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Utopian Brochure

Utopia-A perfect society with no troubles. Typically, utopias allow their citizens to
feel no pain, embarrassment, or discomfort.

Directions- Pretend you are the president of a utopian society

and you would like new citizens to move to your country. Create a
brochure advertising what your society offers people.
Name-the front of your brochure should have the
name of your utopian society and a catchy slogan
to draw interest.
Setting- Describe what your country looks like.
Does it have lots of wildlife or plant-life? Does it
have beaches or mountains? What kinds of houses
do people live in? What is the weather like?
Describe in 1-2 paragraphs.
Rules and Rituals- What rules does your society
have that everyone must follow? Is there a certain
time they must be in bed? What kinds of events
are celebrated? Describe in 3-4 paragraphs.
Jobs- In order for a society to function properly,
people must have jobs in which they help the
society progress and meet its goal of perfection.
What kinds of jobs do you have in your society and
what are the job duties and requirements?
Describe in 2-3 paragraphs.
Visuals- Use plenty of pictures to help your readers
visual your society. Remember to also use lots of
color and neat formatting. You want people to be
excited about your utopian and want to live there.
Utopian Brochure Score Sheet (50 pts)
Title and Slogan (2)
Title is appropriate ________
Slogan is catchy and fits with society ________
Setting (10)
Wildlife is described ________
Housing is described ________
Geographic features (mountains/beaches) are described
Descriptions are vivid and easy to visualize (use appropriate
adjectives) _________
Rules and Rituals (20)
Rules are listed _________
Importance of rules is described _________
Rituals are listed ________
Description of rituals is given ___________
Descriptions are vivid and easy to visualize (use appropriate
adjectives) __________
Jobs (10)
Jobs are listed _________
Description of job duties is given ________
Description of job requirements is given __________
Importance of each job is described __________
Descriptions are vivid and easy to visualize (use appropriate
adjectives) ________
Visuals (8)
Multiple images are used ____________
Visuals are bright and eye catching __________
Visuals help readers view the society __________
Pictures are relevant to description of society _________
Grammar and Mechanics (4)
Proper grammar is used in paragraphs _________
Proper punctuation is used in paragraphs ________
Brochure Edit
As students near the end of The Giver, ask them if they would like
to make any changes to their utopian society. When they made a
perfect society, did they consider what kind of measures would
have to be taken to make sure everything stays perfect? For
example, in Jonass community, people that dont fit in have to be
released (euthanized). Is this fair to them? Does this really make
their society perfect?
Allow students time to alter their brochures. Maybe their perfect
societies arent completely pain free. Maybe they dont have
everlasting life anymore. What do these changes cause? For
example, in Jonass community, not being able to have feelings
means that love was not a real feeling for any of the citizens. Is
giving up love a worthy trade for having no pain?
At the end of The Giver, allow students to make final changes to
their brochure. Then, in a well-constructed paragraph, have
students explain the changes they would or would not make and
why. Make sure they include plenty of details and refer to the
book to explain their decisions.

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