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The Commission of Six Protestant Ministers

Who Worked with Newpope Paul VI-Montini

To Fabricate a Newchurch of the New Order
To Replace the Catholic Church as the "Institutional" Church
Officially on November 21, 1964, with the Document Lumen Gentium
There Is Now No Doubt that This Newchurch Is in Reality
Not Not the Catholic Church
No Matter What It Purports to Call Itself

This Is Meant For Chatters In My Room That are

Either In Denial or Ignorant Of The Apostasy Of
Vatican II
In the wake of the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), though
starting at least as early as the 1950s, an unprecedented
number of changes have been implemented to the
"institutional" Church. Not only was an invalid Protestantized
"New Mass" (not a Mass) substituted for the Catholic and
Apostolic Traditional Latin Mass but also there was
substituted a "new" canon law, a "new" catechism, a "new"
liturgical calendar, "new" Bible translations, "new"
canonization procedures, "new" sacramental forms, etc. In
fact, the entire divine constitution of the Catholic Church was
replaced in 1964 by a Protestantized fraud. The "institutional"
Church in 1964, after the Vatican II Anti-council, became an
anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order.
There is now no doubt that the Vatican II Novus Ordo
church of the New Order, currently presided over by the
Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, which replaced the
Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church on November
21, 1964, is not the Catholic Church. On that date the
constitution for the Vatican II church of the New Order
was officially promulgated in the document Lumen
gentium. The Church described in that document is not
the Catholic Church.
One of our readers compiled the following partial list of
differences between the Vatican II church and the Catholic
Church. This list constitutes undeniable proof that Vatican II
church is not the Catholic Church, even though that Vatican II
church continues to call itself "Catholic" to rake in money and
wield political power. Therefore, no one who calls himself a
Catholic can have anything to do with the anti-Catholic,
anti-Tradition, heretic Vatican II church any more than he
can have anything to do with the anti-Catholic, anti-
Tradition, heretic Protestant sects.
1. Substituting for the Traditional Latin Mass from St. Peter
to an invalid, Protestantized "New Mass"
2. Changing of a stable consecrated or blessed altar into a
portable "eucharistic" dinner table
3. Demotion of the tabernacle, which is often moved out of
the church
4. Introduction of "Communion" under both species after the
practice of the Protestant heretics
5. Introduction of "Communion" in the hand, a practice that
has been condemned by the popes consistently from the
second century because of sacrilege and profanation of
the Sacred Species
6. Introduction of vulgar, vernacular tongues into the Sacred
Liturgy, contrary to Catholic dogma and Sacred Tradition,
as well as to the practice of every major religion on the
face of the earth
7. Introduction of Protestantized "lay ministers," "lay
ministresses," "lay deacons," and "altar servettes"
(female servers)
8. Reduction of the Eucharistic Fast from midnight, or even
three hours, to essentially no fast in preparation for
"Communion" at all
9. Elimination of the altar rail to mark the division between
the sanctuary and the body of the church
10. Changing of the sober Funeral Mass to a festive
shivaree in white with open caskets exposing the cadaver
to gawkers
11. Elimination of traditional liturgical vestments and
black vestments for funerals
12. Elimination of relics in altars, which date to the early
13. Elimination of traditional beeswax candles on the
altar and their replacement by apparatus involving
vegetable oil, placed outside the altar
14. Elimination of a traditional crucifix above the altar in
favor of a plain cross or "resurrection" cross or other
representation, placed outside the altar
15. Radically revising the rite of Baptism to eliminate
the exorcism from Original Sin
16. Substituting for the Catholic and Apostolic ordination
of priests to an invalid, Protestantized "installation of
17. Abolition of the Clerical Orders of the Catholic and
Apostolic Church: Porter, Lector, Exorcist, Acolyte, and
18. Changing the rite of Matrimony to de-emphasize its
Biblical principles
19. Engineering the dissolubility of marriage in
contravention to Christ's specific teaching on the subject
20. Substituting invalid rites for the Novus Ordo
21. Exchanging for confessionals "reconciliation rooms"
with a presbyter-psychologist and couch
22. Replacement of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar with
a Protestantized one, eliminating many familiar Saints,
such as St. Christopher, St. Valentine, St. Barbara, and
others, and degrading Marian feast days
23. Replacement of the Catholic Martyrology, which
eliminates many Saints who have been venerated by the
Catholic Church from Apostolic and later times and
insertion into the "New" Martyrology dubious persons
reeking of the odor of heresy, schism, and Marxism
24. Replacement of the annual Catholic Lectionary of
familiar Epistles, Gospels, etc., with the Protestant three-
year cycle of new readings
25. Imposition of a "New Canon Law"
26. Overthrow of Rules of the Religious Life in the
various orders
27. Abolition of the Index of Forbidden Books ( Index
Librorum Prohibitorum)
28. Suppression of most indulgences
29. Gutting of blessings
30. Introduction of a "New Catechism," which changed
Catholic and Apostolic doctrine
31. Introduction of New Bible Translations, such as the
"New American Bible" and the "New English Bible," which
are not translations at all, but broad paraphrases that
introduce Modernist/Liberalist political interpretations
into the text
32. Gutting of the Sacramentals, including exorcisms
and the blessing of Holy Water
33. Constructing a "New Rosary" with Five New Age
(Luminous) Mysteries
34. Architecture changed from the beautiful, holy, and
inspiring Catholic churches through the centuries to
barren, ugly Modernist barbarisms
35. Destruction or selloffs of traditional Catholic works
of art
36. Vulgar music replacing the Sacred Chant and Sacred
37. Discarding of traditional Catholic symbols (papal
chair, tiara, etc.)
38. Denigration of veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
39. Denigration of veneration of the Saints
40. Replacing the Breviary, containing the Divine Office
of the Church
41. Adoption of "collegiality," a Protestant notion that
allows each individual bishop the power to make up his
own doctrine, morals, and liturgy
42. Relinquishing episcopal authority to National
Bishops' Councils, according to the principles of Martin
43. Shift from St. Thomas Aquinas's philosophy of
objective truth to Protestant philosophers' subjective
truth, in which each individual can define truth for himself
44. Radical revision of traditional liturgical seasons
going back to the Apostles (e.g. Septuagesima and Lent)
45. Elimination of Ember Days and Rogation days for
prayer and penance, which date to the early Church
46. Major reduction of the Octaves and Vigils for Great
47. Elimination of abstinence from meat on all Fridays,
which dates to the Apostles
48. Virtual elimination of days of fast, based in Sacred
49. Abandonment of the Church's traditional theology of
Realism from St. Thomas Aquinas and the substitution of
the condemned Modernist theology of Subjectivity and
50. Elimination of teaching on "negative" topics, such as
death, judgment, Purgatory, Hell
51. An invalid process of canonization for the making
"New Saints," who are Modernists, Liberalists, and even
52. Introduction of the doctrinal heresy from "One True
Church" to a secular "One World Religion"
53. Adoption of pagan "spirituality," such as yoga and
54. Reduction of Eucharistic adoration
55. Virtual suppression of missionary activities in the
name of false "ecumenism"
56. Gutting of the doctrine of papal infallibility
57. Toleration of cremation, which is a practice abhorred
by the Church as anti-Christian and Freemasonic
58. Alteration of the traditional Stations of the Cross to
a more Protestantized form
59. Teaching of false "ecumenism," a doctrine
condemned by the Church as religious indifferentism ("we
all worship the same god," "all religions are the same")
and "universal salvation"
60. Jimmying with the traditional College of Cardinals to
effect the election of Modernist, Liberalist, and even
Marxist Vatican II cardinals