experience with support
on Twitter proves just how much social media can
make an impact for a person or cause. Chelsey

The 2014 PRSSA National Conference was the experience of a lifetime. Having not been to
Washington, D.C. since the sixth grade, I can certainly say that adult Catia gained a new appreciation for
the city and its rich history and culture.
Aside from the spectacular location, the conference itself was absolutely incredible. I learned so
much about the industry and the innumerable options available to our generation of up-and-coming PR
professionals. Most importantly though, attending this conference reaffirmed my love for PR and ignited
a renewed passion for the field.
When faced with the challenge of selecting my favorite thing about this experience, I chose what
related most to my favorite part of PR - building relationships. On our second day at the conference, the WSU PRSSA
group headed out to go sightseeing. We noticed another group, the chapter from Liberty University, was heading out, too.
Our group decided to tag along with them. While we attempted to navigate the metro system and explore Washington,
D.C.’s most majestic monuments, we instantly bonded with the Liberty University group and learned about their back-
grounds, educations and goals. It astounded me how quickly we all hit it off and how easily we related to one another.
This sense of effortless camaraderie was evident throughout the entire weekend and enhanced the academic and skill-
based learning that the conference provided.
More than anything, I would say that the 2014 PRSSA National Conference taught me that there is nothing more
fulfilling than meeting people who share, understand and support your ambitions. I’m so grateful to have been a part of
this experience, and to have established new friendships that are sure to last a lifetime! Catia Sabak

4 | Salute
What hap-
pens when endless Thank you to the department of communication
amounts of coffee, for providing the funding and support to make
Amy Robach, and
hundreds of young this opportunity possible!
public relations
students all come
together in one
place? PRSSA National Conference,
of course!
The conference was
a “first” for me in so many ways: my
first time to D.C., my first PRSSA
conference, and my first time on a
Segway. My favorite “first,” however,
was realizing the magnitude, depth,
and impact that public relations has
on the world. Sure, studying it for two
years in a classroom with over-priced
textbooks tells you a little something
about the field, but National Confer-
ence scratched the surface of public
relations and revealed it both in a
professional light and as a lifestyle as
Public relations is becoming a
“regular” at your favorite coffee shop,
getting to know your Uber driver,
making friends with the person cross-
ing the street next to you, and simply
smiling at someone in the same room.
I can’t pick just one experi-
ence from National Conference to de-
scribe because the weekend itself was
the experience of a lifetime. The days
were sewn together by fun, laughter,
and, of course, lots of coffee, and the
clock ticked by much too quickly.
Luckily, my camera was faster, and
I’ll be able to treasure this experience
always. Katie Pusz

PRSSA National Conference was such a valuable experience for me. I have done a lot of traveling
but never to Washington, D.C. I am so thankful for Wayne State and the communication depart-
ment for funding our trip. It allowed me to grow socially and professionally and was something I
will never forget.
My favorite moment from the conference was listening to Amy Robach from “Good Morning
America.” She spoke so profoundly she brought most of us women to tears. A breast cancer survi-
vor, Robach spoke about the importance of celebrating moments, big and small.
During her battle with cancer she utilized Twitter to share her journey. She noticed the most responses came
from posts that included something personal or positive. She was moved by the amount of support and warm wishes she
received from strangers. It was during this time when she realized the impact social media has. A room filled with most-
ly communication professionals, we’ve known this for years. But to hear her story and realize her impact on millions of
people was powerful. Courtney Zemke

