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Stave V

Dramatic Sketches
Each small group will be assigned one of the following skit options. Once you know which
option you have been assigned, work together to come up with a script for a 5-7 minute skit. You
will be performing your skit for the entire class. Scripts do not need to be memorized for the
performance; however, each group is required to turn in a copy of its script after the
Props are optional, and, if used, they need not be lavish. Remember: The Ghost of Christmas Yet
to Come does not speak in A Christmas Carol; this ghosts contribution to your skits dialogue
will therefore have to be a bit more creative, as he speaks with gestures.
IMPORTANT: Skits may include humor, but must not contain any instances of violence or

Scenario One: Write a skit that takes place on a talk show, starring a talk-show host of your
choice, the three ghosts, and Scrooge as guests. Have the host question the
ghosts as to their methods of convincing Scrooge to change his ways, in
addition to questioning Scrooge about his transformation.
Scenario Two: Write an infomercial (extended commercial). The Christmas Carol ghosts have
decided to market their services to those who have a Scrooge in their lives,
and guarantee that their methods will transform every Scrooge into a saint.
Include testimonials (perhaps from Scrooges employees and family) and
dramatizations of the ghosts methods at work. Dont forget to give the ghosts
new business a catchy name!
Scenario Three: Write a skit that takes place roughly ten years after the day Scrooge gives
Cratchit a raise. It may involve the ghosts, Cratchit, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, or any
other of the novels characters. It might be funny; it might be sad; it might take
place on another holiday: you decide!
Sketches Rubric
1 2 3 4
Unacceptable Acceptable Good/Solid Exemplary
Characterization No examples of Student shows a Student shows an Student shows a
characterization basic understanding understanding of at thorough
are shown. of a characters least one charactersunderstanding of at
appearance, appearance, least one character in
personality, and personality, attitude,
the novel including
attitude. or actions. the characters
Arkansas State personality, and
Standard RL.7.4
Dialogue All characters The dialogue used All the characters All the characters
used do not have only matches the have proper dialogue used have proper
dialogue personality of a few that match their dialogue matching
of the characters. personalities and their personalities
what we know about and their dialogue
them from the text. helps further
develop their traits
Arkansas State past what we see of
Standard W.7.3.A
them in the text.
Performance Student does not Student speaks one Student speaks Student speaks
participate in line OR loudly and clearly. loudly and clearly.
sketch Student speaks They make eye They make eye
incoherently contact with the contact with the
audience and audience and
interact well with interacts well with
other actors in the other characters in
sketch. the sketch and
makes all aspects of
the character come
Arkansas State alive from voice to
Standard SL.7.6
Mechanics (for Student has more Student has three to Student has one to Student has no
scripts) than four four grammar and/or two grammar and/or grammar and/or
grammar and/or punctuation punctuation punctuation
Arkansas State punctuation mistakes. mistakes. mistakes.
Standard W.7.4 mistakes.