2014 Fall Review | 5
Peer Wisdom [PROFILE]:
We asked former PRSSA
members to share some of
the lessons they learned while
Ashleigh Chatel
navigating their first year as The former WSU PRSSA chapter president sat down with
young professionals. member Stacey Kendall in her office at Lambert, Edwards, &
Associates in downtown Detroit to talk about what has shaped
“I’ve learned that her successful career in PR.
I’m not expected
to know every- By Stacey Kendall the cities in which its offices reside.
thing about PR, Working in downtown Detroit and
but I am expected Back in high school in her partnering with clients who are active
to have a willing- native state of Virginia, Ashleigh in the development of the city is, for
ness to learn and Chatel fell in love with journalism. Chatel, the best part of her job.
not be afraid to ask questions.” She credits her journalism teacher who One the most memorable ex-
made writing inspiring for her. periences in her career was the oppor-
Alisha Merrow, marketing & PR “I dreamed of becoming a tunity she and seven of her colleagues
assistant at the Detroit Institute of Arts copy editor or photojournalist,” she had to work for two weeks with Bill
said. Nowling, spokesperson for Kevyn Orr,
While attending a small Detroit’s former emergency manager.
“Proofread, proof- college in LE&A
read and proofread Virginia,
“The ability to share infor- agreed to
again. It’s incred- Chatel mation and watch people provide its
ibly easy to miss traveled benefit - that’s the best part employees
a small detail that to Michi- of being a communicator.” pro bono
has a huge impact gan for a to assist
upon the mean- summer Ashleigh Chatel, Senior Associate Nowling
Lambert, Edwards and Associates
ing of a written piece. Always double internship during a
check your details and pay very close at the PR firm Berg Muirhead and pivotal time in the bankruptcy process
attention to the instructions.” Associates. She had learned of the in- when local and national news organi-
ternship opportunity through a family zations were hounding for interviews
Jeffrey A. Adkins, communications friend. about the bankruptcy proceedings.
associate at MCCI The following year, she de- “It brought us a lot closer to
cided to move to Michigan and work the issue and helped us to be educated
for the firm permanently. In order to [about the bankruptcy],” Chatel said.
“Remembering pursue a degree in communications, With a desire to help make a positive
people, as trivial Chatel enrolled at Wayne State. While change in Detroit, Chatel recalls, “It
as it may sound, attending school, she wanted to try was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
is actually vital. her hand at the journalism field so she As a way to give back to
Knowing col- went to work for, an others, Chatel, who was diagnosed
leagues’ names online news organization. She soon re- with celiac disease, volunteers for the
and things about alized that the rapidly changing nature National Foundation for Celiac Aware-
them makes them remember you in and cutthroat environment of the news ness. Putting her PR skills to good use,
return. Plus it’s not good when you industry was not the career for her. she helps in several ways, including
see someone a second time and can’t In 2011, Chatel came on board writing content for the organization’s
recall his or her name. Awkward!” with LE&A. With offices in Detroit, website. She explains, “The ability to
Lansing, and Grand Rapids, LE&A share information and watch people
Taylar Kobylas, social media spe- focuses on owning and representing benefit – that is the best part of being a
cialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of communicator.”

6 | Salute
Detroit’s production of Lam- Communications
department reels
bert, Edwards & Associates is in big honors at
Broadway’s ‘coolest’ business PRSA Detroit
By Jennifer Placinta those connections may one day turn
into colleagues. annual meeting
Located at the intersection of Kass-Shamoun also added that
On Thursday, Nov. 20, PRSA
Broadway and Grand River, Lambert, professionals need to be up-to-date
Detroit hosted its Annual Meeting, an
Edwards & Associates’ newest office with the latest news, media trends and
exciting evening of transition, rec-
mirrors the city’s passions for sports, information about a range of topics.
ognition and celebration. After some
the automotive Research
catching up and networking, attendees
industry and should be the
enjoyed a lovely dinner and remarks
revitalization. number one
from PRSA Detroit’s president, Dan
On priority in or-
Artman. Next year’s officers were
Nov. 14, LE&A der to provide
announced, awards were presented
welcomed clients with the
and newly accredited members were
PRSSA stu- best possible
dents from products.
This year’s event, though,
Wayne State, “Know
was especially significant for Wayne
University enough to be
State’s communications program.
of Michi- dangerous,”
During the evening’s program, our
gan-Dearborn she said, as we
very own Dean Matthew Seeger, Dr.
and Eastern finished the
Shelly Najor and Catia Sabak, re-
Michigan to Q&A.
ceived the evening’s most prestigious
see how this Certainly,
“Crain’s Cool- LE&A has
Dean Seeger was inducted
est Place to shown Mich-
into the PRSA Detroit Chapter Hall of
Work” business blends creativity and igan that they know enough to be
Fame and our PRSSA faculty adviser
determination for its clients. ranked as a top-60 PR agency na-
and professor, Dr. Najor, was pre-
The tour began with an appre- tionally and a top-10 PR firm in the
sented with the Robert Hefty Distin-
ciation for the mounted racecar cov- Midwest. Add in a smoothie bike and
guished Service Award. Both Dean
ered in LE&A’s brands, continued with unlimited popcorn and it’s easy to see
Seeger and Dr. Najor were recognized
a slam-dunk as we passed through why LE&A is Broadway’s ‘coolest’
with heartfelt video tributes that
the basketball court and concluded in new production.
showcased their accomplishments and
the popcorn infused “locker room” to
excellence in the field.
discuss post-graduation game plans. Editor’s note: Thank you to Lam-
In addition to the chapter
Senior Associate Rita Kass- bert, Edwards & Associates for
awards, WSU PRSSA Chapter Presi-
Shamoun stressed the importance of generously sponsoring the printing
dent Catia Sabak was this year’s Don-
keeping in touch with peers because of this issue of Salute.
ald P. Durocher Memorial Scholarship
recipient, carrying on a long-standing
tradition of Wayne State students to
receive the award.
It was certainly a special
evening for Wayne State. Thank you
to PRSA Detroit for its continued
support of WSU PRSSA and the local
public relations industry!

Catia Sabak (right) From left: Dean Seeger, Mary
Henige and Shelly Najor 2014 Fall Review | 7
GM sponsors students for Ofield Dukes
Diversity Summit
By Aaron Filipski ed Dr. Rochelle Ford, professor and speed-networking session with some
chair of the S.I. Newhouse School’s of the professionals at the close of the
Sixty Wayne State public Public Relations Department at Syr- day’s events.
relations students attended the Ofield acuse University, who delivered the Mary Henige, APR, commu-
Dukes Diversity Summit on Oct. 23 in keynote; Leah Reynolds, principal of nications director of Global Connect-
Detroit, thanks to generous sponsor- Buck Consultants and Stephanie Oben, ed Consumer at General Motors and
ships from General Motors. project manager at PRIME Research. PRSSA professional advisor arranged
The summit, sponsored for the student sponsorships.
by the Wayne State Department of “Professors, PRSA members
Communication, General Motors and other students helped me launch
and PRSA Detroit, titled “Com- and grow my career. I’m glad to be
municating and Connecting Across able to show my gratitude by help-
Generations,” offered students a ing others. I encourage students to
unique opportunity to hear from remember that no matter what level
industry leaders, meet local profes- we are on our professional journey,
sionals and enjoy a free, delicious there’s always someone we can
lunch. help,” Henige said.
“I couldn’t have been hap- Ofield Dukes, a public rela-
pier with this event,” Catia Sabak tions guru, counseled every Demo-
said. “As a student--particularly cratic presidential campaign since
a member of PRSSA--access and 1972 and was active in national
exposure to such knowledgeable discourse about race, equality and
speakers and professionals is abso- diversity. Dukes mentored many
lutely invaluable. I’m sure I speak professionals, including Dr. Ro-
Senior Aaron Filipski speaks with Dr. Rochelle
for the rest of the PRSSA mem- Ford during the post-summit networking session.
chelle Ford.
bers in attendance when I say how “Ofield was a pioneer, a vi-
fortunate we are to have the support sionary leader who gave unselfishly
of PRSA Detroit and to be included in A lunchtime media panel fea- to the public relations profession in an
these opportunities.” tured Shanel Jadan, president of MEA effort to increase greater understand-
For Junior Emily Boulting- TV & Radio; Positive Detroit blogger ing, ethics, and inclusion of people
house, the event was her first as a Erin Rose and Jerome Vaughn, WDET from all walks of life, nationalities,
PRSSA member. news director and host of “All Things races and genders,” Dr. Ford said in a
“I didn’t know what to expect, Considered.” Dr. Michelle (Shelly) PRSA media release.
but I learned a lot and shook a lot Najor, Wayne State PR program direc- Ofield died in 2011 in Detroit.
of hands. I look forward to the next tor, moderated the panel. The annual summit, named in his
event.” A select number of stu- honor, seeks to address issues related
The lineup of speakers includ- dents were invited to participate in a to diversity.

Dr. Rochelle Ford (Photo: Ofield Dukes (Photo:

8 | Salute
Liaison to up some allegations about millenni-
als; one of them being millennials
are mistaken for being arrogant. She
Young pros share
generations interpreted this as a product of Boom- wisdom over
er parenting, which she phrased as the
Leah Reynolds explains how “Boomer Effect.”
Growing up with two very dif-
to co-exist in the office ferent parenting styles, this “Boomer By Courtney Zemke
By Shay Franchini Effect” resonated deep as I thought of
my mother: who parented with a level On Thursday, Sept. 11, Wayne
I will admit, it’s not easy to of transparency that explained exactly State PRSSA hosted its very first
give a presentation about millennials why she made the executive decisions Young Pro Breakfast & Chat. The pan-
to millennials. We’re usually unre- she did. This is opposite the veteran/ el consisted of four young profession-
sponsive to anyone coming in from the silent generation, which rules on the als in the Detroit area who recently
outside telling us who we’re supposed principle of “because I said so.” graduated and had lots of knowledge
to be. However, the minute Leah Reynolds applied these gen- to share.
erational dynamics to the evolution of With donuts, muffins, bagels,
business structure. Referencing specif- coffee and OJ in hand, we started
ically to Zappos and its fresh culture,
the conversation with the difference
she predicted that for businesses to
between corporate and agency PR.
stay relevant they need to ditch the
Two hours later, we had covered much
traditional organizational chart for a
more. Here are the highlights:
more flat and collaborative open-door
policy. With the understanding that
• Corporate PR is very specialized
this idea may not work for all busi-
whereas agency PR offers varied
nesses, many will need to make the
Leah Reynolds experiences and exploring.
change so that the millennials can feel
Reynolds stepped • Make time for yourself; it’s easy
valued and have a level of freedom for
up to the podium at the Ofield Dukes to get lost in the industry.
their creative work to blossom.
Diversity Summit with her stylish As each slide transitioned, I • Sometimes you have to reinvent
haircut and infectious laughter, I knew agreed with Reynolds more and more. yourself after graduating college.
we were in for a treat. She gave a very thorough look at each Find your identity in your new
She picked up right where generation’s values and idiosyncrasies role.
keynote speaker Dr. Rochelle Ford left and how they apply to current and fu- • You need to have thick skin in this
off and gave us a complete breakdown ture business strategy. As the principal industry and not take everything
of each generation and why they are of employee engagement and commu- personally.
the way they are. The idea stems from nication practice at Buck Consultants • Before you ask a question, make
Reynolds’ belief that “understanding LLC, Leah Reynolds knew exactly sure you show that you put some
the why breeds empathy.” what she was talking about. After all, thought into it. Don’t ask your
The second half of her lecture you had better if you’re going to give boss a question if you can google
bridged these generations and their a presentation to millennials. it.
dynamics in the workplace. Not just For more on generations in the • Use LinkedIn! Join groups to
speaking to millennials, Reynolds also workplace, follow her on Twitter at enable connecting.
addressed the Baby Boomers and X Leah Reynolds @genxpert. • Talk to lower level people at a
generations in the room by clearing company to get your foot in the
• There is a difference between
being an over achiever and being
a high performer. Be the high
• Email etiquette is important.
Know your audience.
• Have no fear. Tell yourself, “I got

2014 Fall Review | 9
PR in the D provides practical insights
By Stacey Kendall accepted a new position as senior part- was the main goal for Nowling and
ner of a global public relations firm, Orr.
Beginning the bankruptcy Nowling accepted the offer. PRSSA member Amanda
process with a stamp of failure that Partnering with the emergency Knaebel appreciated learning about
echoed throughout the national scene, manager, Nowling established the first Nowling’s approach of transparency.
Detroit’s image slowly evolved from step in the crisis management plan: no “Often times, as a public
a “washed-up has-been” to the “come- sugarcoating. In order to rebuild trust relations student, people think it’s all
back kid.” in Detroit, about ‘spinning’ a situation, but it was
This Nowling said, nice to see that Nowling didn’t bother
evolution did “We had to sugarcoating anything,” Knaebel said.
not happen by own the nega- “He told it how it was and gained
accident; at tive narrative.” Detroit’s trust because of that.”
least some of Kevyn Orr Senior Dan Gauthier enjoyed
the credit de- agreed; he Bill Nowling’s talk.
servingly goes wanted Detroi- “I think this was very import-
to Bill Nowl- ters to under- ant to PR students,” Gauthier said. He
ing, a man stand the level believed it was great for PR pre-pro-
who worked to of brokenness fessionals to see, “…the level of suc-
shape public that existed cess you can achieve in the industry
Bill Nowling (center) with PRSSA students at
opinion on the Nov. 13 discussion (Photo: Kristin Shaw) within Detroit’s and examples of a real PR crisis that
what bankrupt- municipal sys- actually happened locally.”
cy meant for Detroit. tems.
At PR in the D on Nov. 13, “We spent a good amount of
Nowling, spokesperson for Kevyn Orr, time talking about why we were in this
Detroit’s emergency manager, shared
the inside story of Detroit’s journey
position and what we need to do about
it,” Nowling explained. hosts headshot
through its historic bankruptcy and Nowling knew it was import-
the central role that effective commu- ant for people to properly understand fundraiser
nication played throughout the pro- bankruptcy. Whenever a reporter
cess. Nowling spoke to a group of PR interviewed him, Nowling would first
students and professionals who were require him or her to define bankrupt-
interested in learning more about the cy. Reporters often described bank-
bankruptcy. ruptcy as being completely broke and
Nowling began his talk by unable pay the bills. Nowling would
explaining how he landed the job. then clarify that Detroit had been
Three days before Gov. Snyder’s completely broke and unable to pay its
appointment of Orr, while dining with bills for far too long, and bankruptcy
one of the insiders, Nowling asked is the process to fix the problem.
who was going to be in charge of the Nowling explained one of the
appointee’s communications. Nowling keys to rebuilding trust is by provid-
was shocked; no one had considered ing tangible evidence that things are
the need to hire a spokesperson for the changing for the better.
The Wayne State PRSSA
emergency manager. Nowling and Orr believed
exectuive board hosted a professional
The day after Gov. Snyder improving lighting and garbage pickup
headshot fundraiser in the undergrad-
appointed Orr emergency manager, a were good places to begin. As a result,
uate library on Nov. 10, with proceeds
story broke that claimed Orr had not thousands of lights were fixed and
going toward chapter activities and
paid his taxes. Shortly after, Nowling updated to LEDs and the garbage
received a call from the governor’s pickup service went from inconsistent
For $10, participants recieved
office, asking him if he was interested to reliable.
digital copies of professionally-com-
in the spokesperson job. These changes could readily
posed headshots for use on social
Although he had already be seen and felt by Detroiters, which
media profiles and resumes.

10 | Salute
Quell Group shares lessons on
Become an
personal branding
executive board
By Courtney Zemke shared a great deal of ways they are
able to delve into branding. Many of member
What makes you different? these are applicable to our personal
What can you say about yourself that brands. Here are just a few: New executive board members are
no one else can? Knowing how to Ask yourself “WHY?” Ask- chosen during winter semester for the
answer these questions will help you ing yourself “why?” provides better following school year. Members must
to establish your own personal brand. understanding apply in order to be considered and
The of purpose. remain on the board for one full year
James S. When you un- if chosen. The new executive board is
Measell Pub- derstand your announced at the annual PR Alumni
lic Relations why, you are and Student Recognition Luncheon in
Student Soci- provided with April. Visit for a link to
ety of Amer- a specific the application.
ica at Wayne purpose and
State Univer- goal.
sity had its
own lesson
in branding

Get out of
the friend
[Editor’s Note]
Thank you to
Wednesday, zone. Posi-
Joe Serwach (left) and Max Muncey (right), from all the members
Nov. 12, with The Quell Group talk with PRSSA Members. tion yourself who contributed
The Quell as unique. content to this is-
Group, an integrated brand communi- Brands are not generic commodities. sue of Salute. As
cations firm in Troy, Mich. Find that one simple thing that sets PRSSA members,
The Quell Group asks these you apart from the competition and be you own this
questions everyday. They made it passionate and proud of it. publication, and your contributions to
clear that the way to market a product Google yourself. Hopefully, it are what give it color and life.
is to find how it stands out among its your very-professionally-polished As the new year begins,
competition. It was obvious that this LinkedIn page pops up, followed resolve to more fully participate in
practice is embedded not only with by your twitter, your blog, and your chapter activities and opportunities. In
their clients but with their company’s recent work. doing so, I encourage you to submit
brand as well. Check Google images and articles and photos that chronicle the
The Quell Group offers a news. We hear it a million times - but happenings of Wayne State’s PRSSA
variety of services ranging from public think twice about posting pictures
relations and advertising to graphic of your crazy night out. Your “I just Thanks again to Lambert,
design and multimedia production. landed an awesome job” photo will get Edwards and Associates for spon-
First and foremost, The Quell Group more likes anyway. soring the printing of this issue and to
focuses on each of its client’s brands. Forget your name. (Just for Litho Printing for an excellent price
A brand is an identity; the initial a minute that is). What would some- and quality work.
thought that comes to mind when you one search if they did not know your For information on how to
hear a company or person’s name. name? Are these things comparable to contribute to Salute or the chapter
As many of us are applying your personal brand? blog, visit And be
for jobs and internships, it is crucial Thank you Joe Serwach and sure to follow us on
that our own brands are polished. Max Muncey of The Quell Group for wsuprssa and Twitter @wsuprssa.
Once you understand how you wish spending your night with the WSU Thanks again, and here’s to a
your brand to be perceived, you can PRSSA chapter. We learned invaluable successful semester!
start to be much more strategic about lessons and had fun too!
your personal brand. The Quell Group
Aaron Filipski

2014 Fall Review | 11